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Giant Rubber Ducks & Riverfront Planning Workshop Synopis

Example of the  giant rubber duck in Thames River London, as  a
 tourist attraction that is "outside of the box" , an example for a whimsical
 possibility for Middletown 's riverfront
given by Project for Public Spaces
New York City based firm Project for Public Spaces (PPS) was hired by the City of Middletown for $68,000 to hold 3 public workshops and complete a report of schematic design ideas for Middletown's Riverfront. PPS is a NYC based  non profit architecture and urban planning firm specializing in programming of public spaces. The City currently owns 8 acres of land on the riverfront, including the land which the current sewage treatment plant is located which is scheduled to be closed over the next decade. Over 100 enthusiastic citizen participants attended the two  workshop style sessions.

PPS came in late August to present a preliminary over view of their services to the Riverfront Development Committee, the preliminary powerpoint was a repeat of this with more in depth detailed case studies of other riverfronts around the world. At that first meeting, citizen and former councilman Earl Roberts asked about hydrologists and engineers being hired to deal with the flooding at Harbor Park and suggest remedies. Roberts inquired about the issues surrounding the River being tidal and dredging. Mayor Drew's Riverfront Task Force Committee informed the crowd that PPS's role was more idealistic and preliminary to get the ball rolling and no engineers would be involved at this time.

From an example of annual flooding to some degree or another,  posted via public youtube channel by Vishal Desai, is a video shot in 2011  when there was major flooding of Harbor Park. 

The committee allowed for only limited questions to Project for Public Spaces at this time regarding timing of the next workshops. The issue of river hydrology was not revisited at the subsequent meetings. Also not included in PPS scope would be speaking with the Department of Transportation to deal with the Route 9 On/off ramp at Exit / On ramp 17 or lights on the highway.  
At that meeting, PPS gave an overview of what it called the "Power of Ten" which was repeated at this presentation. Meaning, have 10 attractions for a particular site. Planner Architect Megan Walker, Wesleyan University Alumni, also went over PPS's design mantra of "Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper" as a preliminary kick off point to start to revitalize an area. PPS suggests planning festivals, temporary installations, seasonal art, or other event at a location before more investments are made to 1.) attach people and 2.) see how viable the site is as far as interest.

The week prior to the Riverfront workshop, which was not mentioned,  a Bass Tournament sponsored by the Bass Federation Eastern Division Championship took place at Harbor Park. According to the Courant, over 90 participants entered with more spectators in attendance. The tournament lasted 3 days. Annually, Harbor Park is host to the Head of the Connecticut Regatta, which draws thousands. The Regatta was brought up at the workshop, and PPS reps say they wished to have more events that draw a similar number of people. This year there were new events on the waterfront such as the Caribbean Carnival event and the Youth Gospel Explosion by Shiloh Baptist Church. In 2010, the city used $100,000 in grant money to install floating docks near the moorings for public canoe launch. The Lady Katherine, docked at the park, does annual Fall Foliage tours discounted to senior citizens. 

Much of last weeks two workshops by PPS were about the "Lighter Faster Cheaper" technique but not all.The brainstorming session began with MAT buses hired by the City to take citizen participants (over 100 in attendance both days) to sites part of the riverfront area. Light refreshments and baked food was provided. Small groups visited the Omo Manufacturing property, Peterson Oil, River Road and the former Jackson Corrugated factory, Harbor Park, DeKoven Drive entry to Harbor Park, and the tunnel under the highway leading to the riverfront. Some of the mentioned sites, such as the Omo property need remediation. Private property along the Riverfront and property owned by the state was not visited, but taken into consideration for suggested programming. At the site, groups of 10 were lead by a group leader who walked the participants though an exercise called the "Place Game" - in which they recorded the sights, sounds, and thoughts about the current conditions of the site via a questionnaire. This was then to be collected by Project for Public Spaces to make their final report.

After, groups moved back to City hall, and at round tables discussed suggested things that could be added to enhance the specific location. In PPS powerpoint they shared case studies of France & London, Laguna Beach California, and Buffalo New York as examples with revitalized water fronts. Laguna Beach boasts a elevated board walk and meandering trail system along the shore. Buffalo New York took at advantage of the "Lighter Faster Cheaper" technique and added a temporary event where the municipality placed brightly colored Adirondack chairs along in the park along the Hudson to attach activity. The case study of the Thames River in London showed a giant rubber duck that was temporarily placed in the river as a tourist attraction; this duck has been transported all over the world. PPS also showed images of near by Providence RI which has Waterfire as a  regularly occurring event on its riverfront. Other ideas presented by Project for Public Spaces in their powerpoint of case studies and then echoed by Middletown citizens as things they would like copied for their riverfront  were giant chess sets, beach chairs, winter festivals, "splash" fountains & water slides for children and sand brought in for temporary beaches. A few citizens also mentioned an ice skating rink with hot chocolate stand. PPS stressed whimsy as a way of attracting people to a waterfront.

During the group session, each group that represented a specific site gave a list of ideas that they would like to see on their site with feasibility not to be considered as an inhibition. Board of Education member Ed McKeon spoke for his group suggesting a temporary a beer garden at Harbor Park on behalf of his group. Council candidate and former mayor Seb Giuliano suggested a small scale band shell like the one at West Point to be placed by the furthest most point of Harbor Park. Riverfront Task Force Committee chair Councilman Gerald Daly echoed the desire for a trolley using the current Worchester Providence owned tracks that run parallel to the highway and DeKoven Drive for a scenic tourist excursion. City Energy Consultant John Hall expressed his desire for the river to be a spot where non profits could take children to learn. 

Councilman and Riverfront Task force member Joe Bibisi suggested a desire on behalf of citizens for a public boat launch where 10 to 20 ft boats could be launched via boat trailer. He reminded the group of the large turning and parking area needed for such a launch and asked that it be included in plans. Citizen Kevin Kelly, a retired Connecticut Valley Hospital  employee brought to light the challenges of placing pedestrian and tourist activities so close to the Rushford Treatment Center and CVH grounds as a potential conflict of uses regarding for example patient privacy and tourist marketability. Kelly implored  the group to take those facilities into consideration. Kelly used Brown Stone Exploration Park in Portland CT as a near by example of the reuse of a site with water as it's feature, PPS took note of this and said they would consider a visit Brownstone. Citizen William Wilson suggested more seating and of different varieties be looked at as an addition to Harbor Park.

. Mayor Dan Drew spoke of  his desire to light the Arrigoni Bridge with LED lights, according to him, a potential cost of at minimum $750,000 as a tourist attraction and revenue generator.

Click to enlarge the map of the 7 sites explored at the workshop
Another common sentiment among the speakers were the desire for yoga, art, and food trucks. Laney Banks, Riverfront Committee member and group leader, said "I want the riverfront to be the poster child for ecological learning for the state."  This group session allowed for a free flow of thoughts and non judgmental thinking to be expressed as far as types of activities citizens in attendance wanted to see.

Ed Dypa, citizen and local senior citizen advocate (member of the Senior Center Building Committee) expressed his concern that the parking was not being considered by the planners or groups. Dypa stated that " It is nice to get people to the river, but once there where do they park? There is limited parking already. For those with ambulatory issues such as some seniors, parking at Melilli Plaza and walking thru the tunnel is not a realistic solution."

A representative from PPS stated that there would not be parking at the riverfront, that that was reserved for activities and culture, however, other locations would be considered as a possibility. Off the table were ideas of demolishing or relocating Wesleyan's boat house,or relocation of Route 9. The DOT does plan to do a study about lengthening or altering the Route 17 on ramp. . Middletown holds the record for most deadliest stretch of road at the Route 17 on ramp to Route 9. The traffic lights on Route 9 north bound, originally advocated for by local Main Street business owners as a way to get people to shop on Main Street, are also named to the state's most dangerous stretches of roadway. 

Via  Kurumi's website : "I've lived with what the highway projects did to downtown New Britain. If you took out the traffic lights and put up Jersey barriers across the exits, you'd solve the Route 9 problem - and you could say goodbye to Middletown."
Vincent Amato, long-time business owner and civic leader in Middletown, about the need to maintain access to businesses during the upgrade to Route 9
The DOT has no plans to alter these lights. Read about the history of Route 9 in Middletown here.   Tragically,   another life was taken  yesterday at Exit 16 where there are stop lights on Route 9. The media is reporting a motorcyclist collided with a vehicle stopped in traffic.

Feasibility of changes to the highway configuration, engineering, hydrology in response to the river tides, a possible pedestrian over bridge to the riverfront, and funding sources of any future projects where not discussed at the workshop. 

No time frame was put in place for suggested projects, however, PPS stated a festival could be planned for as early as this spring with a willing local sponsor based on their experience with other riverfront's planning committees.

The  City Planning Department video taped both workshops and will be creating a public access / youtube video so those that could not attend can see the PPS comments and each groups presentations.
The facebook page for Riverfront Middletown:

Tell us what you think of the presentation & plans for the riverfront in the comments below!

Tonight Middletown Republican Town Committee Meeting All Welcome

Press Release:The Middletown Republican Town Committee is holding its monthly meeting TODAY Monday September 30th  at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.
Anyone wishing to learn more about the committee is welcome & encouraged to attend.

They may also email Vice Chairman William Wilson at:
The Middletown Republican Town Committee is seeking volunteers wishing to help with the 2013 municipal campaign. GOP headquarters are located at 790 Ridge Road.  Contact Vice Chair main William Wilson at the above email address for more details to get involved.

Head Quarters Grand Opening is 7 pm October 11 from 5-8 pm This is a potluck event so please bring something to share.

Meet the GOP Candidates at NORA at 700 Main Street Cupcake October 15th from 5 to 8 pm.

Other events, candidate information, and how to contribute to "Middletown Republicans 2013" Campaign is available on the website:

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Letter to the Editor: Realistic Balance Party Files Suit Against Town Clerk Middletown

Letters to the editors are printed as a courtesy to readers, and do not necessarily express opinions by the Insider volunteer staff. John Killian is the Realistic Balance Party founder and Mayoral candidate. As with all letter's to the editor, legitimacy of all claims made are solely responsibility of the author of the letter;not the editorial staff of the Insider.
This morning, via phone call, I requested the Town Clerk of the City of Middletown to provide a copy of the Working Family Party's endorsement letter of their candidates for election in 2013 in the City of Middletown. I was told that before such documents were revealed that she would first have to consult with the City Attorney.

My wife appeared in the Clerk's office and, after also being denied a request for this and other documents in person, filed a written request.

This afternoon I received access to these documents.
Among them is a hardcopy of a simple text email conferring the Working Families Party endorsement, without any signatures.
This seems at odds with a strict reading of the statute that the Town Clerk claims left her no option but to remove several people from the Realistic Balance Party line of this year's ballot.  It certainly deserves to be brought to the attention of the Middletown public.
Attached is a scanned version of the email hardcopy provided to me this afternoon.
John Kilian
Kilian v. Bettencourt, Docket CV135008261

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Opposing Mayoral Candidates Exchange Emails

Letters to the editors are printed as a courtesy to readers, and do not necessarily express opinions by the Insider volunteer staff. John Killian is the Realistic Balance Party founder and Mayoral candidate. As with all letter's to the editor, legitimacy of all claims made are solely responsibility of the author of the letter;not the editorial staff of the Insider. Below is an email string sent to our email from Realistic Balance Mayoral candidate John Killian illustrating and exchange between himself and incumbent for re-election Mayor Dan Drew, ( no preface was included by Killian).
    Thank you for this gracious invitation. Although I may miss the fine print on some matters, the part of this email that allows me to attend this event for free has great appeal to someone who may be breaking his bank to pay for the $350 fee to have someone carry a summons across Court Street.

    I have always been a great fan of the Kennedy family, and must confess that it is a positive coup for Middletown to have such an esteemed guest in our City. Aspiring to the ideals of truly heroic public servants will help us all make Middletown a better place for all of our citizens.

   Thank you again for your generous invitation, and I look forward to seeing you on Main Street.

    John Kilian
     The loyal opposition.

Sep 25, 2013 11:37:29 AM, wrote:
 Dear John,

 Thank you for everything you have done to support our first re-election campaign this year and for everything you did to help me get elected in 2011!  This Tuesday, October 1st, from 5pm to 7pm - Ted Kennedy Jr will be the special guest at a fundraiser to benefit our campaign effort. Senator Doyle, Senator Bartolomeo, Rep. Serra and Rep. Lesser will also be hosting the event!

   This reception with be at The Inn at Middletown, 70 Main Street - downtown Middletown and it promises to be a wonderful event. If you haven't met Ted Kennedy Jr. this is a great opportunity to meet him!

   If you have recently contributed to my campaign, please just come enjoy this event with Ted Kennedy Jr and our remarkable legislative delegation as our guest. Refreshments will be provided.

   If you haven't yet contributed, or would like to contribute again to help fund our GOTV effort,  please come and make a contribution of any amount you are comfortable with.

 Please RSVP right away to Mike Farina at or 860-748-5142 because space for this special event is limited.

   You can always support our campaign by contributing at The suggested contribution levels are $50, $100 or $250 - but everyone is welcome to come and contribute whatever they would like to contribute and meet Ted Kennedy Jr.

 Thank you again for everything you continue to do to support our effort!

   All the Best,
   Dan Drew
 Mayor of Middletown

Malloy & Bye Keynote Speakers at Gun Violence Prevention Convention Wesleyan Sept. 28th ($75)

On  Sept. 28 Wesleyan University will host a Gun Violence Prevention public forum with featured speaker Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. He is joined by Ct state Senator Beth Bye.

The Conference on Gun Violence Prevention will be held on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on campus.The event is hosted by Connecticut Against Gun Violence, the Wesleyan Association of Christian Thinkers, Wesleyan’s Center for Community Partnerships and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Psi Upsilon, Womanist House, Buddhist house, 200 Church residence hall and Wes Democrats.

Participants may attend sessions on “Past, Present and Future of Gun Violence Prevention in Connecticut,” “Guns 101: The Terminology and Technology,” The 2014 Elections: How YOU can Impact the Results,” “Beyond Mass Shootings: The Hidden Epidemic of Gun Homicide,” “Marching for Change: Building a Movement,” “Legislative Strategy: Making Your Voice Heard,” and “Maximum Impact: Effective Social Media Strategy.”

The conference is open to the public but a fee of $75 for attendees who are not students is required.
Sessions will include discussions on homicides with firearms, legislative strategy and social media strategy. Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs will speak on gun terminology.

More information, links pre register and pay the attendance fee as well as a full list of speakers is available here: 

and here:

Candidate Bio: Vin Szynkowicz (R) for Planning and Zoning

Middletown Insider blog is accepting bios from all  municipal candidates. 
See criteria:

Candidate for Planning & Zoning
Vin Szynkowicz
 I am currently in my 31st year as an Elevator Mechanic and a proud member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 91 and currently Chairman of our Executive Board. As a member of Planning & Zoning, I will work toward the development of the City of Middletown, specifically to develop the Riverfront area as a showpiece and gathering place for all in our community to enjoy. I will work to bring new business to our city to provide jobs and increase our tax base.

Wife: Linda J. Szynkowicz
Children: Nicole Cowie & Paul Szynkowicz

South Fire Participates in Operation Save A Life

South Fire News Release:
News 8 is proud to partner once again in 2013 with Kidde The Home Depot and The Burn Center and the Trauma Center at Bridgeport Hospital to present Operation Save A Life ; a life-saving program designed to increase public awareness of fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) dangers.
One of the cornerstones of Operation Save A Life is the distribution of smoke alarms to Connecticut families in need; particularly low income, elderly, and other residents at risk in their respective communities. Kidde will again donate smoke alarms and CO alarms that will be distributed by Fire Departments throughout Connecticut.
Today’s donation of smoke and CO alarms with 10 year batteries is huge in terms of peace of mind for those fire departments installing them for the public. “I have been involved in smoke alarm programs since the early 1990’s. Never  has the fire
services  been able to walk away as confident as we can today with the 10 year alarms knowing that the batteries cannot be removed and those who receive the alarms will be protected for many years to come”. Chief Rob Ross, South Fire District, Middletown. South Fire District received 60 CO and 90 smoke alarms for their alarm installation program. Seniors or those who are physically or finically challenged should contact the station to receive the alarms at 860-347-6661
In addition to the distribution of smoke alarms, News 8 has committed to fire safety education and CO awareness by airing Operation Save A Life educational vignettes. The vignettes were produced with help from the New Haven Fire Department and begin airing on September 17th.
The Home Depot will also be sharing valuable safety tips at their Save a Life Saturday Event on October 5th from 9-3pm at the following  participating stores:
Norwalk, 600 Connecticut Ave
Fairfield, 541 Kings Hwy Cut-Off
Manchester, 80 Buckland Hills Dr.
West Hartford, 503 New Park Ave.
Waterbury, Bank St.
Danbury, 114 Federal Road
Enfield, 136 Elm St.
Glastonbury, 115 Putnam Blvd

Alarm photo 1: Home Depot employees from across CT gather to load up fire department vehicles with smoke and CO alarms.

Alarm Photo 2: hundrens of smoke and CO alrams are piled high ready to be loaded into awaitinf FD vehciles.

Alarm Photo 3: Firefighters Carl Lurtecki, Cliff Seifert and Tim Heiden unload and inventor the 60 CO and 90 smoke alarms received by the South Fire District as part of Operation Save A Life.

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Middletown Riverfront Workshop Reminder


Middletown Riverfront Planning Workshops
Internationally recognized planning and design firm, Projects for Public Spaces, has been working with the City’s Riverfront Development Task Force to develop a Vision and Concept Plan for the area.
Public input is critical to the success of the project.
Don’t miss this opportunity to share your ideas and help us build a vision for the Riverfront. We respect your time and promise a fast-paced, dynamic, participatory workshop. Bring your ideas and your walking shoes.
Refreshments will be provided.
Evening Workshop
Date     :        Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Time     :        6 PM to 9 PM
Location :       Common Council Chamber
and / or
Morning Workshop
Date     :        Saturday, September 28th, 2013
Time     :        9 AM to 12 NOON
Location :       Common Council Chamber
To help us prepare better to accommodate you, please RSVP with the date of the workshop you plan to attend at 860-638-4840 or
Find us on FACEBOOK at Riverfront Middletown Connecticut-
Michiel Wackers, AICP
Deputy Director of Planning, Conservation and Development
City of Middletown

Rumblings: Thank you sir! May I have another?

1. Middletown could be the host location for the next Pixar movie: "Cars VIII: Sloppy Jalopy."
Periodically replacing police cruisers was always an annual expense as precedent in tales of budgets past. But with the Mayor snipping this from the budget, an appropriation for approximately a baker's dirty dozen new cruisers purchased all at once may be in taxpayers' futures. CNR baby!

2.  Macdonough Elementary gets grants to cover after-school care for low income families. Other school districts S.O.L. Due to a record number of early dismissals parents scramble to line up babysitters. Where are those fictional teen Babysitters' Club girls from the 1990's paperbacks when you need them?With a record number of folks needing sitters, there is apparently a shortage - current babysitter rate now in Middletown is up to $30 an hour!

3. If teen babysitters can get $30/hour minimum wage should be $15/hour! At least, according to Rep. Matt Lesser who held rallies to raise minimum wage to $15+ outside the Dunkin Donuts on Washington Street earlier in the month. That's some fart sminking Lesser!

4. A wise man once said there are actually 3 budgets... The Mayor's Proposed Budget in January, The Council's Adopted Budget in April, and the grande coup de gras total at June 30th of the following year when the total of what was actually spent via appropriations is known. What's in your wallet? Or rather what is left?

5. Renowned Hobbit costume designer & Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, on her never ending campaign for re-election recently blew into town to read to some elementary school children. "D" is for Diapers provided by the government...

6. Cromwell selectmen flush the idea of allowing Middletown to join the Mattabasset sewer district. Middletown counters by commissioning author Taro Gomi to do a rewrite of his famous book with the new title "Everybody Poops & Your's Ain't Nothin' Special Cromwell"; book signing at the Buttonwood Tree, TBD. Lil' Danny ought to get on the horn to Big Dan and straighten this out.

7.  Personal photography entourage aka the Middletown Mess posted pics of the Mayor frosting cupcakes today. Seems Double D is doubling down on all the photo ops he can before the election as well as any opportunity to spend away from the office. Mayor Drew to assemble Youth Cabinet. Hey we thought that was what besties Joe S. & Matty L. were for? What happened? Actually, no wait this is a good thing; students can probably teach you a thing or two about budgeting. Is a Senior Cabinet to follow? Middle Age Cabinet?  

8. Parking Wars Middletown!  

To air this fall on A&E. Can
a small City Mayor really plug holes in the budget using revenue from parking fees & fines?  Street sensors malfuctioning- can the Mayor find away to blame the past administration? Will gouged citizens revolt? Will the mayor give his bestie a waiver from his $300 worth of fines & booted car? Stay tuned.
9.  Middletown's 9th Voting District selected to be randomly audited by the state. The state will review the optical scanners used to process ballots. Rep. Joe Serra volunteered to upkeep the official chain of custody & transport that scanner himself to the state office for inspection. Deja vu?
10. Food glorious food. All Middletown school students to get breakfast at school served in classrooms.  Board of Education publishes monthly newsletter "Nutrition Nuggets" with tips on fighting childhood obesity. Students & families to get free discarded bread from Freihofer's Cromwell. North end students sent home with food for weekends. Farmer's market gets grant for students to get healthy vegetables... too little food too much food.. anyone else confused? Thought so.

11.  Stephen4Stephen wins primary. Villagers protest fact there is nothing left to protest.

12. And then there were two: Killian & Carrol.  In a saga more dramatic then a romance story between sparkly vampires and a human,  state says no third party lines on the ballot allowed without signatures ie Realistic Balance is forced to dump all candidates that had also appeared on major party ballots. 

13.  Wait a sec...Mayor Drew and the D Crew appeared front and center in the Mess at the ground breaking for Eckersley Hall Senior Center. Not everyone on the council, including those who originally supported the project were invited. Mayor Drew was initially against the Senior Center project and paid a consultant last year mucho bennies $$$$$ to do a plan of an addition on City Hall that would make a wing for the seniors and a spacious suite for the Common Council. Those against the project are seen in the photos in the Mess now praising the project they once denounced as frivolous. Lest we forget, oh what a different a year makes...must be an election year!!

Letter to the Editor: Carlos Tango, John Killian & Realistic Balance Petition to Court Update

 Letters to the Editors are published as a courtesy to readers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Insider staff. Below is a letter to the Editor from Realistic Balance Candidate for Mayor John Killian. Recently,  the Attorney General of the State of CT  ruled that any third party candidates be eliminated from the ballot had they not submitted signatures to the local Town Clerks offices by reason of state statute adopted in 2011 mandating  individual signatures from all those endorsed by a third party. Killian and Fred Carrol, running for Common Council on the Realistic Balance line petitioned the court to reinstate the names on the ballot.
This is a matter for consideration inside and outside the courtroom.

This is where I see this going:

IN THE Middlesex Superior COURT OF THE STATE OF Connecticut


To the Honorable Judges of the Middlesex Superior Court:
Your Petitioner, Fred Carroll, states as follows:
1. The Town Clerk of Middletown has removed from Middletown's 2013 municipal ballot candidates nominated by the Realistic Balance Party against the will of several nominees.
2. The Town Clerk sites a statute brought to the Town Clerk's attention that requires all nominees to sign the document communicating the party's nomination before a deadline that has now passed.
3. The interpretation of the Town Clerk of the City of Middletown does not match the precedent for nominations in the 2011 municipal election, when similar nominations were put in force without candidates being required to sign the form communicating their nominations.
4. No form is published that would guide a candidate to comply with the statute being cited.
5. The Town Clerk was unaware of the statuatory requirement before the deadline, but is preventing compliance with the statute after said deadline has passed. Every indication that all requirements to appear on the ballot were communicated to the Realistic Balance Party prior to the passing of the deadline.
6. No ballots have yet been printed by the City for this election.
7. Any candidates not wishing to appear on the ballot are not restricted from removing their names, but candidates who do wish to appear are being removed.
8. When the City of Bridgeport ran out of ballots in the 2010 state election, it abridged the time limit mandated by a well known statute requiring the polls to close at 8 PM. Erring on the side of enabling voter participation is a well established precedent in our state and nation.
9. Similar relief for candidates, who are perfectly willing to sign any document communicating their wish to be on the ballot, is a reasonable remedy for these honest mistakes on the part of all parties.
10. The rights of the Realistic Balance Party to participate in this year's election will be dramatically undermined due to the evisceration of its ballot presence.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner requests that a Writ of Mandamus issue out of this Court directed to the Town Clerk of the City of Middletown, commanding the Town Clerk to reinstate all candidates nominated by the Realistic Balance Party at its August 27, 2013 caucus who state in writing with their signature their desire to be on the ballot

Respectfully submitted,
Great story in the Baltimore Sun about Middletown's Realistic Balance Party:,0,3035301.story

As is so often the case, those who repeat history are doomed to learn from it.

John Kilian

P.S. - new bilingual entry at

Candidate Bio: Sheila Daniels (R) Board of Education

Middletown Insider blog is accepting bios from all  municipal candidates. See criteria:
Candidate Bio for Incumbent candidate for the Board of Education:
Sheila Daniels (R)
·  Full name, 
           Sheila C. Daniels 

·  Education (colleges/degrees)
             I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Central Connecticut State University.
·  Work
             I work as an educational grant assistant here in Middletown.
·  Why do you want to hold public office in Middletown?
           Growing up in a politically involved and civic minded family and marrying into the same, I followed the example set by my parents and extended members of my family and my husband's family. I aspired to be on the Board of Education as my aunt was when I was in high school. My passion for education and the overall well-being of young people also contribute to my desire to serve Middletown on the Board of Education. Currently the  Vice Chair and in my 8th year on the Board of Education, I am very pleased with the positive direction the Board has taken in the past two years and look forward to continuing to work with my fellow Board members and collaborate with the current administration and staff in their efforts to support the students and families of Middletown. 
·  What experience do you bring to the table?
           As stated above, I am the Vice Chair of the BOE, currently in my 8th year and bring that experience to the table. I am a former member of the Communications and  Naming committees and currently a member of the following committees: Executive, Policy, Curriculum and Negotiations. I am the BOE representative to the District Data Team, the District Climate Committee, Middletown High School, Wesley School, the Middletown School Readiness Council, Opportunity Knocks and belong to the Middlesex Coalition for Children. 
My background includes holding a bachelor's degree in education and working in the field. That work includes my current position and previously working in both private and public schools as a paraprofessional, substitute, long-term substitute, and teacher. I was also a child care provider and offered field trips to our family farm. I belonged and served as an officer on PTA/PTO organizations and the MSA throughout my daughters' educational journeys. Prior to and while serving on the Board, I have worked with 4 superintendents and their assistants, several mayors, other politicians, many teachers, school staff members, students and their families, as well as people in the community.
·  What do you think the town's most pressing issue is?
           Middletown's most pressing issue is one that challenges nearly every city and town in the state - being able to serve the citizens under very tight budget constraints. We must consider the entire city from the educational needs of our youth to the needs of the elderly and everyone in between.
·  What do you love most about Middletown?
           What I like most about Middletown is its central location and diversity in landscape and    population. ·  

                What do you like to do for fun?
          I enjoy spending time with family and friends, antiquing, reading, and traveling.

Candidate Bio: David Bauer (R) Common Council

  Middletown Insider blog is accepting bios from all  municipal candidates. 
See criteria:
Candidate for Common Council 
David Bauer
 Born, raised, and educated in Middletown. 
Former member Middletown Common Council
I have served or am serving on the Senior Affairs Committee, Board of Health, Economic Development Commission, ECRRA, CAC, Public Safety Commission, Public Works Commission, WPCA, Redevelopment Agency, Contract Compliance Committee, CVH Advisory Council, Shared Services Committee, and various sub-committees, including all the working groups in the last downtown "parking study".
Petitioning Candidate for Common Council as a in 2001.  Petitioning Candidate for 33rd District State Representative in 2002.  Republican candidate for Common Council in 2003.  Republican candidate 33rd District State Representative in 2004. Republican candidate for Common Council in 2005 & 2006.  Republican candidate for Common Council in 2007.   Candidate for 34th District State Representative in 2008. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Middletown Republican Pizza Party Fundraiser Thursday!

From Middletown GOP Vice Chairman William Wilson:

Join us for a fundraiser at Tommy's Restaurant (corner of Saybrook Road and Randolph) to benefit Middletown Republicans 2013. 
 The cost is $25 per person - pizza and cold drinks provided and cash bar available. Bring your family and friends - great opportunity to meet the candidates!
September 26th Thursday from
5:00pm until 9:00pm
Approved by Middletown Republicans 2013, Ann Morse, Treasurer

Friday, September 20, 2013

CCDL 2nd Amendment Poker Run Sept. 21


2nd Amendment Poker Run

Come Join CCDL on September 21, 2013 for a 2nd Amendment Poker Run! 
All Proceeds go towards the Litigation Fund. For those that don’t know, a poker run is a driving event combined with the card game poker. It’s mostly done by motorcycle and classic car clubs, but while we certainly encourage you to bring your Harley or ’57 Chevy if you have one, it’s not required.
The run will begin at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post located at 28 Selden St. in Woodbridge. Registration is from 9:30-10:30am and the cost will be $20 per rider or driver and $15 per passenger.
At Woodbridge Firearms you will be given directions to various locations.
At each location you will pick a playing card from a deck.
You can expect to drive about 60 miles total. The Poker Run will end up at King 33 Training Facility, 75 Aircraft Rd in Southington, where the people with the best poker hands will win prizes.
At King 33 there will be food as well as live music by the band “After Midnight”. Registered participants eat for free. Those not participating in the Poker Run can purchase food passes for $15.00 each.
This is also your last chance to buy tickets for our HUGE raffle, and we will be drawing the winners at King 33 in the afternoon. The Grand Prize for the raffle is a custom motorcycle with an airbrushed paint job of your choice on the tanks and dash from Explicit Airbrush in Southington. We have lots of additional prizes in the raffle including an ATI 12 gauge over/under shotgun, Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 Special Revolver, Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle and a Ruger LCP .380 Pistol.
Winners must be legally eligible to take possession of prizes.
Remember, ALL profits go toward fighting for YOUR rights, so come join CCDL at this outstanding event with over 40 volunteers helping out!

Come to A Party to Celebrate Powerful Women!

Come To A Party To Celebrate Powerful Women!

Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013  3:00 pm. to 5:00 pm, 42 High Street, Middletown CT

Hosted by: Molly Salafia, Candidate for City Treasurer 2013
Linda Salafia, Candidate for Re Election to the Common Council 2013, part of Team Checks & Balances Middletown 2013.

 $5-$10 non-obligatory donations to our campaigns are suggested.Ages 5 to 95! Please bring a friend! Boys welcome too! ALL WELCOME

Special guest and Damsel in Defense Pro Diane Shonebarger will be demonstrating & selling Damsel In Defense LLC products. Damsel in Defense features non-lethal self - defense products designed for women!

Honored Guest Retired Middletown Police Officer Tom Sebold will be holding a discussion on personal safety. 

Featuring prizes from Sandra James Boutique of Middletown and Treasures + Traditions Gifts.

Featuring Gourmet Cupcakes by Middletown Resident Chef  Melissa Melissa Please RSVP to or call/text (860) 575 9864 or on facebook.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Candidate Bio: David Greaves (R) for Board of Assessment Appeals

  Middletown Insider blog is accepting bios from all  municipal candidates. 
See criteria:
Candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals
David Greaves (R)
I currently work for the Town of Manchester CT as the delinquent collector of revenue.
I have been a resident of Middletown for close to 10 years now and have enjoyed the many groups, programs and opportunities that residents of Middletown have and present on an ongoing basis.

Over the last 9 years I've spent a great deal of time as a member and officer of a local fraternal organization working to help present a positive impact in our community.
During this time I've held a number of positions, including: Vice President, President and Trustee, as well as headed the monthly bulletin, Veteran Committee, and Soccer Shoot, I also served on the National Veterans Service Commission, and as the Middletown Central District - District Deputy.  

I have also chaired and assisted in several events for including:
Annual children events, Annual Charity events to raise money for the CT Children’s Hospital, Annual Children’s Halloween Party for the Middlesex County Community, and many different motorcycle runs.
One thing that I can say about Middletown is that all their private and fraternal organizations care about their community and I have been proud to be a part of making Middletown a better place to live.

Murder Victim's family shut out of plea deal : Former State Senator Suzio teams with former Victim Advocate Cruz to demand justice for family

Murder Victim's family shut out of plea deal -
Former State Senator Suzio teams with former Victim Advocate Cruz to demand justice for family
Frankie "the Razor" Resto offered plea deal without Ghazal family being consulted
Date: September 17, 2013
For immediate release:
Contact: Len Suzio (203)-530-1544
Former State Senator Len Suzio, Connecticut's leading critic of the Early Release program, blasted the offer of a plea deal to accused murderer Frankie Resto. The victim's family was denied the opportunity to provide input, and was given zero details about the bargain. "This family has gone through hell since their father was murdered in cold blood, now their suffering is compounded by the prospect of the murderer being offered a plea deal without any input or consent from the family. It is yet another example of Connecticut’s justice system accommodating violent criminals at the expense of their suffering victims. Excluding the family from the details of this plea bargain scheme, displays an incredible lack of sympathy or sensitivity to the Ghazal family and it is illegal " Suzio said.
"I want to publicly thank former Connecticut Victim Advocate Michelle Cruz who has offered to represent the family pro bono to demand justice for the family of murder victim Ibrahim Ghazal," Suzio continued. "Former Victim Advocate Michelle Cruz is an expert in victims' rights and related Connecticut laws and has been a tireless worker on behalf of victims and their families for many years. We expect (HOPE?) prosecutors to (WILL) retract any 'bargain' until the family has been informed and given an opportunity to respond (BE HEARD). Respect and fairness for the family demand nothing less," Suzio concluded.
“Connecticut’s Constitution guarantees crimes victims’ the right to be treated with fairness, respect, communicate with the prosecutor and have input in any plea offer. For the Ghazel family to learn, after the fact, that a plea has been communicated to the defendant without knowing the details and circumstances, violates these important rights of the victims, and 'revictimizes' the family. These injustices targeted at crime victims, have to stop.” Attorney Cruz has been retained by the family to assure that justice for their father and respect for their rights as family of the victim are respected. Attorney Cruz is seeking an immediate meeting with prosecutors to request any plea bargain be rescinded until family members have been provided the details of the proposed deal and have had a chance to express their opinion.
Len Suzio is a member of the Victims Advocate Advisory Committee and Attorney Michelle Cruz has a private practice offering serves to clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts

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