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Wesleyan Students Kicked out of Museum: WTNH.com

 Nation College Democrat President,  WesDem chair & shoe fortune heir student  Wesleyan student Ben Florsheim ('14) was reportedly NOT at the Science Center. Florsheim and the Middletown Democratic Town Committee  helped to registrar over 400 Wesleyan students to vote in 2011 for the municipal elections (a right granted by the  Supreme Court). Florsheim is a veteran of the Dannel Malloy campaign for Governor. Florsheim received an award from Wesleyan for distributing flyers falsely accusing some local GOP candidates, a local police officer, and the registrar of voters of felony voter intimidation during the 2011 election cycle. The State Elections Enforcement Commission subsequently ruled that those same local GOP members were actually encouraging student voting . 
Despite having ruled his accusation unfounded and quite the opposite, Florsheim was allowed to keep his award given by Wesleyan faculty.
Florsheim now a member of the MDTC, has since worked on various CT campaigns, will he return to run for local office or work on municipal campaigns in November?

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Things got a little out of hand for a group of Wesleyan seniors at the Connecticut Science Center. They say they got kicked out after being there just a few hours.

Sex and drugs are just some of the things that allegedly got Wesleyan seniors kicked out of a science museum.

As college comes to a close, Wesleyan University seniors plan several events to bring the class together.

"It's a fun atmosphere. You're with your entire class, it's always supposed to be a good time," said senior Kaya Ceci.

The parties are called senior cocktails and usually happen at a bar but last week's event was held at the Connecticut science center and it did not go well. These seniors were there...

"Spilling alcoholic beverages," said senior Andrew Pfiffer. "Just way too much expensive equipment to have around some crazy college people."

Students tell us the science center shindig lasted less than 2 hours. Students were allegedly found doing drugs and having sex in bathrooms. At least one senior allegedly climbed a dinosaur exhibit and there are reports of vomiting off of a flight of stairs.

"The things that happened were sort of ridiculous," said sophomore Sage Ryza.

Still, students say don't blame them, blame poor planning.

"It was kind of a questionable plan to bring a bunch of people to a science museum where there is definitely drinking going on," said Charlie Smith.

"Apparently they've done other events in the past before and stuff and the events were for other age groups and then you put a bunch of students as opposed to AARP members, you're going to get a different reaction," said Christopher Caines.

"It was a bad idea and I am sorry to the staff of the science center," said Pfiffer.

News 8 did stop by the science center. Though some staffers said off camera that they knew of the alleged incidents, the center declined to comment.


  1. These are the people that elect our mayor and councilman.

  2. This is true!! I don't care what the people say, whenever a WES student or students do something in the negative it is usually overlooked by the town. I remember during the Juiliano/DDREW debates, the students were all over the fact that MPD used tear gas to stop a semi-riot. Well, duhh, the Wes kids were told to take a hike and they (100+ kids) ignored the cops (2 police). Gee, that was spun upside down and inright.. The big bad cops, I think not. These rich ones drive their SUVS but bitch about people making money on oil stock options- please. Even Al Gore sold his network to the oil grubbing arabs.. Mmm, wasn't Al Gore about alternate fuels and such? Not when there is $41 million involved.

  3. Kids will be kids. Most Wesleyan students are very polite I find. Years ago not so much but the kids today seem much more mature. The Science Museum is a $500million White Elephant, glad at least someone is using it.

  4. Thrilled by the INSIDER's return to resentful non-journalism! More haphazard photoshops and sloppily written link-bait copied and pasted from other sources please, that's the blog we know and love.

  5. Middletown Democratic Town Committee.

    Their excuses were sad and shows what some of out young adults think they can do and not do in public. Where is the personal responsibilities.

  6. I love the way a factual story about Wesleyan bothers some local folks.. I mean did you read the their excuses at WTNH and CTNOW.com? Please give it up, those students rely on their monies and connections to avoid trouble.

    Dear ANON 9:24: DOn't think you are avoiding the issue? I'm sure if it were local Middlesex students or such your opinion would be different. Don't be such an elitist.!

  7. Hey! The photoshops make this site! LOVE IT! Maybe shroom kid was there??

  8. The Eye has a ton of press releases too, and articles that are modified by the author (I.e. change two words) so I think one of your posters is singling you guys out..


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