Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rumblings: Thank you sir! May I have another?

1. Middletown could be the host location for the next Pixar movie: "Cars VIII: Sloppy Jalopy."
Periodically replacing police cruisers was always an annual expense as precedent in tales of budgets past. But with the Mayor snipping this from the budget, an appropriation for approximately a baker's dirty dozen new cruisers purchased all at once may be in taxpayers' futures. CNR baby!

2.  Macdonough Elementary gets grants to cover after-school care for low income families. Other school districts S.O.L. Due to a record number of early dismissals parents scramble to line up babysitters. Where are those fictional teen Babysitters' Club girls from the 1990's paperbacks when you need them?With a record number of folks needing sitters, there is apparently a shortage - current babysitter rate now in Middletown is up to $30 an hour!

3. If teen babysitters can get $30/hour minimum wage should be $15/hour! At least, according to Rep. Matt Lesser who held rallies to raise minimum wage to $15+ outside the Dunkin Donuts on Washington Street earlier in the month. That's some fart sminking Lesser!

4. A wise man once said there are actually 3 budgets... The Mayor's Proposed Budget in January, The Council's Adopted Budget in April, and the grande coup de gras total at June 30th of the following year when the total of what was actually spent via appropriations is known. What's in your wallet? Or rather what is left?

5. Renowned Hobbit costume designer & Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, on her never ending campaign for re-election recently blew into town to read to some elementary school children. "D" is for Diapers provided by the government...

6. Cromwell selectmen flush the idea of allowing Middletown to join the Mattabasset sewer district. Middletown counters by commissioning author Taro Gomi to do a rewrite of his famous book with the new title "Everybody Poops & Your's Ain't Nothin' Special Cromwell"; book signing at the Buttonwood Tree, TBD. Lil' Danny ought to get on the horn to Big Dan and straighten this out.

7.  Personal photography entourage aka the Middletown Mess posted pics of the Mayor frosting cupcakes today. Seems Double D is doubling down on all the photo ops he can before the election as well as any opportunity to spend away from the office. Mayor Drew to assemble Youth Cabinet. Hey we thought that was what besties Joe S. & Matty L. were for? What happened? Actually, no wait this is a good thing; students can probably teach you a thing or two about budgeting. Is a Senior Cabinet to follow? Middle Age Cabinet?  

8. Parking Wars Middletown!  

To air this fall on A&E. Can
a small City Mayor really plug holes in the budget using revenue from parking fees & fines?  Street sensors malfuctioning- can the Mayor find away to blame the past administration? Will gouged citizens revolt? Will the mayor give his bestie a waiver from his $300 worth of fines & booted car? Stay tuned.
9.  Middletown's 9th Voting District selected to be randomly audited by the state. The state will review the optical scanners used to process ballots. Rep. Joe Serra volunteered to upkeep the official chain of custody & transport that scanner himself to the state office for inspection. Deja vu?
10. Food glorious food. All Middletown school students to get breakfast at school served in classrooms.  Board of Education publishes monthly newsletter "Nutrition Nuggets" with tips on fighting childhood obesity. Students & families to get free discarded bread from Freihofer's Cromwell. North end students sent home with food for weekends. Farmer's market gets grant for students to get healthy vegetables... too little food too much food.. anyone else confused? Thought so.

11.  Stephen4Stephen wins primary. Villagers protest fact there is nothing left to protest.

12. And then there were two: Killian & Carrol.  In a saga more dramatic then a romance story between sparkly vampires and a human,  state says no third party lines on the ballot allowed without signatures ie Realistic Balance is forced to dump all candidates that had also appeared on major party ballots. 

13.  Wait a sec...Mayor Drew and the D Crew appeared front and center in the Mess at the ground breaking for Eckersley Hall Senior Center. Not everyone on the council, including those who originally supported the project were invited. Mayor Drew was initially against the Senior Center project and paid a consultant last year mucho bennies $$$$$ to do a plan of an addition on City Hall that would make a wing for the seniors and a spacious suite for the Common Council. Those against the project are seen in the photos in the Mess now praising the project they once denounced as frivolous. Lest we forget, oh what a different a year makes...must be an election year!!


  1. So you DONT support raising the minimum wage which has been stagnant with growth?


  2. #2 macdonough also got all 70k security grant $. Coincidence ? I think not. that's where ed4ed kids go and BOE didn't want ed4ed showing up on their porch some sat morning

  3. Wow-Parents are no longer responsible to feed their own children!

  4. The budget is so low because at the beginning of every council meeting the part not broad cast the directors ask for more and more money! Drew has a spending problem with our tax money

  5. No class. Every other administrator invites the prior administration that started the project to be part of the groundbreaking. This mayor would like you to think he does it all on his own. The only thing he does on his own is spend our money and get his picture in the paper.

  6. Danny is out fundraising hard core. Watch as that money trickled back to Malloy's warchest.


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