November 24, 2015

The Dangerous Tyranny Act of 2015

                                           From the April 2013 rally at the capital.

For Immediate Release:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state's largest grass roots gun rights group) is speaking out in opposition to recent statements made by Governor Malloy, and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal regarding the deceptively named “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015”.
Comment from CCDL President Scott Wilson:
"I make no apologies for emphatically stating that all three of them are plainly and simply advocating for tyranny in the truest sense of the word. Everything that they are calling for is completely antithetical our rights as Americans. These proposals not only violate our 2nd Amendment rights, but our 14th Amendment rights as well. Their rhetoric about blanket gun control should concern every American regardless of their views on guns. They are actually advocating for the elimination of due process for citizens".
Key Points about the Watch List:
1) For the purposes of this proposed legislation, a “terrorist” is anyone whose name appears on the FBI’s terror watch list. This is not a list of known terrorists. As the name implies, it is just a list of people the FBI is watching for information about terrorism. A person might be watched because a relative, acquaintance or coworker is suspected of terroristic actions. They themselves may be law-abiding citizens.
2) Anyone can mistakenly and unknowingly end up on the terror watch list. You do not have to commit any crime to be added to the list Infants, US senators, Nelson Mandela, and the entire Ford Motor Company have all been mistakenly added to the watch list.
3) There is no deliberate means to remove yourself from the list should you mistakenly end up on it.
4) The criteria to end up on the terror list are unclear and vague.
5) We do not have a clue who is adding names to this list. Adding someone to the list is purely a bureaucratic decision with no accountability, and no opportunity for an individual to refute being added to the list. If Malloy, Murphy and Blumenthal have their way, citizens who have been charged with no crime will lose their Constitutional rights with NO due process.
6) Gun sales to individuals who are on the watch list are already reported to and approved by the federal government. They decline the sales for actual criminals.
Wilson concluded:
"Either we have rights as individuals, or we do not. Lawmakers continue to push down the road of gun control under the guise of concerns for safety, while many citizens in European countries are hiding behind locked doors wishing they had some means of protection with little help from police".
"If there are actual terrorists with plots or crimes being committed, the Federal Government and police already have the authority to act accordingly, instead of utilizing some list and Gestapo-style tactics against large swaths of the population".
About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 20,000 members from across the state.
Thanks to this large supportive base, the CCDL has become a fixture at the state capitol, and well recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.
As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit
Press Contact:
Scott Wilson

Editors note:  The position well stated. Not to take away from that in any way; but for what it is worth, I would not characterize CCDL as a “gun rights” group, but as a civil rights group. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires that individuals have the means to secure their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That is the responsibility of the people, not the government. Herein lies the most fundamental of all civil rights.

From the Editor

Greetings, all!  We at the Middletown Insider wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  May this holiday season bring you and yours happiness, joy and prosperity and may you carry that with through out the year.  Be safe and ever vigilant.  Do not forget to whom we are giving thanks; may God bless us, each and every one.


November 22, 2015

We're Back! Announcing our New Editor & Chief

Middletown Insider Editor &
 Chief William Boylan
Boylan has been a tiredless advocate for 2nd
 Amendment rights in CT, here he is pictured giving
 testimony at the capital. We are proud to announce
 him as our new Editor & Chief.
We're back! 1,400 blog posts, 3,020 uncensored, published comments, and over 500,000 page views in under 4 years via word of mouth advertising. We are proud to announce we have decided to name an Editor & Chief - now announcing William Boylan as the voice of the Middletown Insider!

 Mr. Boylan has big plans; somethings will change, some things will the same. The Insider still encourages reader participation through comments, letters to the editor, newsletters, slices of life, photos etc addressed to Mr. Boylan at

William Boylan first moved to Middletown in 1983 and has been a resident for approx. 22 of the last 33 years. His three youngest children grew up here; two of whom, and a grandchild, still live here. Middletown is his adopted home town.

Bill is a certified paralegal, (Morse School of Business) and once worked for The Law Offices of John Haymond, United HealthCare, Gerber Scientific, and at the Commercial Recording Division, Office of the Secretary of the State before returning to carpentry. (Past member of UBCJMP, Carpenter’s Local 24.)

He is an active member of the Middletown Republican Town Committee, and a certified election moderator. He has been a delegate for the statewide Republican Convention, Probate Judge Convention, State Senate Convention, and to the Republican State Central Committee Convention.

Bill has also volunteered his time within the community by helping out at St. Mary’s Strawberry Festival and the First Church of Christ Congregational Christmas dinner for the needy. He also worked on two Purple Heart Homes, USA projects, building homes for disabled vets.

Bill is also a USAF veteran and father of USMC Iraq war veteran. When his son Mark was deployed to Fallujah, he worked with the Charlie Company Families to raise money for their homecoming celebration.

As the editor of The Middletown Insider, Bill’s philosophy is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Naturally, there will eventually be some changes, but nothing drastic is anticipated. While primarily a voice for conservative views, conflicting points of view will not be censored off hand.

November 4, 2015

And Justice for All: Post Election Recap by John Milardo

The voters of Middletown have spoken last night!  They believe the town’s Democratic leadership/Governor Malloy connection has done a good job over the past two (2) years, and has renewed their contract for the first four (4) year term of office in our history.

Republican Mayoral candidate Sandra Russo-Driska ran an issued oriented campaign against incumbent Mayor Daniel T. Drew, but it wasn’t enough to wrestle the job away from him.  Maybe if there were some candidate debates, the voters would have seen a difference, but that’s hindsight.  There were many concerns; higher taxes, increased cost of City department operations, paid political advisors, out of town donors, $50 million dollars in bonds for town projects, a Mayor who was absent from work most of the time, and integrity.  The majority of those who voted yesterday are okay with that, and so now must the rest of us.

In a town and state which is so democratically blue, it’s difficult for any other Party to defeat an incumbent Democrat.   The big state Democratic machine was just too much for a local grass roots based Republican campaign.  When an ex-convict can win back a mayoral seat from the town he has stolen money from just because of his Party designation….that’s really blue!

To those who did not vote yesterday, that was your right too.  But please don’t complain about local government over the next four (4) years.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda!  Too late now!

This is just an observation on my part; after working many Middletown Democratic elections in the past, to supporting a Republican candidate.  All I’m going to say is there is a vast difference on how the local news media covered the Republican campaign and issues.

Good luck Middletown!

Stay strong.  Stay involved.  Stay together.  Seek the truth.

John Milardo, Middletown

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be construed as fact or advice.  The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such.  The opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group.  This newsletter reflects opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.

Letter to the Editor: A Man of my Word

Letter to the Editor:

So, I did say that if Dan Drew happened to win, I would shave my beard, and being a man of my word, the beard is gone. That was a goofy fun way to end a stressful, tough, campaign. Make no mistake, it was stressful, and tough, and if I had the chance to do it over, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Why? You ask. Whenever there is a problem, or trouble, where I think I can help, I cannot stand by, and not do something. Again, make no mistake, we are still in trouble. With this Election, not only did nothing change, the people of Middletown signed up for four more years of it! Fear not! There is hope, (Unfortunately, not Kasper), and I’ll get to that in a few.
I’ve never spoken about this publicly, but it seems the most appropriate. On September 11, 2001, after checking in with the Command Post, and receiving my assignment, I entered the World Trade Center site, Ground Zero, from Broadway, by St. Paul’s Cathedral. I had just been to the World Trade Center in July 2001, so it was fresh in my mind. What I saw, was unrecognizable. It looked like a war zone, for thousands and thousands of yards, and miles of ash and dust after that. Things didn’t make sense. Things were out of place. The world as I knew it; and I had seen some pretty screwed up things, had ended, and a new one began. Shoes without feet, rings without fingers, elevator buttons, but no elevators, an airplane engine in the middle of a street, and most disturbing: body parts, but no complete bodies. I never found anyone, whole, in my entire time there, 3 days. The world was unrecognizable.
The world today, is an unrecognizable place for me. And before anyone gets high and mighty and blasts me for comparing a local election to 9/11: Screw you, I was there. You weren’t. Dan Drew has ravaged this town, and destroyed lives, eliminated jobs, and entire city departments, and cost us millions in the process. We are in danger by his refusal to sign an EMS contact for this City, guaranteeing us EMS service, instead of rolling the dice every time a 911 call comes in. On top of that he wants to take the EMT requirement out of Firefighter qualifications. Who will provide medical care when we are waiting for an ambulance from who knows where, Dan? Taxes are the highest ever, property values are lower than ever, and Dan Drew has 11 State and Federal lawsuits against him, and our City, exposing us to unknown millions of dollars in damages. And WE ACTUALLY SIGNED UP FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS!!!!! Are you people out of your minds????

Middletown Official Election 2015 Results from Town Clerk

* Click each to enlarge. City charter explicitly prohibits a pz member from also serving on Council. City Charter makes no provisions prohibiting a member from serving on BOE & Council. The City attorney is expected to issue a formal legal opinion should the candidate wish to serve in both capacities. These are copies of what Town Clerk Linda Bettencort is filing with the Secretary of State.

November 3, 2015

Letter to the Editor: When one door closes, another will open..

Letter to the Editor
When one door closes, another will open…
By Brian E. Clark

What a great campaign we’ve had! It’s really been awesome being out there, talking with people and listening to what they need, or would like to see from the City. The media coverage was amazing, and I have to thank William Wilson, and Jon Pulino for having me on their TV show. Jennifer Shafer Wood was amazing, and I am grateful for having me on Voice of the City. The Middletown Press and Harford Courant published my articles, and wrote some on me as well. For that I am grateful, and appreciative. The Middletown Eye and Stephen Devoto were great. They didn’t publish everything I wrote, but for what they did I am humbled by your support. Most importantly, The Middletown Insider was my absolute biggest supporter. They published everything I wrote, and to this day, I do not know who runs it, but sir, you have my utmost respect. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
Many have said, I have run a negative campaign, and attacked Dan Drew to extreme’s not called for, I will have to agree that, yes, a lot of what I said, was indeed negative, and yes on occasions I attacked Dan Drew for positions he took. I am a passionate person. I initially began this campaign because I was angry about the way Dan Drew treated people, and overall, ran this City in to the ground. Middletown, and its residents, are my love. I love this City and everything, and everyone in it. With a background in the Fire and EMS Services, I always loved helping people. I still love helping people. Unfortunately, for me, I paid the sacrifice by responding to the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. I quit the Fire Service in December 2001. The next 10 years were not healthy or productive for me, but In 2011, I finally came to terms with what happened, and ever since I have been working on myself, and my Mental Health, and I’m back to where I can help people. I’ve never been one to stand by when things go wrong, and so it is with this campaign. I could no longer stand by and watch Dan Drew destroy this city.
It takes a unique person, and being at a certain place in your life, to be available to run for the Mayor’s Office. Or any Office, or Position, for that matter. Running for Office affects, not just that person, but that person’s entire family, and friends. The public draws dividing lines that puts you in a popular, or unpopular category, and the way that changes by the hour it seems, can drive anyone nuts. It’s hard. You question yourself. You question whether or not to stay in or drop out. Some make it the distance, some don’t. Then there is the money aspect. It’s expensive. And if you are running for a Top Spot, it’s a full-time job. You can raise money, or you can fund it yourself. I have funded my entire campaign on my own, although I did ask for a small donation once that never panned out. I do have to say this though, one person, from West Hollywood, California, paid for an expense I needed, and it was only for $18, but I am humbled by this one person’s actions. It’s been tough on my whole family, financially, emotionally, and physically for me.
I mention the physical part just for one reason. Since December 2014, I have had 12 abdominal surgeries. The last in September. I have an open abdominal wound currently, that is attended to by a nurse from Middlesex Hospital, daily. I have been campaigning through this all. I will not let it stop me from helping the City of Middletown, and her residents. In an effort to wrap this up, sure I have been negative. Yes, I have attacked Dan Drew. Given what I had to work with, was already negative. I added to that, I admit. An analogy that I’d like to use, is if I was given a pile of wood, and told to build a bridge, and I do so; then you come back and ask why it isn’t steel? I worked with what I was given with, and it was expected that I wouldn’t expose that, and tell the truth to the people of Middletown. My attacks were based on Dan Drew’s arrogance, and dishonesty, and his diligence to stick to that arrogance and dishonesty. At this point, it is what it is, and we’ll see very soon if the message was heard.
This City needs a leader with a fire in their heart that burns so bright, it could warm the city. We need a leader not afraid to make unpopular decisions because they are right. We need a team player that crosses the aisle because Republican and Democrat are just labels, and mean nothing. We are all people, we are all Middletown. Brian E. Clark or Sandra Russo-Driska are what is right for Middletown. Hope P. Kasper is what is right for Middletown. The Candidates on Row B are all excellent choices for Middletown. And I’ll end with this, and it will surprise many. Tom Serra is what is right for Middletown. I have known him my entire life, and never agreed with him at all. Recently, however, in a talk he had with me, he convinced me that he is indeed what we need in Middletown. He is in the proper places on the issues, and he has served Middletown for well over 20 years. Usually I’d be against that, but he has convinced me that Mr. Serra makes the right choices for Middletown.

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity. The marathon is over on November 3rd, but I am not done. Regardless of who wins this election, I will be there to speak for the truth. When one door closes, another one opens. And if there is no other door, I’ll build the damn thing just to open it!
Brian E. Clark,
Write in Candidate for Mayor

November 2, 2015

Notes from Bill Wilson: Yes to Question 1 and No to Question 2

On question one I think it is imperative that Middletown Voters vote Yes. We need to finish hooking up to Mattebassett and it will cost us $15 million more. I for one am not happy about that and think someone should be held accountable for this mess up. This administration has held no one responsible, except the taxpayers that have to pay for this overrun. This is a need as we need to shut down our plant in Middletown because the cost of overhauling it would cost us over $80 million more. 
So therefore I urge Middletown Voters to vote Yes on Question number 1

Question two has too many variables on what fields will be renovated and in what order they will be worked on.What was brought forth to the council has changed from the original purposely. This was done without including all parties from the BOE, to the parents and to the parents that have children, and teens in competitive sports though out Middletown. Plus the cost of maintaining these parks would mean hiring more staff to keep the fields in good playing condition  from March though November. 
The price also includes a Dog park in Veterans Memorial park near the Tree's of Honor My question is why Middletown would put a Dog Park in Veterans Memorial Park when there are a number of other parks in Middletown that would be a better spot for a Dog park. One of the reasons is that this administrations is listening to a few people who have been pushing the dog park and have said in public that putting it in Veterans Memorial park was a good idea. I am not sure how it is a good idea to have a Dog Park near the CT Trees of Honor. 
For this reason I would urge Middletown Voters to vote no on Question 2. 
Let's do this the right way and have all parties at the table to make this decision correct for all of the Middletown residents. 

I would Urge Middletown residents to vote Row B on Tuesday.

Middletown needs a leader that is invested in our town and not looking for the next step in one's political career. In Sandra Russo Driska we have just that. She is invested in Middletown as an owner of a small business on Main St and lives in the downtown area. 
She is what Middletown needs after four years of Dan Malloy's influence in the mayor's office. We have seen how Governor Malloy run our state and we are seeing the same thing under Mayor Drew. He raised taxes three years in a row and this past year budget where he had a flat budget, but the only reason it was flat was because he took the bond premium from the last bonding Middletown did and put it towards the budget. You can't increase the budget by $5 million dollars with no increase in your taxes. 
The Common Council has been under the same party rule for the last 22 years and where has that gotten us Just higher taxes and out of control spending. We cannot continue on this path as our Grand list has gone down or stayed even  over the past few years. We need to increase our Grand List  and bring more business to town. It is hard to do that when our taxes continue to go up and up. 
Along with this we need a Planning and Zoning commission that can get the Riverfront done for our future generations. This will get done with a commission that is not beholding to the mayor's office, but the people of Middletown. 
The BOE is in my opinion an easy vote. Our candidates have always been against redistricting because of social economic reasons. Our children deserve to stay in their neighborhood schools and not be bused across town. The democrats were for this before they decided the parents were against it. Can we trust them to do the parents will, or the administrations will? 
Voting Row B will take the guess work out of it and will make sure that Your voice is heard.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Bill Wilson

Candidate Bio: Cheryl McClellan (R) for Board of Education

Cheryl McClellan (R) Board of Education
Cheryl McClellan (R) for Board of Education
I was born in New Britain, CT.  I went to New Britain catholic and public schools.  I graduated from Central CT State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

I served in the US Army on active duty for twelve years.  I served in various staff positions in New Jersey, Germany, and Washington as Maintenance Officer, Maintenance Branch Manager and Training Officer among other duties.  I worked for the Installation Commander during mobilization/demobilization for Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
After I left active duty, my family moved back to CT and adopted Middletown as our hometown.  I worked in the Middletown elementary schools as a substitute teacher for ten years.  My children attended Middletown public schools.  I have been a member of various PTA’s as my children grew older and Booster clubs.  I have been a member of Middletown Schools Association.  

I am a member of American Legion Post 75 and serve as Finance Officer and Assistant Service Officer.  Part of my duties as Service Officer is to be a representative for the Soldiers, Sailors and Marine Fund aiding veterans and their families in need with financial assistance.  I also volunteer in the concessions at Palmer Field during the American Legion Baseball season and during high school football season. I also volunteer at my Church, St Pius X in the SHARE ministry.

I am running as a candidate for Board of Education because I want transparency in the Board’s budget process.  The budget is tax payer money, and as a taxpayer I want to know how it is spent.  There is a need for a change in the membership of the Board and a change in the attitude and priorities of the Board.  The Superintendent of Schools should work for the Board of Education, not the other way around, as it stands now.  There should be more involvement of the Board in the various PTA’s to get a better sense of what parents in the town want of their schools and how to help parents to help their children succeed in school.  We want High School graduates who go to and graduate from college, community college, trade school, and Apprenticeships. We want our children to be successful.  We as a community need to give our children the help to become successes.

More info on Middletown Republican candidates can be found at 

(Accepting ALL Candidate Bios! See format info here!) 

And Justice for All: Late Night Top 10 List by John Milardo

Top 10 reasons why Middletown residents SHOULD NOT re-elect Mayor Daniel T. Drew on

Tuesday, November 3,, 2015.

#10. Mayor Daniel T. Drew’s feeble attempt to restructure the Fire Departments job description

eliminating the mandatory Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification for new hires, to

gain more minority voting for his re-election campaign. It took 4 years for Dan and his paid

political advisors to come with this scheme. “The Vinci Group”, Danny’s campaign funded

hounds, will earn over $50,000 from Dan for their services in this election. Until he had

opponent for the Mayoral seat, he didn’t care about the minority hiring in Fire or any City

department. Taxpayers now get to pay the cost of training new hires for their EMT

certifications, without the benefit of a reduced entry level salary.

#9. Mayor Daniel T. Drew states he has LOWERED TAXES in Middletown; "With Mayor

Drew's leadership we have managed to cut taxes and improve our bond rating,". Are you

kidding me! Our mil rates over the past three (3) years have increased 6.3 mils. It decreased by

a mere one-tenth of a mil this year – election year. He doesn’t mention the 6.3 mils of increase

under his leadership that provided no new services to benefit Middletown residents! The value

of your house went down, while the taxes increased to cover the cost of City operations. And

yes, we have great bond ratings...because the taxpayer is paying off this debt on time. See

what happens if we default for some reason or another? Nice try Dan!

#8. Mayor Daniel T. Drew’s complete City Department reorganization failure. There was no

monetary savings to taxpayers as he has stated. By the City’s own financial records, (their

publicly published fiscal year budgets), the yearly cost increase for the same exact services has

skyrocketed to over $400,000. Not to mention the additional $4.1 million of pension liability

for Dan’s early retirement incentive which he promised would reduce City government

operations, by $500,000 the first year and $133,000 every year after. Complete lie! Never

happened, never even got a brief look at any savings.

Mayor Dan claims that due to the reorganization, “the parks in Middletown have never looked

better.” So if that is a true and accurate fact, then why is he pushing for a $34 million dollar

bond for park and facility renovations? It’s called the patting thyself on the back. The more

Danny says it’s so, the more people will believe him.

#7. Mayor Daniel T. Drew has reduced lawsuits for the City of Middletown. Lie! He has a

total of 11 pending lawsuits by individuals suing the City. One has been settled for over 7

figures, but he kept that close to the vest, so no one would know about it. That’s more than all

the lawsuits combined in the previous Mayor’s 6 year reign. This Mayor’s blatant practice of

discriminating against women and other minority groups is well documented in Court papers.

Almost every lawsuit filed against the City is due directly to Dan Drew’s discriminatory


#6. His poor administration of departments by leaving assistant director, directorships and

other positions vacant for months and years. The average vacancy is filled in 28 days, from

start to finish. Middletown takes months and years. Putting someone in an “acting” capacity is

not considered to be filling the position.

#5. The heavy bonded debt Middletown now has for next decade or more. If the two bond

referendum questions on November 3rd pass, we will have a debt to repay of over $100 million

dollars. There are two questions on the ballot, $34 million for parks repairs, and an additional

$15 million dollars to complete the Mattabassett sewer pipe project. How a project cost could

be 100% wrong is unfathomable! How no one is responsible for it, is even more


#4. Under Mayor Drew’s leadership, we now bond for trucks, equipment, snowblowers,

mowers, chainsaws, office equipment and so on. Done away with is the City Capitol Non-
Reoccurring (CNR) budget which previously funded these items, and was paid through our

taxes. Mayor Drew believes it’s better to pay a premium interest rate on top of these purchases

and borrow the money. Most towns have CNR budgets, while some even pay for major road

work and construction without bonding. Mayor Drew believes it’s better to “charge”


#3. Mayor Drew’s tampering with over $800,000 of Middletown employee’s pension fund

money. In the past, the pension actuary would recommend how much the City should pay into

the pension fund to ensure its solvency. Mayor Dan said “to hell with the actuary, we are not

funding it!” Somewhere soon down the road, future Mayor’s and taxpayers will have to correct

this pension fund mistake. By the way, when Mayor Drew makes statements that he saved the

taxpayer $800,000 in pension fund payments- you know it’s not true – right? Of course that’s

not true, he has postponed it and made it someone else’s problem. Maybe we can bond that

each year too!

#2. Mayor Daniel T. Drew’s constant self-promotion at Middletown’s expense. His attending

out of town events which have absolutely nothing to do with city business; all to further his

political future. His re-election campaign fund of over $105,000, with more than $75,000 of

that coming from out of town sources. Right now, this very Sunday night, Dan is emailing

Democrats asking for monetary donations of $50, $150, or $250 to accumulate another $2,000

in campaign contributions for campaign flyers he wants to get out by Monday. What has he

done with the over $105,000 in contributions already? Sandra Russo-Driska has done much

more and spent her funds wisely with her grass roots campaign of $40,000! Dan has no concept

off how to control spending...and it’s just the way he runs our town!

Danny has the worst attendance record of anyone in the City. He feels he’s not an employee

and doesn’t have to answer to the stock holders (us) about his whereabouts. In just a short 10

month period this year, from September to this August, Mayor Dan Drew has been absent from

work for a total of 89.5 days! This is an incredible amount of time not performing Mayoral

duties. Weekends were not included in this calculation, just Monday through Fridays. How can

anyone in any type of work environment miss 18 work weeks in a 10 month period!!!! That’s

almost 50% of the time. This is unacceptable! It’s incomprehensible!

#1. Mayor Daniel T. Drew attended Columbia University for a Master Degree this past year,

when he should have been in Middletown performing his Mayoral duties for the people who

pay his salary. Instead, he hid his attendance of going to the University, and abused the power

of his position by behaving in an unethical manner and using public funds in gaining his degree.

He had people lie for him to cover up his attendance at Columbia University, not caring if he

was jeopardizing their jobs too. He didn’t care that he intentionally violated the City Charter, as

he could not be a full-time Mayor, if attending school at the same time. He has violated the

trust of the people in Middletown with his deceptive behavior. He will not comment on this

matter, so you can decide what the truth is.

I wonder how much better Middletown could have been economically, culturally and fiscally if

we had a full-time Mayor, not a part-time salesman. Time for Dan to pack up and leave!

Make sure to get out and vote this coming Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Every vote counts!

Stay strong. Stay involved. Stay together. Seek the truth.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be

construed as fact or advice. The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such. The

opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group. This newsletter reflects

opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Mayor Drew

A Letter To Mayor Daniel T. Drew October 30, 2015

To Mayor Drew,

By this time, you have read or heard about the misuse allegations of your Mayoral duties and time to attend classes at Columbia University in New York.

You can clear up this matter by honestly and publicly responding to it.  You sought to be Mayor of Middletown by stating you would have an “honest, open and transparent government.”

No response from you will be an indicator that the statements made about Columbia University are true.

John Milardo
Resident of Middletown, CT

Candidate Bio: Molly Salafia (R) for Planning & Zoning

Molly Salafia (R) Planning & Zoning
Candidate Molly Salafia , Assoc. AIA, LEED GA (R) for Planning & Zoning
I am an architectural designer at a firm encompassing the professions of
architecture,engineering & planning.  My background includes work on projects with HUD /CHFA supportive and affordable housing, public schools, healthcare,  historic preservation, mixed use development, adaptive reuse, master planning, and commercial development of all sizes & varieties. I am looking forward to  completion of my professional exams to be a fully licensed architect.
I was born & raised in Middletown. I spent my summers in high school working at City Hall. I am proud to be a local homeowner living near our unique downtown. I am an active volunteer in Middletown working with Middletown Kiwanis & I support Catales as one of my favorite causes.
I am seeking election to my second term in the 2015. During my first term I was also selected by my colleagues because of my bipartisanship & leadership skills as vice chair of the commission, and served in the capacity as chair during the chairman's medical leave of absence.
If elected, I hope advocate for smart planning & work to encourage the development of a masterplan by professionals to develop the riverfront.
I will also first & foremost, work to make building in Middletown a streamlined & fair process that is attractive to developers in order to grow Middletown' s tax base.
Roger Williams University, RI. Master of Architecture + BS Architecture, Dual Minor in Visual Arts and Art History
Member of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at RWU 2005-2006,  Chapter President of AIAS 2005-2006
Represented AIAS during the 2006 National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) accreditation of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
Certifications, Honors and Awards
Alpha Rho Chi Medal Recipient
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate (GA) certified,
P&Z Vice Chair
Member of the Design Review & Historic Design Review Board of the City of Middletown
Member Kiwanis of Middletown
RiverCOG Commission Alternate Member for Middletown 

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Middletown Republican Candidates Take Questions LIVE! Wilson, Pulino, Salafia, Petter, Kleckowski, Giuliano, Russo-Driska

Published on Oct 31, 2015
Comcast Studios/Cromwell- (R) Common Council Candidate Jon Pulino and (R) Planning and Zoning Candidate William Wilson welcome guests (R)Chris Petter, candidate for the Board of Education and former Mayor Seb Giuliano, (R) candidate for Common Council with Councilwoman Deb Kleckowski and Planning and Zoning Commissioner Molly Salafia

Comcast Studio- The final episode of "Meet the GOP Candidates 2015" aired on Friday, 10/30/2015. Please watch Mayoral Candidate as she interviews a large portion of her slate candidates. Please remember to vote on November 3, 2015 and consider choosing row B.

October 31, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Former Student Praises Kleckowski for Common Council

Letter to the Editor:
 Dear friends and family in Middletown, Connecticut. Im inviting you to vote for the re-election of Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski on November 3rd.
Deborah, has dedicated her years to helping students and parents with the resources needed so they may continue a higher education. I am one of the many students Deborah has impacted through her career. She has guided my family and I through my entire educational journey and best of all has gone far and beyond her duties to make sure that I succeeded even after college.
If you want some who is passionate about the future of her community and will go through what ever it takes to get the job done right, I encourage you to please vote for the re-election of Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski, on November, 3rd 2015.
She changed my life, she may just change your life as well.
Rene Rosado

October 30, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Lady Justice Murdered : An update

Letter to the Editor:

I wrote about this not that long ago, but we live in a City where so much is wrong, people tend to

have a short term memory, and an issue as this cannot be far from the memories of the residents

of Middletown. I have known Francesca Quaranta for 17 years. First as a co-worker of mine

when I volunteered as an EMT for Rocky Hill Ambulance, and professionally for Aetna

Ambulance, while Francesca, then known as Frank, was a Police Officer for the Town of Rocky

Hill. I was there then to defend her life then, as I am today, as a Candidate for the City of

Middletown. In 2004, Francesca became a Police Officer for the Middletown Police Department;

Once a fine institution that I once volunteered for as a teen, as a Police Explorer, from 1993-

1997. An institution my Uncle Joe Micale served for 38 years. I respect our Police Officers for

keeping us safe by laying their lives on the line every day. Francesca led an exemplary career for

10 years as a Police Officer, laying her life on the line for all of us, and being fair in all

situations. Unfortunately this story takes an ugly turn, because when Frank, who identified as

being a woman his whole life, decided to live her life as a woman, and become Francesca, the

end result was that Mayor Dan Drew had his hand in every part of destroying Francesca’s life

and career. From illegally discriminating against her, and then firing her. Then taking part in

denying her, her rightful Disability Pension that he had a hand in creating the actual disability

she suffered from.

I began my Campaign for Mayor because I have sat back, and watched Dan Drew do things like

this, and I was fortunate enough where I was in a place in my life where I could run for Mayor,

to stop things like this from happening. Folks, this is only one instance. Dan Drew has 11

Federal, and State law suits pending. This not makes him the only Mayor in Middletown’s

history to have that many lawsuits pending against the City, filed under his administration. This

also makes him a criminal, and just from the way I have seen him treat Francesca, he deserves

nothing less than a “term” at a Correctional Institution, where he can govern a 6’X10’ Cell. The

list of lawsuits and crimes are available at

editor-city-deep-in-lawsuits.html , written by the Sandra Russo- Driska Campaign.

My original article proved I had access to all the documents, medical reports, articles, internal

emails and memo’s, and most importantly, I spent hours with Francesca herself going over in

detail how this played out. Instead of going over every report and detail as I had done already, I

am going to make a timeline, and at the end I will give you the access to the original article with

all the reports and quotes. Where we start is where you would imagine we would; When

Francesca makes the decision in her life to live as a woman, as is her right protected by HB

6599, making discrimination against transgender and gender expression, illegal. Ironically signed in to

law by Dan Drew’s hero, Dan Malloy, in 2011. That doesn’t stop the “Old Boy’s Club” of the Police

Department. The problems started almost immediately, and Dan Drew wanted in on this one.

 Chief William McKenna states to Francesca that because of her, all the rules have to

change now. We know that there’s going to problems from here on out.

 Francesca, not wanting to create any waves, removes herself from both locker rooms, and

use the private bathroom on the second floor. It goes as far to where Francesca is getting

dressed for work in the back parking lot in the dead of winter.

 She gets reprimanded on many occasions for trivial issues like hair and earrings, when

other females are doing the same, and are left alone.

Free Halloween Events Middletown

On Saturday, October 31, Catalyst Church is hosting Trunk-or-Treat, a safe trick-or-treating experience at Snow School in Middletown. Volunteers will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Elks Lodge BPOE 771 of Middletown located at 44 Maynard St is hosting its annual family Halloween party 5-8 pm Oct. 31

Candidate Bio: Sebastian Giuliano (R) Common Council

Sebastian Giuliano (R) Common Council

Sebastian Giuliano Candidate for Common Council

Mr. Giuliano is a current councilman, past three-term Mayor of Middletown and practicing attorney in Middletown.  He is currently serving on the Public Safety Commission, General Counsel Commission, Insurance & Claims Commission, Commission on the Arts and Contract Compliance Board on the Common Council.   A graduate of Xavier High School, he attended the United States Military Academy for two years, and graduated Cum Laude from Boston College in 1975.  He earned his Law Degree from the Catholic University of America in 1978, and has been admitted to all Courts of the State of Connecticut, District Court of Connecticut, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the United State Supreme Court.  His civic activities include membership in the Kiwanis Club of Middletown, Vice President of the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center of Central Connecticut, Director of the Xavier High School Alumni Association 1991-1996, President, Xavier Alumni Association , member of the St Sebastian Pastor’s Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, St. John Paul II Regional School, Past President of the Italian-American Civic Organization (IACO) and member of the Middletown 350th Anniversary Committee
He and his wife Paula are the proud parents of three children, Nicolas, Paul and Francesca.

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A message from Council Candidate: Jon Pulino

Jon Pulino (R) for Common Council

(R) Jon Pulino Candidate for Common Council

I currently serve as Chairman of the Northern Comcast Cable Advisory Board, The Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Assessment of Appeals in my hometown of Middletown. As an elected and appointed official, I take my jobs extremely seriously and diligently in order to get the work done for the people-as it they who I am working for. This local pride and work ethic began many years ago when my grandparents came from Rosalini, Sicily in 1951, it was this local responsibility that stuck with me and has carried over to my career as a public school teacher and as an elected official.  As the chairman of the Northern Comcast Cable Advisory Board, I worked with the board’s members to create a scholarship for high school kids in memory Justin Hinds, a local student that died of cancer.  As a member of The Board of Assessment Appeals, I attended over 300-tax appeal hearings in two years, while voting in favor of taxpayers whom I felt were being overtaxed by the government.  The point is that when I am asked to take a role in local government, I do it with pride and integrity as I realize that I am here for the people and nothing else.

Visit my facebook page: JonPulino4Council

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