February 4, 2015

Comments from the Public about the Middletown's Board of Education

Comment originally published in the last Rumblings section

Really !! Don't blame the new BOE manager...that place was screwed up way before she got there... from my understanding, she is doing a fabulous job in straightening out the mess over there. The person that should be looked at is the Facilities / Band Director. What qualifies a Band Director to run Facilitates?? Oh wait, He brought in a contractor to do his job while he continues to screw things up. ( Can you say payoff ) Someone ( Gaylord ) has got to be getting something in return to keep defending Sadexo who is doing a terrible job and who let one of the schools run out of oil. They are a waste of tax payer's money and need to go He may be doing more underhanded things like hiring his kids AND himself for doing jobs not related to him,,, can you say conflict of interest !! How do we know if he's fudging the hrs for them... Oh my, the list can go on and on.. sooo,the board may want to dig a little deeper in this guy.. and his associates on More Rumblings about Middletown! Read Carefully Insider Lover

January 27, 2015

More Rumblings about Middletown! Read Carefully Insider Lovers!

1. The Middletown Press, umm, The Middletown Mess ran a story today reminding us Rep. Joe Serra is still alive after getting a call it had been a full 72 hours since a “S “family member was mentioned in the paper. Serra is still "working" to "help" seniors.  In fact, he has gone on record to promise that he will introduce a bill in the next Connecticut House Legislation that will promise to reduce aging for anyone over 62.  It’s sort of like a reverse Logan’s Run thing.  (Google it)

2. How's that Rt. 9 on ramp fix going the DOT proposed in November Rep. Serra? Oh wait that was just a campaign ploy.  How long have you been a State Rep who sits on the transportation committee? Long live CASHO!

3. Mayor Dan Drew has been tweeting all day how he has been out in the snow with emergency crews. Reportedly, an ambulance was stuck on Farm Hill Rd and Drew, with his mighty Asgardian Hammer, helped push it clear, delivered a baby in a snow bank, swaddled the newborn & & breast fed the infant himself while the mother recovered from shock.  He then made damn sure Joe Somalis called Victoria Sunderkistqust at The Mess to put it in the Press, why not? It's an election year suckers.  Taxes still keep going up! Vote Dem! (They have controlled the town's budget since 1991)

4. The roads are 75% clear; the roads are 50% clear. Too soon? Next year, I the mayor will meet with Zeus and the other Olympian Gods to stop the storm. I will take the mystical horse Pegasus up to the heavens to stop the storms.  I fight for YOU, the citizens.  Oh yeah, Obamacare it is the way to go!! Opps, right, the prices continue to go up for that too.

5.  Rep. Matt Lesser (D) Middletown proposes a bill for "legal equality" of snapping turtles, or as Latino Caucus member calls them Tortugas. Christie Carpino (R) Cromwell proposes a bill to allow break-ins to prevent hot-car deaths. What the hell about turtles trapped in hot cars? Unbelievably insensitive. Come on guys and gals, let’s be political correct about everything.  Why not, it’s the 21st Century!  (Trivia: Matt is a member of the Hispanic/Spanish caucus up in Hartford? Jesus, he is whiter than Wonder Bread and he is now hanging out in that Caucus)

6.  The Connecticut Freedom of Information (FOI), Commission has scheduled a March 2015 to hearing for FOI requests for reports and more importantly budget information with regard to the Middletown Board of Education budget.  More importantly, a member of the Middletown Board, Linda Szynkowicz who cannot get an itemized copy of the budget, filed the FOI request.  Don’t believe it? Try to get a copy for yourself or better yet visit a BOE meeting? The budget presented utilized broad numbers and takes the public in circles whenever a logical question was presented by member Szynkowicz to the board.  What happened to transparency Ed4ED?    In unrelated news, there seems to be a matter of a large shredder missing from the BOE basement on Hunting Hill Avenue.  I guess you could check Brochette’s basement on Coleman Road, but don’t hold your breathe!    Where the missing 1.2 million?

7. Did anyone send a letter to Mayor Drew recently seeking an appointment to a vacant City Commission & not receive a answer? Please review the following new instructions in order be appointed by King Drew: Democrats: send your letter of intent to City Hall, 245 deKoven Drive.         

 Republicans: Tie a rock to your letter & toss from Arrigoni Bridge. Aide Joe Samolis will retrieve. Shit that is funny!  Perhaps, anybody living on Wilcox Island will hoard the GOP requests and make a giant paper teepee out of them or it may be revealed that the real BOE budget is hiding on Wilcox Island next to Stephen Devoto's ego.

8. Deer head reportedly found on Wesleyan campus. Where is Stephen Devoto when you need him?  Heck, the Yeti thing was funnier.

9.Connecticut State Sen. Dante “I only won by 213 votes” Bartolomeo is upset that new CT Transit facilities won't have restrooms. DOT states there are no funds to maintain such facilities & that if towns want potties then they should foot the bill. Bartolomeo: "Isn't that what illegal aliens are for?" Yep, she did indeed!

10. Wife killer defender & City Hall leech John Hall of the Jonah Center says it will supply bio-degradable poo poo bags to rail commuters. "If you have to go & are waiting for the train, you have to go somewhere. This way, you can save it, take it home and compost it in your garden, or just toss it from the platform." Bags will feature pictures of  snapping Tortugas & be handed out by volunteer unicyclists lead by Dic Wheeler at stations between Meriden and West Haven. BTW if the City hired a real environmental planner, can't we dump the biology reverend hippy? Hall has asked Mayor Daniel T. Drew to ignore David Messenger’s negative side and let him work with Treasurer Quentin Phipps in the future due to all the checks balances the treasurer has to do with regard to checks and balances and organizing folks to protect that position’s stipend. (Seen rant below)

Translation: The Dems and the GOP wanted to defund the Phipps’ position because it costs the city nearly $5,100 a year and the elected official does NADA!  The job has been phased out years ago 
folks, ask member  Dr. David Larsen, he’s a Democrat so he must be right.  Phipps, after already being muscled out of the city job by Drew and the downtown district, freaked out and made this a an issue that rhymes with lace. Yep, the elected Dems got nervous and stuck the treasurer job back in, even though their own findings said the treasurer position in Middletown should be moot. What happened next?  Phipps claimed on his Facebook page that he was working at a school in the Bronx, a few days later he was called on this and it turned out the school was in Stamford.  Must be nice to say what you want!

11. Despite being hired for an unfunded Environmental Planner position, and despite that 466 does not have a no lay-off clause making it perfectly legal to drop this person, Council majority and hanger-on council members (you know who you are) rumored to keep Michele Ford in her recently acquired position & find the funds. NOTE: they won't be found in any culpable party's pocket. Is employing someone for possibly next 25+ years with full benefits & pension cheaper than a lawsuit or dropping the ax on those who made the boo boo? Who is the mysterious Michelle Ford?  Who does she know? What is her connection with Drew or with Malloy?

12. Senior Center Library named the Phil "ITS FOR THE CHILDREN" Pessina Library. Find the irony in that one.

13. Park & Rec study shows need for new fields and sports facilities in Middletown. Ironically the fields supposed to be built across from a certain Serra's house no longer proposed as needed. NIMBY. 

Snowmageddon Middletown 2015 Blizzard

Main St. Middletown, via  Westfield Fire Commissioner
 Matt Scarrozzo's fb page.
Well, it snowed last night in Middletown incase you didn't notice. Unofficial accounts average 30 inches. The municipal parking ban is still in effect. In a statement on his facebook page, Mayor Drew commented:  “Public works, the water department, parks department, and a dozen contractors have more than 50 vehicles on the road clearing snow, including three industrial snowblowers attached to our bucket loaders.”
“We were fortunate that the snow is dry and light and that has made it easier to clear from our roadways. We are much further along at this hour than we expected to be. However, there is still a lot of work left to do. I ask that you stay off the roads until public works has had an opportunity to clear them completely."
Futher information and future alerts can be found at: . At www.ctalert.gov.
Any questions for both Middletown and Portland residents can be directed to 911@MiddletownCT.gov or by calling the Central Communications Center during routine business hours Monday – Friday at (860) 638-3250.

Got snow pics from around town? Send them to us! Be safe! And hug a plow driver!

January 22, 2015

Northern Middlesex Cable Advisory Board Donates Printers to Local Senior Centers

The Northern Middlesex Cable Advisory Board has announced that they have delivered  HP Officejet 7612 Wide Format printers to all senior centers which fit into the purview of the committee.  The project began in mid-2014 when Assistant Director of CAB, William Wilson pointed out that during the spring meeting that the committee must focus on those who do not have essential items during the holiday season.

 "I felt it was a great endeavor and unfortunately the seniors get overlooked during this crazy times.  A new printer for each center that we cover would help the residents create brochures and other creative documents."  After consulting with the NMCAB board in the late spring and followed by a vote that was enthusiastically unanimous, the project was on its way.  Secretary Marco Iacoviello organized a sub-committee of the board and with the funds allotted was able to purchase and deliver the products in a rapid fashion.
CAB Secretary (R) Gary Aubin delivers a brand new HP printer to members of the East Hampton Senior Center.  

The Northern Middlesex Cable Advisory Board covers: Middletown, Middlefield, East Hampton, Portland and Cromwell. The committee will meet next in March at Middletown's city hall located at DeKoven Drive.
CAB Member (R) Marco Iacoviello delivers a brand new HP printer to the Cromwell Senior Center. 

January 20, 2015

Republicans can't get appointed?

Dear Editor of MI:

It seems that the Mayor is conducting business as usual by not appointing or re-appointing Republicans to their appropriate committees when their tenure is up.  The Middletown charter allows  an equal amount (if possible) appointments (non-elected positions) from each party to the various town committees such as Inland Wetlands, Harbor Review, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.
 The mayor does have the purview to replace  member with another member of his/her own party when the original member's tenure is up, a practice that has happened under many past members. Instead this mayor will ignore the re-appointments and cause committees to exist in limbo, this can cause issues within the city due to the fact that the committees cannot meet with a proper quorum. For example, it took Mayor Drew nearly 3 months to re-appoint Anabel Redzensky, Evelyn Russo and Judy Peaota to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Due to the mayor's stalling about the issue, meetings had to be rescheduled, while many appeals were not heard.
 Why did the mayor wait so long to re-appoint this people?  The three above mentioned  individuals have been an amazing asset to the city for many years and have always worked diligently and followed the zoning board guidelines to the letter of the law.  Perhaps the mayor was upset over their recent decision to overturn the Zoning Enforcement Officer's decision to shut down a local pellet vendor business on Atkins Street.

Perhaps, the mayor had others in mind to replace the trio, but due to pressure from outside forces at the last minute he decided to reinstate Redzensky, Russo, and Peaota.

Sincerely, William Wallace

January 16, 2015

Middletown Predictions for 2015

 Predictions for the NEW YEAR!  Guess what? One already came true.  

If you have not guessed by now, there is a lot of truth mixed in with the satire. Don't believe something? Do some research and see what you come up with. I bet if you are a very liberal person who likes to judge others about their bad behaviors you will not like this column. "Hey, Jen would never do that?" or "Well, I know that Malloy has taken the state to Hades and beyond, but hey, he's a Democrat."  
1)      Dan Drew will fulfill the promise he made during his previous terms to lower taxes.  If you believe that, I'll put some lights on the Portland Bridge.  Too Soon?
2)      Al Sharpton will meet with the African American family of Shannon Blair, the Middletown High Student that was attacked by a member of the "S" family.   Nope, ain't going to happen- this is Middletown, where the "S" family has a huge liberal following no matter what the sons do.  (I.e Drunk driving, harass female teacher and assault minority students) Hey liberal Middletown teachers, if you did what JS did you would not have a job. Remember some  folks in town get special privileges.  Right, it's better to keep your mouth shut so you can advance up the list!
President and Sharpton, well I guess it beats hanging out in public with Professor William Ayers

3)      Councilman Jim Streeto will stop laughing at his own jokes and come to a realization that David Bauer is much smarter than him.  For God's sake Jimmy, when Bauer makes a good point, do the citizens a favor and let him finish his thoughts.
4)      There will be a GOP and Democratic primary for Mayor.  Even though Lisa Santangelo is partially banned from the building she may take a crack at it. Wow, she can be Bob's boss in more than one way!  Step right up! Hope and Dan to the left (others?) and Former Mayor and Former City Clerk to the right. Place your bets now!
5)      Marie Norewood will get an additional raise of $16,000 per year to appease all the elected Democrats. Remember it's your money.
6)      Earl Roberts will claim that he received more votes than Paul Doyle in Wethersfield during last November's Election. True, but the Wethersfield voters haven't met Earl yet.
7)      Jason Serra will become Dean of Students at Keigwin Middle School. (Wait, I think this   happened)  I guess he was rewarded for allegedly assaulting a student a few years back, where are the liberal complaints about that one.  Right, it's only cool to be liberal when it suits your personal needs.
Opps, wrong Jason. 
8)      John Hall will "spank" the Mayor over the mistake of hiring a position that doesn't exist. Meanwhile John will fly kites with David Messenger(GOOGLE his name) on the Portland Bridge as he puts up LED lights.
"I fight to get convicted wife killers out of jail, plus I was awarded a high paying city job that has no responsibilities"

 9)      Middletown will go to war with Portland.    

10)   Middletown Democrat officials will create 11 more unfunded positions at level six.
11)   It will be a big mystery as to who Michelle Ford really is. Did she funnel  money for the mayor at any time? Is she related to Gerald Ford?  Why were the Village People so set on her for the job? Will she help light the Portland Bridge with special lights from the Vatican?
12)   Mark Masselli and Jen Alexander will start a non-profit organization that supports those who are victims of a sexual assault. (Find the irony in this one)
"We both control non-profit organizations and we make about $700,000  a year plus expenses. Did we mention that our son was picked up originally for alleged sexual assault last year at Wesleyan last year so we keep moving him around" 
13)   Dan Drew will give more campaign money to charitable causes such as: The Tony Harp campaign, The Johh Larsen campaign, Senator Blumenthal's limo service and the Working Families Party.
14)   Jackie Williams will use Ray Allen's money to sue the city, again. She will then give the Mayor more money in the hopes that she can get rid of her former friend, the Pellot Guy on Atkins Street. (Translation: If Williams gets rid of the Pellot guy, she can utilize her real estate license and make some money off his property- it's all money folks.) GOOGLE this !
Jackie WIlliams
15)   Local activist and leftie  Stephen H. Devoto will capture a Yeti on Mt. Highby.  After this adventure, he will patent the acronym NIMBY as it applies to him 100%
The captured Devoto "Yeti" at The Olin Library

16)   Fred Carroll wins the Mayoral seat in November and creates more jobs.
17)   Dan Drew sues Dunkin Donuts of the use of the double D initials.
18)   Earl Roberts will run for all Republican positions without informing the: Middletown Republican Town Committee, The Middletown Press, The Bellear Boys,  Tom Landry, but he will inform his ego when at all possible.
19)   Over 100 soil scientists and environmental engineers will support the new environment planner coming into town.   That is a lot of environmental planners and engineers!  How many environmental planners does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: None, they are into solar panels.
20)   Town officials will install an automatic chair lift that is on a constant loop from the Elk's Club on Maynard Road to Gerald Daley's house up the street.  It's for the best folks!
21)   Dan Drew will ban sledding on all city hills in order to prevent child injuries and to protect the self esteem of those kids and adults who don't own sleds.
22)   The Middletown Senior Center will rename itself the Dan "I was against this idea" Drew Senior Center in order to promote good will.
23)   Mayor Drew will ban any Italian food that is not larger than his head.
24)   Middletown will be adding a toll booth underneath the Portland Bridge compliments of Joe Serra.
25)   Wesleyan will get a huge break on their local taxes.  They are forced to do this because alumni Michael Bay hasn't signed over any Transformers money yet.
"No money for Wesleyan!"
26)   Drew will sign off on a helicopter to bring him back and forth to his Wesleyan Hills residence.  
27)   The bigwigs at NBC will bring back the comedy show Night Court. This time Councilman James "I am funny" Streeto will star as Harry Stone.
28)   Wesleyan security will not be allowed to use any pronouns and color gender identifications with regard to race on their upcoming crime reports.  Uh, um a man just attacked me, but I am not allowed to tell you what color he is. Shit, did I use a pronoun?

29)   Michael Roth, The President of Wesleyan will be ousted as a distance relative of Van Halen leader singer David Lee Roth.  Actually David Lee Roth would probably make a better president.   PANNNNNNNNAMA!

30)   Wesleyan University will sue Wesleyan Hills over the use of name. Hey, they need the money! I bet Bill Cosby won't be issuing the commencement speech this year.


My friend "Brenda" works for #BerkshireHathawayHomesServices.  She works in an administrative support role in the office.  Recently, "Brenda" celebrated her work anniversary, and subsequently received her annual review.

Her manager, "Barbara", raved over just how much "Brenda" had grown in the position over the past years; how important her work was and how she had mastered the job.  "Barbara" went on to remark about how the real estate agents praised her work and her positive attitude; and commented on how much they depended on her support.   They couldn't do what they do, without "Brenda" there to support them.

"Brenda" is a mature adult, over 55 yrs old, with decades of experience in the work force.  Her experience includes some fifteen years in a real estate and commercial construction support roles.  She does not require excessive supervision.  She knows her job.  She takes initiative, anticipates contingencies and plans accordingly.

Along with this glowing annual review came a pay raise!  One percent; one . . . percent.  Manager "Barbara"  was embarrassed when she made that disclosure to "Brenda".  She apologized for the meager increase, saying her hands were tied.  The decision came from "corporate", and applied to all hourly and salaried employees.

"Brenda's" one percent pay raise amounts to fourteen cents per hour, or $5.60 per week.

"Brenda", being a gracious and magnanimous person, accepted her raise and "Barbara's" embarrassed apology.

Me, not being so gracious, would have declined the raise.  I would have told "Barbara" that; if things were so tough for #WarrenBuffett and #BerkshireHathaway, that all they could afford was a one percent pay raise, (an amount that does not even come close to matching inflation), they obviously need the money more than I do and they could keep it.

December 18, 2014


Nowadays, almost everyone is on Facebook, including me.  Or, at least I was.

Face Book has a policy requiring that people register using the name they use in "real life".  Their policy states:  "Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. We require people to provide the name they use in real life; that way, you always know who you're connecting with. This helps keep our community safe."

Most people do use their "real" name, but nobody takes the policy too seriously; we all know plenty of people who use a pseudonym, including "Palin Smith".  (Also a victim of Facebook revenge.)

Earlier this year, I started using the nickname, "Shanty Irish" in order to give myself a little anonymity and privacy.  "Shanty" was my grandfather's nickname, and I was called Shanty after him, from the day I was born.  "Irish", well, I'm an Irishman.

"Shanty Irish" is a derogatory term used to describe the poor, ignorant Irish immigrants who lived in makeshift homes, called shanties.  A shanty amounts to a shack, like we see people in third world countries living in.

Shanty Irish is a term that I am rather proud of, in spite of its derogatory origin.  To me, it represents the fighting Irish spirit.  My Irish ancestors fled poverty and starvation in Ireland, wrought upon them by the tyranny of the British Empire.  They came to America with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs, the desire for freedom and opportunity denied them in their homeland and a will to succeed.

When they arrived on these shores, they were greeted with contempt and disdain.  They were discriminated against at every turn, yet they persevered.  They were denied housing and employment; "No Irish Need Apply".  So, they took jobs nobody else wanted; the most dangerous and demeaning jobs; firemen, police officers, coal miners; chamber maid and servants.

The Irish were treated worse than blacks.  The American Negros hated the Irish, too and were the first to call them "white niggers".  Being Catholic only added to the insult.  Yet over time, the Irish assimilated and spread throughout America, taking their work ethic, nobility and pride with them.  In many cases, they rose to great power and wealth, one eventually becoming President of the United States.

Thanksgiving Day, I came home from dinner to find my Facebook account suspended.  It was suspended because, "it seems you aren't using your real life name".  Facebook demanded that I provide documentation of my identity.  After briefly giving them some grief over it, I finally capitulated and provided them with my government issued identification, with my photo.  Yet to date, they have not restored my account.

The "real name" policy is not enforced unless someone reports its.  Someone, evidently, reported me.  There is only one reason to do such a thing, at least in this case, and that is to get back at someone.  During the last election cycle, I stepped on a few toes.  Politics is a dirty business and there are those who are petty enough to take cheap shots at those with whom the disagree.  The desire to hurt someone, regardless of the hurt it causes to innocent parties not otherwise involved, overrides any sense of ethics or morality.

And Facebook is complicit in meeting out revenge.  They refuse to reinstate my account, even though they have the documentation they asked for.  They refuse even to respond to my correspondence via my "support dashboard".  What could possibly be the motivation for this; I simply do not understand.

Could it be that Facebook really does discriminate against Conservatives?  I created and manage several Conservative and Tea Party groups, a family group and a group for people who grew up in my hometown.  I also belong to a variety of other groups, including two that keep me in touch with the people I served in the Air Force with.  Facebook must be aware of this, since they have "reviewed" my account.

Were it not for the fact that the hundreds of people belonging to my groups would be effected and that we have become dependent upon Facebook as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family around the country and around the world, I might just let this go and drop out, altogether.

But, no; what they are doing is an injustice.  If they can do this to me, they can, and certainly do, do this to others.  To quit would go against my Irish nature not to back down from a fight and an insult to my ancestors.

Please consider exposing the injustice and discrimination against Conservatives by sharing this on your Facebook page, Google+ page, or elsewhere.  Using #Facebook, +facebook.com, #ShantyIrish, and +ShantyIrish will help get the attention of Facebook and others.


William Boylan, AKA Shanty Irish, AKA BillBoy Baggins

November 23, 2014

New options this year regarding Middletown Thanksgiving Project

Since 2010,  various groups & businesses,from around the city have come together for the Middletown Community Thanksgiving Project to purchase and assemble baskets of food for people who cannot otherwise afford to prepare a Thanksgiving feast. In  2013 MCTP provided 900 baskets to community members. Baskets are distributed by St. Vincent DePaul at the Salvation Army on Main Street. The bulk of basket's are assembled at Fellowship Church which last year put together over 1,200 lbs of food for donation. Pies can be dropped off until Wednesday for distribution. New this year is the option of assembling a basket for single people in need- rather than just families. Often times, in need individuals have no where to go on the holiday and spend it alone. Individual sized baskets will include turkey breasts rather than whole 15 lb turkeys.

Registration has closed for those in need of a basket this year. Baskets can be picked up Tuesday, Nov. 25 between noon and 3 p.m. Families of two or more will pick up baskets at Fellowship Church, 1002 Saybrook Road. Individuals will pick up baskets at Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

Middletown Community Thanksgiving Project includes the City of Middletown, Cross Street AME Zion Church, Fellowship Church, Heritage Commons, Liberty Bank, Liberty Bank Foundation, Middlesex County Community Foundation, Middlesex Hospital Volunteer Services, Middlesex United Way, Middletown Kiwanis Club, Middletown Police Department, Middletown Public Schools, Middletown Rotary Club, St. Luke's Community Services, St. Vincent De Paul Middletown/Amazing Grace Food Pantry, The Salvation Army, Wadsworth Glen Health Care Center, and Wesleyan University as well as countless others.

There is still time to help! Pies can be dropped off at Fellowship Church on Saybrook Road. If you wish to contribute, checks can be made out to 
"Rotary-MCTP" and sent to MCTP, c/o Fellowship Church, 1002 Saybrook Rd., Middletown, CT 06457. For more information about volunteering or contributing a donation, please Contact Lara SantaMaria at Fellowship Church at 860-346-1181 or MCTP2013@yahoo.com.

Suzio concedes race, final margin 214 votes

Republican Len Suzio, running for the 13th District state rep seat  which includes parts of Cheshire, Middletown, Middlefield, & Meriden conceded to Democrat incumbent Sen. Dante Bartolomeoon Friday Nov. 21, 2014. According to an article in the New Haven Register, Suzio will decline asking for a judge to re count votes.
Suzio lost the election to Bartolomeo by   614 votes, however, the town of Cheshire amended its official count several times and the final margin was 214 votes. WTF At the Insider, we scratch our heads at home a margin could be so misreported to begin with?!
Suzio in Middletown
Suzio told the Registrar :“During the 2000 presidential election, Democrats rallied under the mantra ‘every vote counts’ and an intensive audit process was conducted to confirm the vote count,” Suzio said in a statement released Friday.”I do not intend to put the voters through such a prolonged experience that could potentially leave the results in doubt for a considerable amount of time.”"
Suzio encourages reforms to Connecticut's election process. Suzio will remain at his post as the State's Victims Advocate. Suzio has been an advocate of repealing the state's absorbitant gas tax, for the ending of early release of violent criminals, as well as education and fiscal accountability. If he had been elected, he vowed to not support any tax increases.We wish Len Suzio the best and hope he stays involved in local politics; a true asset to Middletown and Connecticut.

Upcoming Middletown High School Performace of "A Christmas Carol"

Middletown High School’s Drama Club will perform “A Christmas Carol” at the Performing Arts Center, 200 LaRosa Lane, Middletown.
  • November 20, 21, 22 at 7 p.m.
  • Matinee on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m.
  • Tickets will be sold at the door: $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and students
  • $5 MPS employees and one guest

2014 Holiday on Main Street

Begins Friday November 28 & runs to December 20th.
Check out the list of events here: http://holidayonmain.com/

November 21, 2014

And Justice for All: What the Elections Said by John Milardo

Download in the original format here
Below is a essay by John Milardo.

On November 4, 2014 mid-term elections were held in the United States. Results varied,
for both Democrats and Republicans across the nation. I, like many Americans follow
politics, but don’t study it so intensely that it becomes a career or job. In the end, we hope
those elected will do their best for us.

On election night and a couple of days after, the career politicians around the nation made
me laugh! First, I heard both Senator Mitch McConnell and President Barak Obama state
how “they heard the voters loud and clear!” and will change the way business is being
done in Washington. Why did it take a loss to prove that voters wanted change and were
not satisfied with elected officials!

First of all, business has not been getting done for the people in Washington or in many
States. Politicians who were re-elected believe their election was a vote of confidence
from the voters. They can say and read what they want into the election, but confidence in
our elected officials was not the outcome.

What mandate did the Party’s hear? While in office, elected officials do not listen or have
contact with their “constituents” to find out what the real issues are and what direction we
want them to head in. We get lip service while they concentrate on their own agendas and
political Party bullshit, taking care of lobbyists to ensure they have plenty of money for
their campaigns to buy another term. Neither Party is doing the peoples work - they are
tied down with insider politics.

What politicians should be concerned with most nationwide is why two-thirds of the
voting public didn’t show up to cast their vote? People feel it’s a giant waste of time - all
politicians are the same. Others may feel the candidates were not worth the bother?
People in economic distress can’t get out of the hole they’re in and have just plain given
up. The middle class, who literally pay the freight for everything in our country, are
squashed at both ends no matter what! Who are the winners? The winners are big
business and those taking lobbyist money to do their dirty work.
We had billions of dollars spent on elections this year. Our political system is for sale to
the highest bidder. It has become monetarily rewarding for politicians to keep on getting
elected to office. It isn’t about civic duty! They (politicians) collude with business and
the rich to take care of each other. The average citizen doesn’t matter; politicians have the
“what can YOU do for ME attitude”. The masses are get a feel good vote here and there
and thrown to the curbside.

One of the most disconcerting things is the checks and balances a “free press” once
ensured. The Press doesn’t report news any more it fabricates it. News companies tell you
what is important. They filter and twist the political activity of the Party their CEO is a
member of, and feed it to us spoonful by spoonful. When the Comedy Central channel is
where you can get the best news, we’re in deep trouble.
When our forefathers didn’t like how our country was being run by the British, we had a
revolution. In the 1960’s, we came very close to a national revolt because politicians were
out of touch - we got their attention for only a short period of time. Maybe revolt is all
they understand?

Stay strong.  Stay involved.  Stay together.  Seek the truth.    
John Milardo

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be construed as fact or advice.  The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such.  The opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group.  This newsletter reflects opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.

Arts Advocacy Award

Press Release: MIDDLETOWN -- The Middletown Commission on the Arts annually presents an Arts
Advocacy Award to an individual or group that has significantly contributed to the city’s
cultural and artistic enrichment and/or has shown extraordinary arts support and/or
This year the MCA is seeking suggestions from the community for the award. The
individual or group need not reside or be based in Middletown but should have made an
outstanding impact on the arts in this city.
Earlier this year, Wadsworth Mansion executive director Deborah Moore and the Artists for
World Peace were honored. In 2013, director, teacher and playwright Carolyn Kirsch and
the Community Foundation of Middlesex County were chosen. In 2012, The Buttonwood
Tree and the Greater Middletown Concert Association received the award. In 2011,
composer Neely Bruce and the Mayor's Ball Committee earned distinction.
Email suggestions to City Arts Coordinator Stephan Allison at
Stephan.Allison@middletownct.gov by Dec. 17 and the town the sender lives in.
The MCA will honor this year's recipient in a public ceremony coinciding with National Arts
Advocacy Day March 23-24 in Washington, D.C.

November 16, 2014

Game of Thrones: Consolidating the City of Middletown Fire Districts?

Middletown Fire Deputy
Chief Steven J. LaRosa, EFO MPA
Middletown used to have 2 high schools. Now we have 1. There also used to be police sub stations, now the department is under one roof. Today we have 3 fire districts, but the debate is still lively as to whether these too could/should be consolidated. Residents receive an annual tax bill with a municpal tax (board of education budget is factored into this) and depending on which district you live in one of 3 possible rates - South Fire, Central Fire, or of Westfield fire in decending order of costliness based on annual budgeted cost of services.Some feel that the board of education should be a separate district tax so that taxpayers can more easily see how much of their bill goes to education. 

Consolidate: Below is a link of a these written by Deputy Chief of Middletown Fire District Steven LaRosa where he discusses in depth the consolidation of Middletown Fire Districts Westfield, Sout Fire & Middletown into one district. La Rosa outlines a comphrehensive strategy and cites research as to why this strategy is most beneficial to Middletown. The paper is entitled RUNNING AHEAD: Consolidating the City of Middletown Fire Districts. The paper is published on the U.S. Fire Administration's official website as a submission to the National Fire Academy training program. La Rosa has been a firefighter with the city of Middletown since 1983 and was made deputy chief in June 2014 & also an adjunct professor at the Connecticut Fire Academy.

Westfield Fire
Deputy Chief Darrel Ponzio

Don't Consolidate: Current Deputy Cheif Darrel Ponzio wrote an essay six years ago, posted October 2008 on the old Westfield Fire Dept. website stating his concerns about consolidation of departments & and what he claimed "encroachment." Ponzio's main arguement is that the Fire Districts are autonomous according to a 1930's state statute &amp enacting three taxing districts; there is little cost savings to districts with different needs. In a quote linked to Ponzio's post, Councilman Bauer concurred on the issue regarding statuatory regulations & ultimately it was each districts decision, but encouraged each to further study the issue. Ponzio states Westfield's milrate would increase with the consolidation, because unlike the Central and South Districts, Westfield has a small full time crew in proportion to its volume of volunteers, while the other two districts more crew and less volunteers. Read his reasoning can be read here: http://www.westfieldfire.net/2008_09_01_archive.html

Approximately 18 monthes ago the Common Council voted to consolidate several city departments. The cost savings have yet to be presented to the Common Council; a council study is supossedly "in the works." 

Could the Fire Department consolidation be back on the table?
Good idea or bad idea?
 What do you think? Tell us in comments!

November 13, 2014

South Fire Local 3918 Annual Food Drive November 15

The fire fighters Local 3918 from South Fire District Middletown will be holding its bi-annual food drive for Amazing Grace Food Pantry. This event will be held at Stop & Shop 416 East Main Street Middletown 11/15/14 from 8am – 3pm. Please come by and support our drive to fill the pantry for the Holidays

         Michael J.Howley

Capt. Michael J. Howley
South Fire District Middletown
445 Randolph Road
Middletown CT.  06457

Rumblings: Nice guys finish last... or not at all.

1. ABANDONED: Mayor Dan Drew stated on the council floor he was going to have a report done to see how the 2013 blizzard that crippled the city could have been handled better. Rumors were that Danapolean gave the word to turn away help from the National Guard & there was a chest puffing match behind closed doors resulting in Middletown roads still being uncleared days later. No report.

2. ABANDONED: Mayor Drew & Gov. Malloy went to China in 2012 to "find jobs" and promised Councilman Pessina that a report would follow. And all that trade Drew said he opened up? How is China helping Middletown?? No report.

3. ABANDONED: Under Mayor Drew the Youth Services department launched a new website with reports with updates about activites. The website was last updated in Nov 6, 2013 Cuz he's "young guy mayor" Danny did start the Yoot Youth Cabinet (not to be confused with the already in existence Youth in Government Program cauz if you rename somethin you can take credit for it duh)

4. ABANDONED: Mayor Drew's twitter boasts a computer rendering of LED lights on the Arrigoni Bridge. Critics & the town of Portland felt the idea to "bring tourist" excessive. Why such a "great tourism destination" quietly abandoned by the Mayor if it was so awesome?

5. FINISHED: Both budget's under Mayor Drew's regime resulted in milrate increases for taxpayers. The democrats on council voted against all proposals for senior tax relief under the previous republican mayor, yet endorsed a watered down proposal from Mayor Drew while simultaneously raising taxes for everyone else two fiscal years in a row! 3X a charm?

6. STARTED: Mayor Drew advocated for the merging of Park & Recreation and Public works as well as the City Attorney's office and Personnel Depts. to "save money" No cost savings have ever been proven upon inquiry. In fact, outside Counsel is stilled used by the Office of General Counsel at tune of $60K for the investigation into the allegeded drug abuse allegations against the police chief. In 2013 he told the Courant he expected to save more than $150K a year; in other sources Drew is quoted saying the savings is in the MILLIONS. It has been a year & no cost savings have been proven.

7. ABANDONED: Several commitee vacancies have remained unfilled by Drewilishious. Example: Design Review & Inlands & Watercourses, Citizens' Advisory have  had  vacancies for the entire 3 years Drew has been in office. Drew has had time to redecorate the Mayor's office to the tune of $6K.

8.ABANDONED: 20 monthes later...all those grants Danious Maxious got. The bike path, the parking lot redo's,the parking garage... so how yall citizen's enjoying those? Give them bread and circuses...

9. ABANDONED: City Hall news letter. When Drewocles took office he initiated the practice of wishing workers happy birthday via special email, a practice most hadn't had the priveledge of experiencing since elementary school. He also initiated a city hall newsletter. The last publication of which was July 2012. 

10. ABANDONED: Mayor Drew put out a mandate that all committee meetings take place after 7 pm so that members of the public could attend. Clean Energy Task Force still meets at noon 3 years later. And the Harbor Improvement Committee NEVER has met despite the focus on the spanking new riverfront.

11. FINISHED (NOT REALLY): Mayor Drew ran on the campaign to end all lawsuits and grievances between the city, union members and the Board of Education. He even held a press conference declaring that the smoke was clear. However, lawsuits still exist 3 years later....

12. ALMOST NOT FINISHED: Just in time for Veterans' Day: Trees of Honor, the memorial dedicated to fallen Connecticut Soldiers of the Irag and Afganistan Wars is underway at  Veteran's Park in Middletown. After the photo ops with the Big Dannel were over, Mayor Drew went a little MIA on the details of the two+ year project. The ribbon cutting of the memorial was scheduled. What did Drew forget? The planting of the actual trees!! President of the City (D's prefferred moniker) forgot to secure resources - ie heavy equipment and man hours to get this done... so at the last minute project volunteers scrambled to get help to get 65 large trees in the ground before the dedication. Not even Joe Samolis, Mayor's Aide, could get this accomplished & the man has had to shovel some hefy mayoral do-do. Organizers contacted local papers  to put the call out for help; the papers convenietly leaving out the fact that the holes had yet to be excavated literally days before the opening...several TOH organizers posted requests via personal social media pages &amp sent emails in an effort  to dig the project out of the perdicament Drew left them with... Luckily, volunteers hauled a**  & finished the job beautifully. Gee.. thanks Mayor D...

Unlucky 13: ABANDONED: 
ANYONE kept tally of how much money has been 
appropriated every month by the Council?!?!
Just about every meeting the Common Council approves requests for additional funds to departments above and beyond what was allocated in the fiscal budget proposed by Mayor Drew and approved by the council. No news source has reported how much has been spent and when asked certain council persons have stated the budget is "fluid"... the bleeding of taxpayers has been STARTED.....

November 10, 2014

Veteran's Day Events in Middletown

Reposted from Middletown Patch
Middletown's Veterans Day Events
Monday November 10th and Tuesday November 11th.
By Bill Maune (Star Patcher)Updated November 9, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Monday November 10th - 7:00 am

Support the Troops Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Tuesday November 11th -

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Veterans Health Fair - FREE Lung Cancer Screening for Veterans. Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center, 536 Saybrook Rd., Middletown. NO PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED, light refreshments will be served, ALL SCREENING AND TESTING FREE OF CHARGE.

Tuesday November 11th -

11:00 am Council of Veterans/City of Middletown Veterans Day Ceremony at the Veterans Green, Washington St., Middletown

2:00 pm Ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery, Bow Lane, Middletown

Information Provided by Michael Rogalsky, Director of Vietnam Veterans of Middletown Connecticut

November 6, 2014

Fears are rising among Connecticut Democrat Incumbents

Congratulations to Theresa Tillett, senate candidate in the 2nd District. Although she lost the election, she is, quote; "the "Happiest Loser" in the CT GOP" and "doing the Happy Dance!"

In a district with only 3,198 registered Republicans, 4,479 voters cast their ballots in her favor. Like Middletown's own Angel Fernandez, she, too, ran a poor man's campaign, against a 30 year incumbent, with only a $1,000 budget.  Her opponent, Eric Coleman, had a $96,000 war chest.

Tillett, who has never before run for office, says she "would have much preferred winning", but is "thrilled by my (her) results". She also said, "my run for office has opened the Democrat's eyes; there ARE Black Republicans who they will have to deal with in the up coming elections."