Monday, February 19, 2018

Quote of the Day - Adolf Hitler

From Louder with Crowder

Contributed by Bert Begin
Adolf Hitler wasn’t “right wing.” If you take nothing else from this post, just remember Hitler was a socialist. With terrible facial hair. There’s an easy way to remember it, too. NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers‘ Party. Associate it with blunt mustaches.

Photo of the Day

A cardinal claiming his territory with song.
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Merriam-Webster Word of the Day - Sanguine

February 19, 2018

sanguine Audio pronunciation
adjective | SANG-gwun  
consisting of or relating to blood


having blood as the predominating bodily humoralso : having the bodily conformation and temperament held characteristic of such predominance and marked by sturdiness, ruddy color, and cheerfulness
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If you're the sort of cheery soul who always looks on the bright side no matter what happens, you have a sanguine personality. Sanguine describes one of the temperaments that ancient and medieval scholars believed was caused by an abundance of one of the four humors (another is phlegmatic, an adjective that

Join Senator Hwang in Newtown Thursday Feb. 22

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Washington Court House: A City in Decline - Part 3

The direction we are headed.
All is not lost.  Yet.

(All photos not credited are those of the author.)

(Part one dealt with some of the not-so-positive changes our town has gone through over the last several decades.  It can be seen, here.  (Part two discussed what other cities have done to develop and capitalize on their waterfronts.  It can be seen, here.)

What sort of attractions might we offer visitors?

Glass furnace. Photo by author
Provincetown, Massachusetts, located at the tip of Cape Cod, has an attraction featuring local artisans such as blacksmiths and glass blowers.  Visitors can listen to craftsmen describe their art as they create their wares and then have the opportunity to purchase them.

There are craftsmen and artisans, here, too and given the right environment, they can be courted, and others from around the region, to set up shop along our creekfront.

There could be, like in Provincetown, glass blowers and blacksmiths.  Horses are a large part of our local heritage.  People, especially "city folks", might find it fascinating to see a horse being shod.  The late Bill Thompson had a tack shop out on Wildwood Rd.  It was interesting to watch him create his leather work, from belts to saddlery.

There is an increased Amish influence in Fayette County.  They are a very talented and creative people.  There baked goods and foodstuffs are in demand and Amish made furniture is quite desirable.  Shops where people can watch these and other things being made will attract visitors.

Photo from Only in Your State
In addition to boat tours and gondola rides, (touched on, previously), visitors can have the option of taking a quiet, open air carriage ride, or in winter a sleigh ride along the creek and adjacent areas.  The Amish might want to get in this action, too.

A heated greenhouse in operation year round might provide fresh flowers, herbs and produce to visitors and local businesses.
Photo from The Morris Agency

Roaming jugglers, mimes, and mariachi or bluegrass bands (for example) are popular, everywhere.

Corning Fountain, Bushnell Park, Hartford CT
Eye appeal is critical.  There must be landscaping, fountains and monuments to the community founders.  Landscaping can be in many and varied forms so there is something in bloom throughout the seasons.  They can encompass everything from daffodils and crocus, to catalpa trees and mountain ash; from fruit trees to conifers to rose bushes and aromatic herbs.  Fountains create an air of calm and monuments instill a sense of history and arouse the observer's curiosity.

We too, can build bridges across our creek that are architecturally pleasing to the eye.  Perhaps arched brick with alcoves to accommodate lantern lights.

Today, there is an abandoned trestle crossing Paint Creek behind the Blue Lions football field.  The railroad being an important part of our heritage, this bridge should be preserved.  It will need a few safety enhancements, but that is all.

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day - Panegyric

February 18, 2018

panegyric Audio pronunciation
noun | pan-uh-JEER-ik  
a eulogistic oration or writing; also : formal or elaborate praise
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On certain fixed dates throughout the year, the ancient Greeks would come together for religious meetings. Such gatherings could range from hometown affairs to great national assemblies, but large or small, the meeting was called a panēgyris. That name comes from pan, meaning "all," and agyris, meaning "assembly." At those assemblies, speakers provided the main entertainment,

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Weekly Update and Patient Spotlight

Meet Deunta
  Featured patient story
Deunta is a loving, playful boy who knows his way around St. Jude like it’s his second home. He was quickly brought to the hospital when he was 2 weeks old, after his family learned he had sickle cell disease. Read his story, and find out how St. Jude is taking major steps in seeking a cure for kids likes Deunta. 

Inside St. Jude
A catwalk to remember
The Shaker family has been a part of St. Jude since the beginning. And throughout the years, they've continued their support with an annual St. Jude Fashion Show in Chicago. Read their story.

President Trump - Week 56: Rebuilding America


On Wednesday, a Broward County Florida High School came under attack in a shooting rampage that resulted in the deaths of 17 innocent victims and numerous other injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the entire Broward County community. As President Trump said in response to the news: “No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”

Did you know that it took only one year to build the Empire State Building? A remarkable engineering achievement! Today, major infrastructure projects for bridges, tunnels, roadways, and more can take up to ten years just to get permits! And our infrastructure is critical for our growing economy. That’s why President Trump unveiled a sweeping plan this week to modernize America’s infrastructure, and called on Congress to deliver a plan that will: Promote state, local and private sector investments; Allow local officials to make the decisions; Invest 50 billion dollars in Rural America; Eliminate red tape to limit the permit process to no more than two years; And invest in America’s most important asset: our people.


Lumaj Rolls Out More Endorsements

Lumaj For CT is proud to announce the endorsements of two local Republican officials today. Lumaj gained the endorsements of Southington Town Councilman William Dziedzic and Southington Board of Finance Member Tony Morrison. Team Lumaj is excited to have the support of  conservative leaders in the Town of Southington . We look forward to working with them as we work to create a #FreshStart4CT in 2018!

William Dziedic, Councilman, Town of Southington

"I support Peter for Governor because I think some very tough and potentially unpopular decisions need to be made with respect to where our State is financially. I think he has the courage to make these decisions and not be afraid to upset the status quo."- Councilman William Dziedic

Tony Morrison, Board of Finance, Town of Southington

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Peter Lumaj - Let Them go Bankrupt

Southington, CT – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, hit back against the Malloy Administration's "imminent deal" to bailout the City of Hartford this morning. Lumaj stated that "This move is irresponsible and places an undue burden on the backs of taxpayer's in cities and towns who are able to manage their finances properly. This is an attempt, by Malloy, to punish successful towns and redistribute wealth to his political allies."

Lumaj continued, "When the state rewards the reckless spending and carelessness of city politicians, it keeps failed leadership in place for another generation. Constantly bailing out Hartford creates systematic failure - and we simply cannot afford to do it. The state needs to force Hartford residents to come face-to-face with their own financial reality. The reality is, failed liberal Democrat policies and payouts are dismantling self reliance and it is in turn destroying our inner cities. These decisions are prolonging cycles of failure and poverty."

"We need to create a fresh start for Connecticut. We can save our inner cities by creating an environment for economic growth and investment. This starts with tax cuts reigning in the size, scope and cost of government and then prioritizing our spending. It's time to stop putting band aids on our problems and address them for what they are. As Governor, it will be my job to fight for each and every citizen of this great state, but I will NOT reward failure."
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