February 8, 2016

Volunteers Needed for NE Fishing and Hunting Expo and Springfield Sportsmen's Show

 We need volunteers for the following Events:
The Coalition again has a booth for the upcoming Northeast Fishing and Hunting Expo at the CT Convention Center on February 12-14.

MegaVote: How Our Third District Representatives are Meddling , I mean Voting

Brought to you by Congress.org
February 8, 2016

In this MegaVote for Connecticut's 3rd Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
  • Senate: Energy Policy – Cloture
  • House: Affordable Housing – Passage
  • House: Health Care Repeal Reconciliation – Presidential Veto Override
  • House: Iran Sanctions – Passage
  • House: Reduce SEC Regulation of Small Companies – Passage
  • House: Financial Institution Customer Protection – Passage
Upcoming Congressional Bills
  • Senate: Energy Policy
  • Senate: North Korea Sanctions
  • House: Limit on National Science Foundation Grants
  • House: Debt Reduction Plans
  • House: Menu Nutrition Disclosures

Recent Senate Votes

Guest Blog from Chuck Roots, Hype and Hyperbole

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Roots in Ripon

8 February 2016

Chuck Roots

Hype and Hyperbole

Boy, are we in it now!

The primaries have begun and the candidates are ramping up the rhetoric and the personal attacks just like always. Nothing new here.

If I were to believe all the slanderous comments candidates declare about each other, I would have to conclude that there’s not one of them that isn’t the spawn of hell, totally inept, incompetent to the extreme, and in all other ways a despicable human being. And these are the Republican candidates attacking each other! They’re supposed to be on the same team! The Democrats are doing the same thing. It’s just that there aren’t nearly as many candidates on their side this go-around to vilify one another. But the intensity of attacks is certainly present.

Peter Lumaj to be Keynote Speaker at Lincoln Day Dinner

Photo by Bill Boylan, 2005

The Meriden Republican Party
Cordially invites you to attend the Third Annual
Lincoln Day Dinner
Keynote Speaker
Attorney and Radio Personality Peter Lumaj
Saturday, March 5, 2016
6 p.m. Cash Bar & Appetizers 7 p.m. Dinner
$50 per person in advance
IL Monticello, 577 South Broad St., Meriden, CT
Reservations can be made before March 1st
Online: meridenrepublicans.net
Email: mrtc2016@gmail.com
Phone: 203-237-1843
Mail personal check payable to MRTC
c/o Anna Neumon 217 Columbus Ave., Meriden, CT 06451
Can’t attend? Donations in any amount are acceptable.
Paid for by Meriden Republican Town Committee-David White, Treasurer

Breaking: State's Attorney Issues New Open Carry Memorandum

New Open Carry Memorandum

by Chris
Photo courtesy of investordiscussionboard.com
The state just issued an new memorandum concerning open carry.
Hopefully this clarifies the issue if open carry is legal (with a permit), and if you need to show your permit to the police if asked.
Here is the first page and a half, out of six pages:

February 7, 2016

Numbers USA Weekly News Letter

This Issue: New directive for Customs and Border Patrol endangers national security and public safety

Educating Americans on the need for policies of controlled immigration for the national interest.

Fri, Feb 5th

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, told a Congressional panel on Wednesday that the Obama Administration has reinstated the catch-and-release policy for Customs and Border Patrol agents. Under the policy, CBP agents who come into contact with illegal aliens who "claim" to have been in the country continuously since January of 2014 are let go instead of given a Notice to Appear before an immigration judge.
According to Judd, the Administration implemented the policy because multiple reports, including one from the Migration Policy Institute, have found that very few illegal aliens actually show up for their court dates and it became "embarrassing" for the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice.
There are so many problems with this news; the question is where do we begin!

February 6, 2016

Senator Markley: Update from the Capitol

Click below to watch my update from opening day of the legislative session.

Senator Hwang: My Opening Day Message To You

State Senator Tony Hwang

The state legislature is back in session. Please watch my opening day message and contact me at Tony.Hwang@cga.ct.gov.

CT Trees of Honor Monthly News Letter - Upcoming Events

Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial, Inc.

Walnut Grove Road - Middletown, CT

A message from the CTHM president...

February –  the month we celebrate love, heart health, a winter getaway,  the hint of longer days and the promise of another welcome Spring not far off.  We hope you can join us on February 13th for our Hearts of Gold Dinner Dance at the elegant Bond Ballroom high up on the 11th floor overlooking our beautiful state Capitol.  It will be a night to remember.

What’s next? Committee members are busy planning for work to continue at the Memorial in order to have everything completed for dedication on September 17th. We will be installing handsome stone-faced pillars, signs, walls, plaques and lighting in the Entrance Plaza to complete the attractive design. The Flag Ceremonial Plaza will see the addition of a low, arcing 90’ sitting wall around the back of the design which will have inscribed a famous and very meaningful quote.

Get CCDL Updates Via Blog

Blog Updates Via Email

by Chris
CCDL is the best resource there is to stay up-to-date on pending gun legislation and issues here in Connecticut. For the newer members, we'll repeat a few older posts to help you get the most from this resource.
CCDL usually sends out 1-2 emails a month to keep our members updated on what's going on with the organization and our gun rights. With the political climate the way it is, things sometimes happen far too fast to wait for a monthly email. A good way to stay up to date with everything happening is to subscribe to this blog. Just look down the right side of the blog home page (http://ccdl.us/blog/) and you will see a place to enter your email address. It looks like this:

Newtown Action Alliance Urges All Newtown Business Owners to Ban Guns in their Establishments

Photo by Bill Boylan, 2013 Rally at the Capital

Newtown Action Alliance Urges All Newtown Business Owners to Ban Guns in their Establishments

Following closely on the heels of our federal legislators, The extremist anti-rights group Newtown Action Alliance is also trying to circumvent state and federal laws by bullying establishments into banning their law-abiding customers right to self-defense. This is the press release they sent out today, followed by comments from CCDL’s president Scott Wilson.

Open Letter to All Business Owners in Newtown
Newtown, CT- On January 6th, a customer shopping at Caraluzzi’s in Bethel was concerned upon seeing another customer openly carrying a handgun. After this incident, some Newtown residents called for a boycott until Caraluzzi’s bans firearms in its stores. Last week, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy and Representative Elizabeth Esty called on the Connecticut Food Association to ban open carry of guns in retail stores.

Major Win For Civil Rights

Photo by Bill Boylan, 2010 Rally at the Capital

Major Win For Gun Rights                

By Chris Lemos
A few hours ago, gun rights received a major boost with a favorable decision in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kolbe v. Hogan (formerly known as Kolbe v. O'Malley) is a case in Maryland very similar to our Shew v. Malloy here in CT. Both cases concern bans on so-called "assault weapons" and "Large Capacity Magazines". Both cases argue that the ban on "copies" of banned assault weapons is unconstitutionally vague. In both cases the courts failed to apply strict scrutiny, instead applying a lower standard.
Today the Court of Appeals issued its decision. They vacated the lower court's decision upholding the assault weapon ban and magazine limits, and returned them back to the District Court for failing to apply the required strict scrutiny under the 2nd Amendment. This means the case isn't over, but the state will now have a far more difficult chance to win.

Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh: Where was Obama Radicalized? Is the U.S. Navy a Global Force of the Past?

Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh interviews two national security experts with shocking revelations you won't want to miss!

The Edge: Starring Jon Pulino and William Wilson

The Edge starring Jon Pulino and William Wilson with guest star former Mayor Seb Giuliano. The first half of the show the hosts talk about topics ranging from the death of actor Abe Vigoda, films and the local bank robbery. The 2nd half of the show broadcasts pictures from the Middletown Historical Society accompanied by facts and stories about our town.

February 4, 2016

2016 Legislative Session Begins


2016 Legislative Session Begins

Yesterday was the opening day of the state legislative session. This is a short year (they adjourn May 4th) so things will move quickly. We already have a few gun-related bills to track.

H.B. No. 5054 REP. SHARKEY, 88th DIST.; REP. ARESIMOWICZ, 30th DIST.; SEN. LOONEY, 11th DIST.; SEN. DUFF, 25th DIST. ‘AN ACT PROTECTING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE’, to implement the Governor’s budget recommendations.


Senator Kissell at Enfield ShopRite Feb. 9