Monday, February 08, 2021

Joe Markley Filling in for Pastor Will on WTIC

For months, I’ve struggled to find the right words to address the situation in our state and country. I taped videos to update you that never went out—they didn’t seem adequate to the severity of our problems.

Now I’ve been given an exceptional opportunity to speak at length about events, to discuss them with experts and with the public at large. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, I’ll have the honor of filling in for Pastor Will Marotti from 9 a.m. till noon on AM 1080 WTIC, Connecticut’s premier radio station.

Let me give you a little preview. I plan to devote Wednesday to state issues; guests will include my good friends Senators Rob Sampson and Len Suzio. Thursday will focus on the national situation, and I’ll be joined by a fascinating Constitutional law professor to discuss the impeachment trial. Friday I hope to discuss the silencing of conservative voices and attacks on our history and monuments that I find so disturbing.

Thought-provoking callers will be most welcome! Please listen in (you can also hear us on the web at ) so you know the topic at hand and can jump into the flow; the call-in number is 860 522-9842. I urge you to make your comment or question as direct and concise as possible.

Thanks for your interest and please feel free to share this news with your friends. I look forward to the discussion.

Friday, January 15, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Update: Phase 1B


From State Rep. Paul Formica:
INDIVIDUALS 75+ May Schedule NOW:
Internet and Telephone Options Available


Starting 1/14/20, individuals 75 years and older have the ability to schedule an appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine under phase 1b.

Click image below to begin the process through CT Dept. of Public Health.


COVID Vaccine Appointment Assistance Line
CALL: 877-918-2224

The phone system was created in partnership with the Department of Public Health and United Way of Connecticut and is specifically targeted to provide support for eligible vaccine recipients who have limited technology access, or who have language, disability, or other barriers that could prevent them from using existing self-scheduling options successfully.  

Hours of Operation

The line will take calls on Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will offer a call-back option when all contact specialists are busy serving other callers. The team will aim to return calls as soon as possible, with the goal of same-day response.


Under Phase 1b, the following individuals and groups will be eligible to receive the vaccine:

Scheduling Soon
  • Front line essential workers
  • Individuals and staff in congregate settings
  • Individuals between the ages of 65 and 74
  • Individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 with comorbidities

Click HERE for more information from CT DPH.

Vaccine FAQ can be FOUND HERE.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

An Open Letter to Congress

Dear Congressmen,

The 2020 election is shrouded in doubt.

There is enough evidence to raise the eyebrows of every thinking American.  Forensic audits of voting machines indicate they were deliberately tampered with.  Hundreds of people came forward and submitted affidavits attesting to the witness of voter fraud.  Hundreds of thousands of votes mysteriously appeared in the middle of the night.  Observers were prevented from observing the count in multiple locations.  There were mathematical and statistically impossible vote swings.  These just to name a few.

No matter what happens, America is going to suffer; the question is, will the suffering be long-term or short?  If Republicans do not rally behind the president and the American people and allow the fraudulent result of this election to go forward, the suffering will be long-term.

For starters, any Republican who does not stand up and fight for the People risks loosing re-election.  That assures the Democrats will retake the Senate and gain more in the House, giving Democrats total control.  That must not happen.  Biden will not last one year in office.  Harris will be president and she is a radical leftist; more so than Biden.

Perhaps it sounds cliché, but it is true.  If this fraudulent election is allowed to stand it will mean the end of free and fair elections in American.  Our Republic will be destroyed and I believe it cannot be recovered without a civil war.  Six hundred thousand Americans died in the Civil War of the 1860's.  Many more would die in a civil war in the 21st century.

There are many more implications.

Please know this; I stand beside President Donald J. Trump and support him completely in his effort to preserve the integrity of the democratic process, up to and including, if necessary, the use of martial law.

Therefore, I call upon you to join with House Republicans and Senator-elect Tuberville in challenging the electoral college count in the several so-called "battleground states" and force a vote in Congress.

Furthermore, there must be a thorough investigation of every fraud allegation.  The level of fraud we see rises to that of treason.  Those responsible must be punished.

Republicans MUST unite; our future depends on it.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Community Christmas Dinner to be Pick Up or Delivery Only


This year’s Christmas dinner will be delivery or pick up only.


To arrange for dinner please call 860-346-6657 and leave a message or contact Julie at  Please contact us by December 20th to order.  You may also email your order to


Dinners will be delivered between 11:00-12:00 on Christmas Day. Dinners may be picked up between 12:00-1:30.


Donations are very much needed

Everything must be in original store packaging (nothing home-made) We need cookies, brownies and dinner rolls!   PLEASE NOTE NO BEVERAGES AT ALL THIS YEAR)


Volunteers will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Message from Senator Rob Sampson

Have you been alarmed and frustrated by Ned Lamont’s
one-man rule during the pandemic?

I share your outrage—and I’ve done my best to fight for our rights, helping to organize a lawsuit by Connecticut’s leading Constitutionalist, Deb Stevenson, and joining the suit myself as a plaintiff, along with five small-business owners.

We’ve challenged Lamont’s power to arbitrarily shut down businesses without the approval of the General Assembly, making the argument for liberty and the rule of law. It’s a strong case, which can find here.

Not wanting to argue on the merits, the state managed to have our suit dismissed on technical grounds. We need to appeal that decision so we can challenge Lamont’s power grab in court. Here is a summary of the argument we’ll make, so that you can see the strength of our position.

To continue this fight, we must have your help. I know that thousands of patriotic Connecticut citizens share our dismay at the unconstitutional behavior of our governor and the lapdog acquiescence of the Democrat legislature. The courts are our only hope, but we must have the means to pursue our appeal.

Will you help us, by making a donation here? Every dollar we raise will go directly toward the cost of the lawsuit. Whatever you can contribute will be well-spent and deeply appreciated.

It’s not too late to take back our state, but we must fight back now. Thank you for your interest—we would be honored and heartened by your support today.




Rob Sampson

State Senator

Saturday, October 31, 2020

How Can we Protect the Polls and Voters on Election Day? Or Can We?

Washington Threat Re-posted from 2016

Last October, I sent a letter to various legislators and the governor expressing my concern for the safety of election officials and voters at the polls.  (I'll tell you about that and the responses I got, later.)  That letter was also published, here in the Insider. and in the Hartford Courant.

Given the rash of terrorists events since then, both here and abroad, my concerns have deepened.  In the US alone, we've seen, according to The Johnson Report, eight terror attacks from Nov 4, 2015 thru July 7 of this year.  These attacks left seventy seven dead and one hundred seven wounded.  These figures include the terrorists.  (The Ft. Meyers FL shooting is not included.)

Five of these terrorist attacks are attributed to Islamic extremists, one to the "right" wing and two to the "left" wing.

They include:

4 Nov 2015 in Merced, California, 1 person dead and 4 wounded when a student stabbed two students and two staff at the University of California; attacker was shot and killed by police.

27 Nov 2015 in Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 people were left dead and 9 wounded.  A gunman killed two civilians and one police officer outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, also injuring 4 civilians and 5 police officers.

3 Dec 2015 in San Bernardino, California 16 were killed and 23 wounded when two attackers opened fire at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured.

7 Jan 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2, including the gunman, were wounded when a man shot and injured a police officer.

11 Feb 2016 in Columbus, Ohio 1 person was killed and 4 were injured in a machete attack at a restaurant; the attacker was shot and killed by police when he attacked police at the end of a car chase.

12 Jun 2016 in Orlando, Florida 50 people died and 53 were wounded in a shooting attack at a nightclub, carried out by Omar Mateen.

7 Jul 2016 at Bristol, Tennessee 1 person was left dead and 3 wounded in a  shooting attack killed one civilian, injured one police officer and three civilians.

On that same day in Dallas, Texas 5 were killed and 9 wounded in a sniper attack that killed 5 police officers, injured 8 police officers and two (sic) civilians at protest rally.

Now, according to the UK Mirror, ISIS is warning of attacks in London and other world capitols, including Washington DC.  Whether or not these threats are deemed to be "credible" is beside the

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Trump Cruise of Washington CH Ohio, 2020

Last night, spirits were high as hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in the Washington Square parking lot in  the small mid-western town of Washington Court House, Ohio to participate in the "Trump Cruise of WCH 2020".  Many more hundreds lined the streets from Columbus Ave., through Leesburg see the spectacle and show their support.  Participants in the parade came from at least as far away as Dublin, Ohio.

The event was organized by  Logan Crooks and his brother, Brian.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles and even a small utility vehicle formed the miles long parade. Most displayed flags, placards, and signs declaring support for the re-election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  The American flag, along with a few signs supporting local candidates, was also prevalent.

There were so many vehicles participating, that by the time the last one exited the parking lot, the parade leaders had nearly made the entire loop, back; close to three miles!

The atmosphere was festive; participants and parade goers alike waived, shouted, smiled and honked to each other, expressing their shared belief that Trump/Pence would indeed have "four more years!"

Unlike recent "protests", (aka riots), hosted by BLM, Antifa and other anarchists, other than a routine cruiser passing by, there was no police presence.  It was not needed.  Unlike the aforementioned groups, Trump supporters are, by and large, peace loving, respectful, tolerant and law abiding citzens.

Photos and videos, follow.

Monday, September 14, 2020

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigration - Re-Elect Senator Rob Sampson

Editor's Note: This is published as a public service without



Dear Friends,

Check out my new ad that points out that there is a difference between legal and "illegal" immigration.  I have worked hard to advocate for policies that keep us safe while also encouraging the expansion of lawful immigration into the United States.

Partisans on both sides like to paint each other as heroes and villains on this issue and that is the sad reason why it has not been fixed. Democrats like painting Republicans as bigots against immigrants. Republicans point to Democrats who seem not to care about the rule of law or the victims of bad actors who happen to be undocumented.

The truth is that both parties need to resolve this.

The current situation is awful. The worst part is that millions of people are stuck living in the shadows in our country because they came here for opportunity but don’t really have it since they can’t work lawfully and have to wonder when they will be caught. Democrats, in particular, are guilty of this since they act like saviors for giving out scraps – driver’s licenses and tuition discounts.

What we need to do is - first acknowledge that a country is only a country with a border so we need to increase border security and prevent more illegal immigration. It is irresponsible from a public safety standpoint to ignore the drug, violence, and human trafficking that occurs because it is only a small percentage of the total border crossings.

Once that is accomplished, we could then create a work permit option that allows those here living in the shadows to come out and become part of the community. They could then work and live without fear – but no entitlements and no voting. However, they can apply to obtain legal status and ultimately citizenship.

Unobtainium - The Fantasy of Environmental Extremists

What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?

Presented by Mark Mills

Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost—both economic and environmental—of so-called green energy. Watch now.

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