Saturday, October 31, 2020

How Can we Protect the Polls and Voters on Election Day? Or Can We?

Washington Threat Re-posted from 2016

Last October, I sent a letter to various legislators and the governor expressing my concern for the safety of election officials and voters at the polls.  (I'll tell you about that and the responses I got, later.)  That letter was also published, here in the Insider. and in the Hartford Courant.

Given the rash of terrorists events since then, both here and abroad, my concerns have deepened.  In the US alone, we've seen, according to The Johnson Report, eight terror attacks from Nov 4, 2015 thru July 7 of this year.  These attacks left seventy seven dead and one hundred seven wounded.  These figures include the terrorists.  (The Ft. Meyers FL shooting is not included.)

Five of these terrorist attacks are attributed to Islamic extremists, one to the "right" wing and two to the "left" wing.

They include:

4 Nov 2015 in Merced, California, 1 person dead and 4 wounded when a student stabbed two students and two staff at the University of California; attacker was shot and killed by police.

27 Nov 2015 in Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 people were left dead and 9 wounded.  A gunman killed two civilians and one police officer outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, also injuring 4 civilians and 5 police officers.

3 Dec 2015 in San Bernardino, California 16 were killed and 23 wounded when two attackers opened fire at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured.

7 Jan 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2, including the gunman, were wounded when a man shot and injured a police officer.

11 Feb 2016 in Columbus, Ohio 1 person was killed and 4 were injured in a machete attack at a restaurant; the attacker was shot and killed by police when he attacked police at the end of a car chase.

12 Jun 2016 in Orlando, Florida 50 people died and 53 were wounded in a shooting attack at a nightclub, carried out by Omar Mateen.

7 Jul 2016 at Bristol, Tennessee 1 person was left dead and 3 wounded in a  shooting attack killed one civilian, injured one police officer and three civilians.

On that same day in Dallas, Texas 5 were killed and 9 wounded in a sniper attack that killed 5 police officers, injured 8 police officers and two (sic) civilians at protest rally.

Now, according to the UK Mirror, ISIS is warning of attacks in London and other world capitols, including Washington DC.  Whether or not these threats are deemed to be "credible" is beside the

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Trump Cruise of Washington CH Ohio, 2020

Last night, spirits were high as hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in the Washington Square parking lot in  the small mid-western town of Washington Court House, Ohio to participate in the "Trump Cruise of WCH 2020".  Many more hundreds lined the streets from Columbus Ave., through Leesburg see the spectacle and show their support.  Participants in the parade came from at least as far away as Dublin, Ohio.

The event was organized by  Logan Crooks and his brother, Brian.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles and even a small utility vehicle formed the miles long parade. Most displayed flags, placards, and signs declaring support for the re-election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  The American flag, along with a few signs supporting local candidates, was also prevalent.

There were so many vehicles participating, that by the time the last one exited the parking lot, the parade leaders had nearly made the entire loop, back; close to three miles!

The atmosphere was festive; participants and parade goers alike waived, shouted, smiled and honked to each other, expressing their shared belief that Trump/Pence would indeed have "four more years!"

Unlike recent "protests", (aka riots), hosted by BLM, Antifa and other anarchists, other than a routine cruiser passing by, there was no police presence.  It was not needed.  Unlike the aforementioned groups, Trump supporters are, by and large, peace loving, respectful, tolerant and law abiding citzens.

Photos and videos, follow.

Monday, September 14, 2020

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigration - Re-Elect Senator Rob Sampson

Editor's Note: This is published as a public service without



Dear Friends,

Check out my new ad that points out that there is a difference between legal and "illegal" immigration.  I have worked hard to advocate for policies that keep us safe while also encouraging the expansion of lawful immigration into the United States.

Partisans on both sides like to paint each other as heroes and villains on this issue and that is the sad reason why it has not been fixed. Democrats like painting Republicans as bigots against immigrants. Republicans point to Democrats who seem not to care about the rule of law or the victims of bad actors who happen to be undocumented.

The truth is that both parties need to resolve this.

The current situation is awful. The worst part is that millions of people are stuck living in the shadows in our country because they came here for opportunity but don’t really have it since they can’t work lawfully and have to wonder when they will be caught. Democrats, in particular, are guilty of this since they act like saviors for giving out scraps – driver’s licenses and tuition discounts.

What we need to do is - first acknowledge that a country is only a country with a border so we need to increase border security and prevent more illegal immigration. It is irresponsible from a public safety standpoint to ignore the drug, violence, and human trafficking that occurs because it is only a small percentage of the total border crossings.

Once that is accomplished, we could then create a work permit option that allows those here living in the shadows to come out and become part of the community. They could then work and live without fear – but no entitlements and no voting. However, they can apply to obtain legal status and ultimately citizenship.

Unobtainium - The Fantasy of Environmental Extremists

What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?

Presented by Mark Mills

Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost—both economic and environmental—of so-called green energy. Watch now.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Judicial Watch Obtains DOJ Records Showing Top Mueller Team Repeatedly, ‘Accidentally’ Wiped Phones

judicial watch logo - Palo Alto Daily Post

 Strzok-Page Text Messages Still Missing

“The DOJ and FBI hid these records for nearly two years – which only adds to appearance of a cover-up.”


(Washington, DC)Judicial Watch announced today it received 87 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that show senior members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) repeatedly and “accidentally” wiped phones assigned to them.  

The records were produced in response to Judicial Watch’s September 2019 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the Justice Department and FBI over December 17, 2018, FOIA requests (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-02693)) for:

  • All records related to the hardware, software and contents of mobile phones issued to FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for their use while they served on the investigative team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • All records of communication (whether on government or email accounts and whether using real names or aliases), with FBI officials relating to the hardware, software and contents of mobile phones issued to FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for their use while they served on the investigative team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In a table that appears to be a tabulation of Special Counsel’s Office reviews of phones used by Robert Mueller’steam for records-preservation purposes, 27 phones were reported wiped clean of all data prior to the review having taken place:

  • 20 phones were reported wiped of data due to “accidental wipe” (usually from entering the password too many times);
  •  2 phones were reported wiped after placed in airplane mode from which they could not be unlocked because password was forgotten, including the phones of Andrew Weissmann (2 phones) and two deputies of Mueller, Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson.
  •  1 phone was wiped clean without explanation. 
  •  There are no records of Robert Mueller’s phone’s ever being reviewed.

The review of Lisa Page’s phone reads as follows: “Phone not found, phone found and with DOJ OIG, but according to AMZ on 9/19/18 conversation, the phone was restored to factory settings. Per email from DOJ OIG contact [redacted] on 10/17/18, the phone was restored to factory settings when they received it.”

The review of Strzok’s phone reads as follows: “No substantive texts, notes or reminders.”

In December 2018, the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General issued a report regarding the recovery of “thousands of text messages.” The IG “initiated this investigation upon being notified of a gap in text message data collection for the period December 15, 2016, through May 17, 2017, from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mobile devices assigned to FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.”  Because of the content of many of the text messages between Strzok and Page, the IG also asked Mueller’s office for the DOJ-issued iPhones that had been assigned to Strzok and Page. The phone assigned to Strzok had been “reset to factory settings” and “reconfigured for the new user to whom the device was issued.” Page’s iPhone had been reset but had not been reassigned. The IG also said that as the date of its report, the FBI wasn’t reliably collecting text messages of all its employees.

“The pandemic of ‘wiped’ phones among the Mueller team requires a criminal investigation of this destruction of evidence and  potential obstruction of justice and other crimes,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The DOJ and FBI hid these records for nearly two years – which only adds to appearance of a cover-up.”

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Tax Assessor Damon Braasch is an Idiot and so is Tax Collector Cindy Gotta!

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

As you can see in the email, below, Braasch claims Boylan Publications originated in Middletown.  It did not.  If he had done even a modicum of research, he would have discovered it originated in Ohio, where I lived, in August of 2017, and still live, today. 
(I moved to a new city last year and Gotta somehow found the new address.)

 He says he sent Declarations, annually.  No declaration is required of BP, since it is not, nor ever has been, in the state of Connecticut.

Braasch goes on to say that he thinks "the issue . . . can be easily resolved with the filing of a some form of notice to the City.  A change of address.  A declaration of personal property."  And, "I do not understand why there would be an objection to doing so."

First of all, he did not tell me that when we spoke, yesterday, or two years ago.  Second, why would I object?  Because it is his error and I should not be so inconvenienced.  He is at fault for failure to perform due diligence, not me.  He could have contacted me for clarification, but, no; he made an erroneous assumption that has caused more trouble than it is worth.

Now, why is Cindy Gotta an Idiot?  I sent her, along with Braasch and every other Middletown official I could find, a link to yesterday's article.

Cindy, in her wisdom, sent Braasch an email, also below, saying she attached copies of outstanding tax bills, along with my new address.  She follows it up with "Go get him!!"  Little did she realize, she also included me as a recipient!  And twice, tried to recall the emails, hoping I would not see them!


Seriously?  This is the sort of behavior expected from a public servant; "Go get him!!"?  She knows that there is no justifiable reason to tax BP, but she encourages Braasch to "go get him".


The recall attempts appear, below.


RE: Damon Braasch

As you can see I have been trolled.

The issue is as narrated in the article.  We believe The Middletown Insider to be a commercial publication which sells advertising.  This site originated in Middletown under William Boylan (Boylan Publications LLC) of 580 East Main St.  We have sent declarations annually to the owner in an attempt to obtain information regarding taxable assets located in the municipality, in accordance with §12-41.  No declaration has ever been filed, and so as required under §12-42 an estimated amount, plus the required penalty, was entered into the Grand List, and a notice was mailed.

We have never received any form of notification as to location of assets, ownership, or mailing address.  I credit the South Fire Tax Collector’s office with obtaining an address.

Again, the site originated in Middletown.  Nonetheless, if what is reported in the story is true, the publisher left

Monday, August 31, 2020

Middletown Tax Assessor Damon Braasch is an Idiot!

 In August of 2017, four months after moving to Ohio, I incorporated Boylan Publications, LLC in . . . the state of Ohio.  The Middletown Insider falls under BP, LLC, and began selling advertising on it.  To date, BP, LLC has not received one dime in revenue from said advertising.  That is because Google will only send a payment when advertising sales reach $100.00.

At some point after August, 2017, tax assessor Damon Braasch saw the advertising on the Insider and decided to tax it, sending tax bills to an address where I no longer lived.  Somewhere along the line, he (and the tax collectors) got my Ohio address and started sending bills, there.  (How he got either address, I do not know.)

Braasch did no research whatsoever to determine where Boylan Publications was located, he assumed, incorrectly, it was in Middletown.

While visiting in 2018, I went to his office to talk about the matter.  Being more than two years ago, I don't recall much of the conversation, but basically he said that BP could be taxed because it sold advertising and was "about" Middletown.

I'm now getting tax bills from The South Fire District.  When I spoke to tax collector Cindy Gotta about the tax bill, she advised me to call the assessor; there was nothing she could do.

So, I gave the idiot a call.  He asked if I ever filed a Declaration of Personal Property.  No, why would I; I'm in another state!  I don't remember ever getting one, either.  Then, he says I have to appeal to The Board of Assessment Appeals, which only meets in March.

What he didn't tell me, is that The Board "hears" the written appeals application, according to their web site.  "The form must be submitted within the prescribed deadline for an appeal to be heard."

Does this mean the appellant has to be present at the hearing?  I think it does; this from the application form: "PLEASE BRING IN ITEMS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO PHOTOS, APPRAISALS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS THAT WILL AID THE BOARD WITH THEIR DELIBERATION."  And, "ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL BE SCHEDULED".

This would mean I'd have to travel to Connecticut, attend the hearing, and return to Ohio.  That would cost me three days pay, plus travel expenses!  Far more than the $65.40 tax bill!

I'm will not do that and if Braasch thinks I will, then he really is an idiot!  Come and get me Damon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Governor DeWine Suppresses Data Disproving COVID-19 Policies

Richland Source hires Windsor as Sales Director | Business News ...
Jack Windsor image from Richland Source
This is credited to Jack Windsor with WMFD-TV in Mansfield. To read the report in its entirety, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Ohio Governor DeWine, Director of Health Acton and Lt. Governor Husted started handling the Coronavirus outbreak with faulty modeling,
while ignoring critical real-time data. Now the trio suppresses critical data. Ohioans:  aware, enraged and bracing to fight for the truth.

The backdrop

COVID-19 first made an indelible mark on Ohioans when Governor Mike DeWine canceled the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival, which was
schedule to start March 5.  On March 16, Governor DeWine backed a lawsuit seeking to
postpone the primary election scheduled for the next day. The suit was filed by Ohioans who feared voting in person would expose voters and poll workers to COVID-19.

Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Richard Fry declined to postpone the election, but Fry’s decision did not stop DeWine. In the late hours of election eve, Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton declared a healthcare emergency to force polls closed. The emergency powers are granted by the Ohio Revised Code and have been in effect since March 16. 

Early data flawed

Nearly a week before the stay-at-home order was issued, Imperial College epidemiologist Neil Ferguson modeled the COVID-19 outbreak. Ferguson’s model became the point of reference for leaders across the globe, influencing lockouts and sheltering policies.

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