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Photo from New London Pintrest
Editors note:  I can't for the life of me remember where this story came from or who submitted it.  Let's hope the author sees it and refreshes my memory.

Fall, 2001. Shaw Street, New London, CT. Jimmy and I were looking for JT, a Jamaican guy who was wanted for murder in Jamaica as well as attempted murder here in Connecticut. What was different about this case is that it originated in New Haven. His Connecticut attempted murder charge was on a rival gang member who JT scared out of Connecticut. We knew JT wasn't going back to Jamaica because he was wanted for murder there. He also had a lot of money on the street here in the Connecticut as well as New York. About a month into the case, after searching all over New Haven, Hartford and some spots in Queens NY, we tracked him to New London of all places. It's weird like that sometimes. The guy had no ties to New London, but everything pointed to him hiding out in the Shaw Street area. We went down to Shaw a few times talking to residents. They didn't want this murderer hiding out where they lived. On top of that he was an outsider, New London is pretty close knit. They were eager to help get this jerk off the street and out of their neighborhood. Four or five residents had my cell number just in case they spotted this guy.

Marathon Foundation: Run Middletown! - Free Group Runs, Course Preview

Hartford Marathon Foundation Event: 13 Mile Half Course and Previews!

You likely heard we’ve changed up the Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half course.  If you haven’t viewed the aerial mile-by-mile video, check it out here. We’re also giving you two opportunities to check it out with free group runs led by Team HMF coaches!   Preview the course on Saturday, March 25 (8:00 am) in a 10-mile run, or Thursday, March 30 (5:30 pm) in a 6-mile run. Sign up here for details.

We think you’re going to welcome the course changes but don’t just take our word for it – we also have a Middletown resident runner to offer expert opinion!  

Salena Chatman is a new member of Team HMF and prolific local runner who recently hit her 100th town on her quest to reach Run 169 status.  She ran the half course start to finish a couple weeks ago and offers her own insights and (unfiltered!) opinions below. 

Selena Chatman
First, I have to say....The new course is great! It's not as hilly - that's a huge plus! Ok, ok that's not the only reason though…

If you disliked the uphill Court Street start as much as I did, I'm happy to report it's GONE! Want more good news?? It's still there for the downhill can that get better?? Remove an uphill and still get the downhill?? Win, win! 

Another hill that I won't miss is Church Street, on the previous course it was around mile 1-1.5.  You still get to see the main campus of Wesleyan University though, which is a plus.  Even better than the uphill being gone is that you get it as a downhill.  Seriously, two of the worst hills gone and that's before mile 5 - I know I'm happy about it. You'll also get to see various sections of the Wesleyan campus on the half course. 

Read more on the HMF blog.

Congressman Poe: Fighting Human Trafficking (slavery)


Last Sunday, fans from all over the United States gathered in Houston to root on the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. I'm proud of all of the hard work that went into making this event a huge success, a safe event, and something that we Houstonians can be very proud of.

And, I'm proud of our law enforcement who arrested 178 sex buyers for trying to buy victims of modern day slavery right the midst of the fanfare of the Super Bowl. It is an unfortunate fact that big events like the Super Bowl are a draw for traffickers, but we know that this crime doesn't go away just when the large events end.
My goal is clear: end trafficking. Not in our city, not in our state, not in our country. In recent years, Congress has passed several bills to assist in the fight to end human trafficking, including my bill, the bipartisan Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA). JVTA is now federal law, and it's a great start to help go after human traffickers and buyers and restore victims.

Even so, there is still much work to be done to make trafficking a thing of the past. This week, I had the opportunity to speak at the Second Annual McCain Institute Trafficking Symposium about what Congress is doing to help eradicate this scurge. You can watch the panel by clicking here or on the photo below.

2016 job loss should earn Malloy, insiders a pink slip

Herbst speaks at the Republican Convention, May 2014  (CTPost)
New Haven Register
By: Tim Herbst
March 13, 2017

While Connecticut’s neighboring states all experienced varying degrees of job growth in 2016, a testament to a national economy regaining its mojo, our state ended the year with 200 fewer jobs than the year before, according to a new report from the Dept. of Labor.

There can be no clearer measure of the terrible damage wrought by insiders in Hartford on struggling Connecticut families than this backwards slide on job creation.

Much like how this governor uses sleights of hand and gimmicks to paper over the perpetual budget crisis he’s created in Connecticut, he has used misleading rhetoric to pretend our state is on the path to prosperity — when in reality it is slipping further underwater.

Malloy has repeatedly pretended small breaks from Connecticut’s self-inflicted economic collapse are evidence of a new recovery — evidence the state has finally come out of the proverbial woods.

“We’re actually creating jobs on a per-capita basis faster than any other state in New England,” Malloy said to the Connecticut Post in September of 2014.

“We are making steady progress in improving our state’s economy,” Malloy said in an October 2014 statement.

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Stratfor - Modern-day slavery, Mindanao's Jihadist affiliates, Syria'sfinancial turmoil

Slavery is still the scourge it has been for the past 4,000 years. In 2016 alone, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 2,000 human traffickers and identified 400 victims. While economic growth has offered great benefits to both producer and consumer, it has also spurred a search for cheap labor. 

Roots in Ripon - Brilliant Brute

Photo from

 Roots in Ripon
Chuck Roots
20 March 2017

Brilliant Brute

                If you are frequent reader of my column, then you know I love to read. In general, I love history. Further, I am a big fan of military history. And in particular, I enjoy anything about the Marine Corps.

Recently, my friend, Eddie Erdilatz, suggested I read a book he had recently finished. It’s entitled, Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak, U.S. Marine. This is my kind of book! History and the Marine Corps. Can’t get enough of it. The moniker “Brute” was obtained on the day he arrived at the Naval Academy. A rather imposing midshipman took one look at the diminutive five-foot five Krulak, and said, “Well, Brute!”

So, who is this guy Victor “Brute” Krulak, anyway? You may be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard of him before?” That would be a good question. 

Make no mistake, Vic Krulak was a warrior. But he was also exceptionally cerebral. His mind was always pushing against what is, and instead, asking the question, What if? From the time Krulak was a 2nd Lieutenant he was pushing the envelope when it came to what the Marine Corps could be, and what it ought to be. He loved the Corps and always did what he believed to be in the best interests of the Corps. In so doing, it would translate into what was best for the country. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Rep. Dubitsky to Have Office Hours in Canterbury Mar. 22nd

Just a reminder that I wil be holding legislative office hours this Wednesday, March 22nd in Canterbury from 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. at the Canterbury Public Library, 1 Municipal Drive.


Standing up for America
Make America Great Again Saturday, March 25, 2017 in
Wethersfield, CT from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Connecticut will join with MAGA for a nationwide march to show our love for America, support for our President and Vice President, to promote respect for Law Enforcement and to appreciate First Responders. We are marching for the treatment of our veterans to  improve.  A collection bin will be provided to collect necessities for homeless veterans. Please march with us as we march for AMERICA.

Old Farmer's Almanac - Planting Reminder for Central CT

The Old Farmers Almanac Garden Planner

Your Personalized Planting Reminders
Here are the planting reminders for your location
for the next two weeks:

Sow under cover or indoors:
Brussels SproutsBrussels Sprouts
Cabbage (Summer)Cabbage (Summer)
Lettuce (Leaf)Lettuce (Leaf)

Two Gun Jokers Wild Shoot! Mar. 30, Last Shoot till October

Hello 22 LR Rim fire shooters!

The Middletown R & R Club would like to extend an invitation to you (and bring a friend) to come and play Two Gun Jokers Wild Shoot. (We have been receiving a lot of requests for a rifle shoot so we decided to make this a two gun shoot, the first five rounds with your rifle and the second five rounds with a pistol! You may shoot from a standing position or sitting)  

We are asking for a $10.00 donation to the club.
At sign in you will buy your first Target for $5.00 “A”. After everyone shoots the “A” target we will start the second round with the B target and same for “C” and “D”  

The object is to shoot the best poker hand with 5 rifle shots and 5 pistol shots within 3 minutes. The holes must be clean holes and not touching any lines. Only one bullet hole per card counts.
This is a paper target shoot limited timed-fired for.  Any .22 LR caliber rim fire pistol, revolver and rifle will qualify. Open sights or optics are allowed but maybe separated into optics or no optics depending on turn out of rifle shooters
Date: March 30, 2016    The last Thursday of the month      Sign-in Starts at 7:00 PM 
We will start Shooting at 7:15 PM
After March's shoot, the next fun shoot will be in October when the leagues start up.

Address of Middletown Rifle and Revolver Club
 25 Mill St.
 Middletown, CT

Merge onto CT-9 South toward MIDDLETOWN/OLD SAYBROOK.
Take the CT-17 S exit- EXIT 13- toward NEW HAVEN.
Take the MAIN ST EXTENSION ramp.
Turn RIGHT onto MILL ST.
Club is on the left before small Bridge.
 For GPS users the approximate address for the Middletown Rifle and Revolver Club is 35 Mill Street.
 Or you can use 25 Mill Street which is Marino Crane - the gun club is right next door.

Your Friend
Ray Beaulieu

This Week's "American Political Zone"

The American Political Zone - A Political Commentary on Current Events

One of the best political discussion programs you can find, our hosts possess a vast knowledge of current affairs and they share this with us in a lively and interesting fashion.
Featuring Daria Novak, 2nd District Congressional Candidate and President of the Institute for American Politics, and Frank Vernuccio, New York Analysis Policyand Government, The American Political Zone is now a regular feature in the Middletown Insider.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

WSJ Comment Opportunity: "Should America's immigration system place less emphasis on family ties and more on skills?


Mar. 15th, 2017
Author Photo
Confidential: Do Not Forward

Break the CHAIN.

Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal writes:
"An immigration policy that made sense for the U.S. of the 18th or 19th century may not be what's best today. Should America's immigration system place less emphasis on family ties and more on skills? Should schools and hospitals in the border states that see the bulk of illegal immigrants get more help from the federal government to handle the upfront costs?

"These are debates worth having, and without one side impugning the motives of the other."
Click to Read and Comment
At over 1 million people per year, immigration numbers are four times the traditional average while millions of citizens and legal immigrants struggle to find full-time work.
The solution is to adopt these recommendations of the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform:
  • unlimited immigration for nuclear family members (as well as our fair share of refugees and truly world-class talents); and
  • the elimination non-essential immigration categories like chain migration and the visa lottery.
The RAISE Act would fulfill these recommendations and immediately open job opportunities (and lives of dignity) to unemployed Americans currently dependent on government assistance.

Join the conversation.


How to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden!

Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner

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Whether you’re starting a new garden or simply a new growing season, planning ahead is the secret to success in any vegetable garden.

How to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden!

Taking time to consider what you’re going to grow, where you’re going to grow it and - crucially - when you need to sow or plant it will help you to make the most of your growing space.
In this short video we demonstrate how good planning can maximize your harvests and help you grow your biggest, best garden ever!
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