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This Week's "American Political Zone"

The American Political Zone 
A Political Commentary on Current Events

One of the best political discussion programs you can find, our hosts possess a vast knowledge of current affairs and they share this with us in a lively and interesting fashion.  Featuring Daria Novak, 2nd District Congressional Candidate and President of the Institute for American Politics, and Frank Vernuccio, New York Analysis Policyand Government, The American Political Zone is now a regular feature in the Middletown Insider.

Today's topics are:  The modern slave trade . . .

Stratfor - The Key to Countering Iran

In a diplomatic dispute that seems to be growing more heated by the day, the United States has taken another swipe at Iran. On Oct. 13, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to forgo the certification of Iran's nuclear deal with the West, just two days before the deadline, and to slap a new round of sanctions on a portion of the government in Tehran. angle 




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2017 Fourth-Quarter Forecast
An emerging nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula will rise to the top of the United States' agenda this quarter, reducing the priority of less pressing issues as Washington works furiously to avoid -- and prepare for -- the worst. As the White House's gaze remains fixed on Pyongyang's arsenal, Europe, Japan and China will turn their attention inward to wrestle with important questions about their political futures. angle

Oath Keepers - 'Modest Proposal' Eviscerates Founding Intent on Second Amendment

Surrender of fundamental rights articulated in the Constitution to those who demand a monopoly of violence is a reasonable compromise, say the Opposite Day "progressives."

by David Codrea

"There is a reasonable and constitutional compromise that can be made regarding the Second Amendment," the CNN summary for its "A Modest Proposal on Guns" guest editorial by Jeffrey Sachs claims. That alone should be enough to put gun owners on their guard-first because, as the tagline says, "This is CNN," and we know what that means. For them to present themselves as arbiters of "reasonable and constitutional" opinions on gun owner rights smells like a set-up to a swindle. When they add the word "compromise," you know what they're pushing (commentary opinion disclaimers notwithstanding) is more infringements, not fewer.

The title of the piece ought to give it away. "A Modest Proposal" was an Eighteenth Century satire written by Jonathan Swift in which he proposed the impoverished Irish could improve their economic lot by selling their children to be slaughtered and eaten by the rich. At least in Swift's case, he was mocking the heartlessness of the oppressive establishment elites of his time.

In Sachs' case, he is the establishment. He's a professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University who calls the U.S. "a rogue nation" He's a leading "warmist" who advocated that Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott should resign after Hurricane Harvey because he supports his state's oil interests against (unconstitutional federal) regulation and opposed the Paris Climate Agreement for globalist wealth redistribution. And speaking of Swift and children perceived as liabilities, it's telling that Sachs, along with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, were hosted at the Vatican to push the benefits of a worldwide tax-subsidized "right" to abortion along with "population control."

Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy - eBird News

  A monthly newsletter from Team eBird at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

First look at new eBird features

We're excited to be working on several new features for eBird in the next couple months. Before the end of the year, look for a new eBird homepage, automated distance tracking on eBird Mobile for iOS, and more updates that we'll keep up our sleeves. If you want exclusive beta access to new features, please consider becoming an eBird Partner.
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Hurricane impacts on Caribbean birds

This year's Atlantic hurricane season has brought devastation to many parts of the Caribbean, and our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by these storms. In addition to the humanitarian consequences of these storms, bird populations have been significant affected. Thanks to our partners at BirdsCaribbean for this summary: read more.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Photo Of The Day: October 21,2017

You can walk down Main Street any day of the week, (Except maybe Christman & Thanksgiving) and the same people will always gather at Ford News to, shoot the, you know what. Typically, there's nothing uncommon about that. Until I saw a $75K Corvette parked there! So, for you car lovers out there, here ya go!

Red Notes From a Blue State - The Fifth Democrat Budget

“When the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him” -- Napoleon
That the compromise budget is predominantly a Democrat production should come as a surprise to no one. Weighing gains and losses in the scales, the left in Connecticut, best represented by Speaker of the State House Joe Aresimowicz, a union employee, has prevailed over its opponents.
The state’s Capital City, Hartford, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, will receive a bailout from state taxpayers, at best a temporary solution to long- brewing, unresolved problems centering on the city’s hegemonic political structure, and a virtual guarantee that the city’s political shakers and movers will be bellying up to the bailout bar again in the not too distant future. UConn funding, cut in the Republican budget that had passed both Houses of the General Assembly, has been restored. Major changes in employee pensions, a prominent feature in the Republican budget, were dropped – but not, Republicans remind us, as a campaign issue.

Democrats yielded on shifting teacher pension costs to municipalities, a major feature of Governor Dannel Malloy’s rule by executive order regime. Republicans did succeed in imposing a cap on state spending as well as limits on the bonding of long-term capital projects, though they would be wise to make certain that proper enabling legislation is attached to the measures.  Some months ago, Attorney General George Jepsen advised that the constitutional cap on spending, a feature of the Governor Lowell Weicker income tax measure, was unconstitutional because the General Assembly had never supplied definitions necessary to enable the bill.

South Windsor Bobcats Take On The Manchester Indians

Many have asked, "You cover all the Middletown teams, and then, you follow South Windsor? What gives?" David Sytulek, is what gives. Dave is a product of Middletown Athletics. More like, Middletown Athletics is a product of Dave Sytulek. Dave was with Middletown High for many, many years. For some reason, Middletown let him go. It's Middletown's loss, truly. Dave has revitalized the program in South Windsor, and brought with him drive and the perpetual goal of excellence. And it shows! South Windsor is now 5-0, and tonight they take on Manchester, who is 1-4. By all accounts this should be a smashing on Manchester. So, if you've been a fan of Middletown sports, you may want to check out South Windsor, for an extra dose of sports greatness.

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Devastating wildfires are still raging across California, taking numerous lives, destroying more than 2,000 homes and businesses, and threatening the health and safety of people across the state. Vice President Pence visited California’s emergency management headquarters where he announced that President Trump ordered Federal aid to supplement State and local recovery efforts in the areas impacted by the wildfires. The work of the men and women in the Office of Emergency Services is critical for bringing these fires under control, and saving lives and property throughout California. We want to thank them for their continued hard work and offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone in California.

Make America Great Again


On Wednesday, President Trump addressed manufacturers and truckers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enlisting their support to get his tax reform plan passed in Congress. While there, the President said, “When your trucks are moving, America is growing. (We are) taking historic steps to remove the barriers that slow you down. America First means putting American truckers first.” The President also announced that, under his tax plan, the typical American family will get a $4,000 pay raise. This is yet another reason Congress must get behind the President’s plan to reduce family and business taxes. Congress should never forget exactly why voters sent them to Washington — to get things done and make life better for the American people. Please keep contacting your U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them to support President Trump’s tax reform plan to make the “Middle Class Miracle” a reality this year.

Make America Great Again


Judicial Watch - NewsLink: Robert Mueller’s Tom Price Problem

Robert Mueller’s Tom Price Problem
Source: The American Spectator

Tom Price “took private jets on five separate flights for official business” — and is now fired for it by the President. Yet the now Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when serving as Director of the FBI, took some undetermined portion “of 395 unclassified nonmission flights” using government jets.
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Dr. Srinivasan’s fundraising total exceeds the financial threshold required to receive the CEP grant

Glastonbury, CT (October 4, 2017) — Prasad Srinivasan, candidate for Governor has raised $254,808 in his campaign for Governor. That puts Srinivasan beyond the financial threshold required to qualify for the CEP grant. In the past, no candidate for Governor has ever reached the $250,000 threshold required by the current CEP program this early on in the campaign.

“I am proud of the support we have behind our campaign,” said Representative Srinivasan. “Having reached over $250,000, we will have the resources needed to run a strong and efficient campaign. Our state faces many challenges, but I know that working together we can revive Connecticut and make it prosper once again.”


To learn more about Prasad or to volunteer, please visit

Paid for by Srinivasan for Governor. Treasurer-Madhu Reddy. Approved by Prasad Srinivasan

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