August 21, 2014

Victory Church Festival August 23

Middletown Police Dingwall Memorial Blood Drive August 29th

Please join the Middletown Police Department for a Memorial Blood Drive, in loving memory of Sergeant George Dingwall, the only Middletown Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty.  Also, the timing for this blood drive is due to the great need for blood during Labor Day Weekend!

The Blood Drive will take place:

222 Main Street
in Downtown Middletown

7:15 a.m. - 12 noon

To make an appointment:
Call Officer BILL WARNER at 860-344-3271
or e-mail at to schedule an appointment!


August 18, 2014

Annual Middletown Kiwanis Scholarship Golf Tournament August 19th

Photos from 3rd Annual Trinidad Caribbean Carnival held at Harbor Park

The third annual Trinidad-Style Caribbean Carnival was held at Harbor Park on Saturday August 16th. Beginning at 1 p.m. and running until 9 p.m., the festival featured  live bands, a limbo contest, soca and calypso music and Caribbean and American food.

Suzio to hold Public Information Meeting Office of Victim Advocate

Office of Victim Advocate Advisory Board members Dawn Luddy and Len Suzio will host a community meeting to seek public input regarding the selection of the new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut. The OVA Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of recommending to the Governor candidates for appointment to head the Office of the Victim Advocate for Connecticut. All members of the public, and crime victims and their families in particular, are invited to express their opinions about the qualifications that should be mandated for this very important office. The Victim Advocate has been the subject of controversy in recent years in light of the refusal in 2013 of the Governor to continue the appointment of Michelle Cruz who had been outspoken in her criticism of the Early Release Law that allows violent criminals out of prison early. This is a chance for the public to express to OVA Committee members the characteristics they should consider as they evaluate candidates for the Office of Victim Advocate. See the Press Advisory below for details.

Press Advisory

What: Members of Victim Advocate Advisory Committee will hold a informal public event regarding the search for a new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut
When: Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:00 pm to 8 pm
Where: Meriden Public Library, the Griffen Room, 105 Miller Street, Meriden Connecticut
Purpose: This event is intended to give members of the public and victims of crime an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions about the desired qualifications for the new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut. Office of Victim Advocate Advisory Board members Dawn Luddy and Len Suzio will brief the public on the process and then solicit and listen to input from the public.
Background: The Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut is responsible to advocate for the rights of the victims of crime and their families. The current Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut has resigned. The Victim Advocate Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility to solicit, evaluate and recommend candidates for the post of Victim Advocate.
For More information contact: Len Suzio 203-530-1544 for

August 13, 2014

In memory of Sean Patrick Boylan, 23Nov58 – 12Aug09

On 23Nov, 1958, my brother, Sean was born.  By the way, that was 10 ½ months after me - if you do the math, you’ll see that we were both born in the same calendar year, which makes us “Irish twins” - can’t figure that one out;  “Irish twins”?

Anyway, when he was born he weighed in at less than 5 lbs.  It seemed he had the deck stacked against him from the beginning.  As a kid, he was awkward, uncoordinated, and had a speech impediment - he was different than the other kids.  He didn’t seem to fit in.

Sean couldn’t swing a baseball bat or catch a football.  No one wanted him on their team.  He was the last one picked, if he was picked at all.  Sometimes, Dad had to force us to let him play.

I can’t imagine what life must have been like for him.  Almost everywhere he turned he was rejected, picked on, and teased.  Even by some adults; teachers, people who should have known better!

Later in life, Sean’s search for acceptance and companionship made him an easy victim.  He was taken advantage of by people he thought were his friends.

Human beings all need certain things.  Besides food, clothing and shelter, a person needs friendship, love, the acceptance of his peers.  Sean was no exception.  Although our parents provided well for us all these things, as parents should, all too frequently he was scorned by others - myself included.

At one time or another, most of us experience loneliness and rejection, but these are the exception, temporary bumps in the road of life, rather than the rule.  For Sean, it was the rule, rather than the exception; a way of life.

It’s easy to see how under the circumstances, one might become bitter.  Sean certainly did.  At some point, however, one must stand up and take responsibility for one’s own choices and actions. In spite of mitigating factors, this applied to Sean, too.

He made a number of bad choices in his life and managed to alienate himself from most of his family.  He took advantage of, and abused, those who tried to help him.

After regaining consciousness in the hospital, something in him seemed to change.  The bitterness was no longer apparent.

Because of the medical apparatus put down his throat to help him breath, it was difficult for him to speak.  He never actually said so, but when I came to visit him in the hospital, he appeared genuinely glad to see me.

It seemed as though a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.  I didn’t get the sense that he was particularly happy, but given his illness that’s quite understandable.  Nevertheless, he seemed to be at peace, no longer harboring any bitterness or anger.

Sean knew he was going to die.  He told me he was going to make it, but I could see in his eyes he didn’t believe his own words.  After a couple of weeks, though his condition improved and for a while it appeared that he just might make it!

One of the first things he did upon regaining consciousness was to ask for a priest and last rights. There’s no telling what dreams or visions he had while he was unconscious.   He never expressed them to me if he did, or perhaps he didn’t consciously remember them.

But surely it was our mother’s (and father’s) prayers and God’s ultimate mercy and love at work that gave Sean the opportunity to make his peace.  (We should all be so lucky.)  Perhaps it was the same love and mercy that gave me the chance to see him again.

By that time, though, there was little I could do for him, except to occasionally adjust the breathing apparatus in his nostrils, something he seemed to appreciate.

So, what lessons can we learn from Sean’s life and death?  To be thankful for the gifts and talents we have been given and to nourish them and use them wisely.  To be kind and compassionate towards those less fortunate.  Not to judge others hastily, for we don’t know what burdens they bear.  To love and cherish the family and friends that are put into our lives, to quickly shed our own anger, and to forgive.

Perhaps, most of all, we can learn to be at peace in our hearts with the knowledge and faith that one day, we too will join Sean and our ancestors in a world where there is no pain, no strife, no hunger,  or disease, but only peace, tranquility, green pastures, white sandy beaches and good sailing, always.

In memoriam,

William Boylan


Yesterday, August 12, was the 5th anniversary of my brother, Sean's passing.  Last year on that date, I was working at Pat Mekrut's (River Shore Builders) project on Coe Ave..  That morning, I made note of Sean's passing on FB, before going to work.  Later that day, I sat in the van for a break and absentmindedly pushed the power window button for the passenger side window.  That window hadn't worked for months. But, seemingly miraculously, it worked, then! It has worked ever since.

A further mysterious unfolding of events: I hadn't seen Pat since his father's funeral, three years prior. Fred Mekrut, who died on July 10, 2010, was my best friend and the older brother I never had. On or about that date in July '13, I pulled off of RT 9 and decided to check out the commercial building going up at Coe Ave. (I never bothered with commercial jobs) Guess who the builder was; Fred's son, Patrick. At the time, I needed work and Patrick needed my services.

In my mind, these events, coupled with other extraordinary events that continue happening in my life, are evidence of the outside forces that play an integral part of our lives. There is just too much coincidence for it all to be coincidence.
(the author built the cross and column in this photo)

August 12, 2014

Middletown Poll Results Republican Primary 2014

Middletown Primary Results 


Tom Foley  420

John McKinney 256

Lt. Governor

Heather Somers 232
David Walker 225
Penny Bacchiochi-Igwenagu 196

Republican Primary Today CT! Have you Voted?

Today the Press published an article about the GOP primary. Check it out here:
 Polls close at 8 pm. For information as to where you vote- see the link here for a list of streets & polling places.
 Below is a sample ballot. Leave a comment and let us know who you plan to vote for & your predictions for the outcomes!

August 11, 2014

"CT Republican's Are Colorblind" McGovern responds to Kuhn's Letter

James McGovern,  GOP candidate
State Rep. Bloomfield/Windsor
The Middletown Press published a letter from resident Eric Kuhn in which he implies more or less all Connecticut Republicans are racist bigots by saying "the Connecticut GOP must choose between appealing to black or anti black voter." In earlier letters published here WIlliam Boylan and Wayne Winsley responded to Kuhn's allegations. Below candidate James McGovern responds. Thank you James!
Letter to the Editor
I am a husband, a father and an Oath Keeper. The editorial submitted by Eric Kuhn has many flaws.

While I am not a self-appointed spokesperson for all black people like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, my own experiences as a member of CT Republican Party are anything but racist. Let’s acknowledge that Republicans across the United States have fielded more Black and Hispanic candidates in 2014 than in any other time in history. I suspect, you wouldn’t know this fact because of lack of coverage by liberal leaning media. I do, because I am also a candidate for CT State Representative (Bloomfield and Windsor) who just happens to be Black.

If, we the people want to be truly honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge there are racists in
both parties, but, there are a lot more of them in the Democratic Party. Can we bear witness that many Black people voted for Barack Obama in 2008, not because of his stellar background but rather because of the color of his skin?

From within the party, I continue to seek solutions to challenges that Democrats are incapable of solving within their ideology. Our inner-city neighborhoods including Hartford, Bridgeport and Hew Haven are becoming the forgotten America. I have had many passionate conversations with Republicans who simply hold a suburban perspective. In this regard, I believe that the people in inner-city communities that ignore Republicans and deny themselves an opportunity for their voices to be heard are at more fault than someone who is not welcomed in that same community. You sometimes get what you ask for.

Often, you can’t win if you don’t play.I applaud the Democratic Party for using the GOP’s belief in a colorblind America against us. Whether it is affirmative action, racial quotas or even amnesty for illegal immigrants, Democrats have no issues

with using racial discrimination to advance their political agenda. I am often reminded of Dr. Martin
Luther King’s speech asking us to focus on the content of one’s character over the color of one’s skin. I am saddened that being colorblind is so elusive for many Democrats.

Racism is part of American history and continues to drive political paranoia. Liberals fear they will be discovered as full-fledged participants while Conservatives fear that it will be used as a tool to hold their core beliefs hostage. As a citizen, I choose freedom over both. I have been granted the gift of being endorsed equally by blacks, whites and everyone in between. At the Republican Convention, I was chosen to give the seconding speech for Joe Visconti and to this day have received nothing but
admiration and respect from people of all walks of life.

Connecticut needs Republican candidates that are not just acceptable to Republicans, but rather a
candidate that Democrats can also get excited about. As a candidate, I will make sure that no matter
who you are, no matter what part of the state you are from, if you work hard, you too can live the
American dream. I encourage Democrats who like to complain about racism, to spend less time talking about the problem and instead support those with solutions. I humbly welcome Democrats of all races to learn more about how Republican values benefits us all equally.
James McGovern

Motorcycle Mania Middletown 2014! New date: August 20th

Motorcycle Mania Middletown 2014!
Main Street be blocked off to cars from Washington Street to South Green same as in the past
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014  5-9pm, 5pm to 9pm (Raindate Wednesday Aug 20th, 2014)


Letter to the Editor: Keep PZ Commission in the Loop

The below letter was sent to the Mayor and Council Majority Leader by Molly Salafia, Acting Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission. 
To the Editor:
Once again I am reading something in the papers that should have at least been told to the Planning & Zoning Commission prior. I am referring to the Aug. 18 workshop for downtown planning and to discuss parking garage considerations (“City workshop to examine future downtown development in Middletown”).
Commissioners Pelletier and Russo are our council liaisons and I am unaware if this was discussed with either. Unfortunately, there is a month gap between meetings right now, so they could not have reported back. In Commissioner Russo’s absence, as acting chair, I should be briefed.
While I realize city property is treated differently than private and essentially approved by the council, etc. via GS-24 status, it is imperative that the PZ Commission be aware of the goings on of city planning.
We are currently planning workshops to discuss riverfront zoning; the garage and such other major components need to be apart of this plan. Our committees should not be acting in vacuums.
Has the Design Review committee been asked to attend? Surely, after the lighting of the tunnel to the riverfront, the results of which have been criticized, that group also would be a valuable tool in discussion the physical characteristics of a parking garage.
As acting chair, I am dedicating the last 15 to 30 minutes of commission affairs with outlined discussion for future planning. In adherence to the city charter, the commission should be spending half the time planning and half zoning.
We are planning to hold a public workshop as well once we have narrowed down discussion points. A subsequent workshop will effect our timeline.
I have outlined items to be included in the outgoing PZ packet to commissioners for our Aug. 11 meeting. It has not been sent yet; so there is still time for the council to put together backup information — any schematic plans so far by Centerplan, Aug. 18 workshop agenda, etc. to be added to this mailing. It is much appreciated.
The mayor, majority leader, respective departments, parking department council liaisons, anyone, please email, call or come to a public meeting and let us know about projects that will affect city planning.
We need to work together in the initial planning stages. Listening to a live council meeting, reading meeting minutes after the fact, or a newspaper article is not acting as a team. Please keep us in the loop in the future.
Molly Salafia
Acting chair Middletown Planning and Zoning

August 10, 2014

Pizza Party Fundraiser Candidate Angel Fernandez August 14!

Candidate Angel Fernandez for the 100th
Angel Fernandez is having a fundraiser on Thursday, August 14, 2014, at Tommy's Pizza on Saybrook Road, Middletown, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Fernandez is running for state rep for the 100th district. The suggested donation is $20.00. Secret Surprise guest! All Welcome!

For more information on Fernandez check out his webpage:

August 7, 2014

Middletown Republican Town Committee Upcoming Events! BBQ August 9th All Welcome!

News from MRTC: Middletown Republican Town Committee fundraiser BBQ this Saturday, August 9. 2014. ALL Welcome! Donation is $25 for adults. BBQ is at the Meriden Boat Club which is in Portland (yes Portland).  Noon to 5 Pm
Meriden Boat Club
Portland, CT
Contact MRTC Chairman Ken McClellan for more information.
Featuring award-winning pulled pork cooked by James Hartzell Jr. of Middletown.  And don't forget to sign up for the TC fundraiser to The Mohegan Sun Casino, which will be on September 12, 2014.

August 6, 2014

Winsley Responds to Kuhn: CT GOP Represents ALL People

The Middletown Press published a letter from resident Eric Kuhn in which he implies more or less all Connecticut Republicans are racist bigots by saying "the Connecticut GOP must choose between appealing to black or anti black voter."
Billboy Baggins responded to Kuhn's accusations in an essay read here:  Below former congressional candidate Wayne Winsley responds to Kuhn's letter. Winsley's response can be read in it's original format on his blog here:  Thanks Mr. Winsley!
This in response to a letter published by the Middletown press from resident Eric Kuhn

In order to say that "Nationally, the Republican Party is the party of non minorities." One has to totally disregard the fact that one of the founding pillars of the Republican Party was the support of non-minorities in particular black non minorities.

To Mister Kuhn's assertion that Republicans live to prevent non-white voters from voting, I can only surmise the mountain of evidence in Connecticut and in many of blue area across these United States, that many a lifelong Democrat career has been nourished by preventing non-white voters from voting any other way than Democrat straight across the ticket.

By the way, when it comes to the so-called voter suppression by Republicans with such things as voter ID LAWS, in order to make the argument work, one has to start with the assuming that black voters like me are too stupid to figure out how to get proper identification in order to vote. Somehow requiring me to show identification in order to buy alcohol does not unfairly prevent me from buying a six-pack. Somehow requiring me to show identification in order to get a library card does not disenfranchise me from the public library system. Somehow requiring me to show identification in order to board an airplane does not unfairly suppress my equal right to access air transportation.

The Republican Party, of which I am a proud member, champions the values of individual freedom for ALL people that enabled this nation to rise to a level of greatness heretofore unseen in human history.

Too many members up today's Democratic Party seek and hold power through class warfare and racial politics.
It is not Republicans that continue to perpetuate the myth that black folks and other minorities are not quite smart enough, tough enough, or hard-working enough to succeed in America without help from the government. That is a Democrat philosophy.

I have a question for you.

How is it that here in the great state of Connecticut, the party that, according to mister Kuhn, hates black people, is the only party that has ever sent a black representative to Congress and is the only party that has black candidates for federal office?
The Democrat Party, in Connecticut which according to Mister Kuhn, looooves black people, appears to only like black folk up to a certain level.
Let's be honest here folks, the top tier of Connecticut's Democratic Party is as white as a Klan rally.
If you are a person of color who wishes to seek federal office, you need to roll with the GOP.

In 2012 when I, a proud American who happens to be black, virtually walked in off the street and announced that I would be seeking the Republican nomination for United States Congress in our third district, there was only one question. "Do you think you have the goods? If so, go for it."
That is as it should be when it comes to the dreams, aspirations and goals of every American. The United States of America is the one place on earth where regardless of where you come from or what you look like, if you think you've got the goods, you can take your shot. 

Too many of our friends on the other side of the aisle have forgotten that fact, or worse, are choosing to ignore it for their own purposes.
No, overt racism, regardless of party, is not dead in America. But neither is the soft racism of low expectations which the late, great Ronald Reagan spoke about. That particular brand seems to rest mainly on only one side of the aisle.

It is precisely because of the misguided, ill-informed and bankrupt philosophies of racial and social elitists and political misanthropes like Mr. Kuhn that I am, and shall remain, a proud member of the Republican Party.

Connecticut's Republican Party need only choose to represent all of the people in a manner that protects the freedoms of all of the people. 

Wayne Winsley

Guestblog: And Justice for All "Money Don't Mean a Thing!" by John Milardo

 Below is a newsletter published by John Milardo and republished here with permission and as a courtesy to readers. Read the newsletter in its original format here.
And Justice For All” is a newsletter involving my opinions, views, and commentary as a life long Middletown resident. In my capacity as a former employee of Middletown (retired) for over 41 years, I have different perspective regarding how and why public figures do what they do. 

I’ve been reading the Middletown Press, Hartford Courant, Middletown Insider and 
Middletown Patch for my local Middletown government news, the same places most 
people in town probably rely on. One thing stands out to me over the past couple or so 
years - the amount of bonding and appropriations the City of Middletown Common 
Council members are approving. 

Each month, there have been funding appropriations on the Common Council agenda. 
Whatever happened to City Department Directors being told to live within the budgets 
they created and the Common Council adopted? Maybe the bigger question is why are 
there so many appropriations coming before the Council? Is it poor planning from 
department heads? Is it because there are no properly funded Capitol or CNR budgets, so 
infrastructure and equipment projects and projections have been discarded and there is no 
planning? Or, is it due to plain old simple politics? 

Politics? I’m sure some Department Directors have been told not to put certain things in 
their budgets, because it will be funded through a Common Council appropriation during 
the year. This way, the Council can approve what looks like a lower budget to the voter. 

In reality, they are spending much more than the public believes. 
I’ve seen LOCIP money (State money for municipalities), awarded to the privately owned 
youth soccer league field complex for fencing, and other improvements. Why isn’t that 
money being used on municipal owned projects? I thought Middletown voters said NO to 
financially assisting youth soccer field complexes in a referendum vote a few years ago. 

Did the Council forget about that? Do the citizens care or have they given up? 
How about the big savings Mayor Dan Drew said the taxpayers were going to see when 
departments were consolidated. How much did we save with the consolidation? What do 
you mean you haven’t heard or seen the big savings? Because it didn’t happen! How 
many of the Common Council members were up in arms about that? 

Then there was the big savings the taxpayer got when the City purchased the street lights 
last year! Oops! That didn’t happen either. As a matter of fact, the cost savings 
projection the voters were told would happen fell way short! Didn’t you read about how 
the Director and staff were chastised and disciplined by the Mayor and Council members 
for incompetency! Gee, you missed that one? You must still be waiting for that 2013 
snow storm report too? 

Where are the investigative reporters and news reports? (I know why the politicians don’t 
care about these issues.) Any good government is only as good as its free press and free 
speech. Are there any investigative reporters that are even a little curious to look into how 
much money the Common Council approved over the past two years, which is above and 
beyond fiscal operating budgets? All a reporter has to do is ask the Finance department 
how much department consolidations have saved? Don’t forget to ask how much of an 
increase there was for private contracting and consultants work in those departments too. 

Stay strong. Stay involved. Stay together. Wake up and seek the truth.
John Milardo

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be construed as fact or advice. The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such. The opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group. This newsletter reflects opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.

August 4, 2014

Metro Movies Presents: New Summer Movies Premiere This Week!

MIDDLETOWN-  The beginning of the film summer season began with a bang with such hits as The Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Captain America: The Winter Soldier dominating the box office in the early months of the hot season.  Enter July and early August, with the exception of a lackluster Transformers sequel starring Quentin Phipps, the box office has been very dry until now.
      The Insider's spies around down have done many Google searches and found advance posters and film summaries for  upcoming films that plan to premiere at Metro Cinemas (next to the arcade) this August.  Enjoy and see you at the movies! If you are a Republican, keep in mind that Eric Kuhn claims we don't sit next to a certain type of folk.
1) Erasherhead- Starring Gerald Daley as Gerald Daley in a surreal film by master filmmaker David Lynch.  In the director's newest entry, the man that that brought the world Dune, Twin Peaks and other creepy shit follows the the topsy turvy world of a professional politician who will stop at nothing at keeping his hair clean and cow towing to the king of Middletown, Tom Serra during Common Council meetings. Lynch's cameras are able to get inside this complicated man, who enjoys a liquid lunch or two at The Elks and has to keep his territory alive during the council meetings.  Is he really at The Elks club, is it an illusion, why is there a midget riding a camel in a red suit sitting next to Gerry? This is avant guard cinema at its best and audiences have to figure out why the film is called Eraserhead? Hint: We know, trust us we know what happened last month at__________!
2) The Shining 2: Get off of my Porch-  Although there have been two adaptations of  Stephen King's  The Shining over the years, it is this re-telling that has audiences wondering what the hell is going on.  In the original novel, the protagonist Jack Torrence is an alcoholic writer who brings his family to the haunted Overlook Hotel to write his dream novels, soon strange things begin to happen.  Fast forward to 2014, where Media Solutions Inc has decided to change the story and the locale to make it more relevant to Middletown politics.  In the update, the protagonist is now named Ed, who is a very liberal person when it comes to everyone around him, but if he is questioned by those on the outside, the very thing he complained and griped about when he was not an elected official, he becomes evil and uses f-words in his Facebook posts.  It's all about the Benjamins isn't ED4ED?
3)Talento En Todos OS Tamanhos-  You have to love our boy Lesser, right? Here is a guy who is whiter than Elmer's Glue and is a member of the Connecticut House Latino Caucus because the guy claims his mom's bloodline was from Argentina. Yet, the Dem masses are embracing their boy due to his (was he even born in the USA? We're kidding!) heritage.  Film Synopsis: Lesser stars with CGI chipmunks in a story that chronicles how the three illegals jump the border and immediately get driver's licenses, voting privileges and Ebay cards.  Soon the three are adopted by the kind and interesting Drew family, where the three chipmunks are forced to work in the mayor's kitchen and cook all day for the 1st family of Middletown.  Look out for cameos by Joe Somalis as the Coyote and Angel Fernandez who the Drew's claim is fake latino.  (Rated R: For Mild Violence and references to interspecies smuggling)  Note: A sequel is already in the works where the Lesser character claims he invented the lightbulb. 

4) The Shannon Blair Witch Project- Starring (You figure it out) with proceeds going to the Sal Caracoglia I told you so Fund!  In this 'fictional' stunning documentary which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in a few months, the authors take us on a journey of those that get away with things and those that don't.  Watch as a health teacher pushes a student to the ground and gets away with it because he is related to a former mayor and current Democratic Majority Leader.  Interviews with Michael Frechette, Betsy Palmer, the floor that Blair landed on, and $64,000 other good reasons to make it all go away. (Rated S - We are scared and we shouldn't writing this, trust us we are in Texas now.)
5) Malificant- Aging queen of the hill sucks the life out of the innocent and beautiful blonde  Councilwoman Mary Bartolotta.  Is she banned from the building, what's up with the Registrar's Office?  Who knows? Does anybody know? Hey Drew give it up, Lisa isn't going anywhere nor are her texts! (Rated GOOTB- "Get out of the building")
6) Face/Off -  In this stunning sequel to the July common council meeting former Mayor and current Mayor are forced to switch bodies.  Drew is Serra and Serra is Drew in a fight to the finish, with the amazing line of "I invented you!" said many times throughout the film.  Drew shows much strength as he cuts the strings that bind him during a broadcast of the common council and stands up against his former mentor. "It's on, bitch!"  (Rated R: For Nudity and lots of close ups of each character looking at themselves in a large mirror)
7) Illegal Alien- It's all over the news and guess what? Malloy says they are not coming here! It's an election year, he will say anything so don't vote for him. Neil Diamond once sang, "They're coming to America, they're  coming to America....TODAY," as usual Mr. Diamond was right, but the 'they' he is referring to came here legally. In this amazing and insightful drama, each liberal family across this great land of ours, adopts 1 or 2 illegals from Mexico and changes their lives forever that is until the sequel.  It is during part II, where the liberals realize they are not getting a stipend or a tax break for these kids, so they begin to build their own wall around Village District neighborhoods. Nimby!
8) No Commentary 4 Old Men-  In this saga of a powerful family, the big man in the State House has a lot to prove during his twilight years.  His councilman kid brother is on loose with his strange attempts to get his kin out of trouble in Glastenbury, but Joe has some loose ends of his own.  He's made some strange promises over the years, as the Chairman on the State's Aging Committee he has told his constituents that he can stop them from aging, and guess what? They believe him! He also brags about  the terrible roads in the state and is still in awe as to why his nephew did not get the athletic director's job. Can you say power vacuum?
9) The Deer Hunter- In this titillating sequel to Michael Cimeno's 1976 Vietnam epic, Planning and Zoning commissioner plays a rich guy pretending to be poor.  After his fellow activist, ED4ED drinks himself to death at the Remington Rand brewery, fellow villager Dic (no K) Wheeler juggles some shit and races his big green ass bus that runs on hummus and human tears to the rescue of a distraught and deranged Devoto who will not stop calling Dan Russo due to his interest in the planning and zoning chairmanship.  Watch the exciting action and Stephen will not stop at anything to get his way, there is an amazing montage where Devoto tears into a live deer with his teeth but in a tragic twist the deer is Phil Pessina, luckily for Devoto, Joyce Rositter forgot what she saw.  Music by Joe Gallo and Eric "Republicans Hate Black People" Kuhn.   Easter eggs: See if you can count how many Mac products Devoto has on his possessions throughout the film. (Note: All guns in this production were made out of venison which in turn is made of tofu!)

10) Misery-  In this horrific story of gluttony and greed, the councilwoman who demanded a tax break due to the haunting of her house is back and this time, she is god-damn pissed off.  All around town, she is dropping the immortal phrase of, "When I am mayor," or "I am running for mayor, will you support me?"  Special appearances by all of her relatives with whom she has gotten legal and illegal city employment over the years.   Summary: In classic horror fashion, Hope's character of 'the ghost', loses it when she discovers that her man Carl Chisem is having an affair with Sandra Faraci. Hope kidnaps the man and demands that he compose a pulp novel about her love for him-this is one good movie!  Look for a supporting role by Jimmy Streeto as the clumsy sheriff who ignores the criminal activity in the house because it's better for his career. 

August 2, 2014

Your Daily Spin: Eric Kuhn "Republican's hate Black People"

Eric Kuhn
The Middletown Press published a letter from resident Eric Kuhn in which he implies more or less all Connecticut Republicans are racist bigots by saying "the Connecticut GOP must choose between appealing to black or anti black voter." Kuhn, a local musician and Middletown Eye writer, writes letters to the Press on a regular basis the consistent theme of  persecuting conservatives.Perhaps he is angling for a regular column? His letter is linked below: 
 Kuhn writes:  "I think Republican politicians in this state know perfectly well that a part of their natural constituency is people who       hate black people."
Isn't it wonderful that we have Mr. Kuhn here to pontificate  what each and every Republican, not just in CT but the whole country, thinks about each and every issue? Why, we wouldn't know what we're supposed to believe if he weren't here to tell us. And, of course, he has the credentials and qualifications to do so (remind us - what are they again?). What do you think Mr. Kuhn's reaction would be if a Republican were to paint all Democrats with such a broad brush?
      Without intending to write an Apologia Pro Vita Republicana,we are confident enough to state that most Republicans believe that this country was founded on the belief that each and every individual has natural rights that cannot be taken away by governmental fiat, that all laws should apply to all of us the same way, that individual persons are better suited to determine their own destinies and to decide what is in their own best interests than the progressive-liberals down in Central Planning, that taking people's property from them and giving it to someone else is theft, that each person should be judged on his or her own merit, not by what group he or she belongs to, and that large concentrations of money and power, whether in corporate or governmental hands, represent a threat to individual liberty.

Now Mr. Kuhn, why don't you tell us what you stand for?
PS: "Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. "Source: The History Channel: Below Middletown Insider writer Billboy Baggins responds to Eric Kuhns letter to the Press:
Dear Editor,

Eric Kuhn's false and distasteful comments from 29 July are an act of desperation.  He and others of the far left ilk can read the writing on the wall; the Democrat party is about to fall.  And hard.

For years, the Democrat tactic has been to divide Americans along economic, social and racial lines.  Until recently, it has worked.  But no more.  Blacks, Hispanics and us whites too, have become acutely aware of the emptiness of Democrat promises.  Disillusioned by an increasing tax burden, declining employment opportunities, skyrocketing public debt, porous borders and the abuse of governmental power, Kuhn sees minorities being draw to the GOP.

Frantically reaching for straws, he again attempts to divide Americans by claiming Republicans want to prevent non-whites from voting. While he cannot find a single example of this anywhere, we have a Justice Dept. that refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers who stood outside polling places in Philly, dressed in berets,  jackboots and billy clubs; an obvious attempt to intimidate non-black voters.

It takes an empty soul, or at least an empty hat, for one to claim Republicans have a "natural constituency" of people who hate blacks.  I guess that makes black Republicans "Uncle Toms".  Regina Roundtree, founder of CT-BRAC, is a Republican and a personal friend. Theresa Tillett (black) is running for senate in the 2nd District and Angel Fernandez (Puerto Rican) is running for state rep in the 33rd and both are personal friends; and Republican.  We are friends because we share a common interest in a love of country, liberty, and the Constitution.  While Democrats engage in race baiting, this is a banner we can unite behind.

Billboy Baggins
(The writer is a member of the Middletown Republican Town Committee.)

August 1, 2014

Dan Drew's words on the McKenna Investigation: "McKenna cleared of all wrongdoings".

The independent investigation into drug abuse allegations called for by Chief McKenna conducted by the law firm Cowerdy and Murphy for a price tag of $60,000 determined it could not prove the chief's innocence or guilt,  the report the findings were "inconclusive".  
Since when does inconclusive mean guilty or exonerated?  Enough paraphrasing; let the citizens read the report and judge for themselves.

July 31, 2014

Call for Entries! Juried K-12 Art Show at MXCC Sept. 14th

Host by Judith Randall, teacher and artist at Middlesex Community College on Sunday Sept 14th commemorating the 200 year anniversary of "The Star Spangled Banner"....The events include a historical presentation, a poetry reading, a group singing of the national anthem (all verses) and a K - 12 Juried Student Art Exhibition. Below is the flier for the student art exhibition. If you have some budding young patriot artists in your family please encourage them to enter their work. If not, just come to the joyful commemoration to express your love and gratitude for our great country!

July 30, 2014

Illegal Immigration Crisis 2014: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Last week we asked readers the following question:Reader Poll on Immigration: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Question: What are your thoughts on the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into Texas? If you were president, how would you handle the situation? If the government were to send buses of immigrants to Middletown, what would be your reaction?

Below are the responses we got on our facebook page and in response to this blog post.
Also shared is Mayor Drew's thoughts on immigration from his facebook page and our readers responses in sharing this. Thanks to all who chimed in!