Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Action Alert : Ammo Tax needs to be stopped!


Ammo Tax in Committee - Again!

For the fourth time, Representative Jillian Gilchrest (D-18th) has proposed yet another egregious tax on ammunition sales in Connecticut. For now, this bill sits in Committee. It is our goal to see that it does not make it out! This is the easiest and most concise way to stop anti-gun bills.
We are calling on our membership to submit an e-mail to their representative and those sitting on the finance committee to ask they DO NOT SUPPORT this proposed legislation. Our organization has so far been successful in keeping an ammunition tax at bay, please help us continue that success by voicing your opinion today!

Proposed H.B. 5114 is dangerous for multiple reasons:
  • Responsible gun owners are being penalized for the actions of criminals!
  • Makes it hard for people already struggling in our economy train properly
  • Is on par with a sin tax
  • Guns and ammo are ALREADY subject to an additional 11% tax on top of the CT sales tax
Writing an e-mail to your legislator is easier than you would think. The anti-gun side is motivated and are emboldened by the new 2023 Assault Weapons Ban.

CLICK HERE to submit an e-mail to your representative. This newly created “click through” will allow you to easily draft a message to without the hassle of looking up their contact information individually. You will also note an option to sign up to track this proposal.
You don’t need to be an expert to advocate for your rights. Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee Members need to hear from us. A short, simple email is fine. You can help stop this tax with just 5 minutes of your time!
The efforts of this organization are entirely fueled by donations and the work of both the volunteer executive committee and our volunteer members. Please consider a donation to help keep CCDL fighting for your rights!


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Monday, January 29, 2024

Why is the Second Amendment Important?

Absolutely, you have a right to your opinions, (and other things), under the First Amendment. Millions of patriots will defend those rights, to the death. It is the Second Amendment that makes that possible for us ordinary Americans.

Remember how our country was formed? Colonist rose up against tyranny and against all odds, defeated Great Brittain. They did this because they were armed at least equally against British troops.

The Colonial army was largely using rifles at the time. England and their Hessian guns-for-hire were still using muskets. (Rifles have greater range, more power and superior accuracy.) Today, the militia, (see 10 US Code, Sec. 246) has semi-automatic rifles, while the armed forces, (I'm a USAF Combat Arms vet), have fully automatic weapons.

Today, the advantage of the citizenry is in numbers and the likelihood that many armed service members would not follow unlawful orders and side with The People. (After all, we took an oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic".)

Therein lies the purpose behind the 2A; in addition to providing for one's personal protection, it is to discourage tyrants from trying to take power. (A government that fears an armed populace is a government to be feared.)

America has some 20K miles of border, it is crucial that the population be able to step up to defend it. No standing army could do so of its own accord. (The words of Japanese Adm. Yamamoto, "It would be impossible to invade the American mainland; we would find a rifleman behind every tree", speak to this truth.)

It is crucial to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic and the liberty that it provides, that the citizenry be prepared at all times for all contingencies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

An update from Joe Markley


In light of next month's election, I feel compelled to share my concern about the indifference of Southington Republican leadership to the dishonest and abusive behavior of council member Bill Dziedzic, who the party has endorsed for reelection.

In the video linked below, I discuss the events which have led me to criticize a party I have long and faithfully supported.  I invite Southington residents to consider what I have observed when they cast their vote.

Regards, Joe
Click Here to View Joe's Video

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Connecticut Loses a Patriot - Obituary of Juan Espinosa

A private funeral ceremony will be held next mid-week.  Afterward,
Juan will be interned at the Connecticut Veteran's Cemetary, in Middletown, CT. He was my brother-in-;aw.  Rest in peace, Juan and look over Ma.

Juan Carlos Espinosa (60), a devoted husband and father, accomplished electrician, former United States Army Ranger, and resident of East Haddam, Connecticut, passed away peacefully on August 25, 2023, at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut, after an 11-year battle with brain cancer.

Juan is survived by his childhood sweetheart and loving, eternally patient wife of 20 years, Melissa Espinosa; his mother, Lucy Espinosa; his mother-in-law Angie Schultz, his twin sons, Hunter Espinosa and Logan Espinosa; his son Lucas Espinosa and his wife Hannah Cole; his daughter Ashley Espinosa and her two children, James and Gabriella; his son David Schwartz and his two children, Eli and Gracelyn; his daughter Savannah Espinosa and her two children, Penelope and Benjamin; his sister Maria Wiegel and her husband Chris; his brother Jorge; his brother Roberto; his best friend Tim Kesten and his wife Katie; his friend, mentor and father figure, Cos Giuffrida; his longtime, close friend Barbara Fouquette; and many cousins, nieces and nephews. He is predeceased by his father Juan Espinosa; his father-in-law Nolan Thayne Schultz; and his son Joshua Schwartz.

Juan was a first-generation Cuban-American, born in Miami, Florida on February 2, 1963. He spent most of his childhood in Middletown, Connecticut and enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 17. When asked what role he wanted to serve, he responded “I want to jump out of planes and shoot at people”. So began his path to becoming an Army Ranger, ultimately being assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion, Alpha Company, Weapons Platoon, in Savannah, Georgia.

On October 25, 1983, while assigned to the 1st Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment as an anti-armor recoilless gunner, Juan participated in the airborne assault of Grenada as part of Operation Urgent Fury. Under the fire of anti-aircraft guns, Juan executed a combat jump from a mere 500 feet of altitude, and seized the Point Salinas airfield. After returning from combat, he was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge.

His dedication and unparalleled success as an Army Ranger did not go unnoticed; he was eventually appointed as a Ranger School Instructor and later earned his Master Rated Jumpmaster wings. He would also go on to earn his Expert Infantry Badge and Air Assault Badge.

After the Army, Juan became a certified electrician, graduating at the top of his class at the Lincoln Technical Institute. Over the years, he worked hard to perfect his electrical skills and advance his knowledge of the electrical trade. “Good enough” was never acceptable and if the job required additional hours to complete to his standard of quality, he was there to get the work done. He developed a reputation among fellow contractors as a leader and problem solver; his no-nonsense approach to work was well known. Additionally, equipped with a dry but affable sense of humor, he struck a chord with everyone he worked alongside. He was never short of jokes or sarcasm.

Juan took pride and great care in everything he did, whether it be his regular work, side jobs he took to ensure there was extra income to support his family or projects around the house. Lawn maintenance was an ongoing battle for perfection; “Don’t drive on the grass!”.

In 2000, Juan was reunited with his childhood girlfriend Melissa. In 2003, they were married in their front yard, surrounded by family and friends, and shortly thereafter had their two boys, Hunter and Logan. Juan was a dedicated father. He took an active life in his children’s lives, including assisting with Boy Scouts and coaching the East Haddam Little League. Furthermore, he took pride in pushing his children to always be better. He never pulled his punches, often coming off as a bit harsh. Regardless, his intentions were always from a place of love and care. Juan also loved spending time with his grandchildren. He always went out of his way to entertain them and make them laugh. His wife has frequently compared him to a turtle; a tough outer shell but squishy and lovable beneath the surface.

Through the years, Juan acquired a handful of hobbies, often echoing his career in their demand for attention to detail and hard work. He enjoyed building and detailing model cars. He was extremely passionate about baseball and for a time, participated in a company softball league. Most recently he renewed his passion for marksmanship, spending many hours at the gun range honing his skills and an equivalent amount of time at home, cleaning and servicing his firearms. He was also an avid dog lover, raising and training multiple dogs over the years, including Patton, Beethoven, Shadow, and Cobra.

Juan was a tough, but loving husband, father, and friend. He worked hard in every endeavor of his life. His mark on this world will not soon be forgotten.

Calling hours for the public were held Thursday, August 31, 2023 at Biega Funeral Home, 3 Silver Street, Middletown, Connecticut. Casual attire is acceptable; Carhartt shirts are encouraged. A private military funeral will be held in the near future. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Juan’s name are suggested to the East Haddam Moodus Little League or the East Haddam Parks and Recreation, to be directed towards the East Haddam Dog Park.  To share memories or express condolences online, please visit www.biegafuneralhome.com.

Rangers lead the way.

Friday, July 07, 2023

Once Upon a Time. . .


Commentary by Matthew M Corey, Republican US Senate Candidate 2018

Once upon a time. That is where stories had a meaning to them. Growing up, what I remember is that if a story began with this phrase, it was certain there would be a moral to the story. The morals or lessons that followed would sometimes influence one's behavior or outlook on life. The words once upon a time remind me of the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A 1939 movie based loosely on a real Senator from Montana who wanted to see much-needed changes in his State. He tried to make a profound statement that there were still good people who went to Washington to represent the people and what they needed. He didn’t go to Washington for self-serving reasons, he went based on his belief that he would do all he could to benefit his community and constituents.

Today, unfortunately, we see politicians go to Washington to represent one view, one party, and oneself. They seem to leave their morals and common sense at the doorsteps of the Halls of Congress. We once had a Senator here in Connecticut who didn't go to Washington believing in one-party philosophy. He didn’t believe in protecting individuals based on party affiliation. He believed in holding the values of a US Senator and the constituents he represented to the highest standard.

That man was Lowell Weicker, the last Republican Senator Connecticut sent to Washington. One could say he left his integrity at the Steps of The Governor's mansion when it came to Connecticut State income tax. A case of saying anything to get elected. When it came to bringing charges against a sitting President for spying and lying to the American people about the Watergate Scandal, Senator Weicker had no problem forcing a leader of the Republican Party, President Richard Nixon, to resign. It wasn’t the Democrats who investigated and pursued the President, it was the Republicans who told him that they no longer could support him. An aggressive media uncovered the scandal and the Republican party saw it through in spite of Nixon being one of their own.

This brings us to Senator Murphy, a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Senator Blumenthal a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. With allegations of bribery and kickbacks from foreign Nations to a sitting President through his son, Hunter Biden, and shell companies one would think our Senators representing its constituents from Connecticut would be willing to investigate President Biden. If the allegations are true, we have a sitting President who is compromised with decisions he is making on one of our biggest adversaries, China. There lies the issue. We don’t have a Senator Weiker in Washington. We have two partisan Senators who left their morals and integrity at the steps of Congress. How has Connecticut fallen so far? Connecticut doesn’t send any Mr.
or Mrs. Smiths to Washington anymore; they send divisive one-party rule Senators to Washington. You don’t have to take my word for it, just go on Senator Murphy’s Twitter feed and read the divisive rhetoric he tweets out about his colleagues. Being silent in this ongoing investigation of a sitting President is being complicit.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

PROSTATE CANCER – Like Father, Like Son, A Personal Story

On 26 June, 2016 my father, Francis William “Bill” Boylan died from prostate cancer. He was 86 years old. It seemed fitting that “our” story be released on the day of his passing, but the unexpected death of his brother, my uncle John Boylan, led to a delay.

Uncle John was there for Dad when he needed him, taking him to his oncology appointments at The James Cancer Hospital, part of the OSU Medical Center. He drove Dad to his doctor’s appointments, some 50 miles away, for the duration of his treatment and was otherwise there when needed.

This article is dedicated to their memory.

What is written below is based on my personal experience, research, observation, and conversations with my medical team and should not be construed as medical advice. It is intended to raise awareness and encourage others to be diligent toward monitoring their own prostate health. Links to various prostate cancer information resources follow this article.

Here goes . . .

This is my story. And my father’s story. It is also the story of countless millions of other men, past, present and future. While each patient’s story is unique to him, we all share commonalities. Family, friends and co-workers are affected. We have to consult multiple doctors and make tough decisions. We all suffer emotional and psychological effects. And we all need information to guide us toward the right treatment strategy for us.

The single-most important aspect of any treatment program is early detection.

According to The American Cancer Society, (via Brave Men, Inc.), 192,000 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and over 33,000 die.

The odds of developing prostate cancer in one’s lifetime are 1 in 7.7,
or 13%, slightly better than the odds in Russian Roulette, which are 1
in 6, or 16.67%. This also means that 13% of spouses will have a husband with prostate cancer. If a revolver had eight cylinders rather than six, would you be more willing to put the gun to your head and pull the trigger? Not me. No way. But that is what most guys are doing. We are unknowingly playing Russian Roulette by not seeking regular prostate health screening. (See Risk Factors)

My father was not one to talk about things. Anything. He never told me he had prostate cancer or that he would die from it. I had to learn these things from a sister who was helping care for our mother and later, Dad. Prostate cancer must be talked about. I had no idea that if one’s father had prostate cancer, his sons are more likely to have it. We must talk about it with our sons, our fathers, friends and family, regardless of gender.

Monday, May 15, 2023

CCDL - Join us for 2A Tuesdays at the State Capitol - Take Action to Stop the 2023 Assault Weapon Ban


Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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2A Tuesdays 

It is critical that as many members (and other Second Amendment supporters) as possible join us for 2A Tuesdays at the State Capitol on May 16th & May 23rd for an important event that will make a difference in the future of your 2nd Amendment rights here in Connecticut. Do not sit by and allow the Governor's bill to be unopposed! 

On May 16th & 23rd, we will be holding a 2A Tuesday Day at the Legislative Office Building and the State Capitol where we will make our voices heard and advocate for our unalienable rights.

Your participation is essential to the success of this event. Our goal is to remind all the legislators of how many legal firearms owners, 2nd Amendment supporter, and how large of a voting block we are.

HB6667 AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE “2023 ASSAULT WEAPON BAN” is expected to come up for a vote as early as this week. We need all our members who are passionate about making a difference in our state to be in Hartford on 2A Tuesdays. We urge you to act now and reach out to your state representative. Make your voice heard and let them know what you stand for and, if you are planning on attending 2A Tuesday, request a meeting with them when you are there.  It may seem like a small act, but it has a tremendous impact.

This is an opportunity to meet with your legislators in person, to share your stories and experiences, and to advocate for your rights that are important to you.
The event will take place from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the State Legislative Office Building located at 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT. Come for the whole day or just a few hours. Any time that you can be available makes a difference!

Please read our 2A Tuesday Guide for additional information, a timeline, guidance on effectively communicating with legislators, and making the most of your time at the Capitol.

We look forward to seeing you there and working to make a difference.

We will be holding a webinar to have a quick overview of 2A Tuesdays if you have any questions.

Copyright © 2023 Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc., All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Conservative Women's Forum to Host Lunch with Gov. Chris Sununu on May 16, in Clinton


An invitation from
Joe Markley
We have the extraordinary opportunity of hearing from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu at a luncheon at the Clinton Country Club on May 16.  Governor Sununu is a proven winner who's likely to play a major role in the Republican party for years to come.  Seats are limited and going fast; you'll find information on making your reservation below.

Hope to see you there, Joe

Sign the Petition to Investigate Dubious Political Donations

An invitation from
Joe Markley
Voter-integrity advocate Dominic Rapini has joined with 2WinCT to call for an investigation of suspicious political contributions.  You can read the text of the petition and view facts about the dubious donations below:
Click Here to Read Text, Sign Petition
We the cosigners of this petition urge you and your office to consider this request:

In Connecticut and across the country, a pattern is emerging where elderly donors are exhibiting massive numbers of donations in the FEC.GOV database. The data suggests that senior citizens are being targeted in a process that constitutes the elements of identity theft, elder abuse, and most concerning, laundering of money to political candidates and committees.

According to FEC, the average donor donates 1.4 times a year, compared to the donors we have identified who are donating to candidates and committees thousands of times each year for an extended period of time.

The questions we are asking is whether or not these are system issues related to the practice of earmarks/bundles, or are unsuspecting citizens have their donor IDs hijacked for the purpose of funneling outside money to campaigns and political committees? 

2WINCT identified 18 Connecticut Residents who collectively donated 150,896 times for a total of $2,601,914! We respectively ask the office of the Attorney General to conduct investigations to insure the privacy and integrity of these donors and the political donation process. 
Click Here to Sign The Petition
The scope of this issue in Connecticut:
What do identity theft and elder abuse look like?

Monday, February 27, 2023

HB6633 Would End Single-family Zoning - Hearing Tuesday, 28Feb


Have your voice heard on Tuesday, Feb. 28

Please Testify Against HB6633, a bill that would end single-family zoning in Connecticut.

Dear Friends, If you would like to submit testimony to the Housing Committee on the "Fair Share" bill (HB6633) which would essentially get rid of single-family zoning in CT in the next decade, you are welcome to use the testimony below or some variation of it.

The public hearing in the Housing Committee is taking place on Tuesday, 2/28 and we recommend that you send it in soon as possible. You may submit testimony here or sign up to speak via Zoom or in-person here (the deadline to sign-up to speak is 2/27 at 3 p.m.)

HB6633 mandates every municipality (except the seven with over 20% poverty - Hartford, Bridgeport, New Britain, New Haven, New London, Waterbury, Windham) to create a “Fair Share” number of affordable units. These can be built 1) all by the municipality or 2) by a developer that the town allows to build 80% high density market value multifamily units with remaining 20% of the project being the town’s “Fair Share” affordable units. With massive overdevelopment of 80% market value multifamily apartments, very few affordable units (20%) get built - scheme #2 would DOUBLE the town’s entire housing stock in 10 years​.

Here's our Fair Share spreadsheet which shows how many units your town will need to build and the cost associated with Fair Share for your town: Fair Share Calculation by Town - Google Sheets

Sample Testimony to Use:

Dear Esteemed Members of the Housing Committee:

I write today to ask you to vote NO to HB6633. This “Fair Share” bill would impose extreme density on our local communities without regard to existing capacity. It would be catastrophic for most of Connecticut.

The bill would result in municipalities being sued and forced to build at public expense housing when the private sector does not do so, when a municipality does not meet its Fair Share allocation, which is not based on market demand or the wishes of state residents, but rather the determination of the executive branch, as informed by housing advocates and organizations. 

Open Communities Alliance says there is demand for 140,000 affordable, but only 2,500 are homeless in Connecticut.  Who are we building for?

New Jersey is the only state that has had a fair share plan for decades and it has not improved diversity in communities, and it has not created affordability.  Why would Connecticut now want to follow with a fair share plan when the model in New Jersey has not been successful and has spurred litigation.

Let’s not make decisions where the very communities that you represent will suffer. We don’t negotiate against ourselves.

Fair Share provides for a ten-year timetable for municipalities to meet their "Fair Share" allocations; in prior years, the bill’s advocates have indicated that they intend for up to 300,000 units to be constructed within this period (enough to house approximately 700,000 persons). In addition to lawsuits forcing public construction, municipalities that do not comply may be subject to “default zoning” overriding all local land use regulation, permitting up to 20 units per acre in much of the state. Note that “fair share” does not replace 8-30g but is in addition to it which needs to be badly reformed. You can’t just say housing is needed everywhere, unilaterally, and double down on more one-size-fits-all mandates to build, build, build. 

We need proper metrics for demand for housing, such as where jobs are in the state, what is the access to transportation, what are the limits of infrastructure, water tables, sewage capacity, and the environment, and cost of living in each area.  This bill only looks at regional income, declares a formula, and mandates housing.

Let’s be clear – this bill would get rid of single-family zoning in Connecticut. Creating affordable housing with all stakeholders involved is a laudable goal but getting rid of zoning and established neighborhoods is not. We know there is a better way such as towns getting seed money from the State to build 100 percent affordable units and fixing our voucher system. Land is finite and unique, and land use decisions permanently affect a Town’s economic, ecological and community health. We can and must find a better way. This bill does not make Connecticut more affordable.



Tips to Testifying 

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