Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candidate Bio: Sheila Daniels (R) Board of Education

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Candidate Bio for Incumbent candidate for the Board of Education:
Sheila Daniels (R)
·  Full name, 
           Sheila C. Daniels 

·  Education (colleges/degrees)
             I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Central Connecticut State University.
·  Work
             I work as an educational grant assistant here in Middletown.
·  Why do you want to hold public office in Middletown?
           Growing up in a politically involved and civic minded family and marrying into the same, I followed the example set by my parents and extended members of my family and my husband's family. I aspired to be on the Board of Education as my aunt was when I was in high school. My passion for education and the overall well-being of young people also contribute to my desire to serve Middletown on the Board of Education. Currently the  Vice Chair and in my 8th year on the Board of Education, I am very pleased with the positive direction the Board has taken in the past two years and look forward to continuing to work with my fellow Board members and collaborate with the current administration and staff in their efforts to support the students and families of Middletown. 
·  What experience do you bring to the table?
           As stated above, I am the Vice Chair of the BOE, currently in my 8th year and bring that experience to the table. I am a former member of the Communications and  Naming committees and currently a member of the following committees: Executive, Policy, Curriculum and Negotiations. I am the BOE representative to the District Data Team, the District Climate Committee, Middletown High School, Wesley School, the Middletown School Readiness Council, Opportunity Knocks and belong to the Middlesex Coalition for Children. 
My background includes holding a bachelor's degree in education and working in the field. That work includes my current position and previously working in both private and public schools as a paraprofessional, substitute, long-term substitute, and teacher. I was also a child care provider and offered field trips to our family farm. I belonged and served as an officer on PTA/PTO organizations and the MSA throughout my daughters' educational journeys. Prior to and while serving on the Board, I have worked with 4 superintendents and their assistants, several mayors, other politicians, many teachers, school staff members, students and their families, as well as people in the community.
·  What do you think the town's most pressing issue is?
           Middletown's most pressing issue is one that challenges nearly every city and town in the state - being able to serve the citizens under very tight budget constraints. We must consider the entire city from the educational needs of our youth to the needs of the elderly and everyone in between.
·  What do you love most about Middletown?
           What I like most about Middletown is its central location and diversity in landscape and    population. ·  

                What do you like to do for fun?
          I enjoy spending time with family and friends, antiquing, reading, and traveling.

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