Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Opposing Mayoral Candidates Exchange Emails

Letters to the editors are printed as a courtesy to readers, and do not necessarily express opinions by the Insider volunteer staff. John Killian is the Realistic Balance Party founder and Mayoral candidate. As with all letter's to the editor, legitimacy of all claims made are solely responsibility of the author of the letter;not the editorial staff of the Insider. Below is an email string sent to our email from Realistic Balance Mayoral candidate John Killian illustrating and exchange between himself and incumbent for re-election Mayor Dan Drew, ( no preface was included by Killian).
    Thank you for this gracious invitation. Although I may miss the fine print on some matters, the part of this email that allows me to attend this event for free has great appeal to someone who may be breaking his bank to pay for the $350 fee to have someone carry a summons across Court Street.

    I have always been a great fan of the Kennedy family, and must confess that it is a positive coup for Middletown to have such an esteemed guest in our City. Aspiring to the ideals of truly heroic public servants will help us all make Middletown a better place for all of our citizens.

   Thank you again for your generous invitation, and I look forward to seeing you on Main Street.

    John Kilian
     The loyal opposition.

Sep 25, 2013 11:37:29 AM, wrote:
 Dear John,

 Thank you for everything you have done to support our first re-election campaign this year and for everything you did to help me get elected in 2011!  This Tuesday, October 1st, from 5pm to 7pm - Ted Kennedy Jr will be the special guest at a fundraiser to benefit our campaign effort. Senator Doyle, Senator Bartolomeo, Rep. Serra and Rep. Lesser will also be hosting the event!

   This reception with be at The Inn at Middletown, 70 Main Street - downtown Middletown and it promises to be a wonderful event. If you haven't met Ted Kennedy Jr. this is a great opportunity to meet him!

   If you have recently contributed to my campaign, please just come enjoy this event with Ted Kennedy Jr and our remarkable legislative delegation as our guest. Refreshments will be provided.

   If you haven't yet contributed, or would like to contribute again to help fund our GOTV effort,  please come and make a contribution of any amount you are comfortable with.

 Please RSVP right away to Mike Farina at or 860-748-5142 because space for this special event is limited.

   You can always support our campaign by contributing at The suggested contribution levels are $50, $100 or $250 - but everyone is welcome to come and contribute whatever they would like to contribute and meet Ted Kennedy Jr.

 Thank you again for everything you continue to do to support our effort!

   All the Best,
   Dan Drew
 Mayor of Middletown


  1. Several observations:

    1. DD sent this out late morning Weds - wasn't he on the clock at that time?

    2. Although it was sent from a gmail account, given the time of day, one has to wonder if he used a City computer to send it over a city network. Don't election laws prohibit use of tax payer funds and resources for political purposes?

    3. Big kahunas to send a request for funds and support to an opponent. Arrogance once again. More likely though, is the greed getting in the way of actually reading the distribution list before hitting the send button on the city computer.

  2. Drew's personal page shows just how inflated his ego is- and how many lies he spins- an $8 million dollar budget deficit? What the one he created? why to fabricate the past Mr Drew. Allowing appropriations monthly from departments is misleading to the public as to exactly how much money this administration is leaking. The questions to the department heads before the council meeting which is not aired on tv is where this all goes down. People wake up!

  3. Whatever happened to the live streaming of council meetings project? The City got a grant for that and under danny boy the project has been delayed. Guess we won't be seeing that one on his rather thin list of achievements.

    All joking aside, does anyone know what is going on with this project (other than the usual incompetence)?

  4. WHY IS DANNY FUNDRAISING SO HARD? answer time the piper! All this money will be funneled to the Malloy campaign! And why would Devoto donate to someone who supported the development he despised? GREED


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