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Wrang Builders Are The WRONG Builders!

Notice the cut at the top of the door. More photos and a video follow.
In late March of 2017, my detached garage caught fire and was completely destroyed.  The heat from the fire melted siding on the back of the house and cracked the glass in several windows.  That story is covered, here.
Aluminum rake edge sloppy, J-channel butted, not plumb cut.
Naturally, a contractor had to be found.  The lowest bid came in from Micheal Wrang, of Wrang Builders, 9 Penfield Hill Rd., in Portland, CT.  As it turns out, hiring Mr. Wrang was a BIG mistake.  
Mr. Wrang started the job in May.  This job should have taken no more than six weeks.  As of August, it was still not complete and the quality of the workmanship was amateurish, to say the least. Mr. Wrang never submitted an engineer's report to the building department, as required.  In fact, he never pulled a building permit!

The rake board on the right is too short and does
not reach the peak.  Notice the gap under the rake
edge, on the left.
The plates were never secured to the foundation or to the top of the stone that make up the side and rear walls.  The decking was never nailed off in the loft.  There were no collar ties installed.  The trusses he used to span the garage are inadequate for the span.  

He was supposed to cut the grade on the south side so water would drain away.  Instead of doing that, he installed a drainage pipe that was too close to the building and not deep enough.  And, he left the upper end of the pipe(s) exposed and un-sealed.

The ridge board is too short, allowing the gable rafters
to shift apart.
He used a window that was too small for the opening in the garage loft.  He used a window that was too large for the opening in the attic of the house, so he cut the window to make it fit.

The aluminum trim and vinyl siding were sloppily installed.

The gravel he used for the garage floor was full of nails, screws and other metallic debris, which caused my tenant to get a flat tire.  I some places, the gravel was so shallow, dirt could be seen.

He was supposed to replace the aluminum trim on the house per the contract, but failed to do so.  The list goes on and on!  The entire "punch list" can be seen at the end.

The bottom line is this: DO NOT HIRE WRANG BUILDERS.

Damage to door trim and aluminum.

Wrang left plywood exposed between the stone 
and the frame.  Here, he made a poor attempt to 
hide it with aluminum, rather than mortar it in,
 so it would match.

Plate hanging over the edge of the building,
Tyvek showing underneath trim.

Aluminum boot not nailed and hanging down.

Drain pipe too close to the building, not deep
enough and gravel left exposed.

No stop at the top of the window.

No siding to right of corner.

Rake edge too short to reach bottom.

Rake edge butted, not overlapped.

Broken siding.
J-Channel left hanging.

No J-channel.

No J-channel.

Stud not nailed to header.

Stud not nailed tight to header.

Broken stud attached to header.

Stud not nailed to header.

Ends of drain pipes left uncapped and exposed.

Punch List


Aluminum rake edge butted, not overlapped.

Stop on top of gable window missing

Daylight can be seen around Anderson window – foam inside, caulk outside

Crank handles – 4 missing

Cut bank on right side of garage, dig up forsythia – Pipe installed, instead

Move pipe in back and cut grade, cap upper end of pipe – Grade cut, pipe left in same place

Remove stones/wheelbarrow/clean up

Replace damaged trim, drip edge around garage door

Azek & drip cap damaged, Azek (frieze) doesn't line up at butt

Fix siding and J channel above garage door

Access door, replace – Attempt at repair rejected.

Aluminum trim on back rake, replace

Plywood/Tyvek showing on both sides, under eaves

Aluminum trim on front gable damaged/bent near the top

Mortar between stone and siding on right front side, by door

Ridge board is 10” short on the front

Plywood at peak of front gable offset by 1/2” - no nailer at plywood butt

Nails on front gable missed studs and plywood not tight to framing

Caulking smeared on front window, left side

Studs not nailed properly to headers

Stud on right side door header split at top and leaning in

Elbow and leader needed on left side of garage

Seed (shade mix) and straw excavated areas


Light fixture not attached – Bulbs not installed

Corner boards and J channel not pushed tight to the soffit

No J channel around eyebrows

Down spout on left side needs put back and drop repaired

Drop needs repaired in gutter over rear porch

Nailing flanges visible on both sides of window in rear porch

Aluminum trim needs nailed on left side window on rear porch

Nailing flanges visible in other places below siding

Siding missing above and left of back door, driveway side

Miss matched siding over left window in front

Corner on left front of main house out of square

J channel hanging down near chimney

Lead from downspout on left side of front porch damaged

Gable over back stair roof not sided 

Down spout on NW corner of house not installed properly

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