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Guest Blog: "His Town"

“And Justice For All” is a newsletter involving my opinions, views, and commentary as a life long Middletownresident. In my capacity as a former employee of Middletown (retired) for over 41 years, I have a differentperspective regarding how and why public figures do what they do.
Citizen John Milardo
Republished by the Insider with permission from the Author, all opinions expressed are the sole responsiblity of the author and not necessarily those of the staff of the Insider.
     A “Letter to the Editor” in the “Middletown-CT Patch” on-line newsletter ( by Middletown Planning, Zoning & Conservation
member Molly Salafia, struck a note with me. The jest of it is about transparency in government and doing what is right for the citizenry of our town; and not just for a political Party and their cronies. I totally agree with Ms. Salafia, but the reality is totally the opposite here in Middletown. It may be the same in some other communities – but I live and work in
Middletown, so that is what I’ll speak to.
     Over the past few years, Middletown’s Democratic Party and elected officials have become far
more than political. They have become an organization which has only one “voice”. That“voice” goes after anyone who may have a different opinion than him/her. For story purpose, the masculine his will be used from now on. The “voice” will have you thrown off his Party’s Town Committee because you dare have your own view, see a wrong and want to correct it, or stick up for yourself . The “voice” is all knowing and will go outside the realm of politics to personally attack you and your family to extract his vendetta on you for attacking his Party, or one of his loyal subjects or ladies in waiting. Middletown’s Democratic Party is a closed secretive organization, with absolutely no room for anyone but those who are hand selected by the almighty, all knowing, all vindictive, his Majesty of Middletown. Least I forget to say, the community has been led to believe the “voice” is an honorable and caring person.
     So Molly, you may ask why do I think this way? It is because I have seen it happen to others as
well as a member of my own family! All of Middletown has seen it happen! City voters either think nothing of it, or have been fooled by their own elected officials into thinking what they do is truly in their best interest. Or, they have been brainwashed over the years to follow their local Party which may no longer stand for what it did once.
     We have all seen the Democratic Council go against every issue the past Republican Mayor
recommended the City fight due to improprieties. Nothing was done by the Democrats over the six (6) years Mayor Guiliano was in office. Yet, now that we have a Democratic Mayor in office, every single one of those issues has or is being settled, and justifies what the Republican Mayor was doing. How is the Democratic Councilmember’s refusal to perform their sworn duty for the people good government?
     The Government Operations and Efficiency Task Force (aka Blue Ribbon Panel) was put together for the sole purpose of tricking the public into believing their government is doing things on the up and up. The panel was hand selected by Mayor Dan Drew and contained many friends and contributors of Governor Malloy, whom the Mayor worships. The Task Forces recommendations are a lot of hooey! All of us on the inside already knew what the findings were going be. It was all political, nothing to do with good government or streamlining. It has to do with complete and total control of operations by politicians.
     Molly, you may ask why would politicians need to control City departments? It is a simple
rule of politics: If they can take care of complaints by the voters quickly, it makes them look good and keeps their voting constituency happy. A happy voter will most likely vote for their
re-election. Our elected political leaders can do “favors” more readily if their people are in charge of City departments. They can tell these new Directors what type of work should be done in the City and point the department in a specific direction. Special interest groups, engineering firms, contractors and companies, who contribute to political campaigns are taken care of in this manner.
     The Blue Ribbon panel has recommended three (3) Super Departments. One (1) of these departments will take over existing personnel who perform different types of maintenance for all City properties and buildings. The departments to be consumed have nothing in common with each other, but they will be placed together anyway.
One (1) of the people who will head a Super Department is not qualified to run the division he now gets paid to lead. It is amazing how far butt kissing will get you – a quality politician’s love. A move isn’t made without the approval from his political board of director(s) which meet at bars and local eateries. No real business is conducted in the office. Even departmental promotions are determined in saloons.
     Another of the Super Departments will be headed by a Director who will control all the money
for the City. There is talk that this Director may also take over the finances for the Water &
Sewer department. This sounds like it would make sense to combine all finances under one roof. If the Director and the individuals he oversees don’t fudge numbers for political reasons, it may work.
     The last Super Department will include all matters to do with planning, zoning, tourism and
conservation. It could work if everyone knows which way the City is heading and not only department commissions or the political world. All those living in Middletown have the right to
know, recommend, and respond to the direction their City is headed.
One of the main reasons the Mayor is for the reorganization of departments is so there are less Directors which answer to him and he has meet with. That’s all well and good if the three (3)
Directors have all the answers regarding the operation of their respective Super Departments.
     I have personally been involved at meetings where one of these proposed “Super Directors” cannot answer questions about the department he is currently in charge of, and has to literally run out of the room to get a subordinate to come to the meeting and give the answers. If that is going to be the same case after the consolidation, you gained nothing! All you will do is get subordinate managers angry why they have to do the job for their highly paid Director. And make no mistake about it – the new Super Directors and some of the other political employee cronies will receive substantial wage increases to head these new departments. To ensure the consolidation looks successful, watch how much additional taxpayer money the Common
Council throws at these departments so they and the Mayor don’t get egg on their faces.
No matter what deficiencies there may and will be with the consolidation of departments, it will
go through. The Mayor would not have offered the Retirement Incentive to Teamsters Directors and Managers, and the non-bargaining Directors and employees if he didn’t already know the eight (8) Democratic Councilmember’s are going to vote for the reorganization, and at least one (1) Republican Councilmember, for a super majority vote. The only way the consolidation of departments will fail is if there is a large turnout of Middletown residents speaking against it during the two (2) Common Council meetings which will happen in the near future. Mayor Drew wants to fast track this so he can hang his hat on something he’s done during his tenure as Mayor.
     Ms. Salafia, I know I’ve gotten off the beaten track a bit, but look at other issues which have
occurred over the past year, some of them unnoticed. This is our local government form of open
and honest government.
• The Water & Sewer Department investigation for the Common Council by Professor Douglas Rae, which went nowhere for a $10,000 plus cost to the taxpayers of Middletown. It was approved by the Common Council and quietly and quickly placed on a shelf. Why wasn’t anything done? All you have to do is connect the political and bloodline dots to figure it out. An alleged speeding ticket given by Connecticut State Police while in a City vehicle was recently squashed for this Director. How many times does the billing cycle for the Water & Sewer Department get to go out to the citizens and contain wrong information before something is done about it? Isn’t four (4) years in a row enough?
• How many people know that the Personnel Director (my wife) had to hire a private Attorney to represent her against Mayor Drew because he was attempting to terminate her with frivolous allegations and without just cause? She told me he would try to do this if he was elected Mayor, and he did – on her first day of work under him and throughout his first year in office.
• Two (2) other employees have hired private Attorneys due to this Mayor’s refusal to recognize and adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
• The Mayor’s strong arm tactics with certain Directors telling them they must support his proposed budgets – no matter how bad they cut the department, and must support his proposed Super Departments consolidation; or he will consider them insubordinate and discipline them. This is open and honest government?
• Does anyone know that Teamsters Local 671, which represents unionized City Directors and
Managers, is currently in binding arbitration over contract negotiations? Mayor Drew talked
a good game about how he is a “Union Man” when he was a Mayoral candidate. I see what
a good Union Man he really is? Why does the Mayor give non-union Directors and personnel a better wage and retirement incentive than he did with unionized employees? Aren’t we all doing the same job and working for the same employer and goals as managers?
My opinion is the Mayor is seeking to create dissension amongst the unionized Directors and Managers to bust the Teamsters.
So Molly, it is a shame what Mayor Drew is doing to the P&Z Commission, but that’s how he does business – load up the panel or commission with members who will do what he wants them do. That is how honest and transparent government works in Middletown under Mayor Drew and the Democratic Party’s regime.
     Stay strong. Stay involved. Stay together. Seek the truth.
Yours in Solidarity.
John Milardo


  1. Funny how Johnny didn't have any issues with all the back door deals when he and his wife were the beneficiaries and perpetrators. Live by the sword...

  2. Hey Anonymous, tell me what "back door deals" did my wife and I get?

  3. To Anonymous 2:37. I started my position at Step 1 of the salary scale. Only DIRECTOR in recent history to do so.... My pension is only 50% of my salary at retirement. No other "perks" other than whatever other Directors receive. Didn't take medical plan. So please tell me what "benefits" did I receive that others did not. If you are going to post, post your name and be specific. If you are to much of a coward to post your name, at least post some facts... Deb Milardo

  4. Hey Anonymous,
    Exactly what "back door deals" were my wife and I beneficiaries of? Please enlighten me.

  5. This letter is a breath of fresh air, Deb and John were hardworkers who served many years and the City is at a loss without them. Finally, someone is telling it like it really. I don't blame them at all for retiring from the madness and corruption Drew has created. Thank you John Milardo I look forward to your continued posts.

  6. The city has a history of hiring people to do the jobs that the political appointees can't do. Finance Director is one, and do we really need 2 deputies, one who does her side job while on the job? Or how about all the new central office positions at the BOE because the people that Milardo put there can't do the job? The city attorney's office wouldn't have to take over the personnel function if it was being done correctly.

  7. Is this the same John Milardo who got his hand slapped by his own union for ethical lapses?

  8. We at the INSIDER commend the Milardos for their hard work as well. With regard to the backroom deals, as of this writing we have yet to have any poster with a name or anonymous shed any light on anything that transpired in the back rooms (ala the Milardos) in town. -30

  9. To Anonymous 12:50pm,
    I never got my hand slapped for any type of eithical issues pertaining to union affairs.
    What did happen was strictly because of democratic state politics.

  10. A reply to Anyonymou 12:05pm,
    The Personnel Director never hires anyone. Their office conducts the testing procedures, which go to the Mayor who makes HIS/HER appointment selection from the hiring list for vacancies and/or promotions.
    Apparently, you don't know how your City government works.

  11. The Milardos may be gone, but their bullying and condescension lives on!

  12. How does one bully by writing a letter??? It's not like LS and her antics all over city hall. "I know the mayor" etc. Give me a break? I heard that Sandy "Civil Rights" Faraci doesn't want her down in the registrar of voting office.

  13. Dan Drew is qualified to be mayor about as much as Maraldo was qualified to be personnel director

  14. This town reeks of retaliation and back room deals- thanks Serracrats!

  15. Where is this mysterious W&S report no one an get their hands on?

  16. Milardo - please run for office- we need your clear thinking and bravery!

  17. There is no report from W&S or that is what is being told to those looking into the issue of past billing problems and lack of oversight.

    Time for residents of Middletown to start questioning the leaders from the Mayor, to the Common Council, to the directors. We deserve answers from our leaders. Instead we get more stonewalling on these issues.

  18. Can someone check with the insurance dept and let us know how many times John Milardo was on workman's comp during his time with the city? Also please john post your overtime for the last 6 years before drew. The Public would love to know how you had it so bad.

  19. Seek the truth. How many times was Mr. Milardo on comp during his time with the city? Also pre Drew...please post his over time the last 6 years so the public can see..They would be shocked at these numbers.

    And I am a former Park Employee who saw this first hand....Please post

  20. And how about John negotiating his union's contract with his wife, who has now benefited from those benefits she negotiated?

  21. pantainverrtji11729I would just like the people to know his comp time. SEEK THE TRUTH

  22. Wow to the last three Anonymous comments!
    First, you really have an axe to grind. Maybe you were one of the past employees who were disciplined or dismissed when I was Supt. of Parks. Secondly, my overtime hours are public information. I worked more hours when democrats were in office than republicans. Why aren't you complaining about anyone else who worked overtime? You ever see my name listed when the yearly top 10 salary earners in the City are publicized? Never! Lastly, I never negotiated a contract with the Personnel Director, we negotiated with the Mayors Adminstrative Aide or the City Attorney.
    Keep up the smear campaign for your political cronies,...they'll take care of you, if they haven't already.
    P.S. Use some different comments in the other blog. You're getting boring.

  23. Now that the Milardos are no longer able to use their jobs to threaten people's jobs and pensions the truth comes out.

  24. Instead of being run by a clown (whether Guiliano or drew, they are both bozo personified) and the 7 dwarfs the city will now be run by Pinocchio and the 3 stooges...nyuk nyuk.

  25. Hey John, do pigs fly?

  26. John- people only attack your character when they have nothing else to go on- they are truly scared now that you are bringing out the TRUTH! Head up!


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