Saturday, August 01, 2015

Request for Candidate Bios for ALL Middletown Candidates Election 2015

Beginning September 1, 2015 the Middletown Insider blog will be accepting bio's from ALL municipal candidates in Middletown. 

1. Bio must be in .txt., email. .doc, .docx format. NO .pdf formats or links to other pages with bios will be accepted. We are posting bios as a  courtesy to our readers, and do not have time to hunt for a bio on the web and edit its formatting. DO NOT cut and paste a bio from facebook or another website. This makes our job of editing the html formatting very hard. Our volunteers will do their best to replicate the formatting in the text submission, however, please be aware sometimes our platform makes this difficult.We will not retype any biographies for anyone. We will not be running a spell check or editing for grammar. 
Bios are posted AS IS.

2. Try and limit the bio or statement to 1 page. The Insider staff reserve the right to truncate any bios that are too long.

3. Bios will run in random order, on a schedule we see fit. If we get it, we will run it when we have time and space prior to the November Election.

4. 1 to 2 photos per candidate may be submitted as separate attachments with the bio. Please have the photo in individual .jpg or .jpeg formats ONLY.

5. Submissions may contain active links, or if the author chooses to indicate where they would like active links placed staff will do their best to accommodate requests.

6.  Publishing of a bio or lack of publishing does not indicate an endorsement for or against any particular candidate or party.

7. Bios may be accepted in bulk from official candidate representatives.

Email bios  to


  1. Please pay special attention to spelling and grammar. This will be your first impression on many potential supporters and can make you or break you.

  2. Thanks for your public service, Insider.

  3. Bill makes an excellent suggestion. The bio posted here will be re-used throughout the campaign, and perhaps beyond. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make it count.


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