Sunday, June 30, 2013

Middletown Makes National News via Fark!

Today Middletown made headlines on the  popular offbeat news website which syndicates  weird news headlines from around the country.  
A  person called in an unsual box at the corner of Church and Broad Streets today prompting the bomb squad to be called. .Better safe than sorry we say. Fark picked up the story and  had a little fun with the headline. isn't a Weblog. According to its "about page",, the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Fark states it  receives 2,000 news submissions from its readers, from which the editors' choose the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day.
Fark writers then preface the headline with a satirical antidote, in this case:
"Bomb squad called to investigate suspicious device that no one had seen before - a sewing machine
The Insider isn't the only source that chooses to look for brevity in local politics, Fark has been doing it for years. The last time a news story made Fark that was somewhat related to Middletown was for the post : "In a move to promote public $afety, CT passes legislation to allow driver's licenses for illegals. I guess we will find out if registration does in fact lead to confiscation."
From our research, Middletown it self has not made the front page of Fark before today, while the city has received attention another popular reader generated news website in the past. Kinda cool.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Live Long and Rumblings

Sent in by the beautiful readers of The Middletown Insider. Thanks to all- especially The Colonel for his resplendent insights about this pulchritudinous & effulgent town!  Read it three times to get all the MEANINGS!!
1)    According to officials at Middletown’s Godfrey Library, there is a boatload of evidence that State Representative Matthew Lesser (stop posting on Facebook every two seconds, we get it, you took a dump yesterday) and Emergency Operations Management Deputy Director Angel Fernandez are indeed related by blood.  This corroborates Lessor’s claim that he is indeed Latino/Hispanic, and also clarifies that his connection to the nation of Argentina is Latino and not Aryan.  Heil Malloy!
Matt's elation  the moment he found out
he is related to Angel. 
2)    Open message to John C. Hall (chairman of the Jonah Center for Earth Air & Money), and the city’s energy czar: (WTF? Energy Czar- please!).   Although we appreciate your efforts  to bring youth from less privileged families to participate in Jonah Center’s Annual River Paddle event, don’t you think your energies would be better placed in getting  killer David Messenger off the streets?  The Middletown Insider will donate a cool $1,000 to your cause next year if you have the guts to bring  wife killer David Messenger to your event.  Please re-evaluate your decision on this one, the liberals may you let you off the hook because they don’t have to deal with the situation but this publication will not.  Incidentally, what the hell is an energy czar anyhow?
Hall advocated Messenger's release from CVH to "worship."
3)    Rumor has it that Mayor Daniel Drew called a  city worker to his office to offer a verbal spanking  about his reputed online comments made on his personal time as a private citizen.  Dan have you ever heard of the 1st Amendment? Right, it’s over in China with your report.
4)    It’s official: former councilman and beekeeper Earl V. Roberts is seeking the Republican nomination for Mayor. The problem, the GOP has nobody to run and want to keep it that way. Perhaps they can run John C. Hall or David Messenger- what a team that would be. 
5)    After the new re-organization, something that was supposed to decrease the size of government breaking news: many positions open, but there is a huge shortage of Serracrats to fill those spots. Go figure!! 

6)    Paging Danny Drew, paging Drew, Danny:  Last week the state had an emergency management drill for disaster training in M-town, and guess who was not involved in the festivities? (Cause you know damn well if he was, his face would be all over the Mess the way he likes it) Yep, his name rhymes with Lan Lew or Stan Screw. Dan Drew was not present for any of this crucial drill, but no worries folkies, Drew’s chief of staff Joseph “WTF” Samolis made hourly broadcasts to inform citizens about the percentage of streets cleared from snow. 
  The National Guard stopped by Middletown and was turned away by the king of Middletown because "he can handle it on his own."  (Okay we mixed two events on this one, but read between the lines people.) 

7)    What prominent member of the Democratic Town Committee is a big racist! Nuff said!

8)    Which is greater: how many paychecks  Middletown gives to city music man Marco Gaylord or the amount of licks it takes to get the bottom of a Tootsie Roll.  How many jobs can this one many do? He’s got w-2 fever!

9)    The Department of Transportation to have a meeting (breakfast) to discuss the fate of the Route 17 to Route 9 on-ramp (by Harbor Park) aka the deadliest exit in Connecticut or Rear Ender Central.  You know it’s funny; Democrat Representative Joseph Serra, head of the Committee on Highways and Transportation,  has been in office for a ¼ of a century and this issue if finally being discussed.  Hey voters, you keep voting him in- good for you

10) According to Connecticut State Representative Matthew Lesser, new member of the Latino group Menuedo & Hispanic Latino Caucus, is attempting to propose a bill that would allow all illegal aliens in the state to have a card that ENTITLES them to free car insurance. The program is called Lessorcare and he has already printed out cards at he Wesleyan University computer lab in hopes that his bill becomes a law.  Speaking of Wesleyan University, why is Michael Roth and the gang so proud of a  DROP-OUT who complains about rising interest rates on student loans? Does he care about the janitors and cafeteria workers who went on strike? Come Mathew let’s step up to the plate and help the real workers!
11)   Rosa DeLauro has been cast as Spock’s mother in J.J. Abrahams next Star Trek film entitled Star Trek 3: You Dumb Voters keep putting me in and I take Commie Money.

12)  This week Dan Drew took time out from his busy day to flip flapjacks with CT Senator Christopher Murphy and to chat up Rosa DeLauro about rising student loan rates. (Dano attended both "non campaign/political" events on City time ) Drew vowed to get on a plane if he has to solve the tuition hike problem.
photo credit: Rep. Matt Lesser's twitter account.
13)  Thrice sold Remington Rand building to be leased to medical pot factory (HIGHER THAN A FRIGGIN, KITE) owners Thomas Chong and Cheech Marion who plan to film their next cannabis filled opus entitled: “Cheech and Chong Smoke Remington Rand”- the film will also star David Messenger, Mark Masselli and Hope Kasper. Note: Kasper has demanded that Chong hire son-in-law Joshua Burger to work on the set with the stipulations that he gets teacher benefits.
14) Netflix has announced that they will be filming a new dramaedy series entitled “The Mayor and his Mom” which will be available for streaming on June 30, 2013, unlike the the Common Council meetings which the City IT Department is STILL figuring out how to do!  The series revolves around an ex-mayor and his mom and the amazing adventures they endure and the conversations they have over pizza and donuts.

15) SCOOP: Most people in Connecticut are still waiting for the axe to fall on the CHC (Community Health Center) due to the Chris Donovan scandal.  Guess who has the blue form with all the evidence?  Shhhh, we’ll never tell

16)  PRISM, which is a program that the NSA uses to track internet usage, email, phones calls and other important private information of John Q. Public says it nearly impossible for a private citizen to track IP addresses. Translation ED4ED screwed up royally!

17)  What city employee looked like the late great Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes?

18) Middletown Public schools to now give all students free breakfast, lunch, diner, midnight snack, and movie passes.  North End students to get special midnight munchies and free lifetime usage of a bong. (Tie it in with the Remington Rand joke #13)

19) CHC guru and Buddhist (He went to the see the Dali Lama on _______’s dime) Mark Masselli, under the tutelage of Colorado Governor John HickendooperpooopperscooperchoperChipsahoyjurjuneilovemyself will be recording a new version of Don McLean’s American Pie

20)  @mattlesser : #Councilman Phil Pessina claims Dan Drew as new BFF # Matt Lesser jealous vows to deny Pessina free auto insurance. #uncool

21) Thelma and Louise: Part II- The GOP women are at odds after voting against one another after last council meeting..  Rumor has it that TNT will be airing their half nude Jell-O Wrestling Match to settle the score.  At least they had a budget!
22)  Castaway II: Starring Hope Kasper, Ronald Klatenberger, Todd Berch, and Ted “I used city money to send my son to Cape Cod” Razcka.

23)  Who will be the next Middletown city clerk, a former councilwoman or an inner circle relative?

24) A citizen punches a Wesleyan professor in the face over a Main Street parking space and it is not just assault but a "hate crime," a  high naked student walks into a home and exposes himself to a child and it is a "learning experience." Wait - racially driven hate crime? Didn't Wes ban the use of racial descriptions in APB's?

24.5) Mess quotes Sen. Chris Murphy: “It shouldn't take seven years to be a lawyer, eight to be a doctor.” Right on, it isn't like we want only the best and the brightest messing with people's lives. 

25)   那裡性交是中國報告, jive驢子雞

26) Did you ever wonder why Charlie ignored his mother in Ronald Dahl’s book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when he won the golden ticket? I mean, think about it, Grandpa Joe was in bed for 10 years and did nothing (Democrat) while the working mom (Republican) worked her ass off but received nothing from the Wonka regime ( or Charlie for that matter). The lesson: those that hustle and work are ignored and the lazy get ahead get more Welf…Chocolate.

Middletown Salvation Army Kids Summer Day Camp

The Middletown Salvation Army is hosting a summer camp from July 8-August 16 for kids ages 7-12. The program hours are 9-3pm (8:30am early arrival and 3:30 extended stay). Breakfast and lunch are included.

Program to include:  arts & crafts, hiking, swimming, fitness, music, dance, tours and trips!

Cost is $20 per week 1st child, $15 2nd child and $10 3rd child. Financial assitance may be available.

REGISTER NOW! Please contact Deborah Kleckowski- Summer Progam Director or 860-347-7493.

Reminder Fill Up Your Gas Tank This Weekend!

Reminder: Connecticut gas tax increase scheduled to take effect on Monday July 1, 2013 - beat the tax increase and fill your gas tank this weekend!

Dear friends,
On Monday the biggest tax increase in the history of Connecticut's gas taxes will take effect. This is a friendly reminder to fill your tank this weekend before the increase in Connecticut gas taxes is imposed on you. When the added tax is implemented Connecticut gas taxes will be $0.51/gallon compared to Massachusetts gas tax of $0.23/gallon! None of the additional tax will go into road and bridge repair. So expect the Hartford politicians to say they need a tax or a toll to pay for needed road maintenance. But don't be fooled.
Len Suzio

Letter to the Editor: Money up in Smoke

 The letter to the editor reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers.
It's that time of year again where towns spend tens of thousands of mostly taxpayer dollars to buy fireworks and shoot them up in the sky, never to be seen again. This money could be better spent on so many other useful and needed things.

Tom Salafia, Middletown

Updates on Riverfront Development Commission, RDC To Hold Public Kick off Meeting

The Riverfront Redevelopment Commission seek public input on Tuesday during a meeting at City Hall at 7pm.

City Planning and Zoning Department Director William Warner gave the Planning and Zoning Commission an update on the riverfront committee’s progress at the zoning board’s  regular meeting Wednesday . The City hired Projects for Public Spaces a New York-based,nonprofit to consult on the redevelopment. The Office of Planning, Conservation and Development has made a  Facebook page seeking comments from the public. Because not all citizens have facebook, Warner stated he set up a web page, linked to the planning department’s main website, with updates on the Riverfront Redevelopment Commission. Commissioner Molly Salafia (R) asked if a strategic plan with a timeline will be done by the consulting firm, rather than just conceptual philosophy and precedent case studies, and Warner stated that yes the firm will make specific plans that pertain and can be used by the City as a launch point. He stressed that ultimately, the Planning and Zoning Commission has final say of what new zoning is adopted. Warner said he would like to see the existing rail line used as a tourist trolley. Commissioner Beth Emery (D) asked if bike paths would be apart of the plan of development. Warner stated that he still has the notes from thirteen years ago from the public sessions held then by the then riverfront development consultants and that those previous concepts developed in committee had not been forgotten. Warner stated to his knowledge, the South Cove area would need to be dredged for a public boat launch, but that a public park area was going to the be vital point in driving development. Warner elaborated that the City needed to provide, plan for, and implement an overhaul of infrastructure to attract private development, and that this infrastructure was the critical first step.

The development of the riverfront - with land both owned by the City, State, and private entities in play depends on the decommission of the current sewage plan on River Road and Middletown joining  Mattabassett District—the acceptance is still pending in Cromwell, Berlin and New Britain to allow Middletown in. Middletown is scheduled to pay $13 million to the surrounding towns to join the district.

Highway Routes 17 and 9. are a disaster, ranking number 1 as the most dangerous highways in the state. Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting at Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce’s Central Business Bureau Committee on Wednesday at 8 a.m. at the Chamber’s headquarters, 393 Main St. Rep. Joseph Serra, a 25 year veteran legislator who represents Middletown, is the chair of the Highways committee. Warner stated at the PZ meeting ,when asked by Commissioner Nick Fazzino (R) if the DOT had any plans to deal with the traffic lights on this stretch of highway, that the state has only mentioned it will discuss the RT 17 and RT 9 on ramp.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Daily Spin: National Lampoons Nantucket Vacation

For lack of actually doing any real news coverage, the Mess is running an article about Governor Dannel Malloy vacationing in Nantucket. WHY IS THIS NEWS? Who the heck knows. Must be a slow day for Editor Viktoria being at Mayor Drew's beck and call.You know its bad when the Big D won't even vacation in his own state yet has spent more than any other governor promoting travel to the Connecticut! Actually, he has spent more than any other governor on his own travel too jet setting to China.

Malloy is responsible for spending $27 Million on promoting travel in CT with the Connecticut is "Still Revolutionary" campaign. The campaign includes advertising via print, social media, tv and radio jingles. Yes, jingles. Is it working? The press release for the campaign claimed a $1.5 billion dollar return on this investment. If so we ask, why are our taxes so damn high and rising? Why allow the gas tax to increase on July 1st
Will tax payers foot the bill for his security detail on the island? Will he wear a white linen suit or ivory? And the Mrs? Does the cottage have bunk beds for Rep. Matty Lesser and Mayor Dan Drew to tag along on this trip too? How will his regime spin this trip as beneficial to citizens so that taxpayers end up footing this bill?
 Actually, someone already thought of an excuse to cover that last one: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, chairman of the Democratic Governors' Association, is having "Governor's Cabinet Retreat" sleepover on Nantucket. Apparently, Governor Rick Perry is not invited. 

There once was a man who summered in Nantucket,
He threw taxpayers' cash in a bucket.
    But they rose up and kicked his can,
    On election day they started a ban, 
On thieving governors who summer in Nantucket.

Middletown Fourth Of July Fireworks Festival

2nd Amendment Family Pig Roast

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carpino Visits with Cromwell Seniors

Local Representative Christie Carpino visits with Cromwell Seniors. Below is a youtube video from user Jpolke. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Raising Taxes is DeLauro's Solution for Everything

 Below is a letter to the editor from Christopher Schaefer. Congresswoman DeLauro was in Middletown on Monday to speak about the rising cost of college tuition loan interest. She spoke to a packed house of about 6 people warranting 3 news crews - the "crowd" included  Mayor Dan Drew, and Rep. Matt Lesser at the deKoven House. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers.
Rosa DeLauro “denounced opponents in Congress as hypocritical for refusing to raise taxes”. Raising taxes is DeLauro’s solution to everything. Why not cut spending? Search “Sen. Coburn 2012 Waste Book” to see the kind of profligate, reckless spending that DeLauro supports. “’What if I don’t get a job?’ said [student] Cavalier.” Sadly, DeLauro’s biggest fan base is among such young, idealistic Millennials—of whom only 62 percent are working, and of those, half are able to find only part-time jobs. 
Why? Because DeLauro consistently supports anti-business legislation and ObamaCare. Employers are getting around the onerous provisions of ObamaCare by simply not hiring full-time employees. When a business struggles, everyone loses. But since Rosa DeLauro has never held a real job in her life nor run a business, how would she possibly understand this? Perhaps it’s finally time for idealism to be replaced with reality. And for DeLauro to be replaced with someone who actually will serve the best interests of the 3rd district—rather than focus on pandering for votes solely to retain her very lucrative office-for-life.

Christopher Schaefer, CT

Middletown High Teachers Honor Beloved Teacher with Memorial

Middletown teachers organized a "jeans day" to raise contributions to the Linda M. Beloin Memorial Scholarship. Beloin was a beloved English teacher at Middletown High School who passed away in April of 2013. She taught at the school from 2002 to 2013.Graduating senior Ava Varszegi received the first annual scholarship at the Senior Awards Ceremony. There is a marker stone in honor of Beloin in the courtyard at the high school with a special butterfly bush.

July 4th: Norm Way Memorial Baseball Game.

July 4th: Norm Way Memorial Baseball Game. The Greater Middletown Military Museum will hold its annual Norm Way Memorial Baseball Game at 58 Bernie O’Rourke Drive in Middletown. All are welcome.
The Norm Way Memorial Baseball game will be held again this year. Norm Way was a member American Legion Post 75 an supporter of Legion baseball a World War II veteran who landed in Normand on D-Day plus 1, a charter member of the Greater Middletown Military Museum and on the Museums Board of Directors. The game will be on the 4th of July Pre-game ceremonies start at 10:45am. This year it will be double header. First game between Middletown American Post 75 and Berlin American Legion starts at 10:00am. Second game between American Legion RCP and Middletown starts at 2:00pm.

submitted by Bill Maune

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tonight Middletown Republican Town Committee Meeting All Welcome

Press Release:The Middletown Republican Town Committee is holding its monthly meeting TODAY Monday June 25th at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.
Anyone wishing to learn more about the committee is welcome & encouraged to attend.
They may also email Vice Chairman William Wilson at :
The Middletown Republican Town Committee is seeking candidates for the Municipal election to be held in November, 2013.  The following candidacies are available: Common Council, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate, and Board of Assessment Appeals.  Anyone interested in being considered to become a candidate must submit a letter of intent stating the office he/she is seeking.  The following information must also be included:  Name, address, phone number and email address. 
Mail to:
Middletown Republican Town Committee
Kenneth A. McClellan, Chair
P.O. Box 1121
Middletown, CT 06457

Local Charity Artists for World Peace Holds 2nd Annual Dance for Peace

Press Release:
Hi everyone!
It is with great pleasure that we are presenting our 2nd Annual Dance for Peace next Saturday, June 29th, at The Kate, in Old Saybrook. 

Below is the information, all the details about the dancers, as well as our website where you can purchase tickets. The proceeds from this event will help pay tuition bills for our Children of Peace that we support around the world. We are also currently awarding scholarships to students here in Ct. and in N.Y. who are majoring in the arts. In this way we are helping support the next generation of artists!

We hope to see you next week!
All the best,
Wendy Black-Nasta
Founder/Executive Director

Gas Tax To Rises July 1st & Bartolomeo Bust

All over CT tomorrow, GOP representatives will be holding rallies .
The Connecticut Republican Party has started on online petition to Help Prevent A Connecticut Gas Tax Hike July 1st …

Before his defeat by Dante Bartolomeo (D), then state senator representing the 13th District Len Suzio fought long and hard for repeal of Ct's Gas tax. 

Last weekend, Bartolomeo held a meet and greet at Ford New's on Main Street in Middletown. The popular diner is a frequent stop for politicians. Usually the diner is standing room only, but the event for Bartolomeo seemed like a bust with only about eight people in attendance, many of which were part of her entourage. State Rep. Joe Serra (D), who is a regular at Ford, was present, and Mayor Drew made a brief, typical, 30 second appearance. 

Throughout his tenure as state senator for the 13th District Len Suzio had bi-monthly coffee with constituents at Rise and Shine Cafe on Saybrook Road in Middletown.  Bartolomeo has not taken up the cause to repeal the gas tax, something Suzio championed in the 13th District. Suzio's fight to stop the early release of violent offenders was another Suzio lead that especially appealed to the 13th District in the wake of the deadly home invasion that resulted in a triple homicide in Cheshire. Bartolomeo has not taken action regarding either of these issues, choosing to focus on the mandatory mental health screenings conducted by the state of all children under 12, a controversial issue that many say violates civil liberties. (Read Bartolomeo recently voted in favor of allowing illegal citizens in Connecticut to obtain driver's licenses, a stance that has come under much criticism from conservative constituents in the 13th.

The increase scheduled to take place July 1 will at 4 cents to Connecticut's current 47 cent tax per gallon of gasoline. In a statement to the Register Citizen regarding Governor Malloy's non action regarding Connecticut's GasTax, Republican Senator Joe Markley, 16th District, said:

 "Governor (Dannel) Malloy is not using gas tax revenues to fix roads and bridges as was originally intended,” Markley said in a statement. “Instead, the money is being used to fund the growth of government bureaucracy. Demand that this gas tax hike not go through.”

The full article with which elaborates on what Republican lawmakers feel are false promises made by Democrats and Governor Malloy regarding the gas tax can be read here:

On Monday, Republican Lawmakers from all over CT will be  holding rallies in protest of the gas tax hike at various gas stations: 
Then State Senator Len Suzio campaigned hard on 
behalf of taxpayers.

Senator Joe Markley (R) will be holding a rally Monday June 24 in protest of the gas tax hike Markley,  at the Cheshire Gulf Station at 1125 Highland Ave. from 4 to 6 p.m.R

Senator Art Linares (R) will be holding a  rally as well  Westbrook at the Mobil Station at 198 Essex Road from 4-6 pm.

Check the state GOP website for more locations and participating representatives.
Proponents of the gas tax (crazies) argue the revenue is supposed to go to fixing Connecticut's roads and infrastructure. However, adopted budget robs $91 millon from the transportation and infrastructure allocation, while calling for the largest gas tax in history.

Roads, crashes, and where the money goes; read this it will make you have nightmares:
In a recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Connecticut & Illinois tied for  the worst roads in the nation. And at the top of Connecticuts list, Middletown scores number 1.

Middletown voters should be scratching their heads on this one. 25+ year veteran Rep. Joe Serra (D), who lives in and represents Middletown, is head of the Highways and Transportation Committee. 

 Serra also runs CASHO - aka Connecticut Association of Street & Highways Officials, Inc. a "non profit" that oversees the conditions on CT's roadways. Despite this, Middletown can boast that is has the No. 1 most deadly section of highway in the state!  According to  Department of Transportation records, while it has a somewhat scenic view of the river, the on ramp where Route 17 merges with Route 9 has been the site of more accidents than anywhere else in the state. (

Listen up Mayor Drew and Rep. Serra:  During the riverfront redevelopment, what are your plans for the future of this stretch of highway and on ramp specifically? 
How many more people have to DIE? 
JOE: is it going to take you another 25+ years in politics for you to do something or what? We have freakin' traffic lights on a major highway!!! It's your freakin' Committee!

Readers are welcome to sent video and photos from rallies to

DeLauro in Middletown Monday

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D) will be holding a discussion on the increase of the cost of college tuition in the wake of Federal financial aide loans scheduled to increase on July 1, 2013.
Monday June 24th at 1:00 pm, DeKoven House Community Center on Washington Street. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guestblog: Barefooted Begging By Fred Carroll

Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carrol. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carrol has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here: 

Is it just me, or is the connection between Muscular Dystrophy and Fire Fighting a little bit less than obvious? I am of course referring to Fire Fighters posting up at the intersection of Washington and Main Streets and approaching every stopped at the light vehicle and holding out a "Boot" for drivers to feed with cash .......maybe they'll also swipe a credit card for you, I don't know. Is this begging? Is this THE MOST DIFFICULT "NO" A SOLICITEE" WILL EVER PROFFER? Who do you have to admire to get the Fire Department to do your "soliciting" for you? Why only MS? Is that the worst disease? Was there a little boy with this disease who won the hearts of a particular Fire Station once, and the thing went viral? What? What is the logic behind this?

 Fred Carroll [two L's!]

Winsley Withdraws from CT GOP Chair Election

Wayne Winsley
In a letter to the State Central Committee, candidate for GOP party chairman Wayne Winsley withdrew himself from the race Sunday. 
Just this evening via facebook and his twitter page, former GOP party chair Chris Healy gave a statement that he is not considering a run:

"Thank you to the many Connecticut Republicans who offered kind words of encouragement and support. While I am humbled the attention and respectful of their request, I am not going to pursue the leadership of our Republican Party Tuesday. But I will be out there with you doing what I can to show the voters that we have the ideas, the experience and the guts to lead our state back to greatness. Congratulations to Chairman Jerry Labriola and his team. United, there is nothing we can't accomplish."

Candidate Ron Wilcox remains in the race and the vote will take place tomorrow. Wilcox is challenging incumbent  Jerry Labriola Jr..
Candidate Ron Wilcox
Winsley's letter is below:
Sunday June 23rd 2013

Dear State Central Committee members,

When I announced my candidacy for Republican Party Chairman, I did so with the belief that I am the candidate best suited to serve and work with the State Central Committee in addressing some of the most pressing concerns and challenges facing our great party at this time. 
All of those concerns that compelled me to seek the Chairmanship still exist and are just as valid today as they were on June 14th when I announced my candidacy.

• Improving the perception of our party in the minds of Connecticut voters.

• Communicating our traditional Republican values and principles to the current generation in a manner that is applicable to the current generation.

• Delivering our message to all corners of the state and to all voters of the state.

• Uniting and energizing our traditional base and all of the varying points of view beneath the Republican banner and moving forward as a team.

If these concerns are not addressed quickly and decisively, our great state and the wonderful and hard-working citizens that call Connecticut home will bear the brunt of our failure.

The stakes are far too high to risk fragmenting our great party with a four-way race for Chairman.

With that in mind, I immediately withdraw my name from consideration as next Chairman of Connecticut’s Republican Party.

Of the remaining candidates for Republican Party Chair, the person that I believe will be most effective in fostering the conditions necessary for Republican victory is Jerry Labriola Jr.

Based on my own due diligence and conversations with Chairman Labriola, I believe that our current Chairman is ready and determined to move forward with a new energy and vigor to address those pressing concerns which necessitated my entry into the chairman race and all of the other challenges ahead.

I look forward to working hand-in-hand with our Chairman and the state Central Committee.

I immediately release all of those State Central Committee members who have worked tirelessly on my behalf and pledged their support and their vote to me.

I urge the State Central Committee members to conduct all due diligence, deliberate with great care, and cast your vote for the remaining candidate who will most effectively address those concerns listed above and who will be best able to work with the committee to accomplish our mission which is to elect Republican candidates on the local, state, and federal levels.

I stand by ready, willing, and able to contribute all that I have to that effort.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you to help get Republican candidates elected in Connecticut.

Wayne Winsley

Think for yourself!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why is the mayor so slanted? Add a funny quote..

Add a funny quote for the photo!


1) Get off the ceiling
2) The Mayor is higher than the town budget

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wrong or Right? Middletown CT Police: Do not Obey the 4th Amendment

Here is a video that is being circulated around town that was posted on YOUTUBE from a citizen known as "bagelmanb".Below is the commentary written by the video's creator, posted here for discussion purposes and the letter that accompanies the video was written by the same "bagelmanb" and reflects his opinions not necessarily those of the Insider Staff.

Published on Jun 6, 2013
This is a film of my encounter with the Middletown CT Police Department on June 5th, 2013. In the 10 minutes before this video begins, I was filming police entering and exiting the MPD building, then filming their rear parking lot. All filming was done from on the public sidewalk, and I did not enter the building or the parking lot.This video begins as I was walking back to the front of the building. As I was passing the side entrance, Officer Peck exited the building so I started filming him.

Officer Peck illegally detained me without Reasonable Articulable Suspicion that I had committed or would commit a crime, as required by the Constitution (See: Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)). Officer Peck then lied to me and told me that filming the police department building and parking lot was a crime.

Eventually the officers gave up on detaining me since I was doing nothing wrong. Immediately after this film ended, my brother happened to ride up on his bike, and I started talking to him, telling him what had just happened. After I left, the MPD retaliated against my brother for associating with me, and wrote him a $90 citation for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

The officers that were involved in this illegal detention are:
Officer Peck, Badge #7099
Officer Schreiner, Badge #8666
Officer Maturo, Refused to provide Badge #

I do not know what officers detained my brother as I was not present for that encounter.

To complain about these officers' violation of 4th Amendment rights, please contact the Middletown Police Department:

(860) 638-4000

For more information on why this detention was illegal and a violation of my 4th Amendment rights,see:

Middletown's Town Clerk to Retire Friday

Sandra Russo-Driska, Middletown's Town Clerk will be retiring Friday June 21, 2013. From the all of us at the Middletown Insider, we wish her a a Happy& Prosperous Retirement! A public coffee hour in her honor is being held at City Hall from 9-11 am Friday.

No word on who will fill the vacant position.

Guestblog" Conservative Roundup: Palin Smith's Pick for GOP Chair

 Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff.                                         

Next Tuesday, June 25, the 72 board of directors (State Central) of the CT Republican Party will vote to either retain the current mediocre party chairman or select a much better choice for the future. For us there is only one clear choice. That is Ron Wilcox. I could never improve on Bob MacGuffie’s words, so I forward Bob’s endorsement with my own second.
Connecticut Patriots:

Next Tuesday a vote will be taken to determine who will be the next Chairman of the CT Republican Party. We are trying to get a seasoned solid conservative elected to that post, which will represent a reinvigoration of the Party and a re-establishment of the Party on the conservative principles of limited government, individual liberty and free-market economics.

That candidate is Ron Wilcox of Newtown. Ron is a life-long CT resident and Republican who has promoted and fought for these principles all his adult life. He has demonstrated and proven his belief in our principles, and has the business experience and political savvy to lead the state party. Following is a link to a brief presentation of his ideas for the party which were delivered in Barkhamsted on Monday, June 17.
Connecticut Republican Party Chair Candidate: Ron Wilcox
Seventy two state central members, two from each of the state's 36 senatorial districts, are the electors who cast the ballots. A list of the state central members at this link
Choose the one from your town (or the nearest neighboring town) and click on the e-mail link and ask that member to cast their vote for Ron Wilcox. If you want the Republican Party to be led by a solid conservative, and again stand on principle, please send that e-mail.
Thanks so much.

In liberty,
Bob MacGuffie
Right Principles
Pomfret Center: Last Monday three of the four invited Republican legislators attended a town hall meeting hosted by local RTCs. For the 2nd time Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney was absent. Most of the public crowd had hoped to express their anger about the new gun law that Mr. McKinney had abetted in collaboration with the gun-grabbing Democrats and Governor Malloy.
One man in particular spoke eloquently to the issue. Doug Cutler of Putnam.
The 20-video play list of the meeting is here. Look for some entertaining clips early on:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upcoming Meetings in MIddletown CT

Your Daily Spin by the Middletown Mess: An Accurate Drill

If this is to be an accurate drill, will Mayor Drew chase news crews and declare the roads are 75%, 80%, 95% clear while stranded citizen's phone City Hall?
 Anyone at the helm?
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