Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Daily Spin: National Lampoons Nantucket Vacation

For lack of actually doing any real news coverage, the Mess is running an article about Governor Dannel Malloy vacationing in Nantucket. WHY IS THIS NEWS? Who the heck knows. Must be a slow day for Editor Viktoria being at Mayor Drew's beck and call.You know its bad when the Big D won't even vacation in his own state yet has spent more than any other governor promoting travel to the Connecticut! Actually, he has spent more than any other governor on his own travel too jet setting to China.

Malloy is responsible for spending $27 Million on promoting travel in CT with the Connecticut is "Still Revolutionary" campaign. The campaign includes advertising via print, social media, tv and radio jingles. Yes, jingles. Is it working? The press release for the campaign claimed a $1.5 billion dollar return on this investment. If so we ask, why are our taxes so damn high and rising? Why allow the gas tax to increase on July 1st
Will tax payers foot the bill for his security detail on the island? Will he wear a white linen suit or ivory? And the Mrs? Does the cottage have bunk beds for Rep. Matty Lesser and Mayor Dan Drew to tag along on this trip too? How will his regime spin this trip as beneficial to citizens so that taxpayers end up footing this bill?
 Actually, someone already thought of an excuse to cover that last one: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, chairman of the Democratic Governors' Association, is having "Governor's Cabinet Retreat" sleepover on Nantucket. Apparently, Governor Rick Perry is not invited. 

There once was a man who summered in Nantucket,
He threw taxpayers' cash in a bucket.
    But they rose up and kicked his can,
    On election day they started a ban, 
On thieving governors who summer in Nantucket.

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