Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guestblog: Barefooted Begging By Fred Carroll

Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carrol. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carrol has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here: 

Is it just me, or is the connection between Muscular Dystrophy and Fire Fighting a little bit less than obvious? I am of course referring to Fire Fighters posting up at the intersection of Washington and Main Streets and approaching every stopped at the light vehicle and holding out a "Boot" for drivers to feed with cash .......maybe they'll also swipe a credit card for you, I don't know. Is this begging? Is this THE MOST DIFFICULT "NO" A SOLICITEE" WILL EVER PROFFER? Who do you have to admire to get the Fire Department to do your "soliciting" for you? Why only MS? Is that the worst disease? Was there a little boy with this disease who won the hearts of a particular Fire Station once, and the thing went viral? What? What is the logic behind this?

 Fred Carroll [two L's!]


  1. Thought provoking observations as always Fred! Unfortunately, many of these fundraisers profits don't actually got to curing the disease. Ie. the epidemic of "pink washing" and the American Cancer Society. While I think people should by all means keep giving, I too beg the question how does a government group choose one group over the other to support? How is this far? I guess the answer is life is unfair, and there is favoritism in all things.

  2. Wow Fred, you are a true renaissance man, a real deep thinker! The men and women of the Middletown Fire Department are conducting the "Fill the Boot Campaign" on behalf of the IAFF (International Association of Firefighters).

    The IAFF has been associated with MDA since 1954 and was one of two groups the other being the National Association of Letter Carriers. Since 1954 the IAFF has raised 450 million dollars for MDA. Each year thousands of firefighter stand in the streets and host other fund raising activities to support the MDA.

    I'm sure they would be happy to let you assist. How about you? What event in your life made you want to be a sidewalk sweeper?

    I'm quite sure those families served over the years by the MDA are quite thankful to all the firefighters, career and volunteer who have donated their time to such a worthy cause. Pick a better topic to complain about next time, and by the way people donate,mother are not forced to give.


  3. Simple, Fred, the firefighters don't like to hold brooms. So they hold boots out instead. By the way, why do you need the second "L" in your last name? It's silent, anyway, isn't it? Perhaps a column devoted to THAT mystery is warranted, and timely too.


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