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Guestblog" Conservative Roundup: Palin Smith's Pick for GOP Chair

 Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff.                                         

Next Tuesday, June 25, the 72 board of directors (State Central) of the CT Republican Party will vote to either retain the current mediocre party chairman or select a much better choice for the future. For us there is only one clear choice. That is Ron Wilcox. I could never improve on Bob MacGuffie’s words, so I forward Bob’s endorsement with my own second.
Connecticut Patriots:

Next Tuesday a vote will be taken to determine who will be the next Chairman of the CT Republican Party. We are trying to get a seasoned solid conservative elected to that post, which will represent a reinvigoration of the Party and a re-establishment of the Party on the conservative principles of limited government, individual liberty and free-market economics.

That candidate is Ron Wilcox of Newtown. Ron is a life-long CT resident and Republican who has promoted and fought for these principles all his adult life. He has demonstrated and proven his belief in our principles, and has the business experience and political savvy to lead the state party. Following is a link to a brief presentation of his ideas for the party which were delivered in Barkhamsted on Monday, June 17.
Connecticut Republican Party Chair Candidate: Ron Wilcox
Seventy two state central members, two from each of the state's 36 senatorial districts, are the electors who cast the ballots. A list of the state central members at this link
Choose the one from your town (or the nearest neighboring town) and click on the e-mail link and ask that member to cast their vote for Ron Wilcox. If you want the Republican Party to be led by a solid conservative, and again stand on principle, please send that e-mail.
Thanks so much.

In liberty,
Bob MacGuffie
Right Principles
Pomfret Center: Last Monday three of the four invited Republican legislators attended a town hall meeting hosted by local RTCs. For the 2nd time Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney was absent. Most of the public crowd had hoped to express their anger about the new gun law that Mr. McKinney had abetted in collaboration with the gun-grabbing Democrats and Governor Malloy.
One man in particular spoke eloquently to the issue. Doug Cutler of Putnam.
The 20-video play list of the meeting is here. Look for some entertaining clips early on:

Flag Day Friday, June 14: About 70 patriots gathered on the Southington Center Green to honor the Flag and those who fought to keep it flying. This link takes you back to that event:
If you haven’t already viewed this video of a Louisiana state senator declaring the reasons why he switched to the Republican Party, you will be very pleased. Perhaps this might portend an awakening among a large group of long-neglected Americans. 
A LADY considered as a cornerstone of Connecticut’s Constitution Lobby, Estelle Stevenson, suffered a serious on-the-job injury last week. Estelle, a co-founder of We The People of Connecticut fell down a flight of stairs breaking four bones including her neck and skull. Luckily her neck fracture was not debilitating. Estelle is recuperating at….
Room 415 W
Glendale Nursing & Rehabilitation
4 Hazel Ave
Naugatuck, CT 06770
Please send her a card. Include a line or a phrase from the Constitution if you will. Nothing would better cheer her up!
A FINAL NOTICE about our “John McKinney Must Go” March in downtown Fairfield Saturday, June 22. Please meet up at the Sherman Green at 11:45 AM. We will make at least one circuit of the Post Road route of half a mile. Return to the gazebo for pictures and information exchange. GPS: 22 Reef Road, Fairfield, CT.
Signs provided. Bring your own too. If you can bring passengers or need a ride let us know ASAP. Linda from Oxford can take three people. This will be the fourth “McKinney Must Go” appearance in a month.
A look at where we will be.
STOP COMMON CORE rally is planned for Monday, June 24 at West Haven Town Hall starting at 6 PM. It precedes the regular West Haven City Council at 7 PM . Address of  WH City Hall is 355 Main Street. Parking in back parking lot or across the street in front.
FROM JESSICA:   Holy cow 416 people invited lol.. Just wanted to update you guys a little bit, we are going in front of city council to INFORM them and ask them to understand and be on our side. This is not a BOE meeting that will be July 14th, where i will ask the Board to vote not to spend this money. So please remember inside while speaking that we are here to educate :) They may ask questions, i know a few who might, but they are not against it, they want to know about it. As for the outside portion make some noise so the towns people come looking to see what all the fuss is about :) i suggest getting there at 5:30. Any questions please feel free to ask You can make signs, i am bringing my kids. Pass out fliers, if anyone wants a copy of a flier to print out i can send you one :) 
Please join the Stop Common Core CT page.
NEWT GINGRICH tried three times before he won for the first time in Georgia. Twenty years later Newt spearheaded the Freshman Revolution of 1994 in the US House of Representatives.
Mark Greenberg has launched his third bid to win Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. Mark is a strong and reliable friend of the Tea Party and grass roots conservatives all across the state. Mark needs early-on support to help stave-off what happened in 2012. The person whom Republican Primary voters rejected by 68% won the nomination and went on to an ignominious loss to a weak Democrat opponent. The Republican candidate was rewarded for losing by Governor Malloy - getting a judicial appointment.
To help ensure Mark gets picked up on the national Republican radar he needs grass roots support in the form of donations. Not in dollars, but in numbers. So please send him $5. It will be one of the best investments you can ever make! If several people reside with you, don’t send a lump sum. Send separate contributions.
To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..

Palin Smith

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