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Rumblings: Representative Matt Lesser Votes for Early Release of Violent Criminals

1. Say whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Yes. Representative Matt Lesser, a Wesleyan almost graduate who represents Middletown, voted in favor of House Bill 6521 which would allow murders, rapists, kidnappers and other violent criminals convicted before the age of 18 to be released after only having served 60% of their sentences. The vote goes before the senate this coming week.

"Young people should not be held responsible for their actions as a teenage- just think of the Wesleyan shroom kid who walked naked into those people's house in Middletown, totally so not his fault." remarked the representative, " I am almost 30, but I still try to appeal to young people in anyway I can. I mean its my "thing" with voters ya know. Offering some young dudes free passes is the least I can do."

Coincidentally, the Patch story about Lesser voting in FAVOR of early release was only front page for about an hour before being replaced by a movie review

Read what MRTC vice chair had to say about Lesser's voting record :

2. So lemme get this straight...  Rep. Lesser supported the legislation allowing drivers licenses to be granted to undocumented illegal immigrants. This passed the state senate last week with support of one local senator for Middletown. Senator Paul Doyle (D) of the 9th District used his noodle voting "no" meanwhile, Senator Dante Bartolomeo (D)  of the 13th District voting in favor.

"I liked the movie "Taxi Driver", and  I thought they were asking if we liked the movie "Aliens", so I was like yeah those two go together. Combined they would make an awesome summer flick." said the senator, explaining her logic behind the endorsement of the bill. 

The Insider was unable to contact Sen. Doyle for a comment, but an intern for the senator said "He is the tallest of the representatives covering Middletown, so he gets to vote his conscience."

The intern failed to elaborate further during our meeting, but confirmed speculation regarding the complex issue of height and hierarchy among Connecticut Democrats.

3. The intern also confirmed rumors of  a secret bunker/safe room being built accessible from the tunnel under Route 9. The safe room, is being constructed at the request of Mayor Dan Drew to house high ranking officials and friends in times of emergency and natural disasters.  Chief of Staff Joe Samolis has reportedly been taking Judo classes offered at the Senior Center as part of his new job description, to defend the bunker. Reportedly, funds have been diverted from emergency management to pay for the classes for Samolis, but construction of the safe room is being paid for entirely by grants. Artist David Shultz is reportedly donating his artistic talent to do a mural inside the space. 

Efforts by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro will allow the bunker to be stock piled with free diapers. 
"You just don't know how long you may need to be in there." said DeLauro, who coupled the proposal with HR 226. HR 226, drafted by DeLauro received little attention, but had it passed would have given a $2,000 tax credit to citizens turning in AR-15 guns. DeLauro told our staffers if the government were allowed to confiscate guns, she would see to it that each person a gun is taken from be diapered for life.

4. Results?: All the local reps for Middletown, including Joe Serra (D) and Lesser (D) in the House, and Bartolomeo and Doyle in the State Senate voted for increasing the state minimum wage last week.

"I run CASHO, its a 501-c3, what the heck does it matter that minimum wage goes up?" stated Serra on the record in an exclusive interview at Harbor Park today where he treated Insider staff to calamari and mozzarella sticks."I've been able to ignore the fact that Middletown has traffic lights on a major highway and one of the deadliest exits in the state. I am Spartacus!"

5. A moment(rare) of sanity for Lesser: Lesser voted in favor of  SB 802 a bill to require labeling of all genetically modified foods sold in Connecticut, the bills moves on to the senate this week where it is expected to have bi-partisan support.

"I voted for this bill for Middletown," said a teary-eyed Lesser, "Suppose there is a disaster where Danny has to go into the bunker in order to run the City and then he eats genetically modified MRE's unknowingly?"

6. Speaking of waterworks...  More bills went out incorrect this cycle from the City's Water & Sewer Department. The previous administration had moved the department back to City Hall from its Berlin Road location as a last resort before starting termination proceedings against the department director for gross mismanagement. Despite this, W&S Director Guy Russo was recently nominated as President of the Connecticut Waterworks. The Mess quoted Mayor Drew  who endorsed the nomination, as admiring of Russo's "ethics." Marone!

7. Ethics? We don't need no stinkin' ethics.  BIll SB374 if passed by would mandate behavior assessments of all  children whether enrolled in public schools or not. How did Wayne Winsley phrase this? A Check up from the Neck up?  Rep. Bartolomeo is blowing up twitter jonsing to get this one passed. And you though 'booger face' was tough to un-stick once it had been deemed your nickname in elementary school, now try a state sanctioned label like 'sociopath' on your permanent record.

8. In other news, Mezzo Grill had a fire on their back patio last week. Thankfully, no one was injured. A few years ago O'Rourke's diner received $25,000 from City funds after a fire destroyed much of the historic diner. Owner Brian O'Rourke had no fire insurance for the popular restaurant. Whether Mezzo Grill will also receive public money to recoup from the blaze that took place last week has yet to be determined.


  1. Given the idiocities coming from the Dems, it's hard to tell what is tongue in cheek, and what is not!

  2. The Middletown Insider, folks, CT's top destination for secondhand embarrassment.

  3. jealous? Truth hurts 8:16

  4. I have no issue posting my name. If Lessor had a daughter who was raped or murdered would he be in favor of giving a "break" to someone who committed the crime as a young adult? Matt, a crime is a crime. A horrific crime deserves the time. I don't give a damn how liberal you are... When it affects your own backyard perhaps you will think twice of your liberalism. THIS is what is wrong with society. No consequences for those who willingly and knowingly break the law. At 16 or 17 you know the basic difference between right and wrong. Please, someone run against him. Middletown doesn't need to be represented by someone who cares more about the damn criminals than the law biding citizens. Deb Milardo

  5. Matt Lesser doesn't care about the victims just how he can further his name in the democratic party. This along with a number of other pieces of legislation passed this year makes me worry for our state and country.

    No the embarrassment is the vote of Matt Lesser and others who voted once again for the criminals.

  6. I thought the last election (here in Middletown and nationally) showed the CTGOP where it gets with fear-mongering and demagoguery, along with its never-ending histrionics about "one party rule." Apparently Bill and Deb didn't get the memo. On the off chance they want to wander out of their echo chamber and into political reality, I'm sure the voters would be happy to show them again!

  7. ed4ed sign your name hypocrite

  8. So anonymous 11:43am I guess that you think that gives the democrats carte blanche to pass bills like the one that gives illegal's drivers licenses. Of course the polling shows most Connecticut voters "except the hard core leftist" were against the law. My guess is that many would be against the early release program as well.

  9. Lesser you lost my support for good now.

  10. Anon 11:43... I am not conservative GOP. In fact I am a registered Democrat who happens to believe that the criminal justice system is suppose to "protect" the general citizens from those whom cannot live a life without crime. I'm all about second chances but I cannot, nor will not support a politician who thinks its "okay" to minimize the impact of a violent crime on the victim or their families. If you my good friend are touting that as the democratic agenda then you are misguided, as the majority of citizens do not support these extreme liberal views. Just as the majority of citizens do not support extreme conservatism. The problem with this country are the people so far to the right or left that they can't find the middle... of anything. P.S... I voted for Obama and NOT for Malloy. Does that make me an evil democrat or a woman with a brain? Perhaps it is you who should wander out of your political echo chamber and realize that voices of opinions different than yours can be enlightening... not frightening. Now if you truly wanted "open" dialogue then you'd post with your name. Alas... I bet I continue to hear crickets... But credit where credit is due. Nice use of a really, really big word in "demagoguery". Screams elitist.

  11. Funny...someone using big words that make people feel dumb and the person using them feel like a big boy. That's something Little Dan does all time. What a loser!


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