Monday, June 24, 2013

Gas Tax To Rises July 1st & Bartolomeo Bust

All over CT tomorrow, GOP representatives will be holding rallies .
The Connecticut Republican Party has started on online petition to Help Prevent A Connecticut Gas Tax Hike July 1st …

Before his defeat by Dante Bartolomeo (D), then state senator representing the 13th District Len Suzio fought long and hard for repeal of Ct's Gas tax. 

Last weekend, Bartolomeo held a meet and greet at Ford New's on Main Street in Middletown. The popular diner is a frequent stop for politicians. Usually the diner is standing room only, but the event for Bartolomeo seemed like a bust with only about eight people in attendance, many of which were part of her entourage. State Rep. Joe Serra (D), who is a regular at Ford, was present, and Mayor Drew made a brief, typical, 30 second appearance. 

Throughout his tenure as state senator for the 13th District Len Suzio had bi-monthly coffee with constituents at Rise and Shine Cafe on Saybrook Road in Middletown.  Bartolomeo has not taken up the cause to repeal the gas tax, something Suzio championed in the 13th District. Suzio's fight to stop the early release of violent offenders was another Suzio lead that especially appealed to the 13th District in the wake of the deadly home invasion that resulted in a triple homicide in Cheshire. Bartolomeo has not taken action regarding either of these issues, choosing to focus on the mandatory mental health screenings conducted by the state of all children under 12, a controversial issue that many say violates civil liberties. (Read Bartolomeo recently voted in favor of allowing illegal citizens in Connecticut to obtain driver's licenses, a stance that has come under much criticism from conservative constituents in the 13th.

The increase scheduled to take place July 1 will at 4 cents to Connecticut's current 47 cent tax per gallon of gasoline. In a statement to the Register Citizen regarding Governor Malloy's non action regarding Connecticut's GasTax, Republican Senator Joe Markley, 16th District, said:

 "Governor (Dannel) Malloy is not using gas tax revenues to fix roads and bridges as was originally intended,” Markley said in a statement. “Instead, the money is being used to fund the growth of government bureaucracy. Demand that this gas tax hike not go through.”

The full article with which elaborates on what Republican lawmakers feel are false promises made by Democrats and Governor Malloy regarding the gas tax can be read here:

On Monday, Republican Lawmakers from all over CT will be  holding rallies in protest of the gas tax hike at various gas stations: 
Then State Senator Len Suzio campaigned hard on 
behalf of taxpayers.

Senator Joe Markley (R) will be holding a rally Monday June 24 in protest of the gas tax hike Markley,  at the Cheshire Gulf Station at 1125 Highland Ave. from 4 to 6 p.m.R

Senator Art Linares (R) will be holding a  rally as well  Westbrook at the Mobil Station at 198 Essex Road from 4-6 pm.

Check the state GOP website for more locations and participating representatives.
Proponents of the gas tax (crazies) argue the revenue is supposed to go to fixing Connecticut's roads and infrastructure. However, adopted budget robs $91 millon from the transportation and infrastructure allocation, while calling for the largest gas tax in history.

Roads, crashes, and where the money goes; read this it will make you have nightmares:
In a recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Connecticut & Illinois tied for  the worst roads in the nation. And at the top of Connecticuts list, Middletown scores number 1.

Middletown voters should be scratching their heads on this one. 25+ year veteran Rep. Joe Serra (D), who lives in and represents Middletown, is head of the Highways and Transportation Committee. 

 Serra also runs CASHO - aka Connecticut Association of Street & Highways Officials, Inc. a "non profit" that oversees the conditions on CT's roadways. Despite this, Middletown can boast that is has the No. 1 most deadly section of highway in the state!  According to  Department of Transportation records, while it has a somewhat scenic view of the river, the on ramp where Route 17 merges with Route 9 has been the site of more accidents than anywhere else in the state. (

Listen up Mayor Drew and Rep. Serra:  During the riverfront redevelopment, what are your plans for the future of this stretch of highway and on ramp specifically? 
How many more people have to DIE? 
JOE: is it going to take you another 25+ years in politics for you to do something or what? We have freakin' traffic lights on a major highway!!! It's your freakin' Committee!

Readers are welcome to sent video and photos from rallies to


  1. Route 66 is a highway and there is plenty of traffic lights on it.

    People die because they make errors in driving. You are blaming the lights?

    Traffic lights don't kill people. People making mistakes kill people.

    I expect you not to post this.

  2. Anon 11:53: Are you stupid or to you just pretend to be?


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