Sunday, June 23, 2013

Winsley Withdraws from CT GOP Chair Election

Wayne Winsley
In a letter to the State Central Committee, candidate for GOP party chairman Wayne Winsley withdrew himself from the race Sunday. 
Just this evening via facebook and his twitter page, former GOP party chair Chris Healy gave a statement that he is not considering a run:

"Thank you to the many Connecticut Republicans who offered kind words of encouragement and support. While I am humbled the attention and respectful of their request, I am not going to pursue the leadership of our Republican Party Tuesday. But I will be out there with you doing what I can to show the voters that we have the ideas, the experience and the guts to lead our state back to greatness. Congratulations to Chairman Jerry Labriola and his team. United, there is nothing we can't accomplish."

Candidate Ron Wilcox remains in the race and the vote will take place tomorrow. Wilcox is challenging incumbent  Jerry Labriola Jr..
Candidate Ron Wilcox
Winsley's letter is below:
Sunday June 23rd 2013

Dear State Central Committee members,

When I announced my candidacy for Republican Party Chairman, I did so with the belief that I am the candidate best suited to serve and work with the State Central Committee in addressing some of the most pressing concerns and challenges facing our great party at this time. 
All of those concerns that compelled me to seek the Chairmanship still exist and are just as valid today as they were on June 14th when I announced my candidacy.

• Improving the perception of our party in the minds of Connecticut voters.

• Communicating our traditional Republican values and principles to the current generation in a manner that is applicable to the current generation.

• Delivering our message to all corners of the state and to all voters of the state.

• Uniting and energizing our traditional base and all of the varying points of view beneath the Republican banner and moving forward as a team.

If these concerns are not addressed quickly and decisively, our great state and the wonderful and hard-working citizens that call Connecticut home will bear the brunt of our failure.

The stakes are far too high to risk fragmenting our great party with a four-way race for Chairman.

With that in mind, I immediately withdraw my name from consideration as next Chairman of Connecticut’s Republican Party.

Of the remaining candidates for Republican Party Chair, the person that I believe will be most effective in fostering the conditions necessary for Republican victory is Jerry Labriola Jr.

Based on my own due diligence and conversations with Chairman Labriola, I believe that our current Chairman is ready and determined to move forward with a new energy and vigor to address those pressing concerns which necessitated my entry into the chairman race and all of the other challenges ahead.

I look forward to working hand-in-hand with our Chairman and the state Central Committee.

I immediately release all of those State Central Committee members who have worked tirelessly on my behalf and pledged their support and their vote to me.

I urge the State Central Committee members to conduct all due diligence, deliberate with great care, and cast your vote for the remaining candidate who will most effectively address those concerns listed above and who will be best able to work with the committee to accomplish our mission which is to elect Republican candidates on the local, state, and federal levels.

I stand by ready, willing, and able to contribute all that I have to that effort.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you to help get Republican candidates elected in Connecticut.

Wayne Winsley


  1. why wouldn't Wayne have had that conversation we Labriola before his 2 week candidacy?

  2. The field of candidates has changed since Wayne announced his candidacy. More to the story than meets the eye - watch the backroom deals.


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