Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Raising Taxes is DeLauro's Solution for Everything

 Below is a letter to the editor from Christopher Schaefer. Congresswoman DeLauro was in Middletown on Monday to speak about the rising cost of college tuition loan interest. She spoke to a packed house of about 6 people warranting 3 news crews - the "crowd" included  Mayor Dan Drew, and Rep. Matt Lesser at the deKoven House. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers.
Rosa DeLauro “denounced opponents in Congress as hypocritical for refusing to raise taxes”. Raising taxes is DeLauro’s solution to everything. Why not cut spending? Search “Sen. Coburn 2012 Waste Book” to see the kind of profligate, reckless spending that DeLauro supports. “’What if I don’t get a job?’ said [student] Cavalier.” Sadly, DeLauro’s biggest fan base is among such young, idealistic Millennials—of whom only 62 percent are working, and of those, half are able to find only part-time jobs. http://washingtonexaminer.com/harvard-just-6-in-10-millennials-have-jobs-half-are-part-time/article/2520719 
Why? Because DeLauro consistently supports anti-business legislation and ObamaCare. Employers are getting around the onerous provisions of ObamaCare by simply not hiring full-time employees. When a business struggles, everyone loses. But since Rosa DeLauro has never held a real job in her life nor run a business, how would she possibly understand this? Perhaps it’s finally time for idealism to be replaced with reality. And for DeLauro to be replaced with someone who actually will serve the best interests of the 3rd district—rather than focus on pandering for votes solely to retain her very lucrative office-for-life. http://middletownpress.com/articles/2013/06/24/news/doc51c8cff53703a789527380.txt?viewmode=fullstory

Christopher Schaefer, CT


  1. DeLauro is insufferable. Great letter Mr. Schaefer!

  2. DeLauro is insufferable, but unless the Republicans stop running lightweights who think they can win by kissing up to the crazies she is going to continue to hold office without even bothering to campaign.


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