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Guest Blog: Suzio Opening Night & Election Wrap Up

Suzio Headquarters Openining Night &; Election Wrap Up
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Part 4 of a short series of articles on Political Events in Connecticut by Tim D. Enchanter

Thursday, October 4rd, 2012 from 7-9pm near Zorba’s in Gianni’s Plaza, Meriden, CT
When I went to Len Suzio’s campaign headquarters to do some phone banking for him, it was at the invitation of Robin Goss, a local patriot who is a lady in every classy sense of the word.  It turned out to be the grand opening of the headquarters and we encouraged people coming for the party to help us out with the phones while waiting for the festivities to start.
Full Disclosure: I was the Republican Candidate for the 13th State Senate District in 2008 and became a sincere supporter of Len Suzio for that seat in 2010.  This was because I got to know Len and became convinced that he would do the job better than I would have.  In fact, I am glad that I lost in 2008 because the people deserve the best representation available.
It warmed my heart to talk to a handful of people on the phone that actually remembered me fondly from 2008 and were happy with their current State Senator.  One even said I had been “a breath of fresh air” who had prepared the way for a wonderful change.  While I fought the lumps in my throat and dried tears of joy, I went on to speak to people who were not aware of state or local politics but happy to hear from the campaign.  Of the 65 calls I made, I spoke to a dozen people.  Ten were interested, six of them being new voters who would support Len Suzio.
When the party started, I became re-acquainted with people I knew and met new rising stars.  Len Suzio shared his headquarters with others running for other offices and encouraged people to help out their campaigns as well as his.  He gave special attention to the following:
Meriden State Representative Candidates:
Arlene Dunlop running in the 82nd District
Pablo Soto running in the 83rd District
Dave Swedock running in the 84th District
Middletown State Representative Candidates:
Callie Grippo running in the 33rd District
Deborah Kleckowski, Middletown Councilwoman running in the 100th District
Since the Middletown Insider has some excellent articles on State Senator Len Suzio and the two State Representative Candidates from Middletown, I shall post links to those articles at the end of my article so that you, the reader can read these insights.
For now, I will detail what I know about State Senator Len Suzio and why I feel it is important that he be re-elected so that he can continue to serve the residents not only of the 13th State Senate District but also the entire State of Connecticut.
He has been the State Senator for Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, Middletown, and Rockfall for two years and has proven my previously stated feelings correct.  He has been actively available for all the residents of those towns and has demonstrated that he cares about their concerns regardless of their politics.Continued:
When I ran against Senator Gaffey for this seat in 2008, the biggest complaint I heard from the people is that they only see or hear him around election time.  Len has made meeting his constituents part of the job with his “corner” meetings and promotion of charities and assistance for those who need it.  He has become a regular on the “Vinnie Penn Project” morning radio show and keeps the people up to date on what is happening in Hartford.
He has succeeded in getting a cap on the gasoline gross receipts tax to try to keep the price of gas from increasing as much in CT as in other states.  “Any relief we can give the people is good for Connecticut”, I watched him say.
Now he is leading the effort to suspend early release of dangerous criminals.  We should all remember what happened to the Petit family in Cheshire a couple years ago and now we have a story from Meriden.  Both are in the 13th District and Len Suzio is fighting to keep people safe.
Len Suzio has publicly pledged to NOT vote to raise taxes, increase spending, or add to the State Debt, which is already out of control.  He opposes the make-work project to have a bus line between Hartford and New Britain which will cost $1,000 per inch and will only benefit a few special interest groups.
Do I sound a little biased?  After watching the towns of the 13th District slowly decay from the apathy of a political machine which liked things the way they were, I had entered the race to bring representative government back into style.  Watching the work of Len Suzio has been a refreshing change in that direction and I truly mean it when I say that he is doing the job far better than I could have hoped to do myself.
In 2008, we watched the State Senate, lead by Senator Gaffey, override Governor Rell’s veto in order to give a Billion Dollar Bond to the Department of Education which put the State of Connecticut 300 million dollars into Debt.  My campaign and I did not do a good enough job telling the people about this but the Hartford Courant exposed it.
When Governor Rell worked out a plan to bring the state back into solvency, Senator Gaffey and his comrades fought her every step of the way then blamed her for the debt they created in spite of her efforts to save the state from bankruptcy.  My efforts to hold them accountable fell short.
Now, Governor Malloy is doubling down to run the State of Connecticut into insolvency.  But where I failed, Len Suzio has succeeded in rally public support.  He has been exposing and opposing the destructive policies of a Governor with a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied by campaign contributions kicked backed from special interest groups at the taxpayer’s expense.
So yes, I am biased.  I want to see elected representatives actually representing their constituents and caring about their needs, not the needs of elected officials to keep power.  We vote for people to represent us, not themselves.  That is what representation is about.
Len Suzio is doing this and we need more like him.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?” 
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot

*Editors note:No time to research? No excuses! Below gathered research ( links to every news story about candidates) courtesy of Tim. D. Enchanter on candidates for reader's to use to help aide in their decision process. Thank you Tim!:

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“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?”
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot

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