Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Elect Callie Grippo Advocate for Small Government

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge all voters in the 33rd District to elect Callie Grippo (R) as your next State Representative.
This is why I urge all voters in the 33rd District to vote for Callie Grippo:
THE ECONOMY: The people are tired of Big Business and Big Government working together to fleece the middle class and the small business owner. They want business left to those who conduct it best so we can see our dollar go further and our economy recover.
FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: People feel our government only seems to have two solutions to any problem — tax production citizens and spend the proceeds irresponsibly. We need to curtail the abuse in our entitlement programs and hold our government responsible for living within its means

HEALTH CARE: People want affordable healthcare, but not government healthcare.
We need to educate people on lifestyle choices and remove inefficiencies that Big Insurance and Big Government have placed between the patient and the physician.  We also need meaningful legal reforms to reduce frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of care.
IMPROVING EDUCATION: Parents know that their children are being short changed by a broken system.  We have to use our resources creatively and begin to make the hard decisions that will force our educational institutions to become responsible.  We have to give our teachers the tools that they need and give parents alternatives if their schools are not performing.
Callie Grippo will work hard for her constituents. Vote for her and give her a chance to do so.
Brenda Knowles, Middletown

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