Monday, October 08, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Vote Grippo!

  Dear Middletown Residents,
       Vote for Callie Grippo for State Representative!!!   I have known Callie for
  over seven years.  She has proven to be a very smart, loyal , and caring
  friend.  She is a wonderful mother of two young children and a supportive
  wife and homemaker.
       Callie Grippo is not only a friend, but she is the best choice for State
  Representative. Callie is very educated and has the background needed for
  this position. Mrs. Grippo is very outspoken and does her research, before
  getting her point across. She knows the issues in Middletown that need to be
  addressed, such as parking, taxes, and getting businesses to grow.  Mrs.
  Grippo knows how to propose and pass bills to get these issues resolved.

      A vote for Callie Grippo would be a vote to make Middletown a better place
  for our children to grow up in!!!


  Lora Congelosi
  Middletown Resident

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