Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Kleckowski is an Asset

 City Of Middletown Connecticut  

On behalf of:

Deborah Kleckowski


To  Whom  It  May Concern:

My name is Billy Prevatte  I am 16 years old  I'm writing this letter of recommendation  because   Councilwoman   Deborah Kleckowski named above is being recommended by  myself  to be the next     State Representative   for  the 100th district     in the  State of  Connecticut.  In  addition to being  a  state Representative candidate.   She  is also a  Councilwoman  with the   City of   Middletown  Connecticut.  Here  are my reasons why she is a good candidate.

·                     Councilwoman Kleckowski has experience   as  a politician and has good leadership skills.

·                     She  goes door to door for her campaign and  she talks to  people.

·                     She is  really nice to people when she goes  to  people's houses during  her  campaign

·                     She  asks good questions to people while she is working during her  campaign.

Councilwoman Kleckowski  is   really great at getting a long  with people. Thats why I'm  signing this letter . So that people know who the real candidate should be.

Vote Deb Kleckowski   For state Representative..

Respectfully Submitted

Billy M.Prevatte
Local Journalist/ Blogger                                              

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