Friday, October 19, 2012

Suzio & Lesser attend Cheap Gas Event

     Connecticut Democrats  are accusing  State Senator Len Suzio of vote-buying after he attended an event organized as protest against rising gas prices. Suzio spear headed the effort to cap the gas tax in Connecticut, however, the effort was stopped by Democrats in the legislature.
Photo Credit: Palin Smith
     Republican state Sen. Len Suzio participated yesterday in an event organized by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political action group that paid a Danby's Gas Station in Meriden to offer discounted gas as criticism of President Barack Obama's energy policy. American's for Propspertity paid over $10,000 to the gas station to allow 150 cars to purchase up to 15 gallons of gas for $1.87 a gallon. See details in our previous post

Jonathan Harris, chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee, said the Democrats have filed a complaint with the state Elections Enforcement Commission.

Photo Credit: Palin Smith
     In a video shot by the New Haven Register and posted on their site and that of the Middletown Mess, Suzio's challenger, Democrat Dante Bartolomeo says that Suzio just came to the event for "attention" Bartolomeo is present at the event and Suzio is shown in the background as she makes this statement.

      Democratic Incumbent Candidate Matt Lesser (100th District) also attended the event and spoke to citizens. Earlier in this spring , the Record Journal reported Lesser originally reported he would like to challege Suzio for the 13th District himself in the future.

The 13th Senate District which Suzio represents includes Meriden, Middlefield and parts of Middletown and Cheshire.
Over 150 cars showed up in the 2 hour period to fill up. Lines of cars with drivers eager to get reduced gas caused traffic delays along the route, some cars had to be turned away after the 2 hour fill up period.


  1. The democrats came in to push their agenda and tell voters how bad Len Suzio was for bringing attention to the high gas taxes in the state. Matt Lesser was there as well spouted off how great the democrats are in Hartford and in Washington DC. Of course he voted to increase the gross receipt taxes on gasoline which goes in affect next July.

    A vote for the democrats means higher taxes not only on gas but everything else we use daily

  2. What the hell was Matt doing there? He loves to tax the shit out of the people. I thought it was funny when Dante went nuts and kept saying: "This is a scam, this is a scam!"

    Isn't The Working Family Party a scam?

    How about the Suzio Log Cabin thing? Scam! Okay,he had a company in 1999 and it went bankrupt. I'm sure he did it on purpose too-ruined his credit for 7 years.. He did it on purpose. I am proud of Len and how he stands up for the "Real" middle class, he lives about 1 mile away from the event and sees these folks daily. Dante is okay, but one can see the nervous energy -WIN-WIN- that she has.. What has Len done wrong? He is against the Early Release BIll, Less Taxes, and Cheaper Gas!

    GO LEN!

  3. how in the hell does it work that the democrats complain and file a complaint just to get the headline that suzio is vote buying when they sent their little boy matty lesser there????

  4. The event time was 4-6 and I was at the event from 4:00 - 5:45. Matt was not at the event.

  5. Matt Lesser was not at the event. I was there for the entire thing.


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