Thursday, September 06, 2012

Your Daily Spin by the Middletown Mess! Lesser than Perfect

Now that the parent company of the Middletown Mess is in bankruptcy again, it appears to the Insider that while they wait perhaps for their government bail out that have stooped to new lows to plug their democratic friends. In a pitiful attempt to save face from his joy ride with Mayor Drew to the DNC in NC, and prove to citizens although on the road, he still "cares" or at least  remembers some land marks of where Middletown is ,candidate and Representative Matt Lesser for the 100th District is now giving traffic updates for the daily papers to ensure his name appears daily in print. Hey- shouldn't the unions over at D.O.T. take issue with someone doing their jobs?? Just curious.

"MIDDLETOWN — State Rep. Matt Lesser, D-Durham, Middlefield and Middletown, is alerting residents that utility work will require the closing of the Route 9 south Exit 14 (DeKoven Drive) off-ramp in Middletown beginning Monday, Sept. 10..."

We aren't even going to bother to link readers this time, it is just too pathetic.

Candidate for the 100th Distict Deborah Kleckowski

The Insider attempted to call his opponent - who by the way actually matriculated from Wesleyan ( like for reals) and has held real word jobs

(mom, professor,social work professional etc) instead of grooming herself to be a career politician (evident in any interview with Matty who hates to talk term limits)- Middletown resident & candidate challenging his seat in the 100th, Deborah Kleckowski to see if she would say cover weather or something for the Insider. While, we did not try to reach Kleckowski for comment,  we can imagine she is busy covering real issues.

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  1. I heard that Obama will be taxing the folks that have caller ID..


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