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Local Republican Ladies to Challenge Reps. Serra & Lesser & other Fireworks

Local Callie Grippo (R), candidate for the 33rd
District to challenge Joe Serra (D)
Energy was high last night at the Middletown Republican Town Committee last night.
Councilmember Phil Pessina gave a enthusiastic speech endorsing Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski who has put her hat in the ring to challenge State House Representative Matt Lesser (D) for the 100th District in this fall's election. Not present, but equally impassioned local woman & previous local BOE candidate for the 2011 November elections, Callie Grippo will challenge long time living relic State House Representative Joe Serra (D) for his seat in the 33rd district. Like Red Rosa, the Insider thinks that Serra has been in office far too long, and pretty soon will be declared furniture at the capitol unless he breathes some life into his elected position. Use it or loose it, so fellas, prepare to loose it.
It seemed the ladies of the MRTC have a newly ignited fire in their bellies that was also evident when it came time for Janice Giofriddo to defend her seat as Republican Registrar of Voters against challenger and former Councilmember David Bauer. Bauer gave a speech making it clear he felt whom ever was to hold the position should be able to justly defend the law regarding voting and cited an incident that happened this past fall where Rep. Lesser and Rep. Serra, along with Councilman Tom Serra physically took from the office unfinished drafts of voting districts and altered them without input from the opposing party. Bauer indicated new laws allowing same day registration who bring particular challenges to the office of Registrar and he was up to the task of those challenges. Gionfriddo, who defended the original districting that would save tax payers money which the Democrats felt was irrelevant, before the Common Council after the map incident had occurred, gave a statement saying she was up to the task of working with the newly appointed Democratic registrar and whatever challenges that that might bring. Giofriddo stated that the mood in the office had changed, and the new regime had brought very hostile and partisan views into what by law is supposed operate as  a politically neutral office, but she would not back down in following the oath she took 14 years ago when she became Registrar for the Republicans. Voting was done by paper ballot, and Gionfriddo kept her seat 34-9. Bauer congratulated Gionfriddo on her win and pledged his support.
By the power of Bauer
Tensions at the meeting once again surfaces when Juan Montalvo asked Councilmembers Phil Pessina and Joe Bibisi to explain their reasoning for not supporting the draft of the City of Middletown Budget that they, and Republican Councilmembers Deborah Klekowski and Linda Salafia had drafted, signed, and presented as an alternative to the Common Council at the public budget hearing May 2. Earlier Bauer referenced his confusion over the dissent of the two councilmen against their own budget. The alternate budget that would have not increased taxes, was defeated 10 to 2 with Pessina and Bibisi ultimately voting against their own suggested amendments & for Mayor Drew & the Democrats' tax increase. Councilman Pessina gave an impassioned speech that he felt increased funding for the BOE even though they have no provided a line-item budget as promised was important for impoverished children to get proper educations. Montalvo pointed out that BOE funding, was only a small portion of the budget, and why had the councilman not asked for a motion to  amend and discuss on the matter instead of simply voting down the budget that the Republican caucus had crafted. Council member Bibisi did not comment. Former Councilman Earle Roberts also commented on his strong disapproval over the tax increase and dissent of the two councilmen. Roberts was the last Republican council member to draft an amended budget to challenge the proposed budget by the democratic majority. 
Wayne Winsley (R), candidate to take on
 Rosa DeLauro for Congress
Before the close of the meeting, Wayne Winsley introduced himself as the Republican selected to be the candidate for the 3rd Congressional Seat. He is taking on long time incumbent Red Rosa DeLauro in the 2012 fall election.
Link to the article about Kleckowski & Grippo challenging  Serra and Lesser can be found on the Patch here:
Below is more information regarding credentials of Candidate Deborah Kleckowski:
Real Wesleyan Grad & local Deborah Kleckowski,
candidate for the 33rd District,
challenges Matt Lesser (D) (attended Wes, did not graduate)
Nomination for State Representative      May 22, 2012
Deborah Kleckowski
Objective:  Build Prosperity
 Key issues:  Employment/Economy:  Implement Cap on the Gas Tax.  Fully fund PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes) for Middletown due to number of state facilities. Halt projects such as the New Britain Bus Way(cost prohibitive and addition of state employees-bus drivers), eliminate 15 million to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in tax credits, promote private purchases of hospitals such as UConn Hospital vs. State Funding (Hartford Hospital was interested in the purchase of UConn Hospital), Eliminate State funding of projects such as the First Five i.e. Jackson Labs, eliminate increase of taxes on business which discourage users such as Hotel tax increase, nail salons, hair salons and massage.  Decrease spending, merge departments and eliminate commissions. And repeal Executive Order of forced unionization of Childcare workers and Personal Aides.
Education:  Repeal of Dream Act which allows illegal residents to attend colleges and pay the “in-state” tuition, revise state statute that requires municipalities fund the Board of Education at no less than the year prior, implement new law which allows for the Boards of Education to be a separate taxing district, re-instate first generation/low income educational programs.  Ensure seclusion rooms are safe for students and staff.
Public Safety:  Reinstate the death penalty, fully fund Emergency Management throughout the state (up to date safety gear and training), Repeal Transvestite/Transsexual bathroom bill.
Elections:  Eliminate same day election registration.
Government Transparency:  No votes after midnight and public hearing should be held at night not during the day to allow the public to attend and not special interests groups.
Personal/Family:   Raised in Middletown, attended Middletown schools, two younger sisters, married
with two children.

Past Experience:   Chair-New Britain Health Commission, member Youth Service Commission, Deputy Finance Director for a state-wide campaign. Middletown:   P&Z   Alternate and Regular member, Common Council 2009-current

Highlights:  Updated By-laws for P&Z, Brought to the forefront labor disputes between 466-BOE. Fought for an won sick days and pay for ill city employee denied by BOE Business Manager, initiated sick bank policy for City, strongly encouraged the resignation of the former school superintendent, secured bench at Price Choppers for Senior Citizens and other residents who take the bus, initiated: purchase of communication devices in helmets for City Fire, traffic study on Tyron Street, and South Main and Highland traffic study to curtail accidents/deaths.  Ardent supporter of Veterans, Public Safety, Education and the Arts.

Education:  Graduate of Eastern CT ST University-BA, Certificate of Management and Advance
Management Central CT ST University and Graduate of Wesleyan University, MALS
Employment:      Adjunct Instructor Middlesex Community College, Director Middlesex Community                                              College-College Career Pathways program (Tech Prep), Meriden Schools Vocational Facilitator, Interim Director/Associate Director Wesleyan University Upward Bound/ConnCap program.

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