Monday, October 08, 2012

Candidate Profile: Callie Grippo

  I am a candidate for State Representative in the 33rd House District (Middletown). Many of us have lost faith in our government and feel that elected officials no longer work FOR us. 
     I believe it is time for average citizens to step up and serve our  community, and that is why I am running for State Representative. I want to bring government back to the people and represent the hard  working families of our community and I will serve as your voice in  Middletown.
If I am elected, I will use my real life experiences as a corporate claims  consultant, business owner, community volunteer, parent and taxpayer in  Middletown to bring common sense solutions to the state's problems.
     I am a huge advocate for the small business owner, I understand first hand how hard it is to maintain your business today. Unless you have had to make a payroll, and put your own capital at risk, you can not possibly understand the plight of the small business owner.  
Since 1988 we have had the poorest business climate in the state. The small business' is the large engine of job creation and we need to support them by giving them tax credits and helping them thrive so that we can all benefit from this economic growth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I am speaking in light of the most recent tax increase, WE CAN NOT RAISE TAXES AGAIN! It is not a viable option to balance the budget. If elected, I pledge that I will not support a tax increase to balance the budget. We can not entertain another tax hike. We need to balance the budget by controlling expenses like we all have to do in our own lives/finances. The citizens of Middletown are being taxed right out of the state.     
     The city of Middletown employees some of the highest regarded and talented teachers, and faculty in the state. I think its important to remember that our kids are our future — our future business owners, teachers, city workers and parents of Middletown. Any successful strategy to educate our kids and prepare them for a successful career begins and end with our teachers.
     Our kids intuitively know that and expect our school system to treat them as full partners in shaping policy and appropriating limited resources. A better education means better opportunities and a higher quality of life for our children. 
     I support making the Board of Education its own taxing authority — making it autonomous. It would levy its own school district tax and the members of the Board of Education would become directly accountable to the taxpayers. It is important to know that the largest portion of your taxes goes toward the education budget. 
     While we might not agree on every issue, I promise I will do my best to represent you and address your concerns. You should feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with those you choose to vote for, whether on the phone or at your door.
Together we can find a way to cut through the partisan bickering in Middletown and tackle our problems head-on. I, like you, have been sitting around waiting for the "change" to happen long enough.
It's time to take control and move forward NOW! 
I thank you in advance for your support and ask for your vote on Nov. 6.
Callie Grippo for your State representative 33rd District.

Thank you

Callie Grippo

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