Monday, November 30, 2015

Washington Times: Arlington National Cemetery Short 30,000 Wreaths, Financial Help Needed.

Photos by Bill Boylan

This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit Wreaths Across America, headquartered in Columbia ME.  Now, according to Jessica Chasmar of The Washington Times, Wreaths Across America lacks the necessary funding to place wreaths on all the Graves at Arlington National Cemetery, a tradition started in 1992.  Please re-post this and send them a few bucks.

Staff member tells the story behind this wall hanging to two visitors.

From the Times:

The nonprofit responsible for placing wreaths on 230,000 headstones at Arlington National Cemetery expects to be 30,000 wreaths short this year due to a lack of funding.

Wreaths Across America said Wednesday night that it is $450,000 short of reaching its goal for its Tuesday deadline. More than 100 volunteers plan to place the wreaths on individual headstones on Dec. 12, and Wreaths Across America, which is not government sponsored, was supposed to raise $3.45 million to finish the project, The Washington Examiner reported.

The group’s team captain Bre Kingsbury said they are hoping for more donors to step forward before the fundraising deadline. Each wreath is $15 and donors can contribute directly at

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Dangerous Tyranny Act of 2015

                                           From the April 2013 rally at the capital.

For Immediate Release:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state's largest grass roots gun rights group) is speaking out in opposition to recent statements made by Governor Malloy, and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal regarding the deceptively named “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015”.
Comment from CCDL President Scott Wilson:
"I make no apologies for emphatically stating that all three of them are plainly and simply advocating for tyranny in the truest sense of the word. Everything that they are calling for is completely antithetical our rights as Americans. These proposals not only violate our 2nd Amendment rights, but our 14th Amendment rights as well. Their rhetoric about blanket gun control should concern every American regardless of their views on guns. They are actually advocating for the elimination of due process for citizens".
Key Points about the Watch List:

From the Editor

Greetings, all!  We at the Middletown Insider wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  May this holiday season bring you and yours happiness, joy and prosperity and may you carry that with through out the year.  Be safe and ever vigilant.  Do not forget to whom we are giving thanks; may God bless us, each and every one.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

We're Back! Announcing Our New Editor-in-Chief

We're back! 1,400 blog posts, 3,020 uncensored, published comments, and over 555,000 page views in under 4 years, via word of mouth advertising.

We are proud to announce we have decided to name William Boylan as Editor-in-Chief and the voice of the Middletown Insider!

As the editor of The Middletown Insider, Bill’s philosophy is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Naturally, there will eventually be some changes, but nothing drastic is anticipated. While primarily a voice in the wilderness for conservative views, conflicting points of view will not be censored, off hand. The Insider still encourages reader participation through comments, letters to the editor, newsletters, slices of life, photos, etc. addressed to Mr. Boylan at .

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

And Justice for All: Post Election Recap by John Milardo

The voters of Middletown have spoken last night!  They believe the town’s Democratic leadership/Governor Malloy connection has done a good job over the past two (2) years, and has renewed their contract for the first four (4) year term of office in our history.

Republican Mayoral candidate Sandra Russo-Driska ran an issued oriented campaign against incumbent Mayor Daniel T. Drew, but it wasn’t enough to wrestle the job away from him.  Maybe if there were some candidate debates, the voters would have seen a difference, but that’s hindsight.

Letter to the Editor: A Man of my Word

Letter to the Editor:

So, I did say that if Dan Drew happened to win, I would shave my beard, and being a man of my word, the beard is gone. That was a goofy fun way to end a stressful, tough, campaign. Make no mistake, it was stressful, and tough, and if I had the chance to do it over, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Why? You ask. Whenever there is a problem, or trouble, where I think I can help, I cannot stand by, and not do something. Again, make no mistake, we are still in trouble. With this Election, not only did nothing change, the people of Middletown signed up for four more years of it! Fear not! There is hope, (Unfortunately, not Kasper), and I’ll get to that in a few.

Middletown Official Election 2015 Results from Town Clerk

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Letter to the Editor: When one door closes, another will open..

Letter to the Editor
When one door closes, another will open…
By Brian E. Clark

What a great campaign we’ve had! It’s really been awesome being out there, talking with people and listening to what they need, or would like to see from the City. The media coverage was amazing, and I have to thank William Wilson, and Jon Pulino for having me on their TV show. Jennifer Shafer Wood was amazing, and I am grateful for having me on Voice of the City. The Middletown Press and Harford Courant published my articles, and wrote some on me as well. For that I am grateful, and appreciative. The Middletown Eye and Stephen Devoto were great. They didn’t publish everything I wrote, but for what they did I am humbled by your support. Most importantly, The Middletown Insider was my absolute biggest supporter. They published everything I wrote, and to this day, I do not know who runs it, but sir, you have my utmost respect. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Notes from Bill Wilson: Yes to Question 1 and No to Question 2

On question one I think it is imperative that Middletown Voters vote Yes. We need to finish hooking up to Mattebassett and it will cost us $15 million more. I for one am not happy about that and think someone should be held accountable for this mess up. This administration has held no one responsible, except the taxpayers that have to pay for this overrun. This is a need as we need to shut down our plant in Middletown because the cost of overhauling it would cost us over $80 million more. 
So therefore I urge Middletown Voters to vote Yes on Question number 1

Question two has too many variables . . .

Candidate Bio: Cheryl McClellan (R) for Board of Education

Cheryl McClellan (R) Board of Education
Cheryl McClellan (R) for Board of Education
I was born in New Britain, CT.  I went to New Britain catholic and public schools.  I graduated from Central CT State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

I served in the US Army on active duty for twelve years.  I served in various staff positions in New Jersey, Germany, and Washington as Maintenance Officer, Maintenance Branch Manager and Training Officer among other duties.  I worked for the Installation Commander during mobilization/demobilization for Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
After I left active duty, my family moved back to CT and adopted Middletown as our hometown.  I worked in the Middletown elementary schools as a substitute teacher for ten years.  My children attended Middletown public schools.  I have been a member of various PTA’s as my children grew older and Booster clubs.  I have been a member of Middletown Schools Association.  

And Justice for All: Late Night Top 10 List by John Milardo

Top 10 reasons why Middletown residents SHOULD NOT re-elect Mayor Daniel T. Drew on

Tuesday, November 3,, 2015.

#10. Mayor Daniel T. Drew’s feeble attempt to restructure the Fire Departments job description

eliminating the mandatory Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification for new hires, to

gain more minority voting for his re-election campaign. It took 4 years for Dan and his paid

political advisors to come with this scheme. “The Vinci Group”, Danny’s campaign funded

hounds, will earn over $50,000 from Dan for their services in this election. Until he had

opponent for the Mayoral seat, he didn’t care about the minority hiring in Fire or any City

department. Taxpayers now get to pay the cost of training new hires for their EMT

certifications, without the benefit of a reduced entry level salary.

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Mayor Drew

A Letter To Mayor Daniel T. Drew October 30, 2015

To Mayor Drew,

By this time, you have read or heard about the misuse allegations of your Mayoral duties and time to attend classes at Columbia University in New York.

You can clear up this matter by honestly and publicly responding to it.  You sought to be Mayor of Middletown by stating you would have an “honest, open and transparent government.”

No response from you will be an indicator that the statements made about Columbia University are true.

John Milardo
Resident of Middletown, CT

Candidate Bio: Molly Salafia (R) for Planning & Zoning

Molly Salafia (R) Planning & Zoning
Candidate Molly Salafia , Assoc. AIA, LEED GA (R) for Planning & Zoning
I am an architectural designer at a firm encompassing the professions of
architecture,engineering & planning.  My background includes work on projects with HUD /CHFA supportive and affordable housing, public schools, healthcare,  historic preservation, mixed use development, adaptive reuse, master planning, and commercial development of all sizes & varieties. I am looking forward to  completion of my professional exams to be a fully licensed architect.
I was born & raised in Middletown. I spent my summers in high school working at City Hall. I am proud to be a local homeowner living near our unique downtown. I am an active volunteer in Middletown working with Middletown Kiwanis & I support Catales as one of my favorite causes.
I am seeking election to my second term in the 2015. During my first term I was also selected by my colleagues because of my bipartisanship & leadership skills as vice chair of the commission, and served in the capacity as chair during the chairman's medical leave of absence.
If elected, I hope advocate for smart planning & work to encourage the development of a masterplan by professionals to develop the riverfront.
I will also first & foremost, work to make building in Middletown a streamlined & fair process that is attractive to developers in order to grow Middletown' s tax base.
Roger Williams University, RI. Master of Architecture + BS Architecture, Dual Minor in Visual Arts and Art History
Member of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at RWU 2005-2006,  Chapter President of AIAS 2005-2006
Represented AIAS during the 2006 National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) accreditation of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
Certifications, Honors and Awards
Alpha Rho Chi Medal Recipient
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate (GA) certified,
P&Z Vice Chair
Member of the Design Review & Historic Design Review Board of the City of Middletown
Member Kiwanis of Middletown
RiverCOG Commission Alternate Member for Middletown 

More info on Middletown Republican candidates can be found at 

(Accepting ALL Candidate Bios! See format info here!) 

Middletown Republican Candidates Take Questions LIVE! Wilson, Pulino, Salafia, Petter, Kleckowski, Giuliano, Russo-Driska

Published on Oct 31, 2015
Comcast Studios/Cromwell- (R) Common Council Candidate Jon Pulino and (R) Planning and Zoning Candidate William Wilson welcome guests (R)Chris Petter, candidate for the Board of Education and former Mayor Seb Giuliano, (R) candidate for Common Council with Councilwoman Deb Kleckowski and Planning and Zoning Commissioner Molly Salafia

Comcast Studio- The final episode of "Meet the GOP Candidates 2015" aired on Friday, 10/30/2015. Please watch Mayoral Candidate as she interviews a large portion of her slate candidates. Please remember to vote on November 3, 2015 and consider choosing row B.

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