Monday, November 02, 2015

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Mayor Drew

A Letter To Mayor Daniel T. Drew October 30, 2015

To Mayor Drew,

By this time, you have read or heard about the misuse allegations of your Mayoral duties and time to attend classes at Columbia University in New York.

You can clear up this matter by honestly and publicly responding to it.  You sought to be Mayor of Middletown by stating you would have an “honest, open and transparent government.”

No response from you will be an indicator that the statements made about Columbia University are true.

John Milardo
Resident of Middletown, CT


  1. John I heard you cheat on your income taxes. Unless you post your tax returns for the last five years I will consider those allegations proven and shall endlessly taunt you as a tax cheat.

  2. Answer to your question? Yes I cheated on my taxes for the last five years. Now your Mayor can answer my question truthfully.

  3. You have proved my point. Ridiculous claims don't deserve a serious response.


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