Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Letter to the Editor: A Man of my Word

Letter to the Editor:

So, I did say that if Dan Drew happened to win, I would shave my beard, and being a man of my word, the beard is gone. That was a goofy fun way to end a stressful, tough, campaign. Make no mistake, it was stressful, and tough, and if I had the chance to do it over, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Why? You ask. Whenever there is a problem, or trouble, where I think I can help, I cannot stand by, and not do something. Again, make no mistake, we are still in trouble. With this Election, not only did nothing change, the people of Middletown signed up for four more years of it! Fear not! There is hope, (Unfortunately, not Kasper), and I’ll get to that in a few.

I’ve never spoken about this publicly, but it seems the most appropriate. On September 11, 2001, after checking in with the Command Post, and receiving my assignment, I entered the World Trade Center site, Ground Zero, from Broadway, by St. Paul’s Cathedral. I had just been to the World Trade Center in July 2001, so it was fresh in my mind. What I saw, was unrecognizable. It looked like a war zone, for thousands and thousands of yards, and miles of ash and dust after that. Things didn’t make sense. Things were out of place. The world as I knew it; and I had seen some pretty screwed up things, had ended, and a new one began. Shoes without feet, rings without fingers, elevator buttons, but no elevators, an airplane engine in the middle of a street, and most disturbing: body parts, but no complete bodies. I never found anyone, whole, in my entire time there, 3 days. The world was unrecognizable.
The world today, is an unrecognizable place for me. And before anyone gets high and mighty and blasts me for comparing a local election to 9/11: Screw you, I was there. You weren’t. Dan Drew has ravaged this town, and destroyed lives, eliminated jobs, and entire city departments, and cost us millions in the process. We are in danger by his refusal to sign an EMS contact for this City, guaranteeing us EMS service, instead of rolling the dice every time a 911 call comes in. On top of that he wants to take the EMT requirement out of Firefighter qualifications. Who will provide medical care when we are waiting for an ambulance from who knows where, Dan? Taxes are the highest ever, property values are lower than ever, and Dan Drew has 11 State and Federal lawsuits against him, and our City, exposing us to unknown millions of dollars in damages. And WE ACTUALLY SIGNED UP FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS!!!!! Are you people out of your minds????

However, there is hope. We still have a Republican minority in the Council, and we have Tom Serra. I mention him, because I believe in my heart, that regardless of label, he’ll make the right decisions for Middletown. He is the Middletown Party. I was considering going back to the Republican party after the election, and joining the Republican Town Committee, but from what I’ve seen, I think I’m comfortable dancing to my own tune. I am Conservative by nature, but I do not want to be beholden to anyone, and be able to speak my mind. I think doing that could damage the Republican party here in Middletown, and I do not want that, at all.
My Facebook Page, Clark for Mayor will remain active for a while longer. Then, I will come out with something brand new. Something to help the people stand up against Dan Drew, and his unethical, criminal behavior. He’s only the Mayor, and since we put him there, we can remove him from there. I’m far from done, folks. Help me in keeping watch over this criminal in City Hall.
Brian E. Clark, Middletown


  1. Thank you for your help in getting Dan Drew re-elected.

  2. Anonymous at 137 is correct.
    While you do call Drew out, you're a psycho.
    And alligning yourself with Sandra hurt her chances immensely.
    Keep after Drew, it's great to watch. But do everyone a favor, and don't endorse anyone ever again!

  3. Let's remember who is the actual criminal, you, convicted of attempting to rob Javapalooza.

  4. You are so lost you are enjoyable to watch. .. Let me ask Brian how responsive were the ambulance pick ups when you needed them? I guess you go from armed robbery to go fund me scams in just a few years. Your comparisons to 911 are reduce lousy and disrespectful. You defense 'I was there' doesn't hold water. You need to go worm on being a better person and stop thinking everyone else is the cause


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