Sunday, November 22, 2015

We're Back! Announcing Our New Editor-in-Chief

We're back! 1,400 blog posts, 3,020 uncensored, published comments, and over 555,000 page views in under 4 years, via word of mouth advertising.

We are proud to announce we have decided to name William Boylan as Editor-in-Chief and the voice of the Middletown Insider!

As the editor of The Middletown Insider, Bill’s philosophy is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Naturally, there will eventually be some changes, but nothing drastic is anticipated. While primarily a voice in the wilderness for conservative views, conflicting points of view will not be censored, off hand. The Insider still encourages reader participation through comments, letters to the editor, newsletters, slices of life, photos, etc. addressed to Mr. Boylan at .

Middletown Insider Editor-in-
 Chief, William Boylan
Boylan first moved to Middletown in 1983 and has been a resident for approx. 22 of the last 33 years. His three youngest children grew up here; two of whom, and a grandchild, still live here. Middletown is his adopted home town.

Bill is a certified paralegal, (Morse School of Business) and once worked for The Law Offices of John Haymond, United HealthCare, Gerber Scientific, and at the Commercial Recording Division, Office of the Secretary of the State before returning to carpentry. (Past member of UBCJMP, Carpenter’s Local 24.)

He is an active member of the Middletown Republican Town Committee, and a certified election moderator. He has been a delegate for the statewide Republican Convention, Probate Judge Convention, State Senate Convention, and to the Republican State Central Committee Convention.

Bill has also volunteered his time within the community by helping out at St. Mary’s Strawberry Festival and the First Church of Christ Congregational Christmas dinner for the needy. He also worked on two Purple Heart Homes, USA projects, building homes for disabled vets.

Boylan has been a tireless advocate for 2nd
 Amendment Rights in CT. Here he is pictured giving
 testimony at the capital. We are proud to announce
 him as our new Editor-in-Chief.
Bill is also a USAF veteran and father of USMC Iraq war veteran. When his son Mark was deployed to Fallujah, he worked with the Charlie Company Families to raise money for their homecoming celebration.

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