Friday, September 21, 2012

Something About Mary: Wife of Cop Votes on Personnel Changes for Cops

Something about Councilwoman
Mary Bartolotta (D) is that she doesn't
 understand a conflict of interest when
a potential one is staring her in the face.
Taking a play from Councilwoman  Hope Kasper (D)- who got her son in law a pretty sweet deal over at the Board of Education as an illegally hired administrator with teacher benefits (read more here), Coucilwoman Mary Bartolotta (D) decided it was a-okay to vote for altered language in the qualifications for deputy police chief as part of the 3 councilperson Personnel Review Committee, despite the fact her husband is a police officer on the force. By voting, Bartolotta is setting up for a huge conflict, whether her husband is pursuing this position or not, one of his colleagues is.  
All police are on the same force and by that definition in some capacity work together. There is a great deal of trust officers must have for one another after all they are responsible at times for each others lives. Being distantly related with someone vs having a spouse's paycheck, work duty assignments, overtime, etc. related to a position of authority that one us voting on is far different.
Plenty of people who work for the city or hold elected positions are related and there is little to no conflict; we are pointing out a husband wife relationship is far different, and a relationships between officers are far different than that of typical office colleagues by far. Any question of possible strife that could arise from a conflict, even perceived that could jeopardize that relationship is point we were making .The Insider is far from alleging any bad cops here, but we ask: Could  sergeant  under a deputy that was chosen as having qualifications his wife shaped could have negative results? Favortism or lose of trust by other officers?
We hope not, but the conflict is still a possibility. 

The Courant published an article earlier in the week explaining Mayor Drew's "reasons"  for changing qualifications to exclude the need for any college experience, and the substitution of work experience. Earlier this year, Drew hired his unqualified neighbor as a favor for a dispatch position, the hire soon tanked. Let's cross our fingers Dano can be a better judge of  qualifications this time and puts personal feelings aside. If he can't Lisa Santangelo you can bet will have a say! Hopefully, these changes are in good faith to allow a qualified internal hire, and are not being tailored to only to fit someone who the Serracrats owe a favor to.
The only brave soul YET AGAIN, was Councilwoman (and Candidate for the 100th District) Deborah Kleckowski (R) who questioned the conflict of interest on the Council floor,  which yet was again was refuted by the Democrats on the council.
Should Bartolotta have voted?


  1. Why would this shock anyone? Deb Milardo has been negotiating (wink wink) her husband's union contract for years and no one bats an eyelash. No one was outraged when the last mayor hired a paesano in payroll at the BOE who has trouble adding! This is the middletown way...the haters don't like it when it doesn't benefit their friends and family.

  2. Dear Lisa, The person doing payroll at the BOE was an internal hire, you are wrong.

  3. If you are referring to Christine Bourne, you are damn right she couldn't add! She is a hero because she refused to add the Democrat & Frechette way and wouldn't hide Mikey's missing million dollars from the budget!! Thats no paesano thats one tough broad!Good job Seb !

  4. Mary B. definitely should not be voting. And Dano is chnging the wording to suit someone who is related or, you're right, Serracrats owe. Corruption again. No different Demo power. Someday they will all fall hard.

  5. At the risk of being repetitive - Voters, when the next election rolls around remember all this crap that is happening now. It's time for a new regime on the council. Get all the "good ol' boys" out!

  6. That will never happen! I wish it would but it won't happen..

  7. I think it would be a good idea to include the three candidates for deputy chief. Why they aren't qualified for the deputy position under the current language? There is a lot more to talk about then whether Mary should vote or not.

    I believe the current qualification are.. College degree, living in Middletown, and some sort of command time logged.

    Who are the candidates and what qualification are they lacking?


  8. You mean the acting capt who already parks in the deputy police spot? He's has the job locked in and it's just as crooked as the chiefs appointment. Fast track to more money! I want to see the insider FOI the new chiefs contract! Why is it such secrecy?

  9. No need to apply! The job has already been promised to Michael Timbro. So as far as the other so called applicants you don't have a chance. MARK MY WORDS!

  10. We had this problem before with Elizabeth Nocera who voted and spoke on board of education issues while she was working for the board of education. Mary should have recused herself and just let the other two members of the committee vote.

  11. The Insider should FOI the new superintendents contract at the same time

  12. MPD will always be the same. When they get to the top they let the power and money go to their heads! Timbro and Mckenna are just another point Serra wants to prove that his appointments where the best! Even if it means lying cheating and stealing to prove the point. The honest people of this city know they truth. Time for big changes in this city. Vote for all indepenats and republicans. The dem clown show has to go! They refuse to step up, and stop covering up!

  13. Today I learned this story is NOT telling the whole truth.

    First of all let it be known that Deb Kleckowski voted YES to change the language. Mary B. wanted to compromise.

    Also its NOT a conflict of interest because Marys husband is a cop. Yes you are correct her husband isn't pursuing the position. BUT you say her husband works with the person who is, then connecting the friend, to the husband, then to her is reaching for an excuse.

    I assume Deb K doesn't have a family member who is friends with a police officer. Perhaps Deb KNOWS a police man!! GASP!

    If that is your definition of 'conflict of interest' then the city is overflowing with it. Molly Salafia is on P&Z, her mom is a member is the Local 466! Oh Boy!

    Perhaps if DEB (R) voted to NOT change the language then Mary also would have fallowed suit. Ask Deb how she feels now?


  14. Everyone that works for Middletown 'Works together'.

    "Any question of possible strife that could arise from a conflict, even percieved that could jeopardize that relationship is point we were making and that you have missed."

    YOU, Middletown Insider who works for the city, apparently has the MAIN goal of creating strife. All you do is look for, design, and kindle strife.

    "Being friends with someone and having a spouses paycheck, work duty assignments, overtime, etc. related to a position of authority that one us votung on is far far different from all the ideas you present."

    Marys husband isn't even close to the position of deputy chief and the selection of a deputy chief wont effect his position whatsoever.

    You didn't address the fact that Molly Salafia who COULD make planning and zoning decisions that in turn could provide work and privileges for her mother that holds a Executive Board position on the local 466 is also a possible conflict.

    Conflict! "paycheck, work duty assignments, overtime, etc. related to a position of authority that one us voting on?" Sound the alarm!

    Sound ridiculous? Sounds like grasping for and excuse? Now you see how you sound.

    " Plenty of people who work for the city or hold elected positions are related and there is little to no conflict. " You are exactly right on that. Mary and her husband are related. Marriage is a relation.

    You also didn't address the fact that Deb K (R) voted for this language change. Deb K has help Dan Drew make these new choices. Whoo hoo!

    :-) B. R.

  15. From the Hartford Courant, 11/5/05

    "Hertler and Morron allege that Thornton, Brymer and Pessina took the side of Timbro following a December 2003 confrontation between the sergeant and the two officers. Timbro was returning home with his family that day when he was stopped at an emergency roadblock where Hertler and Morron were working. Police reports say Timbro was upset because he was denied access.

    Hertler, Morron and other witnesses at the scene said Timbro became enraged and ran the roadblock. The officers filed a complaint against Timbro. When they failed to get a response from the police administration, the officers complained to city hall.

    The confrontation eventually became the focus of a criminal probe, although Timbro was never charged. He was suspended for three days after an internal police investigation."

  16. DL: 466 and P&Z aren't related. P&Z deals with ZONING. Idiot. How P&Z would vote for something related to retired 466 position I have no idea.
    Right pointing out a conflict creates strife- that's like shooting the messenger- with your logic, anyone reporting terrorism is a terrorist-

  17. Oh you are so clever!

    The point is that P & Z could pass an initiative for the city that requires more hours for the 466 or a new job position.

    The REAL point is that this a stretch of the imagination!!! That is exactly what the Middletown Insider has done with this story.

  18. um... wtf???? Only the Mayor after union negotiations and approval from Personnel review can change hours for 446 unions employees- what the heck are you talking about? B.R. or DL or who ever you are who is trolling this blog makes no sense at all.... and misquoted the article repeatedly to prove his non point

  19. No matter what Personnel Review decides the council gets final say anyway- faster Personnel passes the faster it can be rejected by CC.
    I'd be concerned if this person has anger management issues

  20. "The point is that P & Z could pass an initiative for the city that requires more hours for the 466 or a new job position"

    This is so far from reality that it is quite sad. Whoever this village idiot is, please stop. Really.

  21. Hahaha....anger managnment issues is to say the least! More people don't speak up because they are fearful of retaliation. The mayor and the chief all back these bullies. The moron and hertler fiasco was just one incident that was aired publicly. Two many other cover ups and fearful people who won't come forward including and sadly, supervisors!
    The "fix" has always been in , and will always be in.


  22. " and misquoted the article repeatedly to prove his non point"

    No, ALL of my quotes from the article are direct copy and paste.

    I will say it again... whew... the comment I made about P$Z IS ridiculous. It is an example of the Middletown Insiders own foolishness.



    You dont post my comment now... Good I know what that means. :-)

  23. From the Hartford Courant, 4/6/1995

    "Mayor Thomas J. Serra on Wednesday defended his hiring of three new city police officers, even though all of them failed to make a recommended hiring list provided by the police department after extensive background checks.

    ``They met the criteria and they all come from good, decent, long-standing Middletown families,'' Serra said. ``I am a residency person, and they met the qualifications.''

    Serra's decision to hire the officers, despite the advice of police professionals, has prompted former political rival Maria Madsen Holzberg to call for sweeping reforms in the city's personnel policies and the mayor's hiring power.

    The police department conducts background checks on all candidates who pass the appropriate written, agility, drug, polygraph and psychological tests. The candidates who pass the background checks are then ranked on a recommended hiring list.

    ``If background checks are done, the person who is making the appointment has to respect the work of the police department making those checks,'' said Holzberg, who lost to Serra in a Democratic primary for the mayor's seat two years ago.

    Holzberg says the city needs to re-examine its hiring practices to make sure they are fair and to prevent possible nepotism. She also wants the mayor's power of appointment to be limited to top-ranked candidates and permit departures from such lists only in special cases.

    The new officers -- William M. McKenna, Michael Timbro and Stephen Augeri -- were sworn in Monday by Serra.

    City officials are not disclosing why the officers were not on the recommended list, calling it a private personnel matter. But a prior arrest of McKenna was raised at a common council meeting Monday.

    McKenna was arrested in the fall of 1993 after getting into a fight with the manager of an Essex restaurant who was trying to remove him from the bar after he became unruly, police records show. The manager fell during the scuffle outside the restaurant and suffered a cut to his head that required 44 stitches, records show.

    McKenna eventually was found guilty of creating a public disturbance, an infraction, and ordered to pay a $102 fine, court records show. Having an arrest record for an infraction does not preclude a candidate from becoming a city police officer.

    McKenna could not be reached for comment Wednesday. His father, who answered the phone, had little to say. ``This is kind of hard for us at this time,'' said William P. McKenna, a vice principal at Xavier High School.

    Serra said he has no plans to reconsider the hirings. He said the men are all good, qualified candidates.

    McKenna reportedly saved a man who might have drowned in the Connecticut River in 1991 near Harbor Park. Augeri is a Westfield volunteer firefighter and was a student of Serra's when he taught at Vinal Regional Vocational-Technical School. Timbro is the son of businessman and former Republican councilman Sebastian Timbro.

    Serra said he was surprised by the furor over the latest hirings. He said he also selected someone who was not on a recommended list when he promoted nine officers to sergeants and lieutenants last month. He would not say which candidate was not on the list."


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