Monday, November 02, 2015

Middletown Republican Candidates Take Questions LIVE! Wilson, Pulino, Salafia, Petter, Kleckowski, Giuliano, Russo-Driska

Published on Oct 31, 2015
Comcast Studios/Cromwell- (R) Common Council Candidate Jon Pulino and (R) Planning and Zoning Candidate William Wilson welcome guests (R)Chris Petter, candidate for the Board of Education and former Mayor Seb Giuliano, (R) candidate for Common Council with Councilwoman Deb Kleckowski and Planning and Zoning Commissioner Molly Salafia

Comcast Studio- The final episode of "Meet the GOP Candidates 2015" aired on Friday, 10/30/2015. Please watch Mayoral Candidate as she interviews a large portion of her slate candidates. Please remember to vote on November 3, 2015 and consider choosing row B.

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