Monday, November 02, 2015

Notes from Bill Wilson: Yes to Question 1 and No to Question 2

On question one I think it is imperative that Middletown Voters vote Yes. We need to finish hooking up to Mattebassett and it will cost us $15 million more. I for one am not happy about that and think someone should be held accountable for this mess up. This administration has held no one responsible, except the taxpayers that have to pay for this overrun. This is a need as we need to shut down our plant in Middletown because the cost of overhauling it would cost us over $80 million more. 
So therefore I urge Middletown Voters to vote Yes on Question number 1

Question two has too many variables . . .
on what fields will be renovated and in what order they will be worked on.What was brought forth to the council has changed from the original purposely. This was done without including all parties from the BOE, to the parents and to the parents that have children, and teens in competitive sports though out Middletown. Plus the cost of maintaining these parks would mean hiring more staff to keep the fields in good playing condition  from March though November. 
The price also includes a Dog park in Veterans Memorial park near the Tree's of Honor My question is why Middletown would put a Dog Park in Veterans Memorial Park when there are a number of other parks in Middletown that would be a better spot for a Dog park. One of the reasons is that this administrations is listening to a few people who have been pushing the dog park and have said in public that putting it in Veterans Memorial park was a good idea. I am not sure how it is a good idea to have a Dog Park near the CT Trees of Honor. 
For this reason I would urge Middletown Voters to vote no on Question 2. 
Let's do this the right way and have all parties at the table to make this decision correct for all of the Middletown residents. 

I would Urge Middletown residents to vote Row B on Tuesday.

Middletown needs a leader that is invested in our town and not looking for the next step in one's political career. In Sandra Russo Driska we have just that. She is invested in Middletown as an owner of a small business on Main St and lives in the downtown area. 
She is what Middletown needs after four years of Dan Malloy's influence in the mayor's office. We have seen how Governor Malloy run our state and we are seeing the same thing under Mayor Drew. He raised taxes three years in a row and this past year budget where he had a flat budget, but the only reason it was flat was because he took the bond premium from the last bonding Middletown did and put it towards the budget. You can't increase the budget by $5 million dollars with no increase in your taxes. 
The Common Council has been under the same party rule for the last 22 years and where has that gotten us Just higher taxes and out of control spending. We cannot continue on this path as our Grand list has gone down or stayed even  over the past few years. We need to increase our Grand List  and bring more business to town. It is hard to do that when our taxes continue to go up and up. 
Along with this we need a Planning and Zoning commission that can get the Riverfront done for our future generations. This will get done with a commission that is not beholding to the mayor's office, but the people of Middletown. 
The BOE is in my opinion an easy vote. Our candidates have always been against redistricting because of social economic reasons. Our children deserve to stay in their neighborhood schools and not be bused across town. The democrats were for this before they decided the parents were against it. Can we trust them to do the parents will, or the administrations will? 
Voting Row B will take the guess work out of it and will make sure that Your voice is heard.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Bill Wilson

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  1. I agree that Sandra Russo- Driska is what is right for our City. She has the fire in her heart to do what is right, and make the right decisions, be them popular or unpopular. She has the resolve that does not fear unpopularity. As, do I. People have called my campaign, extreme, at best. Extreme sounds like what we need. Dan Drew and the Democrats have run this City in to the ground, and it's going to take Sandra, or Myself to get us out of this. As to the Referendum Questions, very simply, I agree with you, mostly for the same reasons. It's time for change, and tomorrow, that day has come.


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