Friday, November 30, 2012

When Village People Fight: $Bianco$ vs. The Village

A large majority of the folks who are against the new Washington Street Wesleyan bookstore/Starbuck proposal are part of a local sub-society collectively known as The Village District (People). These Village People are quite affluent around Middletown and have their thumbs in most political pies.  They aren’t poor either people! In fact some of them use federal, state and local tax monies to fund their pet projects while giving themselves a six-figure salary.   While you and everyone else you know hustles at work, these folks are taking advantage of the government grants and suspension of taxes to make their money.  There’s a lot of money to made in liberalism folks.   Here’s where it gets interesting:  A huge supporter of the Village District is a man named Jeff Bianco, a local architect and veteran chairman of Middletown’s Historic Preservation and Design Review Committee whose job is to mainly preserve cool and ancient stuff in town.  (I.e. Nice old building, let’s protest so the town won’t knock it down).

 Guess what? While his friends are publicly serving as activists and blogging against the proposed new bookstore-Mr. Bianco stands to gain if the project goes forward. Why? He is the architect on the project and stands to make good money if one day you are able to pull up and buy a coffee-mocha.chocolate-creamladunno-jejune from the Seattle owned franchise. Then it’s official Mr. Blanco’s pockets have been lined with the Benjamins and has scoffed at his Village friends and Historic Committee.
The Chairman of Middletown Design
Review & Historic Preservation,
architect Jeff Bianco defended
the  Pearl Street
development & tear down
of historic property
 by saying "We don't live in Venice." *
Hypocrisy 1: Mr. Bianco serves on the Historic Preservation and Design Review Committee in Middletown, but I guess it’s okay to build and destroy on Washington Street as long as you get your beak wet.
Hypocrisy 2:  As of this writing, Mr. Bianco’s name has yet to be mentioned by any of the other blogs or papers in Middletown except for where he is featured presenting the project.  This is very strange, these blogs have taken strong stances against the development on Washington Street, but none are critical of Mr. Bianco and/or Mr. Drew.  Why is that? Simple, they don’t want to put their necks out there too much and burn bridges within their own party and network.  I wonder if Mr. Bianco and Mr. Drew were Republicans, would they be vilified in the blogs?  You bet your ass on it.

Prediction: The other blogs will get upset that we mentioned Mr. Drew and Mr. Bianco..


  1. Wow! I mean- Holy Smokes.. Tell it like it is! Hurts but it's true!

  2. I agree that the other blogs failed to notice or write about him due to friendship.. I don't get it! How do you protest something and ignore key individuals like mayr and jb?

  3. Here is what will happen: The Village Crew will over turn the project or part of it, and guess then support the mayor in 2013. The only true hero with regard to this issue is David Shwartz who asked the meeting the other night, "Why did we elect Dan Drew?" Great job David! I hope we see some amazing artwork in front of your home that disses this project. Thanks, Insider for highlighting a different angle on this stupid rt 66 development.

  4. The truth will set you free. Now we know how all the players are connected.

  5. Note: We at the MI are not against capitalism unlike Michael Moore, who in his films says he does not own any stock. He's right, he owns tens of thousands of shares including Boeing (2,000 shares), Sonoco (1,000 shares) Eli Lily (3,000 shares) and Halliburton (2,000 share). Once again it's not a problem to own stocks, but don't produce a film Capitalism: A Love Story, that goes after those that have stock, when in reality you have much more than they ala M. Moore.

    Mr. JB may be a decent hard working man and the blogs are passionate about doing the right things at times, but both need to put the big picture into perspective. Example. If the other blog is 100% against this new development, then go after the Mayor and write about JB, or they should knock off their "liberal dribble" and continue to avoid complete issue.

    While covering the event at Wesleyan, there was a dire sense of urgency "to can the project ASAP", but after much review they will not put their own folks,who are for it and have $ to gain, under the bus. Liberal hypocrisy at it's finest.

  6. The only issue I have with this blog is that I wish there was more content.. It's funny and quite INFORMATIVE.. I work on main street and deal with a lot of these folks, it's amazing at how they always preach one thing and do another.. I am guessing you work for city hall, but one never knows.. Clues?????

  7. IF the article is so true and full of fact then why does the author need to write as "anonymous." "Opinion" or "your view on things" can be slander if not backed in fact. Tire of so many conspiracy theories in our little town!

  8. To the author....who remains ANONYMOUS. Whether you like the mayor or not his name is not Mr. Drew. He still gets the title Mayor Drew for he was fairly elected.

  9. What is "untrue" about the article? I am glad they wrote it.

    1) Is Bianco not on the project? Yes or no?
    2)Do some people that live downtown use federal grants and monies to support their careers? Yes or No?
    3)Is Bianco on the Historic/Preservation Committee? Yes or No?
    Read it again, there is no slander, you ANON are pissed because this blog has it's own identity and doe not censor the people.. I wonder if other blogs publish all the comments?

  10. You pillory The Eye because they have not attacked Jeff Bianco. Perhaps you have not noticed that The Eye does not attack anybody.
    Respected, intelligent adults discuss issues.

  11. usually when folks get 'too' angry is when there is truth to be told or in this case 'truth' they don't want to admit..

  12. Sounds like the author of this article is a bit bitter...Seriously there are better ways to spend your time then verbaly attacking people and the town you live in. #getoveryourself

  13. Ha ha have to laugh that the arrogant "eye" claims to not attack anybody. couldn't be further from the truth, the big eye goes after everyone he disagrees with on a regular basis. At least the MI doesn't pretend to be something it isn't.

  14. The Eye calls the project a strip mall which is offensive but gets away with it

  15. why do all you leaving comments keep reading if you hate that this is anonymous???

  16. Dear MI:

    Here is what I don't get, how are you going to protest a project that is being spearheaded by folks in your district? This should be interesting!

    The bottom line is that Bianco does pro-bono work, which is supposed to be for free, for Oddfellows and then lands the new bookstore contract. Smoke, but no fire- I concur. How will The Eye take on this issue? Like adults or like adults who ignore what their friends do especially if profit it to be made. How can you protest against this issue (which you are correct to do so) but ignore Mayor Drew and/or Jeff B? Easy, point your fingers at others. I know Jeff and he is great, but come on, he has to make a buck too even if it means divide up the left side.

  17. Clever! clever! I just re-read the article and all I can say is clever. LOL! Sooooo funny!

  18. This guy should resign as chair of Historic Preservation and Design because he statements speak volumes on character! This ain't Venice but it shouldn't turn into Meriden or Bridgeport either!

  19. He will never resign because he most likely feels he isn't doing anything wrong, which legally he isn't.. The Insider is correct when it says the EYE gave this guy the easy way out due to his stance. I am very disappointed with Ed and the new BOE and now he protects his friends down in the village.. I don't know.. Strange town!


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