Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Letter to the Editor: When one door closes, another will open..

Letter to the Editor
When one door closes, another will open…
By Brian E. Clark

What a great campaign we’ve had! It’s really been awesome being out there, talking with people and listening to what they need, or would like to see from the City. The media coverage was amazing, and I have to thank William Wilson, and Jon Pulino for having me on their TV show. Jennifer Shafer Wood was amazing, and I am grateful for having me on Voice of the City. The Middletown Press and Harford Courant published my articles, and wrote some on me as well. For that I am grateful, and appreciative. The Middletown Eye and Stephen Devoto were great. They didn’t publish everything I wrote, but for what they did I am humbled by your support. Most importantly, The Middletown Insider was my absolute biggest supporter. They published everything I wrote, and to this day, I do not know who runs it, but sir, you have my utmost respect. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
Many have said, I have run a negative campaign, and attacked Dan Drew to extreme’s not called for, I will have to agree that, yes, a lot of what I said, was indeed negative, and yes on occasions I attacked Dan Drew for positions he took. I am a passionate person. I initially began this campaign because I was angry about the way Dan Drew treated people, and overall, ran this City in to the ground. Middletown, and its residents, are my love. I love this City and everything, and everyone in it. With a background in the Fire and EMS Services, I always loved helping people. I still love helping people. Unfortunately, for me, I paid the sacrifice by responding to the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. I quit the Fire Service in December 2001. The next 10 years were not healthy or productive for me, but In 2011, I finally came to terms with what happened, and ever since I have been working on myself, and my Mental Health, and I’m back to where I can help people. I’ve never been one to stand by when things go wrong, and so it is with this campaign. I could no longer stand by and watch Dan Drew destroy this city.
It takes a unique person, and being at a certain place in your life, to be available to run for the Mayor’s Office. Or any Office, or Position, for that matter. Running for Office affects, not just that person, but that person’s entire family, and friends. The public draws dividing lines that puts you in a popular, or unpopular category, and the way that changes by the hour it seems, can drive anyone nuts. It’s hard. You question yourself. You question whether or not to stay in or drop out. Some make it the distance, some don’t. Then there is the money aspect. It’s expensive. And if you are running for a Top Spot, it’s a full-time job. You can raise money, or you can fund it yourself. I have funded my entire campaign on my own, although I did ask for a small donation once that never panned out. I do have to say this though, one person, from West Hollywood, California, paid for an expense I needed, and it was only for $18, but I am humbled by this one person’s actions. It’s been tough on my whole family, financially, emotionally, and physically for me.
I mention the physical part just for one reason. Since December 2014, I have had 12 abdominal surgeries. The last in September. I have an open abdominal wound currently, that is attended to by a nurse from Middlesex Hospital, daily. I have been campaigning through this all. I will not let it stop me from helping the City of Middletown, and her residents. In an effort to wrap this up, sure I have been negative. Yes, I have attacked Dan Drew. Given what I had to work with, was already negative. I added to that, I admit. An analogy that I’d like to use, is if I was given a pile of wood, and told to build a bridge, and I do so; then you come back and ask why it isn’t steel? I worked with what I was given with, and it was expected that I wouldn’t expose that, and tell the truth to the people of Middletown. My attacks were based on Dan Drew’s arrogance, and dishonesty, and his diligence to stick to that arrogance and dishonesty. At this point, it is what it is, and we’ll see very soon if the message was heard.
This City needs a leader with a fire in their heart that burns so bright, it could warm the city. We need a leader not afraid to make unpopular decisions because they are right. We need a team player that crosses the aisle because Republican and Democrat are just labels, and mean nothing. We are all people, we are all Middletown. Brian E. Clark or Sandra Russo-Driska are what is right for Middletown. Hope P. Kasper is what is right for Middletown. The Candidates on Row B are all excellent choices for Middletown. And I’ll end with this, and it will surprise many. Tom Serra is what is right for Middletown. I have known him my entire life, and never agreed with him at all. Recently, however, in a talk he had with me, he convinced me that he is indeed what we need in Middletown. He is in the proper places on the issues, and he has served Middletown for well over 20 years. Usually I’d be against that, but he has convinced me that Mr. Serra makes the right choices for Middletown.

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity. The marathon is over on November 3rd, but I am not done. Regardless of who wins this election, I will be there to speak for the truth. When one door closes, another one opens. And if there is no other door, I’ll build the damn thing just to open it!
Brian E. Clark,
Write in Candidate for Mayor

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