Thursday, July 31, 2014

Call for Entries! Juried K-12 Art Show at MXCC Sept. 14th

Host by Judith Randall, teacher and artist at Middlesex Community College on Sunday Sept 14th commemorating the 200 year anniversary of "The Star Spangled Banner"....The events include a historical presentation, a poetry reading, a group singing of the national anthem (all verses) and a K - 12 Juried Student Art Exhibition. Below is the flier for the student art exhibition. If you have some budding young patriot artists in your family please encourage them to enter their work. If not, just come to the joyful commemoration to express your love and gratitude for our great country!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Illegal Immigration Crisis 2014: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Last week we asked readers the following question:Reader Poll on Immigration: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Question: What are your thoughts on the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into Texas? If you were president, how would you handle the situation? If the government were to send buses of immigrants to Middletown, what would be your reaction?

Below are the responses we got on our facebook page and in response to this blog post.
Also shared is Mayor Drew's thoughts on immigration from his facebook page and our readers responses in sharing this. Thanks to all who chimed in!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Masselli to Gov. Malloy: CHC will Help Illegal Immigrants

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On July 25th Community Health Center CEO Mark Masselli of Middletown penned an open letter to Governor Dannel Malloy pledging the CHC's  publically funded  resources to help illegal alien children  in the recent immigration crisis at the southern border. The CHC is a non profit which is funded by state grants ie tax payer money. Normally the CHC provides health care citizens those who cannot afford it and who are uninsured.
 Democratic Gov. Malloy of Connecticut, and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado said no to President Obama's request to house illegal aliens in their respective states citing "inadequate resources." Gov. Hickenlooper, a Wesleyan University graduate, was a co-founder along side Mark Masselli of the Community Health Center in 1972. Masselli was treasurer of Hickenlooper's last campaign for govenor. Hickenlooper, an advocate of the Affordable Health Care Act, is according to a January 2014 article in the Huffington Post, a rumored candidate for the 2016 Presidential race.  Hickenlooper shared a beer with Obama during a campaign fundraiser in Colorado last month; about a week before the border crisis made national headlines. Despite the jovial elbow rubbing; Hickenlooper declined the POTUS's request to host illegals.

1. The CHC receives many thousands in grants and government funding. Public tax money funds the CHC & Masselli has pledged its resources, to helping the illegal aliens.

2. Masselli, nor Malloy, nor Hickenlooper, nor Mayor Drew, nor Rep. Matt Lesser all progressive liberal democrats, & who have all claimed that it is our duty to care for those entering the country illegally, have offered to house, feed, educate, employ, or fund any of the latter out of their own pockets.

3. There is a cost to all services, who's money is it when it comes from the tax payer? 

-Read the Letter Below:
July 24, 2014
Dear Governor Malloy,
We are facing a humanitarian crisis in America with the influx of children fleeing 
violence in their native countries. As a nation, our most immediate concern must be 
to properly care for these children. We applaud your efforts as Governor to find

Matt Lesser announces 'The Affordable Napkin Act for Illegal Aliens'

MIDDDLETOWN-   According to Middletown McDonald’s representatives: It’s official, the napkin kiosk has returned to its rightful home, next the beverage center at the South Main Street establishment.
 “I pushed hard for the McDonald’s on S. Main Street to put the napkin container back on the beverage center, because illegal aliens need napkins too,” said the Matt Lesser Democratic state Representative from the 100th.   A few months ago, the managerial staff of McDonald’s pulled the napkin container from the beverage counters because according to their data, “patrons were stealing napkins and frankly the company was losing money.”
Lesser pushed the bill to provide drivers 
licenses for illegal aliens. Today the TANAI Bill
(D-100th) Matt Lesser "Do you want napkins with that?"

 Enter the Lesser, the legislator who in the past has fought for such causes as The Shannon Blair Foundation, The Dannel Malloy Voting Syndicate and The I Only Had 1 Beer Society explained:  “In the past when somebody spills a little bit of ketchup on themselves-  it is within their constitutional rights to stand up and grab a bundle of napkins from the container and go back to their meal, the McDonald’s corporation has violated this be only giving their patrons ONLY two napkins per meal.  It has been reported to me that illegal aliens coming into Connecticut are upset about this part of Americana.  That is why I am proposing  Connecticut State Statute: 10-220-0898 or simply known as : The Affordable Napkin Act for Illegal Aliens (TANAI). 

“I am a strong proponent of TANAI,” said Planning and Zoning member Stephan H. Devoto at last week’s meeting. “Although I hate McDonalds and don’t want to see a napkin waste in this state, I feel that if I suck up to the Dems a little bit I may be able to become chairman of the committee,” said the freshmen Planning and Zoning Commissioner from a special Wi-Fi hook up streamlined to his ten-speed.  “I wasted no time at all when Dan Russo had a stroke, I took the high road
and tried to usurp his position, so why stop now?”

“This is a new territory,” Lesser said. “I am already attempting to bring unions to the college ball payers society, so I figure besides giving illegal aliens more rights than Americans citizens I will fight for the illegals because when it’s time for them  to vote guess who wins? It’s not you, its me and the Democrats, we just want your vote and we will sell all you down the river. Vote Matt Lesser in 2014!” 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Midd You May have Missed: Chubby Checkers & James Brown in Middletown!

Candidate for Congress James Brown, Chubby Checkers,
Candidates Len Suzio, and Linda Syznkowicz
In case you missed it, on July 23th Candidate for the 33rd District State Rep Linda Szynkowicz hosted the legendary Chubby Checkers at a public meet and greet fundraiser at the Italian Society on Court Street in Middletown. Szynkowicz has been friends with Checkers for over 20 years and a one time business invester in Szynkowicz's company Octagraphics. Many GOP candidates stopped by such as James Brown who is a candidate for congress and Len Suzio who is reprising his run for state representative for the 13th district. Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Penney Bacchiotto and former candidate for Congress Peter Lumaj shook hands with the music legend. DJ and former PZ Commissioner Nick Fazzino was on hand to supply tunes and break out the limbo stick. Checkers is best known for the "Limbo Rock" and "The Twist." Councilmembers Deborah Kleckowski, Sebastian Giuliano, and David Bauer spoke with constituents. Over fifty members of the public attended. The  press has a photo gallery by Catherine Avalone posted here:

Syznkowics recently gave an interview with editor Cassandra Day for the Middletown Press, part of her platform of "Fresh Ideas & Common Sense"  she explains as follows:
“Fresh ideas and common sense is my tagline,” Szynkowicz says of her run for Serra’s seat. Some of those ideas include a push to allow cable customers to donate to a campaign so senior citizens can enjoy cable television at an affordable rate, much like how electric utility customers can give $1 to help the less fortunate with winter heating bills.
“When they’re home, they should be relaxing,” Szynkowicz says of the elderly.“They’ve worked all their lives and cable is just too expensive.”
Getting out in the community and knocking on doors has given her several “common-sense” ideas and a platform to run on. “I’ve talked to a lot of people and I’ve found a lot of common ground.”
Szynkowicz has also named state taxes and health care as some cornerstones of her General Assembly bid, and suggested that a statewide audit of departmental spending was warranted.
“I believe in economics 101, which is, if you want to raise revenue, you lower taxes. You lower taxes, people are more free with their spending. People are more free with their spending, they hire more people to work,” said Szynkowicz.
“I have an idea for a bill that I’m calling the ‘What’s Up Doc’ bill.” She says that she would like to see 50-percent discounts for patients who had to wait more than an hour to see a doctor and that, after 90 minutes of waiting, those visits should be free.
“This would only affect those who are double- and triple-booking,” says Szynkowicz.
At the event, Checkers sang a birthday tribute to Syznkowicz and signed cds and record jackets of his hits.

Middletown BIke Path Ribbon Cutting July 29

Press Release: Ribbon Cutting For Newly Completed “Tuttle Loop” of Bike and Walking Path
Tuesday, July 29, 3:30
At End of Tuttle Place (just off Tuttle Road, near Newfield St.)

Mayor Daniel T. Drew, and Director of Public Works William Russo will perform a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the newly completed 1.75 mile “Tuttle Loop” section of the Westlake and Mattabesset Bike and Walking Trail (see section colored in purple on the map below). The new section means that the entire trail system from Middle Street to Tuttle Place is now 5.0 miles.

The Complete Streets Committee of Middletown encourages all residents who support and enjoy improved walking and bicycling facilities to attend the event. Citizen presence will demonstrate interest for other planned and to-be-planned improvements to Middletown’s pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure.

To reach the ribbon cutting, drive north on Newfield Street toward Cromwell. But just ¼ mile before reaching Cromwell, turn left on Tuttle Road. Drive ¼ mile to Tuttle Place on the right.  Park along Tuttle Place where the bike lanes are painted (even though parking is usually not permitted in this location).  To view on Mapquest, click

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