Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reader Poll on Immigration: What if it was happening in Middletown?

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Question: What are your thoughts on the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into Texas? If you were president, how would you handle the situation? If the government were to send buses of immigrants to Middletown, what would be your reaction?


  1. Fox News NY reports that Connecticut officials have rejected a federal proposal to use the facilities at Soutbury Training School to house some 2000 detained illegal immigrants...

    "HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut officials have rejected a federal request to temporarily house up to 2,000 immigrant children from Central America at a mostly-vacant facility built for developmentally disabled adults.

    The Republican-American reports the New England office of the U.S. General Services Administration has inquired about leasing space at the Southbury Training School.

    The federal government planned to cover all expenses, including building maintenance.

    Patrick M. O'Brien, assistant director of the state's Bureau of Assets Management, emailed back Monday, rejecting the request. He said the building was not suitable because of deteriorating conditions, complex state procedures for using surplus property, and the fact that some people are still housed at Southbury.

    The federal government is looking for housing following a recent surge in unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally."

  2. The borders must be secured, anyone entering illegally must be immediately deported. If I were president, this situation would never exist in the first place. I do not want illegals in Middletown, period.

  3. Billboy, if your next door neighbors children where alone and needed help, would you help?


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