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Guest Blog: The Connecticut Flip

The Connecticut Flip 
Summary of a series of articles on Political Events in Connecticut by Tim D. Enchanter

This month I began to feel that our State of Connecticut has the potential to surprise those who tend to write it off as either an easy victory for one political party or a lost cause for the other.  Things are working in a different direction than most are used to with regard to electoral change and party shift.
I must admit that I am often one of those who believe this state is almost impossible to change.  It has been almost completely taken over by a political machine which rules from the top down.  The reason for this belief can best be illustrated by the 2010 Gubernatorial Election.
The Midterm Elections (when Senators and Congressmen run for re-election in the middle of a President’s term) were a referendum on the President’s agenda as people rose up against establishment politicians.  This so-called “Conservative Wave” swept the country, but seemed to crash impotently against political barriers in states run by Democrat political machines.
Please note that the following pieces of information have been accumulated over a 5 year period from news reports, radio reports, phone calls, testimonies, and observed actions.  I have remembered all of this and report the puzzle pieces here so you can put them together yourself.  I leave it to those who are supposed to conduct investigations to actually conduct them and verify their validity.
As a private citizen who is a registered unaffiliated voter, I have the right to voice my concerns according to the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Keep that in mind when you read the following and yell about how I “can’t say that” without documented proof.  I am not filing charges or taking any action other than telling you my thoughts.  Also keep in mind that anyone who actually takes the time to do the research could assemble said proof.  The fact that nobody has filed any charges should speak volumes as to whether or not you are being served by those you have elected.
Prior to Election Day 2010, the Chairman of the CT GOP raised alarms about boxes of ballots being shipped to an abandoned lot in Bridgeport.  The day after Election Day, Democrat operatives came to polling places with bags of ballots that they wanted to be counted, not explaining where they “found” them.
On Election Night, the Bridgeport polling places ran out of ballots, and Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz ordered the polls in Bridgeport to remain open an extra 2 hours, notifying residents by phone to go and vote after normal closing time.  
The Senatorial race was called in favor of Democrat Richard Blumenthal at the normal closing time before any vote counts were posted.  In the race for Governor, Republican Tom Foley was ahead of Democrat Dan Malloy all night according to the running vote tally, yet the CT News anchors were reporting Malloy the winner.  Even one of the anchors could not understand why and was informed there were things she did not know.
The city of New Haven waited until 3pm the following day to start counting votes, yet the results had already been reported.  As everyone was paying attention to what was happening in Bridgeport, nobody seemed to notice or care that 20,000 new votes were cast in New Haven by people who had apparently registered during the month before the election.
Years earlier, the Mayor of New Haven, Democrat John DeStefano, had made New Haven a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, issuing Driver Licenses and Voter IDs to anyone asking for them.  Back in 2007, it was discovered that the New Haven Mayor’s office had ordered the workers at Social Services to generate Social Security numbers for those who did not have them.  The Social Services Office used a random number generator and didn’t bother to check with the Federal Social Security Office to find out if they were giving one person the number of another.
The FBI seized boxes of paperwork related to this.  The FBI has been waiting many years for a US or CT State Attorney General who is actually willing to prosecute these numerous cases of Fraud, Document Falsification, and possible Identity Theft.  Unfortunately, under both Bush and Obama Administrations, no such person could be found as charges of racism drown out calls for laws to actually be enforced.
Meanwhile, the comparatively few illegal immigrants arrested at the border have been found with instructions detailing how to go to Yale New Haven Medical Center for any treatment desired and then file for IDs from the New Haven Social Services Department.  Numerous attempts to get CT News reporters to investigate all these issues have been met with either yawns or accusations of racism.
By the end of 2010, looking at the above issues and numerous others, I had personally written off the State of Connecticut as Occupied Territory and no longer an actual State in the Union.  A few State Legislators with Integrity have attempted to resolve these issues to no avail.  Other State Legislators seem to benefit too much from such shenanigans.  For an example, see my previous article:
The Lesser Man ---
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
The result of this takeover of a state by a political machine has affected most people worse than it has affected me.  When I talked to a health care receptionist I knew, she put it better than I could have.
Knowing that she did not like discussing politics, I commented on what some said concerning more people voting for American Idol than President.  Then I asked her how hard her life had to get before she was willing to pay attention to what her government was doing to her.  She explained that the harder it got, the more she felt that she was powerless to do anything about it and she would rather pay attention to American Idol because her vote was actually counted there.
Given all the above, I cannot blame her and have been trying for years to find out how to encourage people to get involved when they felt so outnumbered.  One of my major frustrations has been those who try to discourage voting, as detailed in another article:
An Army of None ---
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
     But there is another effect of this situation which is working differently than I had suspected.  With most people feeling that they are being ruled from the top down and powerless to do anything, those people start to concentrate on what they CAN affect.  This is referred to as being “parochial” as it concentrates on local elections first and the focus moves up from there.  It can be very frustrating for those who run for state offices and need support.
But it can work to great advantage for those who see the larger picture and approach it from a more long-term strategic point of view.  Since people will vote for their interests based on what affects them, local politicians who campaign on issues are more effective than those who preach party ideals.  In some Democrat towns, Republicans are winning based on solving problems and not even mentioning the word Republican.  See another article for more:
All Politics are Local except when they are Not
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
Moving from the local level to the State District level, it can be readily seen how popular candidates are who actively care for the towns in their districts.  From my own personal experience, I believe I failed running for office because I could not connect with a town I had moved into.  In contrast, the State Senator who won that district has lived there his whole life.  I discuss this further in the following article:
Suzio Headquarters Opening Night
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
The Democrats are naturally trying to take that seat back.  Since the truth of the issues cannot be refuted, they have resorted to character smears in order to disqualify their opposition.  Their tactics are old and so used that not even the famous Blue Book would give them a rating.  As an eyewitness, among others, I provided the truth of one event in the following article:
Gas Rollback Event
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
Which brings us to the tactics we see played out ad infinitum.  For a political party whose platform is the word “forward”, they are stuck in the past and unable to “Move On” from the same slander they have used for a century.  Republicans want to enslave women as human incubators, remove all funding from all education, poison the air, pollute the water, murder old people, and raise taxes on the middle class in order to give tax cuts to their wealthy friends … et cetera … et cetera … et cetera … yada … yada … yada … yawn.
We saw this in the Presidential Debates where President Obama continued to repeat the same attacks against Governor Romney.  It did not matter how effectively Romney refuted these attacks, he continued to repeat them.  Eventually, Romney related how similar this tactic was to his boys growing up and trying to repeat lies until they are accepted as the truth.
The reaction of the President’s acolytes in the media was to accuse Romney of racism for using the word “boy” in comparison to the First Black President.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being accused of racism just because I am not in love with the FBP as much as the Liberal News Media.  This tactic has gotten so oppressive that we are required to accept our own personal economic ruin as some form of social justice.  Another article I wrote goes into more detail of lies we are forced to accept and the truth we are not allowed to know:
Presidential Debate Round One --- Obama vs Romney
The Democrats have become so obsessed with their standard list of lies and attacks that the entire party now seems to think with a hive mind.  For a party of Collectivists, this actually makes sense.  However, it is astonishing how their mantras filter through to every level of political campaigning.  My follow-up article on the debates details this point:
Tag Team Debating
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
The Senatorial battle discussed in the above article was first discussed by me when I attended a reception for Linda McMahon, reporting on it for the Middletown Insider:
Linda McMahon Reception
also published online at the Middletown Insider:
There are many who have problems with Linda McMahon personally.  However, if she wins, it will demonstrate that the majority of Connecticut residents care less about personal foibles and more about practical solutions.  With the election only days away, I will wait to see what they decide and then comment further about what is happening in Connecticut.  For now, those who rule the state from the top down are watching a ground swell of people who have finally decided to pay attention to what their government is doing to them.
I believe that Connecticut will flip in a way which gives that word new meaning.  The state is ruled by a minority of people who are part of a political machine.  The majority of the people are taking their state back. 
Connecticut State will flip, sooner or later.  It is only a matter of time.  Those who have been collaborating with the power elites to have a seat at the table need to realize this.  If they still want a seat at the table of power, they need to stop collaborating with the overlords and start collaborating with the people.  The people will remember who is on their side.
Nothing is Forgotten … Nothing is EVER forgotten.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?” 
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot

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