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Guest Blog: The Lesser Man

The Lesser Man
Part 3 of a short series of articles on Political Events in Connecticut by Tim D. Enchanter
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In the 100th State Assembly District, from what I have observed, it seems that Matt Lesser has declared war on all Republicans, deciding that representation should mean representing those who elect you rather than all those in the district.

This could be interpreted as laziness because it is easier to represent a smaller section of the population who share your viewpoints.
It could also be interpreted as Chicago-style politics used to establish personal power rather than serving the people.
The Middletown Insider has some interesting articles which indicate to me that they are dealing with the second interpretation:
Mayor Drew Appoints Crony as City Attorney
Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess: Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Vote Kleckowski, Lesser Supported Largest Tax Increase in Ct History
South Fire's Endorsement of Lesser 'Shameful'

     Some Middletown residents may wonder how they elected someone to represent their interests who now runs the town and dictates their interests. Somewhere in the world of journalism there might actually be some integrity left and an investigative reporter could actually conduct an investigation instead of just regurgitating talking points. This is why I have a list on my blog titled, “Whom Do You Trust?” For now, I can only speak to what I observed and allow the full analysis to be done by those who know more.
      Shortly before Election Day 2008, I learned a little about Matt Lesser and where he came from. I was told that the Democrat political machine chose a young man to appeal to the college students of Middletown and sent him to Arkansas for training as a Community Organizer. Upon his return, he used his new talents to convince the students at Wesleyan University to unite behind him and take over the town because they are the future, the future belongs to them, and their time has come.
     I was told how he promoted the idea of students registering to vote in the town where their college is located claiming their school residence as their primary residence. My first reaction was to ask if anyone is checking to find out if these students were also voting in their home towns via absentee ballot.
     When I raised these concerns to the FBI office in New Haven, I was told that there would have to be an investigation after Election Day but only if someone filed a complaint and could prove voter fraud. To prove it you would have to check the list of ballots cast by Absentee Ballot in one state and have someone witnessing the same voter voting in another state.

     Receiving an Absentee Ballot does not mean that voter must use it. The voter can discard the unused ballot and vote in the polls anyway. It is only when that voter sends in that ballot and then votes on Election Day that a crime takes place. They cannot investigate a crime before it is committed.
      A strategist would read what I have just written and realized that someone just may have come up with a way to turn any college town into an easy voting bloc that can be used to influence national elections. An attorney would caution that printing such assumptions would make someone vulnerable to lawsuits. A politician would be very cautious about making allegations that cannot be proven. A reporter or news anchor would check the political affiliation of the accuser and the accused, and then contact the DNC Speakers Bureau for marching orders. Anyone concerned about their reputation would shut up right about now.
     Do you understand why I can only speak to what I have heard, understood, and think but cannot take action based on hearsay evidence? Thankfully, the First Amendment to the US Constitution gives me the right to voice my opinion. I am not running for office and not even registered with a political party anymore (unaffiliated) so I am just a private citizen.
     I am neither a reporter nor an investigator but simply someone voicing my thoughts and concerns to whomever is interested in reading them. That being stated, I will now get back to what I remember and let you decide for yourself how accurate I am.
     I believe Lesser won election in 2008 with an army of college students who believe that being politically active is more important than studying some boring books written by people who think they know everything. Remember the old hippy slogan about not trusting anyone over a certain age. Is it 30 or 40 and how old is Matt Lesser?
     If my feelings are accurate, I wonder how their parents might feel after having saved and sacrificed to get their children a quality education which prepares them for life. How would they feel if they thought that their children are instead being trained as political activists serving their own personal messiah? Did they send their children to a well-known prestigious university to become successful productive members of society or to enlist in the Connecticut chapter of ACORN or the Occupy Movement? Is there a difference anymore?
     Setting aside my feelings and suppositions, the next piece of the puzzle came in 2009 when I heard something about Lesser attacking the unions in Middletown. The idea of a Democrat attacking unions seemed almost surreal. I was told that the unions had endorsed the Republicans and that Lesser was furious at what he saw as a challenge to his authority.
      My contacts in Middlefield had previously told me Lesser was so encouraged by his 2008 victory and the size of his personal army of students that he had declared he would destroy the Republicans in Middlefield. Apparently he had been concentrating his political muscle so much in Middlefield that he had taken Middletown for granted.
      In a later conversation with Sebastian Giuliano, Republican mayor in Middletown, I asked him how he got the unions to support him. He explained that he had worked with the unions to balance the city budget. He said he had been honest with them about the situation and the unions appreciated his candor.
     In Meriden, I heard similar sentiments from Dan Brunet, the new Republican Town Councilman who had also gotten the union endorsement. He said he was just honest with them and they decided that honesty was good for business because a bankrupt city would not be able to afford union jobs.
     Please take a moment to understand this point and how important this is because I will return to this point in a later article.
      For now, having been out of the 13th District for over a year, I see that Middletown has a new mayor who is a Democrat and at least one union which seems be at Matt Lesser’s bidding.
     One of the articles I sited above talks about how much Town Councilwoman Kleckowski supports one of the most important city unions yet they endorse Matt Lesser. This causes me to wonder what must have happened in 2011.
     I believe that the people of Middletown need to make an important decision. Do they want Middletown to be Middletown or Chicago?
     How they vote this year will indicate if they wish to be treated as serfs under a college mob boss. Hopefully, they will choose instead to support someone who cares about them and will serve them.
      From what I have read, the next choice will come when the current mayor seeks re- election. Will the unions want to return to the days when their mayor worked with them honestly to resolve issues in everyone’s best interest? Will the residents of Middletown vote for honesty or political games?
     To my mind, this is a choice being faced by everyone in this state and reflects the choice being faced by every state in this nation. To me the choice seems clear. Serve or be served by those you elect to represent you.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?”
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot

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