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Guest Blog: An Army of None

An Army of None
Guest blog below by Tim D. Enchanter 
“I am tired of having to choose between the Lesser of Two Evils so I’m staying home.”
“I’m not voting until my party gives me someone I can vote for instead of against.”
 “Political Parties are not constitutional so voting violates the Constitution.”
 “The President is Illegitimate so voting with him on the ballot is Illegal.”
     Does anyone else remember this “illegitimate” argument being used against Bush … or against Clinton?       Was either of them re-elected?  If you do not know the answer to that last question, then stop reading and go back to sleep.
     It astonishes me when some try to convince me and others to stay home and not vote in order to teach “The Establishment” a lesson.  It does teach them a lesson.  It teaches them that they can get you to stay home and not vote so that they will not have to deal with you.
     Let me explain this as simply as possible to all the brain donors out there who think that not voting gives you some sort of political power.  
     A vote not cast does not count.
The fewer people who vote, the more each vote counts because by not voting you give your vote to those who do vote.
     The so-called “Establishment” will never say this but they actually love low voter turnout.
     They would like nothing more than to have to get the votes of the smallest number of people to give them power over the largest.  Campaigning is difficult and takes valuable time away from the real work of running other people’s lives “for their own good”.
     Their ultimate dream would be to elect the President the way the College of Cardinals elects the Pope.  A small group of old men go into a smoke-filled room and campaign with each other until one of them gathers enough political support to get the required number of votes.  I am not saying that this is exactly the way it is done, nor am I saying that the Pope is illegitimate.
     However, if you watch the first episode of the Showtime series, “The Borgias”, you will see exactly how a political establishment wishes things were done.  Understand that this show is Hollywood script-writing and not historical fact, but it shows the way we do NOT want to elect a President, Senator, Member of Congress, or even a nominee for one of those offices.
     Those often referred to as “The Establishment” think of themselves as being better than everyone else.  They should be able to tell you how to live your lives while you shut up and let your betters make your decisions for you.  This way of thinking harkens back to the “Divine Right of Kings” attitude and represents an Elitist mentality that has infested our government.
     The last thing the so-called “Establishment” wants is to have to actually deal with the people they want to rule.  That’s why they hate “Town Hall” meetings.  If you hold one of those Town Hall meetings and the elected official or candidate for office refuses to show, you are dealing with an Elitist.  If they attend and are happy about it, that means they actually care about your opinions.
If they get elected with your support, then they have to listen to you in order to keep it.
If they can get you to stay home and let Union Leaders speak for you, they can just bribe those Union Leaders with your Tax dollars, receive some of that money kicked back in the form of campaign contributions, and work out sweetheart deals that funnel more of your hard-earned income through the tax system into their pockets.
     Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you actually think that all those union protests are about “worker’s rights”?
Okay.  Have it your way.  Union Leaders care about Union Members.  Your Union Dues are used to protect your right to work.  Santa Claus lives in the North Pole.  The Tooth Fairy will give you a shiny quarter for each of your teeth.  The best way to protect your Freedom is to give it to your Government because they care about you.  Go back to sleep.
     For the rest of you, please allow me to discuss the brain donors who think that staying home and not voting actually makes them important.
The biggest arguments I hear deal with Illegitimacy.  Believe it or not, the current President is not the only one who is being accused of this.  Both Clinton and Bush II were targets of this argument as well.  Many people believed that Clinton was illegitimate because of his actions as President.  Many believed that Bush was not legitimately elected and was therefore not a legitimate President.
     There are those who believe that every member of a political party is unconstitutional because political parties were not part of the original Constitution.  There are many people who will go through the      Constitution with a magnifying glass and parse it like a lawyer with OCD to find any way, no matter how small or twisted, to declare a sitting President illegitimate in order to invalidate everything that President has done that they do not like.
What do they hope to accomplish?  Even if you actually believe this, what would be the point?  Do they think that they can have a Supreme Court declare an entire Presidency Unconstitutional?  Can you nullify all Executive Orders?  Can you repeal all Laws and Bills you don’t like?  Can you refund all Collected Taxes?  Can you hire back everyone who was fired?  Can you un-invade all countries and declare all war casualties no longer legally dead?  Do you think that you can reverse history and rewind time because you have a legal argument you can take to court?  Do you see why I am referring to these people as brain donors?
So why do they do this?
     To understand this, you need to understand a point used by Saul Alinksy and understand something he did not.  There are people who will sit on the couch and do nothing until you make their lives so uncomfortable that they have to get up and do something about it.  The problem is that those people will want to return to that couch as soon as possible.
     If you are relying on the lazy to help you, then you will be forever frustrated.  You will waste more effort motivating them than the effort you will get out of them.
     This inherent laziness is what I believe motivates the stay-at-home crowd.  They think that making a single argument and pushing it until everyone agrees with them can solve all the problems and allow them to go back to the couch and be entertained.  Some of them think that their own purity is so bright that they can draw everyone to them and are offended when this doesn’t happen.  Some just like being able to complain incessantly and then complain that nobody listens to them.
     Think of the classic cranky cantankerous curmudgeon who will sit on his throne like Jabba the Hut and loudly yell about everything he does not like until his wife has had enough and brains him with a cast iron frying pan.  Either that or she will leave him, drain the retirement account, and go out to enjoy life while she still has it, leaving him at home to complain to his pooka.  If you do not get that reference, look up the word “pooka” or watch the movie “Harvey” and substitute Willford Brumley for Jimmy Stewart.
     What the rest of us need to do is understand when we are wasting our time.
I have pointed out to everyone I know that there is a very simple way to avoid wasting time and effort on someone who will just not listen to you.
     For example, I have been telling fellow Conservatives that there are two types of Democrats: those who know that their party is not the one they joined or the one they thought it was and those that actually liked the 2012 Democrat Convention.
     To avoid wasting time, ask a Democrat what they liked about that Convention.  If you see eye-rolling or grimacing or get a nasty look, then you know you can talk to them.  If you hear about how wonderful the speeches were or how much diversity there was or any comment about how good it was, just walk away.    You are dealing with the willfully blind who will go through life with Eyes Wide Shut and not listen to reason so don’t waste your time.
     On the same note, do not waste your time with those who want you to stay home and not vote until they get what they want.  They will not listen to reason or logic any more than the committed brainwashed fools who have believed everything they have been told because the person lying to them is charming and popular.  For some, the more you argue with them the more they like it because they crave the attention and enjoy arguing.  Walk away.
     If you want elected officials to listen to you then you must show that you matter and not voting means that your opinion does not matter and no politician will waste time on you.
     The best way to make sure votes are not counted is to not vote at all.
     That is the best way to abdicate power and those who do not go to the polls are voting to let other people make their decisions for them to avoid responsibility.
     They are an Army of None.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?” 
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriots

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