Friday, November 02, 2012

City 411: Why Numbers $400K & $300/hr Should Matter to Middletown Taxpayers

Hi! Remember me? Former Superintendent Michael Frechette! You thought you got rid of after I kinda sorta misplaced a $1 million dollars. Guess what!?

Even though Superintendent Charles was hired in June,ever since taxpayers have been paying me $300/hr with a 2 hour minimum to consult at the BOE!
Thanks guys! This gig is better than working!

Despite an extra allocation of $1.3 million, then another $250,000 I hear that the BOE is $400,000 in the hole again.

Too bad, so sad. Bye now!


  1. Dave Larson is on the dole...even though the new super got a $50K raise Larson is getting paid to help and mentor her.

    And how about the retired accountant clerk who is getting paid to do the job of a union person who somehow can't do the job the personnel director and dan drew qualified her to do.

    the message that is being sent to taxpayers is that incompetent people have been hired, no surprise in middletown.

  2. Don't the union folks get that 2 hour minimum call back?

  3. to 10:10 anon. YES,BUT NOT AT $300 PER HOUR.

  4. Heard the deficit is closer to $1 million

  5. Of course they would be $400k in the hole. Superintendent Charles got a $75k raise, they added top heavy positions like the director of fine arts and operations, WWMS Dean of Students that weren't in the budget.

    How about the Super take a pay cut to what the last one was getting instead of asking us for more $?

  6. So what's this have to do with Michael frechette? He's not there anymore- move on- let his family live in peace.

  7. It has everything to do with Frechette! He is still sucking on the taxpayer's teet!!

  8. HE IS STILL THERE that's the point!!

  9. Why do we have to pay Larson to mentor experienced Superintendent Charles? Aren't we already paying her plenty?


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