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Guest Blog: The Real Story of the Gas Rollback Event Meriden

The Real Story of the Gas Rollback Event Meriden :
Part of a series of articles on Political Events in Connecticut by Tim D. Enchanter
Thursday, October 18th, 2012 from 4-6pm at Danby’s Gulf Station in Meriden, CT

I was part of the Gas Rollback Event sponsored by Americans For Prosperity.  They had me directing traffic because they had run out of places in the line for the low gas price.  Here’s the TRUTH from an Eyewitness as to what transpired:
The event was a special lowering of the price of gas to the price it was under President Bush … $1.84/gallon … any other price you have seen is either a mistake or misprint.  AFP paid the difference between the regular price and the $1.84 for 15 gallons per car.  This was available to the first 150 cars in line and the event started at 4pm and was scheduled to end at 6pm.  For The Record, it took until 7:30pm to get the last car through at only 15 gallons per car, so 150 cars was actually generous because it took 3½ hours instead of just 2.
However, people had started showing up early and the line was filled at 11am.  When I showed up at 3pm, the CT Director, JR Romano, told me he had gotten there at 1pm to find more cars than they could handle and gave me the sad task of turning people away.
The sign I was holding read “Sorry, Last Car, Back To High Obama Prices” and I held it because that was my job.  I wish it had just read “Sorry, Last Car, Line Full” because there were many people who were obviously living in their cars, some with children, and I felt that spiking the point was insensitive.  Unfortunately, they were unprepared for this huge turnout and we could only work with what we had.
What was truly insensitive and downright dishonest was the Democrat reaction.  A couple obnoxious college kids showed waving Obama-Biden lawn signs and saying, “It’s all a scam!”  One car I turned away had some guy who kept claiming that he was an Obama supporter and should be allowed to get some “Obama Gas” because he saw the lawn signs.
These signs were not allowed but some people felt that it was better to show up in violation of policy and make false accusations than to ask permission and not show up at all.  When Democrats campaign, truth is the first casualty, rules follow soon thereafter.  One young man who was the classic I-know-better-than-you college liberal brought a sign listing “Len Suzio’s Ethics Violations” and claimed that Len Suzio was buying votes with gas.
This was a blatant lie told by Democrats like Suzio’s challenger, Dante Bartolomeo, in an attempt to make as many false charges as possible in order to disqualify her opponent.  We have seen this before and it seems to be the Democrat Standard Operating Procedure.  They used this against John McCain, Sarah Palin, and everyone they don’t like.
The tactic is simple: File so many ethics charges against your opponent that the public thinks they are corrupt even when they are not.  The ethics charges being dismissed never get reported and the name of the target is never exonerated, but nothing can stand in the way of getting a loyal Democrat elected … not even actual ethics.
For The Record, Len Suzio and Wayne Winsley each showed up, along with Dante Bartolomeo, to an event to promote what they feel is important.  Wayne Winsley discussed Federal Policy while Len Suzio discussed State Policy.  Each discussed the solutions they saw to the high gas prices that hurt the people of Connecticut.  Len’s focus was on the Connecticut Gas Tax and trying to lower it.  He was there to raise awareness and encourage people to call their legislators. Continued
Dante Bartolomeo, on the other hand, wanted to try to slander Len as buying votes simply because he was at the event.  According to her logic, that means she was buying votes because she was allowed to show up and campaign as well.  When given the opportunity to discuss her issues in a fair setting, she backed off, demonstrating that her only platform is slander.  See for yourself in the YouTube Video:
In all, this was an event meant to remind people how high the gas prices have gotten in such a short time.  My chiropractor asked me to explain it simply when I saw him the next day and here is what I told him:
Have you ever traded bubblegum cards?  Which were the most valuable?  The ones that were rare.  Which were the least valuable?  The ones that were plentiful.  So the more you have of something, the less it is worth and the less you have of something the more it is worth.  Now apply that to money and gasoline.
If you put moratoriums on drilling, you decrease the supply of oil and the production of gasoline, making it worth more.  The price of gas goes up and takes the price of food with it because of the increased cost of transportation.
If you shut off the water to a valley of farms in California and turn that valley into a dust bowl, you make that food more expensive because there is less of it.  If the EPA fines farmers for producing dust and the Labor Department fines them for their children working on the farms, then the price of food increases.  If the FDA makes dairy farmers dump out thousands of gallons of milk because they don’t put the government-required chemicals into it, the price of milk goes up.
If you increase the amount of money by multiplying the national debt, everything becomes more expensive because the money is worth less.  President Bush doubled the National Debt with the bailouts and other spending and cut the purchasing power of the dollar in half.  We complained about it then and it got a lot of press coverage.
President Obama promised to cut the National Debt in half but he tripled it instead with Stimulus spending, increasing government regulations, and hiring more people to enforce them.  That made the dollar worth a third of what it was under President Bush.  But we are not allowed to mention that without being accused of racism by the same press.
The whole point of this is that the National Debt has made the dollar worth a fraction of what it was and that drives up the cost of everything, including gasoline.  This was about Policy, not Political Party.  Americans For Prosperity (AFP) is sponsoring these gas sales to prove a point and were nice enough to allow candidates to speak to the press at these events.
The Republicans who showed up spoke about the problem and the solutions.  The Democrats who showed up tried to falsely accuse the Republicans of buying votes with gas.
That seems to be the theme of Democrat campaigns everywhere I look and I will comment on it in a later article.  They have been in power in Connecticut and the Nation and the people are suffering under their policies.  They cannot win by promising four more years of the same policies so they attack the Republicans with slander and propaganda instead of giving their own solutions.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?”  
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot
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  1. Thank you for providing the facts of the event. Let's make this report go viral. We cannot trust/count on mainstream media to get the word out, so we'll have to do it ourselves.

  2. "The global price of oil pays no attention to whether the White House occupant is Democrat or Republican," said Paul Bledsoe, a former White House energy aide to Bill Clinton. It's just that "when you're living paycheck to paycheck and gasoline is more expensive, you want to blame somebody."

    The price of oil is dictated by global demand NOT the POTUS.

    If oil companies produced enough oil so that the price of a barrel went down to $75 they would slow down production. Oil companies dont want you to have cheap oil.

    Gas prices under bush was over $4.00 a gallon in 2008. Whats the excuse there?

  3. If you felt the sign you were asked to hold lacked integrity, you should've said no.

    Sounds like you put politics first as well.

  4. Anon Oct 24th ...How about printing money contributing to the higher gas prices. That plays a part as well. What about the president limiting drilling on federal lands "cutting them in half from four years ago".

    While I agree that this is a global demand but the facts that I pointed out above can't be dismissed.


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