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Who is Linda McMahon?

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Linda McMahon Reception
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 from 5-7pm at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, CT
Part 1 of a short series of articles by Tim D. Enchanter

This reception was attended by people who are important and those who are not so important. Then there was me. We all came to meet Linda McMahon and hear what she had to say about the issues facing our state. Good food, good company, and many Republican Candidates running for office in the 2nd Congressional District.
     Not only did we meet US Senate Candidate Linda McMahon, but we also had the opportunity to meet Congressional Candidate Paul Formica and State Senate Candidates such as Chris Coutu and Mike Doyle. Rob Simmons, Former Congressman from the 2 nd District, gave the introductory speech for McMahon.
     He was introduced as a shining example of the days when we had Congressional
Representation that took the time to meet with constituents and hear their needs and concerns. His speech reminded everyone of those Connecticut concerns that have taken a secondary or tertiary position behind the agenda of DNC and White House policies.
     There are those who wonder why Simmons is supporting his previous rival from the 2010 US Senate Primary. Simmons addressed this in his introductory speech. As Chairman of the Yankee Institute of Public Policy, he cannot officially endorse any candidate but he can discuss economic and policy issues.
     He showed a graph demonstrating how the cost of Connecticut State Government
has grown by over 300% while the population has only grown 8-10% in 40 years. Services
have neither improved nor increased yet spending has. He asked a simple question to Linda McMahon. If 200 of the 378 sources of revenue are responsible for less than 1% of the revenue, why spend so much money paying government employees to collect a smaller amount of money? “Because they want a job at our expense. That’s why.” he said.
     He mentioned the submarine base in danger of being closed by the upcoming defense cuts. He also listed other companies, such as Sikorsky, which would be hurt by those cuts, costing Connecticut many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of jobs in an economy already hurting the vast majority of CT residents.
     Simmons reminded everyone that the US Constitution lists the responsibilities of government in Article 1 Section 8 and one of those is to provide for a Common Defense. He then specified that the State of Connecticut has had the Honor of providing submarines, helicopters, and jet engines for that Common Defense. Linda McMahon, he said, will make certain that Connecticut continues to have that Honor.
     He went on to speak of the latest poll numbers which show the Senate Race is a dead heat horse race and that Linda McMahon is ahead of her opponent in the 2 nd District. He mentioned how Chris Murphy must not understand how much Connecticut supports the military and the nation’s security.
     As I listened to him I realized a simple reason Rob Simmons is supporting his former rival. Rob Simmons is a Patriot who loves his country and his state and sees Linda McMahon as an independent woman who will do what is right for her state and country instead of what she is told to do by party bosses.
After that warm introduction, Linda took the podium and thanked Rob Simmons for his decades of service. She addressed the importance of the 2nd District and the horse race that will be a dead heat up to the closing of the polls on Election Day. She mentioned all the places throughout the state that Simmons had listed as important to the nation as well as the
     McMahon challenged Murphy on his honesty, especially the slanderous attacks he has used
against her. He makes the same attacks on her that the President makes on Mitt Romney. He accuses her of trying to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. She said there is only one person in the race who has voted to de-fund Medicare and it isn’t her. He accuses her of wanting to eliminate healthcare for women. Last time she checked, she was a woman. Maybe he hasn’t noticed. He claims she wants to increase taxes on the middle class. She denounced that, pointed out her own jobs plan and her policies to help the economy, then asked where his was.
     McMahon  mentioned how she knows what financial difficulty is, having experienced it personally and overcoming adversity to become a model of success. She used perseverance and hard work while Chris Murphy used the power of an elected office to get favors and sweetheart deals from financial institutions. Those institutions contributed to his campaign, then profited from his votes for bills which gave them bailouts, benefits, and tax breaks. She called for an investigation and full disclosure of Murphy’s financial dealings.
     She contrasted herself with Murphy when it comes to hard work in the private sector, actually running a business, and showing up every day … experiences he does not have. She mentioned how he seemed to skip 75% of his meetings and showed up only to vote the party line without knowing any of the details or how they would affect Connecticut.
     She told the audience how they deserve someone who will be honest with them and how
Chris Murphy is not. She told them they need an independent thinker who will examine the bills before the vote. She related how Murphy just did what his party leaders told him to do.
      She got some good laughs when she related being asked if she was running for Senate because she was a bored housewife after stepping down as CEO of the WWE. She said, “If I wanted a hobby, it would NOT be the US Senate.”
     She promised to work hard for the people of Connecticut by showing up every day and looking out for their interests. McMahon intends to work with the other side the way Rob Simmons had done to craft and pass bills which would benefit the American people. As CEO, she related her experience at working with others across a table to negotiate deals that benefit both sides.She stressed that you can compromise on deals without compromising on principles.
     She referenced an article by the CEO of Starbucks in July. He sincerely hoped that when the election is over, the Democrats will not think they have won, the Republicans will not think they have won, but the American People would feel they have won.
     McMahon wrapped up by asking for people to help spread the word and get out the vote. Not
once did she ask for money and not once did anyone ask me for a single cent that evening.
     The event charged no admission and no donations were requested, which was good news for
those of us who are barely scraping by and still want the ability to meet those who seek to
represent us.
“I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness and I know you can hear me but will you listen?”
---Tim D. Enchanter, Lone Wolf Patriot

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