Friday, August 17, 2012

As seen on Patch: Our Children Deserve more than a Food stamp Future

An essay reposted from Middletown Patch blog as seen here
Candidate Wayne Winsley will hold a meet and greet at  Saturday August 18th10:00am till Noon At Michael’s Gourmet Deli 83 Broad Street Middletown, CT 06457 Meet the future Congressman for CT’s 3rd District. 
In his own words Winsley writes:
Incumbent DeLauro often repeats the phrase, “One in seven families in the third district are food challenged, which means they are often unsure where their next meal is coming from.”
Her answer to this dilemma after having over two decades to work on it is to offer more food stamps.
My solution is to create an environment where small and medium-sized businesses can grow in Connecticut and where more large businesses want to move into and not out of Connecticut so that more citizens can get off the dole and onto a full-time payroll. Then they can buy their own food and everything else they need want and desire.  
As someone who has used the safety net personally, including food stamps, I can tell from first-hand knowledge that while the safety is good and necessary to help those in need of help, there is not a single government program that has ever made a single person financially independent or entirely self-sufficient.
Our children can see this and even they have figured out that, “while the government can help you get by, you have to do something else if you want to rise up.”
Our children deserve the opportunity to rise up and embrace the promise of America.
Our children deserve more than the dead-end career paths of the social welfare system of the criminal justice system.
I will work hard to change the current attitude in Washington and in Hartford that talks about loving jobs while showing hate for job creators. 
Incumbent DeLauro, after more than two decades of ineffective occupation of the people’s seat in the third district, continues to offer nothing but empty rhetoric about free diapers a promise of more food stamps.
My vision is to help more of our citizens from food stamps to full-time jobs.
My goal is a strong America rebuilt on independence and productivity.
I believe our children deserve more than a food stamp future.
As your next representative, I - Wayne Winsley - will work hard to serve the citizens of the Third Congressional with forthrightness, honor, and integrity.

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