Saturday, August 18, 2012

Middletown Republicans Host Wayne Winsley for Congress

                                Third Congressional District Candidate Wayne Winsley

A gathering of some 20 Middletown Republicans and others were on hand Saturday August 18th for a "Meet and Greet" with Wayne Winsley, 3rd Congressional District candidate for U.S. Congress. The event was hosted through the courtesy of the newly opened Michael's Deli at 83 Broad Street and was sponsored by Middletown Republican Town Committee. Mr. Winsley is planning to defeat the long entrenched Rosa DeLauro.

                           Wayne Winsley Thanks Hosts Chris and Helena of Michael's Deli

The group was also pleased to welcome Deborah Klekowski, Republican candidate for CT 100th District, which embraces most of Middletown. The two term Republican member of the city council hopes to win the seat currently held by Matt Lesser.

                               Deb Klekowski with town Republican Chair Ken McClellan

Middletown Republicans wish to extend a vote of thanks to the folks at Michael's Deli and wish them great success with their new addition to the city's culinary delights.

                                Michael's Deli-William Wilson Presiding at the Door

Video from the event:

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  1. Much more about Wayne Winsley here
    --and much about incumbent Rosa DeLauro's 22 years of fooling voters in the "comments" section below that linked article.

  2. The truth about Rosa DeLauro needs to be exposed: See my comments at this linked article. And forward this link to as many people as possible.

  3. After watching the video I noticed that Mr. Winsley made a lot of sense. Politicians really dont "create" jobs. For him to say he wants to reduce the burden that the state places on business owners is refreshing and realistic.

    The next problem is seriously reducing spending. Problem there is you take away something and people complain. I was surprised how many people complained when the ferries where shut down. Je-Wiz you want the state to stop spending so much so you need to accept some losses.

    The Ferry is a small example. I wish I could see a pie chart that shows where all of our ct taxes go.


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