Friday, October 12, 2012

Wayne Winsley: The Flood Gates are Open

The Floodgates are Open

Wayne Winsley, committed candidate to represent all of the citizens of CT’s 3 rd
Congressional District, today released the following statement.

NAUGATUCK, CONN – October 11:  This past June the U.S. Supreme Court said it is ok for the government to charge citizens a tax to “encourage” themto do what the government wants, which is to purchase health insurance. (The Affordable Health Care Act mandate)So now, if the government would like to “encourage” your behavior in other ways it could…
Charge a “Fat” tax on all food and drink deemed unhealthy and fattening in order to “encourage” healthy eating.
Charge a “Sin” tax for all adult entertainment that is deemed inappropriate or not conducive to family values. Even R-rated movies could be considered as less than family friendly and subject to the tax in order to “encourage” appropriate entertainment choices.
Charge a “Lazy” tax to those without gym memberships, to “encourage” healthy exercise – remember the “physical jerks for all” in the novel 1984.
And who decides whether something is healthy or not? That’s right, the government does. Not you.
By the way, the Second Amendment guarantees your right to keep and bear arms but what if the government wants to “discourage” gun ownership? The government can now impose a violence tax on guns and ammo to pay for all of the mayhem committed by criminals with guns. You can still keep and bear arms but it’s going to be really expensive to do so.
This one is already being tried.
Chicago and Cook County lawmakers are currently considering a violence tax on guns and ammo.

The floodgates are open. We must close them before our liberty is washed away.

Press Release by Wayne Winsley

As your next representative, I - Wayne Winsley - will uphold the founding principles specified in the Declaration ofIndependence and the Constitution of the Sovereign United States as I serve all citizens of the Third Congressional District with integrity, forthrightness and honor.”

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