Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DeLauro Factor by Wayne Winsley

Wayne Winsley, committed to represent all the people of Connecticut’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District, today released the following statement.

“Between 2008 and 2011, while so many of our fellow citizens were losing jobs and family incomes were shrinking, the personal wealth of Incumbent DeLauro ballooned from about 5 million dollars to over 17 million.”
“That’s a financial growth factor of more than 3X. Such a ‘DeLauro factor’ is clear.
This ‘DeLauro factor’ suggests that this incumbent has been working only on monetary success for herself and her family - instead of appropriately focusing her work on behalf of all the people. Consider the following:
  • Imagine… if - instead - Incumbent DeLauro had worked… to grow Working Family incomes by that factor of 3X?
  • Imagine… if - instead - Incumbent DeLauro had worked… to grow private businesses by that factor of 3X?
  • Imagine… if - instead - Incumbent DeLauro had worked… to grow new jobs by that factor of 3X?
  • Imagine… if - Incumbent DeLauro, who has been in the job for 22 years had truly worked… for all the people?
Regrettably, wishful imagination is not the reality.  The ‘DeLauro factor’ facts tell us the disturbing truth.
  • DeLauro family income ballooned by a factor of 3X; while working families lost more than $3,000 of income.
  • Meanwhile, across Connecticut, more than 163,000 citizens search for work having been cast adrift on the sea of unemployment by DeLauro, her disciples in the Congressional Delegation and the State Government majority.
The bottom line:
Incumbent DeLauro isn’t working for the people… because Incumbent ‘DeLauro… hasn’t worked… for all the people.
For many more people to get - and keep - jobs, it’s time for Incumbent DeLauro to lose hers.  It’s time to let her go.”
My Pledge
“I, Wayne Winsley, will serve the citizens of the Third Congressional District with forthrightness, honor, and integrity. As your representative in the congress, every citizen can count on me to work tirelessly to get government out of the way of business and individual entrepreneurs so that every private enterprise can grow, create more jobs, and hire more people.”


  1. See my comments here:

    Christopher Schaefer

  2. Christopher-We have noticed your comments and were hoping you would find our site. You have a lot of good things to say! You have an open invitation to guest blog with us- Please email and friend us on FB

    Middletown Insider

  3. Good words many times has Rosa voted to finance more stupid war. Have you heard her denounce the protection of tortures, by Obama's look forward not backward....just like any criminal with a court date.....or why did she vote against an audit of the fed....don't the people need to know what is being done with the money?...she does not believe in basic democracy! get her out!

  4. I wonder why the DEMs don't like Wayne?? Does it rhyme with Macism?


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