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A Reflective Look at the BOE Superintendent's Recommended Budget from You Know Who.

Okay - I've looked at the Superintendent's Recommended Budget by Major Object Categories and have several comments and questions.  I would like to have further information or perhaps the amounts changed prior to the adoption of the budget.
My first problem is with the salaries; there is one line item for all positions under each category that does not indicate the number of bodies.  As a long time union officer, in the past it was difficult to determine the actual number of "legally" hired employees and "temporary" employees.  The line item for Adult Ed Classified salaries shows only $43,760 however there are at least 4 positions listed in the literature from the Adult Ed department so from line item are the positions being paid from?

The line item for Purchased Services has been increased from $893,910 to $3,238,591, an increase of $2,344,681, and according to the Patch article this is for Sodexo for food services management, waste removal and other services.  In the past, I believe that the cafeteria services were under a separate budget and not included in the general BOE budget?? Also, unless these are NEW services, one would expect to see reductions in other lines to offset this increase which I do.  However, the reductions that I see only total $1,647,515 which is $697,166 less than the increase??

I realize that this is the initial request for the coming year but I believe that the BOE needs to do a better job of substantiating their request.  More detail would only reduce the questions and go a long way in gaining support.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Guest blog: A Light Dawns.. Commentary on BOE Budget Workshop by Brian Kaskel

All opinions of guest bloggers are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Insider staff. Kaskel's privious guest blog was published here:
Light Dawns….

(A commentary by Brian Kaskel)

The Board of Education held a Budget Workshop this past Tuesday. I wasn’t sure what 

to expect going into it – and after leaving I am not surprised. The “Workshop” was not a 

workshop at all, but rather a public forum allowing the different departments throughout 

the district to put in a request for their share of the budget pie. All board members were in 

attendance, as was Superintendent Patricia Charles, Assistant Superintendent Enza Macri, and a 

bevy of other staff members, Principals and department heads.

The meeting was as expected, a plea from each department on how they wanted Dr. Charles 

to spend the soon to be allocated budget. More importantly, it helped both Dr. Charles and the 

Board to better understand how much money to ask from the city. The Athletic department 

was represented and they are asking to be brought back to 2012 levels of spending. There was 

a request from the Technology department for the board to consider more staff and supplies 

to keep the district’s technology position moving forward, especially because of the new state 

testing requirements. Transportation was looking to add to its fleet of busses in order to create 

a safer environment for students and drivers on certain routes. There is also a contractual 

requirement of a 5% increase due to DATTCO for the 2014/15 school year. The Buildings/

Facilities department spoke to things that they felt needed to be done based on a sliding scale

of priority. There was extra time in the night’s agenda to open the discussion on how the 

“power of Sodexo” has helped the district financially in addition to other ancillary benefits. 

Of course the Principals had staffing needs based on the grade level they were there to

represent. There was an agreement amongst the school level administrators that class sizes

need to be kept in check, as well as offering social services on a more manageable level. There 

is a need for classroom teachers at the elementary level and special elective teachers at the

high school level (to make us more competitive with other districts and magnet schools).

Interventionists are an affordable solution and there appears to be a drastic need for more 

Social Services case managers – as the need for social work or even school psychiatry is on the 

rise year after year. Ms. Macri discussed the curriculum and professional development needs 

and costs moving forward, and the Special Education requests seemed to make sense as a short 

term / long term plan to save the district money based on state mandates.

Board of Education new comers, Vincent (Vinnie) Loffredo and Linda Szynkowicz were most 

vocal with questions regarding the Alliance Grant (more on that later), transportation bids 

and technology leases. Unfortunately, although this was a public forum, there was not room 

on the agenda for the public to ask questions nor throw support in any one direction. Also 

because of the formality of the meeting, neither I, nor anyone else was able to question the 

amount of the budget and/or how it was being spent on administration at Hunting Hill (BOE). 

Not that there aren’t valid reasons for how that money is being spent, but it would be nice to 

review. It was determined, as a general consensus, that not all requests will be granted, and 

that the superintendent’s requested dollar figure will more than likely not be met by the city. 

Dr. Charles said that, “we have been informed that the city is trying hard just to do what they 

did last year” and implied that it would not be an easy task.

Speaking of last year, now is a good time to talk about that Alliance grant and how it is 

becoming more clear that the City is using the grant as an opportunity to “borrow from Peter 

to pay Paul” as was suggested at the meeting. This “shell game” was apparently so repulsive 

to Mr. Loffredo I thought he was going to storm over to City Hall right then and there. This 

further supports my theory that politics has no place in education. If Mr. Loffredo, a seasoned 

Democrat, is willing to get this upset at his party for the decisions made – then maybe we do 

have a fighting chance! 

As an Alliance District, the Board of Education has to apply for funds from the State of 

Connecticut’s Alliance Grant. The State then filters the awarded amount through the City on 

behalf of the Board of Education. 100% of the Alliance funds have to be disbursed to the Board 

of Education to be used on the items specified in their Grant Application. However, the City 

is allowed to use a “considerable majority” to offset their required allocation to the Board of

Education. The City is required to give the Board no less than what was given the year prior. 

A “considerable majority” is to be determined by the municipality. It our case, the brain trust 

that was the common council/mayor (circa 2013) decided that 51% is a “considerable majority”. 

Here is the breakdown:

2013-14 Alliance Grant was for $1,964,722. The City agreed to give the BOE an increase in the 

annual budget of $1,955,914, of which a “considerable majority” was paid for via the Alliance 

Grant. So, rather than offering the BOE an additional $1,955,914 PLUS all or most of the 

Alliance Grant, they used the grant to offset their allocation and thus entered into a game of

smoke and mirrors. 

The spirit of the Alliance Grant is to have the funds used in addition to any increase the 

City would have offered, yet nearly half of the increase the city agreed to give the Board of 

Education, was paid for with these funds. 

Looking ahead to 2014-15, in order to handle all of the unfunded state mandates and to fund 

the system as it is today, Dr. Charles, at the time of writing this, intends to ask the City for a 

5.81% increase PLUS 72% of this year’s Alliance Grant which is expected to be $3,138,691.

So yes, it is an uphill battle and a battle that needs to be fought on two fronts and with 

everything we have. Battle one – a fight for the money. Battle two – figuring out the best 

way to spend what we do get. I encourage like minded parents, students, staff and citizens of 

Middletown to come together and do whatever they can to get the message across. We are 

a community with an educational system sorely at risk. If the Board of Education continues to

be underfunded at these levels we will certainly lose ground and become even less appealing. 

When the appeal goes away, so do the residents. Lower performing schools result in lower 

home values. Lower home values equal higher tax rates to make up for lost revenue. As I have 

said before, we need to fund the schools, but not by causing additional burdens to the tax

payers of Middletown. It is time to make hard decisions, maybe put off some of the downtown

revival ideas, and spend that money on the schools. I am a ready and willing body to open the 

books and take a second look. I am sure the money is there. Who’s with me?

(Brian Kaskel is a Middletown Parent and former candidate for the Board of Education)

Letter to the Editor: Be Apart of the Solution for Middletown

Below is a letter to the editor from resident William Boylan. Our apologies for not publishing this before the Middletown Republican Town Committee meeting held earlier this week. The platform below is not the official platform of the Town Committee, but one proposed by member William Boylan for consideration. We publish letters to the editor as a courtesy for readers and views are that of the author of such letter; those views may or may not reflect those of the Insider staff. 

Fellow Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians:

Let us not forget that the Middletown Republican Town Committee caucuses on Thursday. We meet at the Middletown Police Department, in the Community Room at 7:00. There are many seats still open on the committee and even thought you may not have submitted a letter of intent, it is still possible to be nominated from the floor. PLEASE come and join us and be a part of the solution! YOU are needed and everyone can contribute in some small way. Never think that your voice and small contribution do not matter, because they most certainly do. It is going to be a long, hard slog, but many hands make for light work. Come down and be a part of the process!

In document below, I present to you a proposal for adoption and incorporation into the MRTC Party Platform. Please take a couple of minutes to review it. Should the humble honor of serving on the committee be laid upon me at the caucus, I intend to bring this up for debate, discussion and implementation. Your input and participation are appreciated

Your never to be humble servant, Bill Boylan

P.S. Leave your guns in the car! ;)  LOL!

Proposed Platform for MRTC
  1. To have a continuously active Committee, whose members are dedicated to the betterment of city government and to the principals of a smaller, less intrusive government.
  2. To be involved all in local, state and national elections taking place in the several districts wherein Middletown lies.
  3. The 2013 Party Platform for city government calls for long range planning. The MRTC should adopt such a policy, continuously looking forward 20 or more years.
  4. Members are an under utilized asset. With 60 members, there is the potential to have 12, five-man committees dedicated to as many areas of activity.
  5. Membership on the RTC is not a cocktail and limousine honorarium; it is a sacred trust, requiring personal sacrifice, dedication and commitment.
  6. Participation must be required of every member of the RTC. Anyone unable or unwilling to be an active member of the Committee should resign to allow for others to step in and go to work, or be replaced at the next election.
  7. There is a need for organization, planning, vision and strong leaders in many areas. This need can be fulfilled by delegating responsibilities to committees. Each committee would have a chair, affording people the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Those who rise and shine could be groomed as future candidates.
  8. Forming committees would require much discussion and debate about the necessity, scope and purpose of each. Such committees may include:

a) Media Outreach Committee – To effectively take advantage of available resources including print, TV, radio, internet and social media. Also responsible for press releases. (Bill Wilson for Chair)
b) Youth Outreach and Recruitment Committee – The future of the community, the party, state and nation depend on our youth.
c) Communications Committee – Primarily responsible for maintaining a database of contact info on Committee members, candidates and volunteers, distributing that contact info to the members, as needed, particularly at election time. Also responsible for devising a plan to contact members, (email blast), with updates on RTC activity and matters of urgency.
d) Legislative Update Committee – Responsible for keeping members apprised of legislative activities at all levels of government.
e) Candidate Recruitment Committee – To seek out and recruit the best possible candidates.
f) Training Committee – Manning the phone banks at election time is essentially telemarketing.Some sort of training of volunteers would serve to make the phone bank more effective.
g) Technology Committee – To manage, improve and oversee the MRTC web site and social media pages. (note: We should establish a presence on the Tea Party Connection social media site.)
h) Opposition Study and Counter Offensive Committee – To observe and report the strategery of the MDTC. Apparently, the Democrat strategy is working. They control the state, as well the town.They are doing something right and we need to know what it is. We need to consider adapting successful tactics and countering disinformation. Look at the MDTC home page, . You will see a list of 22 “accomplishments” in the last two years. One of which is “Closed $8million dollar budget deficit in 2011-2012 budget.” The bios lower on the page, talk of “accountability” and “keeping taxes low”. These false claims of success need to be countered.
i) School Curriculum Oversight Committee – To monitor what children are taught in school and assure they are not being indoctrinated into believing America is “bad” and government is the solution to all problems.
j) Minority Outreach and Recruitment Committee - WE are the party of inclusion and civil liberties.The conspicuous shortage of minorities caucusing with Republicans should be of concern.
k) Jury Rights and Powers Education Committee – To inform people of the jury’s
power to judge the validity of the law, as well as the application of the law, in addition to determining guilt or innocence.
l) A committee to work with the RTCs of our neighboring towns for the purpose of sharing ideas, tactics and strategeries, to work together for the common goal of electing conservativeRepublicans and restoring the republic.

Guestblog: Conservative Round up by Palin Smith

      Below is a guest blog piece by Palin Smith, views expressed are not necessarily those of the Insider Staff.  Our belated apologies for getting this out late to Mr. Smith!


Something amazing happened on New Year's Day. It was as if a giant incandescent light bulb lit up in so many patriots' heads. The year 2014 was set off and so were the alarm clocks of thousands of political Rip Van Winkles. In two days we received dozens of requests to be added to this publication. We spoke with at least three new people who are eager to run for state rep or state senate. We found more patriots who will form volunteer groups in some of the 133 districts currently miss-represented by Constitution-trampling gun grabbers. Two people expressed interest inprimarying Republican Royal incumbents. All in all a fabulous commencement to Election 2014.

In the next month or two we will be publishing the names and contact information for the patriot advocacy teams. If you want to participate, replyhere. We need your name and the name of your state senator. The sooner we begin to work, the sooner our influence will grow. And to remind you of the most important process that starts to occur next week, we repost this information about how to win election to your towns' RTC. All the power to select candidates resides in the Republican Town Committees.


Governor Dannel Malloy set the tone for 2014 when he admonished the law-abiding gun owners to follow the new law.


New Year's Eve

We joined with other patriots at the Middletown Department of Public Safety building during the afternoon to observe, report and interface with the constant flow of gun owners as they arrived to meet the deadline to register magazines, weapons or to submit paperwork. We stayed until the last person at 5 PM. The following play list includes 26 separate videos. (a coincidence that there are 26 Republican gun grabbers) We interviewed a wide assortment of over 30 people. Their responses to our questions filled the spectrum of what we expected:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Artfarm New Classes! Alice in Wonderland Goes to the Circus

Circus in Wonderland debuts January 17 & 18 in Middletown
Contact: Dic Wheeler: or (860) 346-4390
Photo attached by David Spiro shows the Circus in Wonderland cast in rehearsal.

Alice in Wonderland goes to the Circus in this fast-paced, all ages 45 minute show presented by the talented young performers of Circophony. Circus in Wonderland will be performed Friday, January 17 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, January 18 at 2 pm and 7:30 pm at Oddfellows Playhouse, 128 Washington Street in Middletown.
Circophony is a collaboration between Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater and ARTFARM. The company, directed by ARTFARM co-founder Dic Wheeler (also the creator and long-time director of the Children's Circus of Middletown), is made up of eight circus performers between the ages of 12 and 17.Circus in Wonderland explores the mad and magical world of Alice in Wonderland through the joy and spectacle of circus. Alice is plunged into a world in which the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit and other iconic characters juggle, stilt, unicycle, clown and perform stunning feats of acrobatics.
It's Alice in Wonderland like you've never seen it before! Bring your kids! Bring your parents! This show has something for everyone.
Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for kids, students and seniors.
Circus in Wonderland is built to tour and will be available to perform at schools, clubs, museums and special events through June, 2014.
For more information about the show or for touring fees,  contact ARTFARM at
For tickets to the January 17 and 18 performances, contact Oddfellows Playhouse, (860) 347-6143.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Really Intelligent Observations from Our Honorable Leader Mayor Drew

Not really. In an article on Patch, Mayor Drew discusses his thoughts on former Republican gubenatorial candidate Tom Foley calling him a "hypocrit." With the promises to lower Middletown's taxes, claiming to have closed a deficit, when in fact his administration created a budget short-fall, bragging about ending grievances when more lawsuits have been created since, and numerous other lies, is our mayor himself not by his own definition a hypocrit? Drew raised $90K+ for his unopposed reelection campaign; where is that money now & is it not likely to end up in Malloy's warchest? Instead of playing politics as a cheerleader for Gov. Dannel Malloy in his 2014 reelection campaign for governor and the Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign, please mayor, get back to issues in Middletown that need your attention.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Cost of Living increases for military retirees under 62 are gone.

 The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers.

Cost of Living increases for military retirees under 62 are gone.

Where is a matching provision for former members of congress?  Will they
still get cost-of-living increases when they retire?
Where is a matching provision for federal civilian employees?  Will they
still get cost-of-living increases when they retire?

This is shameful.  The members of congress who voted for this are
self-serving hypocrites.  They know there's a problem, but they are
unwilling to share in the cuts themselves.  I, for one, am sick and tired of
the hand-wringing, ever-so-sorry-I-have-to-do-this act by the individuals
who serve in elected office.  They are very willing to have others sacrifice
in order to balance the budget.  Where is the shared sacrifice?  The
congress has set things up so that they automatically receive salary
increases, so that there's no public vote.  Congress and the President need
to start showing some leadership.  Lead by Example!  That is one of the
first principles taught to every officer and non-commissioned officer in the
military services of the United States.  There has been very little of that
when congress and the president have discussed the budget.  There has not
been a single proposal aimed at cutting salaries or pensions of elected
officials or what is spent in maintaining the congress.  Their excuse is
that 'they need to attract qualified people'.  Well, think about it!  If
congress needs to attract qualified people, doesn't the military need to do
the same?  Or, is congress suggesting that the military doesn't need
highly-trained, highly-skilled, qualified individuals to serve in uniform?
Are they suggesting that the military can make do with whatever they can
scrape up?

I could go on this rant for a long time.  This is about more than just a
cost-of-living increase.  This is about the way this president and this
congress are running this country.  The basic idea of reducing pensions for
working age individuals is actually a good idea, but, it should be across
the board.  It should start with elected officials and civilian employees,
NOT with the military.  Write to your congressman.  Tell them to quit
playing around.  If they are serious about running this country, show some
backbone and leadership.  They need to set the example by cutting their own
spending.  If they want to cut salaries, start with their own.  Once they do
that, I'll be willing to start sharing in the sacrifice and I'll start
trusting that they actually put the interest of this country ahead of

Ken McClellan, Middletown CT

Spread the word.  Send this to your friends and encourage them to write to
their elected representatives.
Find your Senator and congressman:,

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Palin Smith: Comments on Guns: Live on the Streets of Middletown

Videographer & social activist Palin Smith speaks with some folks on the streets of Middletown about gun laws.  12/31 was the last day by law to register or turn in some types of guns and ammo now deemed to be large capacity or assault type according to Connecticut's new legislation. Smith interviewed those at the state police barracks in Middletown there to meet the deadline. The first shows results show the confusion some have interpreting the laws - from someone in law enforcement - and the thoughts average citizens have with new regulations. Also illustrated is that all types of people are own guns.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Live from the Conservative Round up: Palin Smith's Top 10 Video's of 2013 Connecticut

                            PALIN SMITH'S TOP TEN VIDEOS IN 2013

#10.  **I'm A Stupid Shit ~ A Liberal Gets Caught In A Truth** McKinney Must Go March Fairfield 6/22/13

#9.  **Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment ~ An Angel In Derby, CT ** 8/6/2013

#8.  **It's Not Gun Control - It's Civilian Disarmament** Hartford GAA 14         January 19, 2013

#7.    **Save Our State CT District 29 Chapter ~ Duffy Dauphinais** (1) Killingly 11/15/13

#6.  **Stand Up - Step Up - Speak Up - Dammit!** Hartford GAA 1 Jan. 19, 2013

#5.  **John Cinque - I Got Domestic Enemies Now** (1) Fasano in North Haven 4/22/2013

#4.  **Rick Poach - We Know You're Coming For Our Guns** Hartford Jan. 29, 2013

#3.  **The Warmongers ~ Put Them In The Front Lines** Larson on Syria 9/2/2013

#2.  **The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety - It Guaranteed Liberty** SB 1076 CTN 2/14/13

#1.  **Sen. Chris Murphy Gets Schooled On Gun Control** Manchester 2/24/2013

Are we Content? by Kaskel, BOE Budget Meeting Jan 7th

Kaskel was awarded the Parental
 Involvement Recognition Award.
The 2013 awards were presented by the
 State Education Resource Center
Below is a commentary by former BOE Candidate Brian Kaskel which appeared originally on the Middletown Eye.  In the commentary, Kaskel clarifies that a growth in population would necessitate new teaching positions be added. The Board of Education public budget hearing has been moved to January 7th 2014. The proposed budget, listing 96 line items is available on the Board of Education's website.
(A commentary by Brian Kaskel)

This week’s Board of Education meeting proved that we are either content with the status quo, or as New Englanders, we are getting soft. Yes, there was two inches of snow on the ground, and yes there were twenty degree temperatures, but yes, there WAS a Middletown Board of Education meeting on December 10th. Besides myself, and those who were there as members of the media, and/or presenters from the BOE administration office, there was one member of the community in attendance. 

I will chalk this up to the “weather” and hope that we as citizens have not fallen into a coma of complacency. The unfortunate result of the low attendance – was that the general public was not informed about the Superintendent’s first draft budget proposal.

Let’s dive into Dr. Charles’ budget goal, and as this is my first attempt at a blog, please grant me a bit of reprieve, as you begin to understand my banter and slightly right leaning stance. First off, Dr. Charles is asking for what I feel to be a fair and modest increase in the Board Budget for next year. It is not pie-in-the-sky, nor will it meet all the needs we have as a district – but it will keep us going as is and begin to bridge the gap on the glaring deficiencies we are dealing with. 

Dr. Charles, will be asking the Board of Education, to approve her budget proposal that will end up in the hands of the Common Council. At this point, all numbers are subject to change, Dr. Charles is asking for an increase of almost $4.4 Million dollars, plus the lion share of the Alliance Grant due to the BOE from the State, that has to run through the City coffers. (More on that later) 

The increase suggested will total 5.81% over last year’s budget, yet it will only be enough to fund one new, full time teacher. It is designed to cover a 2% raise for teachers based on the current contract as well as adding additional support staff in areas such as nursing, custodial, substitutes, intervention, para-professionals, and special education. It includes, based on City recommendations, a preparation for an increase of 15% to the total insurance package (health, dental, life, workman’s comp). 

There were many areas Dr. Charles and her budget team were able to project a reduction in cost, due in large part to the board’s partnership with a resource and facility company by the name Sodexo. Key areas that are affected by this, is waste management, facilities, and maintenance. Other way’s the district will be saving money is the based on adjusted income levels due to last year’s position elimination and coming to the end of retirement pay-outs. 

As I alluded to above, the state of Connecticut issues an Alliance Grant to our district, and requires the money to be spent on the schools. However, this is not done without smoke and mirrors. The State also lets the City decide how this will be allocated to the school. They allow for a “Substantial Majority” to go to the schools directly and then will allow the City to use the difference to off-set or subsidize if you will, the city’s share of the Board of Education allocation. Middletown has decided that a “Substantial Majority” is to be considered 51% (I would hate to see a simple majority). So for example; the State issues roughly $2,000,000 to Middletown via the Alliance Grant. The City allows $1,020,000 to be used by the Board. The city uses the other $980,000 and towards money that they were already going to give to the board per state mandate. Essentially, we are allowing the city “rob from Peter to pay Paul.” 

If you continue to read my commentaries moving forward you will see my continued request for public and parent involvement with the Board of Education. On that vein, I encourage the public to attend the Board of Education Budget workshop on December 17th (7pm) to observe what I hope will be a “no stone unturned” attempt at squeezing every last dollar out of this budget.

  I have said it before, and I will say it again – it is time to have the city make some tough decisions. It is time for a reallocation of existing funds, to be funneled to the improvement of our schools. Time to put the schools as a focus in this town. Enough bowing down to promises of corporate tax bases, and focus on what makes a community stronger. The Schools. Assistant Superintendent Enza Macri summarized it best when she said, “we know what works when we can use laser-like concentration… we do not have the funds to spend on all schools the way we know we need to….” 

So, to my neighbors of Middletown, it is my suggestion that for now, we put our bi-partisan support behind the current BOE administration, until they give us a reason not to. I for one agree with the statements from newly elected board member, Vincent Loffredo when he suggests, “the Board needs more presence at the State level”. And later heard sentiments of agreement echoed by a few members of the board regarding Ed McKeon’s thoughts about the new common core legislation and the unfunded mandates that comes with it, reminding us, that “we shouldn’t make people in the reform industry rich, when we are facing tough times” 

Other Items of interest from the Board of Education Meeting 12/10/13:

  • Issues pertaining to student’s concerns about the Middletown High School late bus are still being investigated
  •  Family School Connection grant was adopted
  •  Grant and Bonding was delayed for the Public Safety Initiative, until calendars and meetings can be lined up.
  • The Middletown department of Emergency Management is in the beginning stages of planning a “Full Shooting Exercise” at a school location for this summer. This will incorporate, Local Police, Fire Department(s), Emergency Management, Health Care Workers, State and Federal response agencies. It will require the Board’s support, and such, the Board has requested more information at a later meeting.

Brian Kaskel, is a Middletown parent and former candidate for the Middletown Board of Education

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wadsworth Mansion Open New Year's Day

Looking for something to do on New Years Day? The Friends of Long Hill are hosting their annual Wadsworth Mansion Open House. Come by the mansion from 1pm-4pm for historical tours, carriage rides, and live music entertainment! Hope to see you here and Happy New Year!

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