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Letter to the Editor: Be Apart of the Solution for Middletown

Below is a letter to the editor from resident William Boylan. Our apologies for not publishing this before the Middletown Republican Town Committee meeting held earlier this week. The platform below is not the official platform of the Town Committee, but one proposed by member William Boylan for consideration. We publish letters to the editor as a courtesy for readers and views are that of the author of such letter; those views may or may not reflect those of the Insider staff. 

Fellow Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians:

Let us not forget that the Middletown Republican Town Committee caucuses on Thursday. We meet at the Middletown Police Department, in the Community Room at 7:00. There are many seats still open on the committee and even thought you may not have submitted a letter of intent, it is still possible to be nominated from the floor. PLEASE come and join us and be a part of the solution! YOU are needed and everyone can contribute in some small way. Never think that your voice and small contribution do not matter, because they most certainly do. It is going to be a long, hard slog, but many hands make for light work. Come down and be a part of the process!

In document below, I present to you a proposal for adoption and incorporation into the MRTC Party Platform. Please take a couple of minutes to review it. Should the humble honor of serving on the committee be laid upon me at the caucus, I intend to bring this up for debate, discussion and implementation. Your input and participation are appreciated

Your never to be humble servant, Bill Boylan

P.S. Leave your guns in the car! ;)  LOL!

Proposed Platform for MRTC
  1. To have a continuously active Committee, whose members are dedicated to the betterment of city government and to the principals of a smaller, less intrusive government.
  2. To be involved all in local, state and national elections taking place in the several districts wherein Middletown lies.
  3. The 2013 Party Platform for city government calls for long range planning. The MRTC should adopt such a policy, continuously looking forward 20 or more years.
  4. Members are an under utilized asset. With 60 members, there is the potential to have 12, five-man committees dedicated to as many areas of activity.
  5. Membership on the RTC is not a cocktail and limousine honorarium; it is a sacred trust, requiring personal sacrifice, dedication and commitment.
  6. Participation must be required of every member of the RTC. Anyone unable or unwilling to be an active member of the Committee should resign to allow for others to step in and go to work, or be replaced at the next election.
  7. There is a need for organization, planning, vision and strong leaders in many areas. This need can be fulfilled by delegating responsibilities to committees. Each committee would have a chair, affording people the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Those who rise and shine could be groomed as future candidates.
  8. Forming committees would require much discussion and debate about the necessity, scope and purpose of each. Such committees may include:

a) Media Outreach Committee – To effectively take advantage of available resources including print, TV, radio, internet and social media. Also responsible for press releases. (Bill Wilson for Chair)
b) Youth Outreach and Recruitment Committee – The future of the community, the party, state and nation depend on our youth.
c) Communications Committee – Primarily responsible for maintaining a database of contact info on Committee members, candidates and volunteers, distributing that contact info to the members, as needed, particularly at election time. Also responsible for devising a plan to contact members, (email blast), with updates on RTC activity and matters of urgency.
d) Legislative Update Committee – Responsible for keeping members apprised of legislative activities at all levels of government.
e) Candidate Recruitment Committee – To seek out and recruit the best possible candidates.
f) Training Committee – Manning the phone banks at election time is essentially telemarketing.Some sort of training of volunteers would serve to make the phone bank more effective.
g) Technology Committee – To manage, improve and oversee the MRTC web site and social media pages. (note: We should establish a presence on the Tea Party Connection social media site.)
h) Opposition Study and Counter Offensive Committee – To observe and report the strategery of the MDTC. Apparently, the Democrat strategy is working. They control the state, as well the town.They are doing something right and we need to know what it is. We need to consider adapting successful tactics and countering disinformation. Look at the MDTC home page, . You will see a list of 22 “accomplishments” in the last two years. One of which is “Closed $8million dollar budget deficit in 2011-2012 budget.” The bios lower on the page, talk of “accountability” and “keeping taxes low”. These false claims of success need to be countered.
i) School Curriculum Oversight Committee – To monitor what children are taught in school and assure they are not being indoctrinated into believing America is “bad” and government is the solution to all problems.
j) Minority Outreach and Recruitment Committee - WE are the party of inclusion and civil liberties.The conspicuous shortage of minorities caucusing with Republicans should be of concern.
k) Jury Rights and Powers Education Committee – To inform people of the jury’s
power to judge the validity of the law, as well as the application of the law, in addition to determining guilt or innocence.
l) A committee to work with the RTCs of our neighboring towns for the purpose of sharing ideas, tactics and strategeries, to work together for the common goal of electing conservativeRepublicans and restoring the republic.

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  1. Good job Bill. Even if the MRTC only does a small portion of what you've brought forward, it will be a better committee. We need to remember that sitting on the committee carries a duty along with the privilege and that knowledge is power. It is our duty to be informed and to share that information.


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