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Guestblog: Conservative Round up by Palin Smith

      Below is a guest blog piece by Palin Smith, views expressed are not necessarily those of the Insider Staff.  Our belated apologies for getting this out late to Mr. Smith!


Something amazing happened on New Year's Day. It was as if a giant incandescent light bulb lit up in so many patriots' heads. The year 2014 was set off and so were the alarm clocks of thousands of political Rip Van Winkles. In two days we received dozens of requests to be added to this publication. We spoke with at least three new people who are eager to run for state rep or state senate. We found more patriots who will form volunteer groups in some of the 133 districts currently miss-represented by Constitution-trampling gun grabbers. Two people expressed interest inprimarying Republican Royal incumbents. All in all a fabulous commencement to Election 2014.

In the next month or two we will be publishing the names and contact information for the patriot advocacy teams. If you want to participate, replyhere. We need your name and the name of your state senator. The sooner we begin to work, the sooner our influence will grow. And to remind you of the most important process that starts to occur next week, we repost this information about how to win election to your towns' RTC. All the power to select candidates resides in the Republican Town Committees.


Governor Dannel Malloy set the tone for 2014 when he admonished the law-abiding gun owners to follow the new law.


New Year's Eve

We joined with other patriots at the Middletown Department of Public Safety building during the afternoon to observe, report and interface with the constant flow of gun owners as they arrived to meet the deadline to register magazines, weapons or to submit paperwork. We stayed until the last person at 5 PM. The following play list includes 26 separate videos. (a coincidence that there are 26 Republican gun grabbers) We interviewed a wide assortment of over 30 people. Their responses to our questions filled the spectrum of what we expected:

Our good friend, E. Jonathan Hardy, the legislative expert with the CDDL, capped the day with this brief disclosure of what surprises might be awaiting gun owners during the 2014 session of the General Assembly.
The best way to reduce government oppression against law-abiding gun owners is to remove the people who voted to enact the gun ban. We have been made to believe the big lie that Connecticut is a blue state. That is a false assumption promulgated constantly by the government-run main stream media. Republican Jodi Rell won election to governor by historic margins Although she wasn't a Tea Party patriot, she would have signed any bill brought to her by a conservative legislature. Perhaps we forgot her 2006 statistics. And this was right after the John Rowland scandal. A man who soiled the office and tainted the CT Republican Party.

She got over 63%. Epic landslide by a Republican in a “blue” state. Don't fool me!!

Republican M. Jodi Rell 709,849 63.2%
Democratic John DeStefano, Jr. 398,220 35.5%

So what will you do? Will you keep complaining and do nothing? The facts we just presented are proof that we are the majority. Somehow we forgot. Share this e-blast with all your friends. It's time to shake off the cobwebs and plug into our collective awareness. We are all political animals. The liberal experiment is crumbling. Time to accelerate the job now. We are going to win this state back.


Alex Gecan from the Middletown Press was the lone newspaper reporter at the DPS on Dec. 31. We were interviewed and we reiterated what we say here. MIDDLETOWN PRESS



The Middletown Insider blog posts most of our newsletters. It posted our list of the Palin Smith ten best videos of 2013. The list of 11-20 were just as good, but top ten lists are traditional.


The Detroit, Michigan, police chief is on the citizens' side. Progress in self protection can only be achieved by arming yourselves. Before Connecticut sinks to the level of Detroit, perhaps we must consider preventive action now. Miscreants like John McKinney who would trade our safety for their own political aspirations must be taught a lesson at the ballot box. Consider the primaries. Consider this honest policeman when you think about your own safety and the safety of your kids and your grand kids. Is Connecticut headed in the right direction?





Lines in Connecticut to register guns? In Colorado the lines are for buying marijuana.



Most likely, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will be announcing his candidacy for governor next week at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. There will be free food and it's OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Follow the instructions in this link to obtain your ticket to this free event.



Another Mark, Mark Lauretano from Salisbury, is in the hunt for the Republican nomination to take on entrenched Democrat state rep. Roberta Willis in the 64th district.
Mark has scheduled to start knocking on doors tomorrow, Monday Jan. 6th no matter what the weather.  Digging out the thermal underwear and winter wool dress overcoat.
Mass mailing fundraiser letter going out to all GOP in 64th Dist. Mid-January.

Lauretano is focusing like a laser beam on removing Willis from the legislature and returning logical representation back to the folks in North Canaan, Sharon, Kent,Cornwall, Goshen, part of Torrington, Norfolk and his own town of Salisbury.
As of last week the former interim Mayor of Torrington, Gerald Zordan, owner of Borgeson Universal, Inc. has joined Mark's Campaign Committee to give his enthusiastic help and support. Retired State Police Sergeant Scott Harvey of Kent is also now a member of Mark's Campaign Committee.

Mark will host a house party for all volunteers later in the month. To join Mark Lauretano's campaign and help implement a winning strategy, contact him at



You may not have heard. Several citizens have filed a lawsuit against Meriden's City Council challenging the appointments of Dec 2. These two videos show the shenanigans that went on that night.

Although Mayor Manny Santos is not a plaintiff nor a defendant in the lawsuit, he has asked his supporters and all the good citizens of Meriden to fill the courtroom in his support. The hearing is scheduled for Jan. 13, at9:30 AM in Meriden Superior Court.



Patriots (in CT)

CT State Senator John McKinney (R-28)  helped design, plan and voted with those gun grabbers after the Sandy Hook massacre.

One of the things being said was,   "we had to do something".....

Well, so do we!   I have seen a surge of people who want him gone!  One idea to get the message to him is to write the Second Amendment (by hand) on a piece of paper and mail it directly to the senator at:

Senator John McKinney
P.O Box 297
Fairfield, CT 06824-0297

Mine went out last week.


A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.




Joe Visconti is a smart and bold candidate. He might be unknown in most of the state, but you can judge by this professional piece of work Joe is a cool guy.

At this time, there is only one choice for governor and gun rights both, Joe Visconti.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Palin Smith

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