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Guestblog: Conservative Round up Palin Smith

 Below is a guest blog piece by Palin Smith, views expressed are not necessarily those of the Insider Staff. 

Now that it's got a few aggressive national leaders, the Tea Party is making a resurgence all across America. The attacks against us are merciless and nonstop because the Progressive Left is terrified of increased competition for the minds and souls of Americans. As Trevor Loudon said in Stamford last Monday, they thought they had it in the bag. http://youtu.be/xNXjyye_j9g

Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's own US Senators, dispel the influence of the Tea Party going forward. They say it peaked in 2010. They blame it for their troubles.

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We're asking you to prove them wrong. Have you ever seen the classic movie, SPARTACUS, starring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Lawrence Olivier? Near the conclusion, the defeated fighters from the slave army are offered life if they turn over Spartacus to the Roman general. They stand in solidarity dooming themselves to crucifixion rather than revealing their leader.

The Tea Party conservative movement stands between Socialism and Freedom in America. We will try to achieve the emotional moment to further solidify our members at a future Congressman's public forum or town hall meeting. I envision myself or another standing to make a statement about how we are tired of being vilified for protecting the Constitution.

I will look around and ask if there are Tea Party people in the crowd. We stand up in twos and threes and announce, “I am Tea Party!” Video of that moment will be our gift to the Liberty movement. We hope it may act like a shot of adrenalin in Connecticut and America. We hope others will copy the plan, which I label THE SPARTACUS TACTIC.

For this to succeed we must be a huge group in the meeting, at least 30%. We don't know when the next opportunity will arise, but we're hoping for one on a weekend. Who among you will make the trip to be part of this plan? There may be only 24 to 48 hours notice. If we succeed there will be no question that the Tea Party is alive and strong in Connecticut. In any-sized town hall meeting 50-100 would be fantastic. Please respond and we will create a special list, just as we've done with our Twitter Team of 30. This is how we stick it to Murphy.
AT Yale University at least one professor presented proof that the Tea Party Patriots are better informed in science. http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/87474-yale-professors-surprising-discovery-tea-party-supporters-scientifically-literate/

So we global warming deniers may be right? Dread the thought Senator Murphy, who on July 19 predicted the end of the world in 87 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AayK4EvkK5U&feature=share&list=PL5wsVsNCEygqLUk999Rtqmsgps9YonXdx

And the Global Warming/Climate Change lemmings have been salivating for extreme weather ever since the storm that creamed New Orleans. They are “denied” every year as fewer and fewer hurricanes threaten North America. We know this lull is only temporary, and we appreciate it. The other side laments it. http://www.climatedepot.com/2013/10/18/new-study-2013-ranks-as-one-of-the-least-extreme-us-weather-years-ever-many-bad-weather-events-at-historically-low-levels/

Now tell me, who do you believe? An Al Gore wannabe or your own two eyes.

If the Tea Party is irrelevant as Murphy and Blumy profess, then why do they obsess about it? Here's a short list of some of the rants against our Tea Party:

The Republican Party should fully embrace the conservative base. In some states it does. Those are the states where Republicans win. And our enemies are so concerned that they advise the Republican Party...........


SARAH PALIN is a friend who gives good advice.
TREVOR LOUDON A week ago we were very fortunate to meet a world renowned historian and expert in totalitarian regimes. New Zealand's Trevor Loudon was hosted by the Stamford/Greenwich Tea Party at the Stamford SBC Restaurant, owned and operated by Republican State Rep. Dave Rutigliano. Trevor lectured for nearly an hour and took questions for another hour. Nobody dozed off. Enjoy the new HD quality video play list. You will be fascinated by 21 video clips. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5wsVsNCEygoz54hwMyMyiK49j_hSsRwn
DAVE KOPACZ, an expert on Agenda 21was invited to speak at the Franco-American Club in North Windham last Tuesday night. Dave is the conservation officer from Ware, Massachusetts as well as a fervent Massachusetts Republican leader. Dave's specialty is PROPERTY RIGHTS. This presentation is a must for anyone who lives in Connecticut, whether you own property or not.

SCOTT WILSON the President of CCDL, the premier gun rights advocacy group in the state was invited to deliver the Keynote Speech at the 2013 Libertarian Party Convention at Cabela's in East Hartford. Connecticut's Libertarians are poised to surprise us on Election Day. Watch Norwich.
Scott spoke and then fielded questions for over an hour. Wilson is a hero to Connecticut's firearm enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment defenders. A most respected man among all grass roots constitutionalists. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5wsVsNCEygrA44ZCm-O0axgj1MQWI3mv

LOCAL CAMPAIGNS are in the final stretch. Only two weeks before the election. Please help if you can. Don't be embarrassed to show up late. Every volunteer is cherished. If you don't know a candidate in your town, reply and we will do our best to match you up with one close by. All you learn this year will better prepare you for the epic battle in 2014 to win control of the General Assembly.

We have our favorites in New Britain, Bloomfield, Plymouth/Terryville, West Haven and Middletown. All politics is local. We are all political animals. And it's imperative to get your family and friends to vote. Make a list tonight and be sure to call them all, the day before Election Day.

Fairfield County Patriot. Be sure to bookmark the new Face Book page of the monthly Fairfield County Patriot. An example of alternate media news and opinion. https://www.facebook.com/fairfieldcountypatriot

DICK CHENEY must have obtained his new heart from a Tea Party Patriot. Cheney has only good things to say about the infant movement that shows precocious signs on the overpasses, in the streets and in Congress. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/21/dick-cheney-calls-tea-party-boon-gop/

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)

Pass the matches or get out of the way…..

Palin Smith

PS: A story out of Florida you will like.

Molly Salafia is running for Treasurer of Middletown. She has vowed to eliminated the job and forfeit her $8000 stipend if elected. How's that for a candidate to support?!!

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